How to rent money from savings bank piggy banks, translate to map

With the help of the Sberbank piggy bank, you can accumulate the necessary amount - the deductions will be sent to it until the declared goal is reached. Thus, you can accumulate the amount for a big purchase without much voltage, and also not to take money on credit and do not carry the corresponding costs. In this article, we will tell about the main nuances of work, how to activate and translate money.

What it is and what will be required to connect

This is a virtual contribution that is not in practice a new contribution, and is located "inside" already existing.

To use the service, the following is required:

  • Debit card Visa, MasterCard or Maestro;
  • Activated mobile bank;
  • Savings or replenished account.

After you have connected the service, a certain amount you can configure in advance will be written off your main account and enter the piggy bank.

Types of replenishment

For convenience of customers there are several different options for replenishing piggy banks:


Permanently set the frequency - payments can be made weekly, monthly, etc., or at a certain date of each month. It is also indicated by the amount that will be sent to the piggy bank each time. After that, the specified amount is translated to a specified period - everything is clearly and understandable, it is easy to produce calculations.

Percentage of credits

The percentage is established, which will be removed at each new receipt of funds to the card. It is possible to establish a limit on the amount of deductions in the cash equivalent. This option is convenient to postpone from salaries - from each payout a small part will go to the piggy bank. Returns of funds and translations between their own accounts will not be considered perpetrators.

Percentage of expenses

In this case, the retained percentage from all made using the purchase card is translated into the piggy bank. As in the past case, the listing of funds between their accounts is not considered as payment of loans.

How to connect and disable

You can connect the service in different ways:

  • Using the services of Sberbank service online. If the mobile bank has not yet been activated, it is also possible to activate it here. There are prompts, so make these operations will be easy.
  • Turning to the Bank's Office. Here, you can also immediately connect the mobile bank.
  • By calling the contact center. Prepare a passport and a card in advance so that the operator checks the identification. After that, under his manual, you can open the piggy bank and select the desired type.

You can disable the same methods: contacting the bank's office or the contact center can simply say that you want to disable the piggy bank. In the Sberbank online will need to be logged in, after which, in the tab "Deposits and Accounts", click on the one to which the Piggy Bank is tied and in the "Operations" tab to be disconnected.

Monitoring account status

There is a SMS alerts system - each translation will be accompanied by a message about how much money came and how much now there is on it.

If the set limit is exceeded due to the fact that a large translation is made on the score, or, on the contrary, a big purchase is made, the SMS will come to confirm the translation. You can also always see how much money in your piggy bank using the Sberbank service online. You can also change the settings in it by selecting another option of enrollment if the one that was used before was inappropriate.

The piggy bank has several useful functions: so, the card with which the means is removed will not go into minus if they end - the listing simply will not happen, and the client will come SMS that the replenishment is impossible. If within ten days the score will not be replenished, the operation will be canceled.

How to shoot money

How to remove money from savings bank piggy bank? It is easy to do it - you need to send the right amount from it to your account. Options are as follows:

  • Sberbank Online. You need to press payments and transfers, select your card and determine the amount. Confirmed translation by SMS.
  • Terminal or ATM - selected section "Translations", then "Honey transfers to their cards."
  • Office bank. You will need a passport and map, or details.
  • Contact center - contacting the operator, you can order a translation.

Sberbank piggy bank provides many ways to make money, so there should be no problems with this.


Positive feedback about this service from Sberbank, so, customers note that this is a convenient way to postpone a little, imperceptible to the budget with sums, and to form so over time enough to acquire the necessary expensive thing without a loan, or go on vacation.

Piggy bank is a new free feature that helps accumulate finances for any purpose. After connecting the service, the money with a given regularity is transferred from the bank account of Sberbank to a virtual contribution, as if lowered to the bottom of the piggy bank.

Thanks to this service, you can accumulate the necessary amount for travel or expensive things without loans.

About the "Virtual Contribution" service and how to remove money from the Sberbank piggy bank and return them to the card, tell us in our article.

Pick up and get a profitable credit

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A salary comes to the card. Some percentage of it is sent to the "piggy bank". The user independently establishes the interest rate, the day of charges, as well as other parameters. There are several types of this service:

How to rent money from savings banks or translate to map

  • With fixed savings. It involves accrualing a certain amount on a specific day. For example, the 30th of each month is received 500 rubles.
  • From credits. The user itself establishes the percentage listed on the account on the number of funds that entered the credit card. For example, if the established interest rate is 10, then from 10,000 accrued rubles 1,000 rubles will be transferred to the piggy bank.
  • From expenses. Accrual is carried out according to the same principle, but the percentage is calculated from expenses.

The service was introduced quite recently, but already popular. Its main advantages include:

  • Free. No surcharge do not need.
  • Accuracy . Replenishment occurs in a strictly established number of funds, no more, no less. If there is 0 rubles on the balance sheet, then the payment will be suspended. If after 10 days finances are not accrued, the service will turn off.
  • Focus. By installing the goal, you motivate yourself to accumulate finance.
  • Informing. SMS to come to the phone will come for accruals.
  • How to rent money from savings banks or translate to map
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  • In this article, we will tell about how to get a plastic card from Sberbank momentum, and what is their advantages.

