Flvorball is a kind of hockey with a ball, intended for closed rooms with solid flooring. This is a young and dynamically developing discipline. Initially, the game was intended for hockey player training in summer to maintain the form, so its rules are very similar to the classic ice hockey. In various countries, they call the game in different ways: in Sweden - "Floor Bendi", in the USA - "Flohorchokki", in European states - "Anjokeki". Fans it attracts a large number of interesting and entertainment combinations.

A bit of history

Flvorball appeared recently. Until now, not everyone knows what it is what the rules are. Similar games existed on the planet in the middle of the 20th century. But he acquired the status of sports discipline in Sweden in the 1950s, spreading in educational institutions and sports circles. The game was called "Soft Bandy". In 1970, its rules were formulated. The Swedes were confident that he would find great popularity in the near future, and was not mistaken.

The game quickly spread through Western Europe. In the early 1980s The Swedish National Organization was formed. Her task was the organization of national meetings. The next federation originated in Japan. The discipline was then recognized in Finland, Switzerland and Denmark. In the early 1990s All national organizations united in international (IFF). It began to join other states.

Russia about the game learned in the early 1990s. The National Federation was formed in 2012 with the assistance of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.


For playing floorball does not require specially equipped rooms and cheap inventory. Any gym can apply with a flat platform.

The field has dimensions of 40 x 20 m, it is limited by sides and rounded in the corners. The match consists of 3 periods of 20 minutes. And ten minute interruptions between them. During the break, the parties change the gate. At the beginning of the matches, the ball is played out from the center of the field. For the game you can take one time-out lasting 0.5 min.

In the team 5 players and goalkeeper. Meetings can be conducted and smaller - 3 players and goalkeeper on a smaller field: 24 x 14 m.

Floorball is a contact game. Athletes collisions shoulders when attacking or protection.

It is also not forbidden:
  • Fighter by foot in one touch.
  • Stop the projectile with your body.
  • To kneel when protecting the gate.
  • To replace the goalkeeper on any other player.
The game is unacceptable:
  • In addition to the stick of the projectile, in addition to the stick.
  • Act sitting and lying.
  • Hit or block the opponent, keep it with a stick, put the steps.


The goalkeeper does not use the stick, on its territory he can play with all parts of the body.

The goal is counted if the shell fell entirely into the gate. Taking the gate is recognized as invalid if the hockey player carries out a cast by the body or limbs.

Florbol 3

Marking Floorball Field
The markup lines are drawn by white paint and have a width of 4-6 cm. The field is applied:
  • The central line separating the platform into two identical halves.
  • Rectangles in the middle of the platform 2.85 m from the front lines with the sides of 4 x 5 m (penalty area).
  • The zone of goalkeeper is 1 x 2.5 m.
  • Cross-shaped marks in the corners of the field, indicating the point of throwing the ball.
  • Marking places of placement racks of the gate with an interval of 1.6 m.

Florbol pole

Spare benches accommodate up to 19 athletes. Opposite them are penalty benches and sites of secretaries coordinating the course of the competition.


Side length - 10 m. They are adjacent to the field from all sides and consist of direct and angular components. Produce them from fiberglass. Each part (panel) has an anterior part in contact with the ball, and outdoor. The front part has a smooth structure without protrusions. This reduces the risk of injury athletes. With the same purpose, the upper edge is rounded. The connection of the panels is made using harnesses.

Fiberglass boards have such characteristics as:
  • Strength, durability.
  • Corrosion resistance and deformation.
  • Low thermal conductivity.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Compactness and convenience of storage.
  • The ability to change the dimensions of the site.

There are dimensions of 1.6 x 1.15 m. They are subject to mandatory certification. Can be welded or disassembled. They are tightened with a soft grid, and from the inside equipped with a catcher for balls. Color racks red.

Causes of deletions

Estrand hockey player from the game judges may 2.5 minutes. Or before the end of the match.

