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How to make a TV in minecraft?

Every day the game offers users more and more opportunities. In order to see your favorite TV series, no longer need to be distracted from minecraft. It is enough to scream tv and enjoy watching beautiful pictures or any video without closing the game. There are several ways with which you can make different TVs in minecraft.

How to make a TV in minecraft video

First, learn how to make an ordinary tube TV, which was used at the very beginning of such household appliances. On the proposed video, you can see how this process is performed:

For crafting, you need to take such components:

  • Gray wool;
  • Pressure plate;
  • Picture.

The gray wool unit sets the place where the future TV will be located, the pressure plate is stacked on top of it. Her task in this case create smoothed corners of the television receiver. The picture will perform the tasks of the screen. A peculiar and simple option for the country house is ready!

How everything happens

By the way, the wool can be replaced with any other block with a suitable texture. It can be a wooden block, and even an ordinary cobblestone. To make a pressure plate, you need to use a tree or stone. Depending on the material selected, its color changes. It is enough to take two sites nearby such a block. Any of 24 options for pictures in the game are suitable for the screen, which are offered in a standard set. These images are drawn by artists, and they cannot be chosen at their discretion. The pattern in the picture is changing independently when it is removed from the wall, and then place there again. In this way, you can switch the channels on our TV.

We make a plasma TV in minecraft

Such a television receiver is made according to the principle of the first sample. For the base, several blocks are selected so that the sizes of our plasma TV are impressive. When the housing is ready, install the picture on it and remove it until it is generated to the required size. Any picture in the game is created from the same set of materials: 1 wool block and 8 sticks, but their dimensions can be changed independently, adjusting to the size of the surface where they are installed.

How to make a TV in Minecraft. which shows the present video

In order to make such a television receiver in the game, you need to make an effort. To begin with, install such MODLOADER and TV MOD applications. Do not forget:

  • Copy files from to.minecraft.jar in the minecraft.jar folder
  • All files folder to.mincraft.folder / redirect to .minecraft /
  • All files folder Source Code (for modders) to locate in the MODS folder

For the manufacture of the television directly, components are necessary:

  • Glass unit;
  • Red dust;
  • Picture.

The remote control is performed from red dust, as well as an iron ingot. Install the TV is similar to the picture - also hanging on the wall.

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Upload video to television receiver

In order for our TV to show this video, you must upload in the TV video folder of any content, format and in any quantity. The console will help switch different video files when necessary. With the right mouse button, with a cursor induced to the console, we carry out "playback" and "pause". Click together with "SHIFT" the right mouse button - we get a "pause", with the subsequent playback of the video from the place where it was stopped. Click together with the "SHIFT" left mouse button - get the image of the next video file in the folder.

It is impossible to make a full-fledged TV in Minecraft without mods, but still there are several options how to make a TV in Minecraft, we will look at the article, watch the video on the topic. These methods can be divided by the type of decoration (TV does not work), animation (usually on pistons or bugs), real TV (using mods). In this article, I will consider the first two types of TVs in Minecraft, and I will write about the creation of a TV with a model in a separate article, as it is quite not easy and the description will take a whole article.

If you are tuned seriously and are ready to spend a few days to create a TV from a piston, then go directly to the 6th video - this is a tutorial that explains the principles of creating animation with the help of pistons and red dust.

1. Animation with pistons

The video presents two types of TV, the first simpler, the second is more complicated. The operation of such a mechanism is based on the movement of blocks with the help of a piston, some blocks are replaced by others and a peculiar animation is obtained. In the first version, the text is "spinning", in the second there is a report. Unfortunately, the mechanisms are not considered to be discussed in detail, and if you are with the Redstone on "You", it is unlikely that the author's success can repeat.

2. Simple TV with sound and color

Video in such a TV is not played, but there is still imitation of work - when you press the lever, the TV screen lights up and the music starts playing. In my opinion, the design is excellent, and it is very simple to build it.

3. Three TVs - Decorations

These TVs are the most primitive, they do not turn on and do not reproduce sounds, but have the right to exist as the decor element. In the review, 3 TVs were considered at once, you can take ideas and create a new working TV, aligning it with previous models.

4. TV with shimmering screen

The work of this TV is based on the Bag game Minecraft, it works in version 1.4.2 and possibly in others.

5. Huge TV

Just a large statue in the form of a TV, unfortunately, does not show anything either.

6. Tutorial to create a TV with a piston

If you study this video in detail, you can make a TV of any complexity, but a long time will take a long time if you do not know how to work with red dust, repeaters and pistons.

Video Hyde: Create a TV in Minecraft

Unfortunately, the full TV in the world of minecraft does not exist. This modern subject of the interior is not a place in the Middle Ages. At the moment there is no acceptable modifications capable to give a full-fledged TV player. Do not get into dozens of fake rollers!

Do not be upset! In the video, the guides placed at the end of the article is considered to be tv in minecraft. It will not be able to show the transfers and the duration of its work is limited, but this device has similar functional TV and perfectly decorates the players' houses.

Part of the players are trying to create a TV with a piston. Similar ideas tolerate collapse. Successful developments are just a huge area. Please make friends by making a TV from this guide and tell them the truth about YouTube rollers trying to deceive players.


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