Want to know how much the annual service of the Sberbank youth card is? Details about this type of plastic will find out here:

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It is easy to remove money, you just need to transfer them to the card service. You can do this in two ways:

How to rent money from savings banks or translate to map

  1. In ATM.
  • Insert the map into the device.
  • Enter your four-digit PIN code.
  • Select the "Cash Operation" function.
  • Select one of the suggested amounts or enter it yourself.
  • Take the bills and pull the credit card.
  • At the cashier of the bank.
  • If you can not use an ATM, then you can remove funds at the cash office of the banking institution. In addition to plastic card You should submit an employee of the bank passport or birth certificate .

    The operator will ask you to enter a PIN and pronounce a code word.

    How to rent money from savings banks or translate to map

    On the pages of our site, you will also learn what kind of debit cards of Sberbank are existing, and how it can be issued.

    Have you heard about the new form of Sberbank cards from the world payment system? On favorable terms and tariffs, the cost of annual service, find out here.

    Pick up and get a profitable credit

    In our special review, see what will be the cost of reissue of the Sberbank card at the loss, as well as the procedure in this situation.

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    Step-by-step instructions output savings

    Here is how you can withdraw money from the piggy bank of Sberbank and pick them up in free use:

    How to rent money from savings banks or translate to map

    1. Sberbank Online.

      Click on the item "Payments and Translations", then choose "on your card." Configure the parameters and confirm the selected code options through SMS.

    2. ATM.

      In the section "Translations" choose "between your cards". Further act as when removing money using the Sberbank service online.

    3. Terminal.

      The operation is performed in the same way as through an ATM.

    4. Department of the Bank.

      To display finances in the bank, you must have a bank card and passport with you. You should specify an employee where and in what quantity will be conclusion.

    5. Call to the contact center.

      Contact an operator with an output service and get advice from it.

    With this service, you can easily and just accumulate finances so that your dream come true.

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    How to use a "piggy bank" from Sberbank - the conditions of accumulation and transfer of money

    How to rent money from savings banks or translate to map

    Buy non-essential goods for credit money, because then from the family budget will follow the cost of returning a loan, pay interest. Therefore, Sberbank proposes to prepare for the upcoming spending.

    This provides a special service that helps accumulate funds for future acquisitions. We will tell you what a "piggy bank" is in Sberbank, why is needed, how to connect the service, use it, and what advantages provides the client.

    What is a "piggy bank" of Sberbank

    Customers are often interested in what "piggy bank" of Sberbank is a map or a contribution? It is easier to say a cumulative service that is connected independently, if desired. Allows you to save and increase money on the bank account, open specifically for these purposes.

    It is drawn up in the same territorial branch of the bank, where the debit account is open. From the moment of connection, it works automatically and only in separate situations requires customer intervention. Maintenance of "Piggy Bank" Sberbank is free.

    For what

    It is necessary for the anniversary, the birthday of a relative, a family celebration, periodic inpatient treatment or apartment requires repair? The listed events are accompanied by expenditures that are sometimes difficult to remove immediately from the family budget. To finance, you can make a credit card, but the interest for using a loan for mass maps is significant, which will be considered for the borrower.

    Reasonable output - to systematically postpone a small amount of wages incoming on the card, pensions, social assistance and other income.

    Money "Prointer" is accumulated on a separate account, open on the name of the debit card holder, which also credits the percentage of the contribution.

    There is a mutual benefit: Sberbank receives money for use, and the client "painlessly" implements the goals set.

    How to rent money from savings banks or translate to map

    Varieties of "piggyback"

    The bank offers three types of "piggyback" filling algorithms:

    • Monthly transfers of the fixed amount to the account in the established date;
    • Percentage of credited income. The client may indicate that monthly from the funds received in savings is listed, for example, 5%;
    • Savings can be formed as a percentage and expenses. At the same time, the limit of translations in the accumulation is determined.

    The amount,% of the enumerations, the algorithm and the account for storing savings, the client determines independently, depending on the financial capabilities, the desire to accumulate money. You can choose one or all three ways to form savings to various accounts.

    How does it work

    Let us show how "Piggy Bank" will work for certain ways to accrue savings. To compare, imagine how deductions from the map and the percentage of the bank for a savings account or deposit "replenish" will look. We note that interest rates on accounts will be differentiated depending on the amount of the deposit, and for deposits - also time.

    The first method is a monthly list of "solid" amount. For example, each month of the 20th on a debit account is credited with pension payments 40 thousand rubles. Savings are planned in the amount of 2 thousand rubles. monthly. Implement the accumulation of the client, interest income in the table.

    Permanent savings from the beginning of the year, rub. Make-up-month deposits
    Savings, 1% per annum "Pour", 3.8% per year
    1-y. 2000. 1,70 6,45.
    2-y. 4000. 3.07 11,66.
    3rd 6000. 5,1 19.36
    4-y. 8000. 6,58. 24.99
    5-y. 10000. 8,49. 32.27
    6-y. 12000. 9,86. 37,48.
    7-y. 14000. 11,89. 45,18
    8-y. 16000. 13,59. 51,64.
    9-y. 18000. 14,79. 56,22.
    10-y. 20000. 16,99 64,55
    11-y. 22000. 18.08. 68,71
    12-y. 24000. 20.38 77,46.
    At the end of the year 130.52. 495.97

    Thus, by the end of the year, the client can get 24130.52 rubles. savings, if you use a simple savings account or 24495.97 rubles. When opening a deposit deposit.

    Consider the algorithm if savings are formed in the amount of 5% of the receipts on the map; The accumulation opens the same accounts.