Two-minute removal is assigned for the game with a broken key or without it, as well as if a hockey player:
  • Produces dangerous action by stick.
  • Attacks a competitor, blocks it; leads the game lying or kneeling, hand or head.
  • Spoils shell.
  • Completely on the field.
For 5 min. Displays from the game when:
  • When the game is stopped or the replacement, the hockey player throws the stick.
  • Leaves on the field of a broken stick.
  • Deliberately falls to the floor to prevent the opponent.

For the unsporting behavior of any player or coach, put on the ribune until the end of the game. With a re-incident - removed from the hall.

In addition to removal, for non-compliance with the rules, the judge appoints the free-kick. At the same time, the ball is installed no closer than 3.5 m from the opponent's gate.

Florolball obliges to use only certified balls and sticks. The sticks are made of plastic and closed at the top of the plug, have a round handle with a length of 95 cm. The handle is prohibited to modify or in any way to modify. You can only make it shorter or impose a winding above the capture. Accessory mass - 330 - 360. The hook has a length of up to 30 cm and should not be sharp. Pick it with the type of grab: if the left hand is located on the handle below, then grip is left. And vice versa.


The size and appearance of the ball is strictly regulated. It is made from a one-photon plastic bright color, has a diameter of 72 mm and the weight of 20-23 g. In the surface, 26 rounded holes are done.


Florolball game shape is required to meet the established requirements:
  • It consists of a T-shirt, shorts and a heter. In women - a T-shirt and skirt as a whole. Coloring is the same for the entire team. Gray clothing is not allowed. If clothing of teams of similar colors, then the guests change the form to another.
  • Gaiters have a length to the knee and refuel into shoes.
  • Goalkeeper puts long pants and sweater.
  • On the chest and back of the athlete is put on its number in the interval 1-99.
  • Shoes are sneakers or sneakers. It is prohibited to go out on the field without shoes, but you can continue the game to the stop if the hockey player has lost its sneakers. Loads in Flvorball are similar to mild athletics, therefore the shoes have similar characteristics: lightness, strength, no spikes and good depreciation.
  • Train safety accessories (hours, earrings, etc.) should not be present on the players.

Florbol 4

Gloves and Mask goalkeeper

For goalkeeper, protective uniforms are provided: gloves and helmet mask.

Gloves are designed to protect the hands of hands, because by them goalkeeper catches balls flying at speeds. Gloves made of fine material and rub on, which makes them well adjacent.

Perchatki vrataria

The helmet mask is removing the head of the goalkeeper's head. She only puts on the official game. Helmets are subject to certification and must comply with the established requirements. It is forbidden to change their modification, you can only apply the command signs of differences. The protective grid is installed at a distance of 30 mm from the eye.

Subject to auxiliary equipment:
  • Protective glasses.
  • Powers.
  • Headbands.
  • Protective windings.
Interesting Facts
  • Flvorball began its existence in 1958 in Lakeville (Minnesota, USA) and was called Cosom-hockey, because they were played by the Cosom trademark with the keys.
  • The first set of rules of the 1970s was called innebandy - Hockey with a ball in closed rooms.
  • The first international championship was organized in 1993 and was called the "European Cup". Male and women's teams competed separately, respectively, in Helsinki and Stockholm.
  • In 2001, the Germans held the first interethnic youth tournaments.
  • In 2013, the International Association of Florboola entered the International Association of World War Games. From this time, Flvorball got access to international competitions within the framework of world games - among the disciplines that do not have the status of the Olympic.
Related topics:
The sports game Flvorball (translated from the English language - "ball on the floor") - a kind of hockey, a team sport, in which players of the opposing parties are trying to score a goal into the gates of rivals with a stick. Игра флорбол

Flvorball borrowed rules from different types of hockey. As in hockey on the grass, the florbolists perform in sports shoes without skates. Like a hockey with a ball on ice, athletes on the floor also play the ball and do not apply in the game of power techniques. From hockey with a washer on ice, small dimensions of the playground are taken, the quantitative composition of playing.