    PeriodPotile salary, rub. Rubbed in savings, rub. The death-month income in deposits
    in the current month, 5% of the enrolled since the beginning of the year Savings "Pop up"
    20.Yan 40800. 2040. 2040. 1,73. 6,58.
    20.Fhev 42500. 2125. 4165. 3.20. 12,14
    20.mar. 44100. 2205. 6370. 5,41. 20,56.
    20.Apr. 36800. 1840. 8210. 6,75. 25.64.
    20. Mai 32500. 1625. 9835. 8.35 31.74
    20.Iyun 42500. 2125. 11960. 9,83. 37,35
    20.yul 40600. 2030. 13990. 11.88. 45,15
    20.Avg 40800. 2040. 16030. 13.61 51,74.
    20.N. 40400. 2020. 18050. 14.84 56,38.
    20.Okt 40800. 2040. 20090. 17.06. 64,84.
    20. But 40400. 2020. 22110. 18.17 69.05
    20.Dek 56000. 2800. 24910. 21,16 80.40
    At the end of the year Х24910. Х131.99 501,74.

    To calculate savings from expenses, the latter are recorded daily. The cost of the costs of goods, utilities services, cash withdrawals are included.

    Periods, rub. Rubbed in savings 5% of spending, rub. Education on deposits per month, rub.
    Paid goods, services Removed cash Savings "Pop up"
    11.Yan. 550. 27.5 0.02. 0.06.
    15.Yan. 300. 10000. 515. 0.23. 0.86
    19.Yan. 450. 22.5 0,01 0.03.
    22.Yan. 600. 5000. 280. 0.07 0.26.
    25.Yan. 400. twenty 0,01
    Total 2300. 15000. 865. 0.33 1,22

    What else to know the "Piggy Bank" holder

    Not all types of receipts on the card are taken into account for calculating savings.

    So, transfers are not taken into account in the Sberbank system between cards / accounts of the holder and other counterparties, as well as money obtained using MasterCard Moneysend / Visa Money Transfer money transfers.

    When forming a cash "stock" from expenses according to the rules of Sberbank, the return amounts are not taken into account, transfer to the repayment of bank loans and the Commission.

    We also note that when setting savings in a percentage, the client determines the limit of the amount listed. If the planned savings exceed it, the SMS comes to the phone to confirm that it is necessary to respond during the day. But the message can be ignored, then the money is removed to the savings account within the limits.

    Terms of Use

    We list the conditions for "piggy bank" to the Sberbank map:

    • The client opens the debit carrier of international VISA or MasterCard payment systems;
    • draws up a savings account or deposit with the possibility of replenishment, which with a debit card open in one currency - rubles, dollars, euros;
    • Connects the Mobile Bank service and SMS informing.

    Accumulation service is available only to the card / account holder. Wire in favor of loved ones or relatives will not work.

    How to rent money from savings banks or translate to map

    How to manage a "piggy bank"

    Manage accumulated savings as an ordinary debit account.


    Tell how to check the "piggy bank" on the Sberbank map. You can use one of the options:

    • Log in to "Personal Account" Sberbank Online, open "deposits and accounts". In the list, select a cumulative account, against which the balance will be visible;
    • through the terminal. Insert a card carrier to which the accumulation is open, in the "Nest" of the device, logged in through the PIN code. In the Select the desired option and view the account balance.

    In addition, the Mount Phone systematically comes SMS on the state of the savings account. Sberbank informs about credits to the "piggy bank", translations from it to the card account and the remaining means, which does not require additional verification.

    Translate from "Piggy" to Sberbank Card

    How to translate from "Piggy" to Sberbank Card? Perform the operation in several ways:

    • We enter "Sberbank-online", choose "Transfers and payments", then the option "On your card". In the field that opens, we introduce a translated amount and confirm the action by entering the code received by SMS;
    • In ATM. After installing card media and authorization, select "Transfers between your accounts / cards", indicate the addressing of money to your own card and the amount;
    • In the bank branch. With a bank card, personal passports appeal to an employee who will help to transfer money from "piggy banks".

    You can translate money remotely through a call center. After identifying the user, the operator will execute the task.

    How to rent money from savings banks or translate to map

    How to connect

    Connecting the service is possible using Internet banking, through a mobile application, in the office of Sberbank or by telephone hotline.

    We will show step by step, how to make an operation in Sberbank-online:

    • Log in with the login and password, as well as a one-time password, which will come from the short number "900", enter the "Cabinet" of the user;
    • In the tab "Deposits and Accounts", fill an application for opening an account for savings. Indicate the view, the validity period; For savings - indefinite, chosen for the deposit from 3 months to 3 years. Immediately using the "Switch" you can connect the "Piggy bank" service;
    • Next we make information relating to "piggy banks". Indicate the debit card number, where write-offs, view "piggyback", the frequency of translations, the nearest date of the next replenishment, the amount;
    • After filling out all fields on the screen, a completed document appears, which has the status "Chernovik". Check the information made, and if everything is correct, select the "Confirm" switch. The correctness of actions on the service confirm the commissioning of the next one-time password from SMS. Upon completion, the mobile phone will receive a message about the successful creation of the account and "piggy bank" to it.

    Similar actions can be carried out through the Maps tab:

    • We establish a pointer to the debit card number to which we will save savings. Immediately under the arrow "Mouse", an image of a coin will appear with the "Connect a Piggy Bank" suggestion;
    • On the right, the "Operations" menu will pop up on the screen, where you select the "Piggy Bank" function, enter the desired parameters relating to the transfer of savings.