According to international rules in each team on the site, no more than six players can be located at the same time - five field and goalkeeper. In addition, the replacement of players is very often occurring, like the "Schebysts", whole top fives. Yes, and the gate of both teams are located on the playground not on the front lines, as in a hockey with a ball on ice and on the grass, but a little "retreating" from them into the depths of the field, which allows florbolists to play and go beams.

Place games.

The game occurs on a platform with a size of 40 × 20 m, surrounded by a board with a height of 50 cm with rounded corners.

On the gate line for their installation, markers are made at a distance of 1.6 m one from another. The gate frames with dimensions of 1600 × 1150 × 650-400 mm must be installed by racks for prescribed marks. The gate frames have soft grids and grids-curtains. Each team has its own player replacement zone. The length of each replacement zone along the side of the side is 10 m. Middle to the middle line of the replacement zone is 5 meters from it. Places of players are included in the replacement zone.

Play time.

The main time of the game is three periods of 20 minutes in each and two breaks of 10 minutes. The game time is interrupted only in connection with the taking of the gate, a fine, a penalty throw, a break time at the request of the team, a signal of judges to stop the game. However, in the last three minutes of the main game time, it should be "clean": the game time is suspended after each stop.


Each team can write to a match protocol not more than 20 players. Goalkeepers and Captain Commands must be marked in the protocol. The goalkeeper plays without a stick. Within the goalkeeper, he can beat the ball with any part of the body. If, during the game, the goalkeeper completely leaves the goalkeeper, he before returning to it is considered a field player, but without a stick. Replacing players during the match can be carried out at any time unlimited number.


The match holds two judges with equal authority. Contrieving the judges are right only the captain of the team.

Clothing, equipment, inventory.

All field players of each team are dressed equally. Clothes consists of fukecs, shorts and golfs. All players are in sports or special shoes.


A diameter of 72 mm with 26 holes, a diameter of 10 mm, should be white, spherical, made of plastic material and have a weight of 23 g.

Hockey stick

Made of plastic material and weigh no more than 380. Her handle is round, without edges. The blade of the stick should not be pointed, its bending can not exceed 30 mm.


Rules of the game:


Ball drawing

The same as in a hockey with a washer on ice.

Entry strike

Performs a team opposite to the one from which the ball left the platform. The introductory blow breaks away from the place of 1.5 m from the board, where the ball is moving the boundary of the site, but behind the imaginary continuation of the gate line. Punch is applied by a stick. If the ball goes into the gate after the introductory strike, the goal is not counted.

Free kick

Apply from the place where the rules of the game were violated, but not behind the imaginary continuation of the gate line or closer than 3.5 m to the goalkeeper. The ball crashed into the gate with a free impact is counted.

Penalty throw

Carries out a team player opposite to the violation of the rules of the game, entailing his appointment. The defending team prevents the heads of the head of the rules with a violation of the rules leading to the appointment of a free impact or fine. For various violations of the rules, two-minute and five-minute benches are assigned to the player's removal from the field at this time.

Taking the gate

. It should be considered awarded when correctly counted and confirmed the drawing ball at the central point of the field.

The most important advantages of Florbol

This wonderful game can be played on any flat platform with different coatings. Boys and Girls, Grandparents can participate in competitions. The rules prohibiting the power struggle, the game of light clubs and the ball reduces to zero the likelihood of injury to players and do not harm the premises.

Flvorball borrowed rules from different types of hockey. The great advantage of Florbol in his team character, developing the ability to subordinate personal interests to the interests of the team.

Flvorball is based on the high mastery of florbolists, their improvisation, teamwork, the ability to end the victory. The great advantage of Florbol in his team character, developing the ability to subordinate personal interests to the interests of the team. Each player can deal with the rival in speed, strength, dexterity, endurance, so most of the florbolists are distinguished by militia, courage, the ability to overcome difficulties and in the playground, and in everyday life.

Alexander Karandev, headpring department

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