    This method of connecting the service implies that the savings or deposit account has already been created.


    The service is canceled also simply, in Sberbank-online. We enter the program application, in the section "Deposits and Accounts". The presence of an "icon" with a coin will show an account to which the accumulation is open. The "Operation" pop-up window appears on the right with the "Disable" option. Once again, confirm the shutdown using the "button" that appears on the monitor.

    The accumulated tools are redirected to the debit media, open to the account. Then money can be removed in an ATM or Sberbank Cash.

    How to rent money from savings banks or translate to map

    Pros and cons of service

    Most users are positively responding about Sberbank's cumulative service, a simple connection is noted, simple control, free. A complaints cause low interest rates on savings. Today is 1.8% per year, which does not cover inflation.

    As a way out, you can offer the connection of deposit programs, where the yield is higher. But here also have its own nuances. For deposits with replenishment and partial removal, interest income is somewhat less than for not replenished. In addition, the deposit opens for a certain period and to take off the accumulated money may at the end of the contract.


    Despite some disadvantages, the service "piggy bank" of Sberbank found its adherents. She will help to scatter money "Pro Stock", or buy a long-awaited newwow, household appliances, sports equipment, without climbing debts.


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    Contribution piggy bank in Sberbank

    If you decide to gradually increase your capital, then for these purposes the contribution of the piggy bank in Sberbank. The piggy bank can be connected to any current account or deposit with the possibility of replenishment. You can independently configure the enumeration settings to accurately collect the desired amount to an important date for you.

    What is the contribution of the piggy bank

    Now many Sberbank managers at the issuance of a debit card offer this service to customers. Yes, and a reminder that you can connect the piggy bank, is in the online bank and in a mobile application. In this regard, many are thinking about what it is?

    Features Services

    Piggy bank of Sberbank is a free service that allows automatically, i.e. Without personal participation of the client, make transfers to the selected account with a debit card belonging to him.

    If you are accurate with the terminology, the piggy bank is a service, and the pigologo account is a contribution or p / s where money is listed using piggy banks.

    Piggyback settings are very flexible, so you can configure the production of deductions in any format. With this service, you can accumulate funds to purchase the necessary things or vacation almost without prejudice to the monthly budget.

    The number of piggy banks that can be opened is not limited, so you can start your account pigroller for each individual purpose.

    How to make money from piggy bank

    There are no problems with the deposit of Sberbank's piggy banks, no. To do this, just close the cumulative account or translate back to the debit card part of the funds.

    Here is a small step-by-step instruction for a mobile application on the conclusion of your accumulations on the map:

    • Choose a piggy bank account (savings account from 1000.77₽);
    • In the next step, click: output;
    • And choose the map, in this case the map is only one Visa Classic;

    How to rent money from savings banks or translate to mapReceive funds from the piggy bank, you can literally in three steps - will take less than a minute of your time.

    Be careful if you have connected a piggy bank to the deposit replenish, it will be possible to remove the funds only with partial loss of accumulated interest:

    • at a rate of 0.01% - when removing funds for six months;
    • At the rate of 2/3 of the current - when closing the deposit after 6 months.

    If you bind a piggy bank to a simple accumulative account or control, then no removal restrictions occur.

    How the piggy bank works

    We will analyze on the example what the listing of Sberbank piggy bank looks like.

    • You connect a piggy bank by tying a debit card and contribution;
    • The card comes with salary, for example, 20 000 rubles;
    • The service automatically lists a certain percentage of receipt (for example, 5%) on a deposit - therefore, the contribution is replenished by 1000 rubles;
    • A year later, 12,000 rubles accumulates on the contribution - this money will be enough for a plane ticket or buy a new TV.

    How to rent money from savings banks or translate to map

    If the contribution is a percentage, then additionally you will earn a certain amount. If the piggy bank will work for several years, then the accumulated funds will be enough for a very large purchase or start of investment. Some Sberbank customers using piggy banks collect funds for the initial contribution to the mortgage or, on the contrary, for early repayment of the made loans.

    If you do not change the settings, then the money will be stored on the savings account of the piggy banks under 1% per annum.

    Operations that do not participate in the calculations of the piggy bank:

    • Transfers between maps and accounts;
    • percent enrollment;
    • a refund;
    • Commissions (payment of bank services);
    • Repayment of loans.

    Accumulation options

    How to rent money from savings banks or translate to mapAll options for savings

    In Sberbank, you can open several types of piggy banks - each under a certain goal.

    There are three main types of enumerations:

    • Translation of the fixed amount - the set amount is translated to a specific period of time, for example, 1000 rubles weekly;
    • percentage of credits - you can configure the automatic translation of any percentage of receipts (wages, etc.), except for translating operations, refund, interest crediting;
    • The percentage of expenses - the more you spend, the greater the amount will be accumulated on the pigal account, spending in stores and cash removal are counted as expenditure operations.

    You can transfers in any currency. For example, to the universal contribution of Sberbank, the piggy bank is connected in dollars, euros or rubles. If you are planned to carry out translations in dollars, you can make transfers to the replenishment or standard cumulative account with a request to demand.

    The profitability of the contribution

    What percentages of the deposit of the savings bank account charges depends on what type of account translation is made:

    • on universal - 1% per annum;
    • At the contribution replenish online - up to 4.05%, if you connect a piggy bank in the office and up to 4.30%, if you connect yourself remotely;
    • The cumulative account is 0.01%.

    If you open a monetary piggy bank, then interest are accrued depending on the selected deposit. In general, to make a piggy bank to the contribution of online more profitable in Sberbank - more income is formed, plus you can adjust the amount of deductions yourself in real time.

    How to connect a piggy bank

    Mandatory conditions for connecting a piggy bank, except for the presence of a savings account or deposit:

    • Mobile Bank service (for example, economical package);
    • Map and account must be opened in one territorial bank.

    There are two options for connecting piggy banks:

    • in the office, office;
    • Alone.

    In the first case, just enough to contact a consultant in Sberbank and follow its instructions. You only need a passport.

    How to rent money from savings banks or translate to mapConnect the service is very simple - even on your own

    Through Sberbank online

    But it's easier and more convenient to do everything yourself. So, you can connect in Sberbank online contribution for up to 5 years according to the following algorithm:

    • Go to Sberbank online;
    • Open Deposit or Savings Account Through Menu Inserts and Accounts - Open Contribution;
    • On the main page, select the desired account and click Connect the Piggy Bank in the lower right corner;
    • Configure the parameters of the future piggy bank: type of enholes, transformation frequency or percentage of receipt / expenses, etc.;
    • Press connect;
    • Confirm the opening of the piggy bank in Sberbank by entering the code from SMS.

    Via Sberbank's mobile app

    Instructions for mobile application:

    • We choose the map on which we make payments;
    • Click - create a piggy bank;
    • We choose the accumulation method;
    • Indicate the account / deposit on which money will be copied;
    • Depending on the accumulation method, you will need to set different parameters. In our case, exhibit 5% of spending on the map - will be sent to the savings account;
    • If we spent more than 20 000₽ 1 time and one-time revenues to the piggy bank will exceed $ 1000, will come SMS to confirm this operation.

    How to rent money from savings banks or translate to mapConnect the piggy bank to the map in three steps

    You can monitor deductions through Sberbank online, it is possible to remove money from the account if necessary, add funds or generally to turn off the piggy bank from the deposit in Sberbank.

    On all transactions you will receive SMS notification / push notifications. If you do not want to make a translation (for example, you are needed on the map), you can prohibit the transaction.

    In addition, you can configure the maximum transfer amount to the account in the absolute value. For example, 3% of income will be translated by default, but if the size of these 3% exceeds 100 rubles, additional confirmation will be required.

    How to close the contribution of the piggy bank

    To turn off the piggy bank from the Card and the Deposit of Sberbank, you must:

    • in Sberbank online to press the desired deposit;
    • In the lower left corner find the Piggy Bank tab;
    • click on the name of the piggy bank;
    • Select the operations tab;
    • Click disable;
    • Confirm the power shutdown code from SMS.

    You will be confirmed to the phone that the service is disabled.

    The funds will remain on the account, they can be transferred to the card, another account or leave. On the profitability of the deposit, the shutdown of the piggy bank will not affect.

    Competitor offers: Alfa-Bank, Tinkoff, Raiffeisen

    "Piggy Bank" (Sberbank) "Piggy bank for delivery", "Piggy bank for salary" (Alpha Bank) Cumulative Account (Tinkoff) Cumulative account "For every day" (Raiffeisenbank)
    Description The service connects to one of the accounts to choose from: universal, savings, contributing to replenish. Sends funds from your card to account automatically according to the specified parameters. The service is connected simultaneously with the overtaking of the accumulator accumulation. Sends funds from your card to account automatically according to the specified parameters. A cumulative account opens. Opearities are conducted independently. A cumulative account opens. Opearities are conducted independently.
    Percentage of account Savings account - 0.01%, universal account - up to 1.8%, contributing to 4.3% 6% If there is any debit card Black Edition - 6% , in other cases - 5% Salary customers - from 3.5 to 5.5%, the remaining categories - from 3 to 4.5% (depending on the amount of placement)
    Calculation of interest Conditions of a specific account / deposit Monthly on the minimum (for the whole month) residue stored on the account Daily to the rest at the beginning of the day Every day to the rest at the beginning of the day (the whole amount is divided into segments, the set percentage is charged for each amount)
    Payment of interest Conditions of a specific account / deposit In the end of the month In the end of the month In the end of the month
    Control The system sends payments to the account automatically. You can set: amount size (fixed or percentage), base for calculation (arrival / consumption / salary), frequency The system sends payments to the account automatically. You can set: the amount of the amount in% (from 1 to 30), the base for the calculation (salary or consumption) Independent transfer to the accumulative account of money from existing accounts / cards Independent transfer to the accumulative account of money from existing accounts / cards
    Minimum amount Conditions of a specific account / deposit Without Borders Opening - 1000 rubles, replenishment - without restrictions Without Borders
    Maximum amount Conditions of a specific account / deposit Without Borders 100 million rubles Without restrictions, in the amount of over 20 million rubles, 0.01% is accrued.
    Operation restrictions Replenished only automatically. Almost impossible to email. You can remove funds at any time. Replenished only automatically. Replenish yourself can not. You can remove funds at any time. You can replenish and remove money at any time yourself. You can replenish and remove money at any time yourself.
    Additional conditions You must connect the service Mobile Bank. The write-off map and crediting account (contribution) must be opened in one territorial bank. Connects as part of any package of services, you can connect both piggy banks to one account. You can open no more than 1 bills. The account opens with existing customers with any banking product. You can open no more than 12 bills. The account is not tied to the bank card. You can open no more than 1 account.


    What we get in the end:

    • Sberbank's piggy bank is a free service that will help to get money without any care.
    • She connects the card and the contribution on which the money will come down.
    • You can easily remove them and translate them to the card to spend.
    • You can open and close the contribution of the Piggy bank very simple and independently.

    In general, the piggy bank to contribute to Sberbank allows you to effectively accumulate money. Automation makes this process even convenient, since the means are transferred to the account by themselves, without the participation of the user - therefore, it is impossible to forget about the transaction. If desired, the piggy bank can be connected to the contribution replenish or control to get interest income.

    A source:

    How to rent money from savings bank piggy bank

    "Piggy Bank" - a recently created Sberbank is an extremely convenient service that helps any bank client accumulate the necessary amount of money.

    After authorization and connection of the service, the predetermined amount of funds will be regularly entering a savings account, where and stored until the removal.

    This program has already taken advantage of a lot of school customers, and they all have been satisfied with the work of a new service.

    Of course, when using any unfamiliar, people still have a number of issues of maintenance and work of the service. "Piggy" is distinguished not only by ease of use, functionality, but also ease of its settings and authorization. Let's stop more on how to make money from the "piggy bank" of Sberbank.

    How to rent money from savings banks or translate to mapThe main task of piggy banks from Sberbank is to help customers save money

    Functional features of the new program

    This financial service is intended for all owners of debit cards. The service "Piggy Bank" is free. The main task of the accumulation program is to help the user automatically translate a certain part of the money on a predefined savings account. . There they will be stored until the removal.

    The work of "piggy banks" is configured automatically. How exactly the deductions will occur, by which parameters determines the account owner.

    This service has several types of settings. Money transfer will be made in automatic mode, within a predetermined algorithm:

    • Fixed (money will act in a strictly defined quantity in the designated date);
    • the percentage of revenues (the amount is calculated according to an established percentage of all financial replenishments of the card);
    • From expenses (accumulation will be made on the basis of interest from the payment for payment for the payment of services or the purchase of goods).

    How to rent money from savings banks or translate to mapThe essence of the system's work

    The main referring to the creators of the new financial program is to help the user accumulate the required amount of money. The work of "Piggy Bank" implies the following actions:

    1. The card connected to the service is credited with money.
    2. By a predefined method of deductions, the enna amount of funds is automatically transferred to a savings account (using "Piggy Bank").
    3. At the savings, finances gradually accumulate and persist until the desired removal moment.

    What salary card is better than Sberbank or VTB 24

    How to find out the balance

    To understand that the golden moment came when the amount is clustered and it will be possible to bring money from the "piggy bank" of Sberbank on the card, you should know the existing balance . Make it extremely simple using one of the following methods:

    • using the Mobile Bank application;
    • Using access to the terminal or ATM;
    • Going to your personal page "Sberbank-Onlanine".

    After each transaction transfer operation, the owner's phone receives an SMS message about the next enrollment. Each SMS will also contain an accurate amount of savings.

    How to rent money from savings banks or translate to mapConduct any operation with a piggy bank most conveniently in the Sberbank-online service.

    How to cash off "piggy bank"

    There are many ways to transfer money from the "piggy bank" to the Sberbank card, and then remove them. But before telling about them in detail, it should be found at what cases the transfer of money will not be made. They are as follows:

    • closing a savings or deposit;
    • The user card turned out to be blocked;
    • The contribution where finance sent was initially not provided for cash withdrawal;
    • All financial wiring of a citizen was suspended by order of judicial instances.

    It should be remembered that if the money went to the deposit, which does not provide for partial removal, then it will be possible to cash out without loss of yield only after the end of the contract is the end of the contract.

    Remove through Sberbank-Online

    Perhaps the most convenient way to master the "piggy banks". You can bring money to the card without leaving home. To do this, do the following:

    1. Authorized on the site and go to your personal account.
    2. Select and mark the section "Payments and Translations".
    3. Press the account that was selected for enumerations.
    4. Specify the card where the money is planned.
    5. Enter the code obtained via SMS message to a specific window (it is disposable). This confirms the entire translation transaction.

    How to rent money from savings banks or translate to mapTo output cash from the piggy bank, you can use Sberbank-online

    In the office of the bank

    If it is not possible to use the Internet to access the bank's site, you can rent money in any Sberbank branch. To do this, you will need a passport and a savings book (if necessary).

    How to act in the office, it is probably known to everyone: take a tumbler from the terminal, wait for your turn and with the help of the operator to withdraw and remove the accumulations, get them later at the checkout or from the operator's hands .

    Translation from Kiwi on Sberbank card: Commission

    Through ATM

    Display cash is allowed in this way. To do this, make the following actions:

    1. Insert a card into an ATM and logged in the system by entering a PIN Card Card.
    2. Select and note the subsection "Translations".
    3. In the window that appears, specify the card number for translation and the personal account (where will the listing be done).
    4. Write the amount of money taken.
    5. Confirm operation and get money.

    You can take cash from "piggyback" through an ATM device only if the deposit card is previously indicated in the accumulation service settings.

    Restrictions and Limits of "Piggy Bank"

    This service was created with maximum comfort and convenience for users. Therefore, the developers have introduced some rules. They relate to the limit of the transferred funds in the "piggy bank".

    For example, if the service is set to cash at a certain percentage of income, and suddenly the amount imposed on enrollment will be higher than the established limit, an SMS message will receive an SMS message to the account to confirm the specified operation .

    If during the day acknowledgment is not done, the accumulation operation will be canceled. Also in the service there are restrictions on the write-off of received money for a debit card (for the service "Fixed payment").

    If suddenly this payment exceeds the amount that is on the card, it will not leave in minus.

    The transmission operation is temporarily freezed and when the card is not replenished for 10 days, the operation is canceled and will not be produced.


    Remember that the ability to master the "piggy bank" is allowed, if both the map and the savings account are decorated for one person.

    This convenient service is as easy as easily and you can turn off when unable, and then connect back, and the previously specified service settings will remain.

    And, if someone else did not meet in practice with this service, it is necessary to make sure, especially if the plans are worth the goal to scatter the required amount of money.

    A source:

    How to rent money from Sberbank piggy bank?

    Service "Piggy" from Sberbank allows bank customers to produce personal cash savings. The main advantages of the service have become convenience, simplicity of management and full automation of all cash transmission operations. In the Personal Cabinet Sberbank Online user selects the type of piggy bank, sets the time frame, viewing the balance on the deposit.

    To use the service, the card holder must open a cumulative account, you can do it through the Internet banking literally in three clicks.

    Features of the service "Piggy"

    The service is simple enough and convenient, you need to connect a mobile bank to use it, it is also convenient to configure and monitor the accumulation process through the Internet banking profile.

    The calculation of the transfer amount to the cumulative account occurs at one of the three available systems:

    1. Fixed rate. The user establishes a certain amount of money that will be debited monthly from the debit card to the piggy bank.
    2. Percentage of income amount. After replenishing the card account, a certain percentage translates into the piggy bank - its user specifies independently.
    3. Percentage of expenses. The amount of deductions will depend on the amount of expenses, and remove from the card to the deposit address.

    You can connect any number of different or identical piggyback to one plastic map, set various interest rates or fixed amounts.

    How to rent money from savings banks or translate to map

    Thus, you can make personal accumulations for different purposes at the same time or postpone part of the wages for the implementation of mandatory payments, for example, to pay for quarterly or annual tax.

    Features of the service:

    • Each operation is accompanied by informational alerts by SMS.
    • If the transfer amount exceeds the limit, the system will ask to confirm the operation of the SMS code.
    • The service "works" in any currency, but the accrual is made in the card currency.
    • To some types of MAESTRO card "Piggy" does not connect.

    How to find out the balance

    In fact, the "piggy bank" is a contribution, the service simply automates the procedure for transferring money from the debit card to the accumulative account. On the status of the contribution of the bank notifies the client through SMS. Information messages come to the mobile phone number connected to the card.

    You can find out the account balance in three ways:

    • Through the system Mobile Bank.
    • Through the personal profile Sberbank online.
    • In the branch of the bank.

    How to cash off "piggy bank"

    You can remove money from a cumulative account only after a certain time. Today, Sberbank's customers are available four types of piggy banks, they are distinguished by a temporary framework, the minimum amount of the first contribution and the amount of interest rate.

    How to rent money from savings banks or translate to map

    When the deposit period comes to an end, it can be extended or cash out the accumulated amount. To make money, the client should personally visit the Sberbank branch, make a translation in the terminal or personal profile of Sberbank online.

    detailed instructions

    Options for Sberbank online. The most convenient way is to transfer money from a cumulative account to the debit card through Sberbank online:

    1. Log in
    2. In the "Payments and Translations" tab, select a cumulative account and recipient card number.
    3. An SMS message with a one-time password will receive an SMS message to confirm the operation.

    How to rent money from savings banks or translate to map

    Money will go to the debit card with which you can cash up a certain amount through an ATM or make payment by non-cash.

    Using an ATM or terminal. If the card number is specified in the card settings, you can transfer money through an ATM or terminal, while immediately obtaining accumulation of cash:

    • Insert a plastic card and enter a pin code.
    • In the Translations tab, specify the card number / personal account, where the money needs to be transferred.
    • Enter the transfer amount.
    • Confirm operation.
    • If the money was translated into their plastic card, they can be removed through an ATM.

    Through the cash desk branch of Sberbank. You can cash the accumulated funds in any branch of the bank, for this, the owner of the contribution to personally visit the branch.

    To confirm the personality, the operator will request a passport, and a plastic card may also be needed.

    To obtain cash or transfer money to the Bank, the Bank does not have to produce any manipulations, the staff will do everything independently, and will also help transfer money through the terminal.

    Good to know:

    A source:

    For owners of debit cards, PJSC Sberbank provides free service "Piggy" to automatically enumerate a part of the customer's monetary assets for a savings account.

    1. What is Sberbank piggy bank
    2. How the savings function works in the savings
    3. In what way to bring money will not work
    4. Limits and restrictions
    5. How to rent money from savings bank piggy bank
    6. Where can I withdraw funds
    7. Security and Privacy Policy

    What is Sberbank piggy bank

    Piggy bank is a bank service, the use of which allows you to accumulate amounts for various purposes. The accumulation is carried out automatically according to the selected client algorithm:

    • Fixed amount that will be translated at certain dates in advance;
    • The percentage of all credits on the client maps (with the exception of transfers between their accounts and returns);
    • Percentage of the sum of all expenses carried out on the map (for example, payment of goods, etc.).

    In order to enjoy this service, the client needs to have a debit card and an open contribution to Sberbank, which will receive enumerations. You can connect the service both in the territorial departments of the bank and online through your personal account or mobile application.

    Read more about connecting service

    How the savings function works in the savings

    The main function of the service is to allow the client to save money on the deposit / savings account provided for them for any purpose.

    How accumulated:

    • To the debit card to which the service is connected, the piggy bank is credited with any cash (for example, labor payment, premium, etc.);
    • By the selected method of enumerations, a certain amount from a debit card automatically goes into a piggy bank;
    • Amounts in the piggy bank accumulate and persist.
    • At any time, you can disable the service and the accumulated funds will be listed on the card.

    In what way to bring money will not work

    The service of the service does not transfer funds in the following situations:

    • The account on which funds were listed within the service is closed;
    • The contribution to which funds were listed within the service is not provided for a partial output of money;
    • The debit card of the client is blocked;
    • Operations on the map are temporarily suspended within the framework of the legislation of the Russian Federation

    Limits and restrictions

    For the convenience of the service users, it is provided for setting the limit amount listed from the card to the piggy bank. When a percentage of interest on income / expenses in the case when the amount is credited exceeds a certain limit, the client comes to an SMS notification by which it must confirm the operation within 24 hours. If the confirmation from the client is not received, the operation for enrollment will be made in the above-mentioned limits of the listings.

    Also, restrictions on the write-off of funds from a debit card are also developed: if the balance of money within 10 calendar days from the selected write-off date below the amount required by the algorithms established by the enumeration algorithms, the service will not work.

    How to rent money from savings bank piggy bank

    The ability to remove money depends on the conditions of the contribution itself. If the contribution contract provides for a partial output of funds, then the standard translation to the client card is issued.

    Note! If the contribution does not provide for removing money until the end of the validity period, then the removal of funds will lead to interest from the use of the contribution.

    Where can I withdraw funds

    Under the terms of service, transferring money between the debit card and the savings account is carried out only if the card and account are open to the same person. If you turn off the piggy bank, then the accumulated money will remain on the contribution and will later be able to transfer them to the owner's card or get cash in the Sberbank branch.

    Security and Privacy Policy

    When performing any operations with existing banking products, it should be operated according to certain rules for the preservation of equity:

    • All operations are carried out only in specialized applications developed by PJSC Sberbank;
    • Not to provide information about the PIN code; When entering a password in an ATM, it is necessary to monitor the presence of foreign objects.
    • Follow the received messages: PJSC Sberbank uses only 2 rooms: 900 - for information about all operations, 9000 - for reviews of service quality reviews;
    • If any alarming situations arise (for example, the operator's call with a request to provide information about the owner or name a one-time password), you should call back to the contact center by number specified on the map, and double-check the information (Bank employees do not have the right to request a PIN code, all information The owner is stored in the database);

    Antivirus should be installed to use the mobile application.

    Service "Piggy Bank" from Sberbank is an innovative product offered to all customers of this financial institution with debit cards. Use such a service conveniently. But how from "piggy banks" to transfer money to the Sberbank card?

    "Piggy Bank" Sberbank: how to translate accumulations on a bank card 0

    Performing an operation through the personal account of online banking

    Sberbank-online service offers customers of this financial institution excellent opportunities. With it, you can pay for various services, carry out the transfer of money, including from a savings card for a card. This will help make a detailed instruction:

    "Piggy Bank" Sberbank: how to translate accumulations on a bank card 1
    • Log in to the official Internet banking website (enter login and password).
    • Click on the "Payments and Translations" tab at the top of the page. Select a cumulative account and recipient card number.
    "Piggy Bank" Sberbank: how to translate accumulations on a bank card 2
    • Sms message will come to the phone number. Enter the password from SMS to confirm the operation.

    After confirming the operation, the money will go on the balance of the card.

    Listing using an ATM or terminal

    To translate via an ATM or terminal, the Card number must be specified in the "Piggy Bank" settings. Instructions, like with "piggy banks" transfer money to a Sberbank card through an ATM:

    • Insert your "plastic" into the ATM window and enter the PIN code.
    • Click "Translations", specify the card number or account to which you want to translate money.
    • Enter the transfer amount to the appropriate string.
    • Confirm the operation by clicking on "Yes, execute."

    After such actions, the money will instantly arrive at the expense of "plastic".

    If the funds have been listed on their card or account, they can immediately be cash.

    Translation through the cashier of the banking institution

    Transfer money from "Piggy" to the Sberbank card in any branch of this financial institution. To do this, you need to visit the Bank personally with a passport and card. To fulfill this financial operation, the client does not need to make any manipulation, the cashier will do everything on its own. It is only necessary to submit a document on the confirmation of the personality and the "plastic" itself.

    Bank employees also help perform cash transactions through ATMs or terminals.

    Enrollment by contacting the Bank's Contact Center

    Any account owner on the Piggy Bank service can translate money in remote mode by contacting the contact center. You can call the operator by calling: 8 800 555 55 50 or 900. The employee will identify the map number or the phone number and performs the operating in the telephone mode.

    Remember! If the savings account was connected without the possibility of partial removal of funds, then it will be necessary to close it, sacrificing percentages by deposit.

    The piggy bank is convenient because the client is unnoticed by the cash. At any time, they can be transferred to the card and get cash. In Sberbank, there are many ways to do this.

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