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Manicure with broken glass effect

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Few women had to hear about the manicure with the effect of broken glass. However, this technique deserves attention and will surely please all the amateurs of all unusual and beautiful. Many fashionista ask themselves the question - how to make a manicure "broken glass" at home? Of course, you can contact the salon to the master, but this technique is completely able to fulfill at home. The manicure with the effect of broken glass will give to raise his own fantasy, as it has many nail design options. You can make the original french, causing a pattern of broken glass only half of the nail or coat with "glass" all the plate. The new manicure will allow you to look boldly and extravagant.

What kind of manicure broken glass

This nail design will certainly make hands sophisticated and feminine. Today, new techniques in a special trend. Therefore, please yourself with a spectacular manicure, which will decorate your hands and will attract the attention of others. In the nail industry, this new trend is constantly found on recent fashion shows. He can be found on the hands of the most famous Hollywood stars. "Broken glass" on the nails is stylish, unusual, effectively and fashionable!

See how a manicure with the effect of broken glass can look like - a photo on the Internet will help determine with the design.

Manicure with the effect of broken glass looks very unusual. This stylish technique is filled with novelty and extravagance. It is performed using holographic cellophane passages, mica pieces can be used. Material can be found in a specialized store. The coating is superimposed on the nails in a special way, which reflects the light, changes the foes and creates the desired effect. A certain kaleidoscope of drawings is created. As a result, a mirror-level canvas with the effect of broken glass is obtained.

Advantages of manicure broken glass on nails

• The reinforcing plate under the manicure perfectly protects the nails.

• Decor is very impressive in the day and evening.

• Transparent finish coating reliably holds the application.

This manicure is quite simple in performance and attracts its glitter. The effect of broken glass today in a special trend. If there is a desire to look very stylish, then such a design of nails will be an excellent solution for both young girls and a mature woman.

Basic rules in execution

• It will take a lot of patience to perform this manicure.

• You need to be as accurate and attentive as possible.

• Top coating is applied in two layers.

• Varnish must fill all empty sections around mica or cellophane.

• You should neatly apply the finish coating.

Neil-art: Step-by-step manicure manicure "Broken glass"

1. Diagnostics and preparation. It is necessary to inspect the nail plates and treat them with special safety, which eliminates pathogenic bacteria. You can make a light marigold massage. The cuticle softens with a special composition and removes. Then it is necessary to degrease the nail plates.

2. Apply the base layer. It should be done neatly, leisurely that the end result is excellent.

3. Combining two effects. For space with bats, you do not need to pick bright and too juicy colors. It is better to prefer dairy or pale beige shades. They are applied by one layer.

4. You can divide the nail if you wish for two parts. This uses a special tape designed for the nail decor. It is gently sticking.

5. Creating an effect. You need to pour out the mica on a white paper sheet. You need to choose the pieces you like. If cellophane is taken, it is not the usual usual material, but a special hard and durable glossy cellophane. You can take a similar material from a set for creativity or in a flower shop.

6. To create the desired effect, slices of cellophane, foils or mica are applied to the non-dry lacquer. To do this, use a cosmetic pencil either tweezers. It is necessary to lay out the material in any order. The pieces should be very tightly on the varnish, which is a kind of adhesive base for the material. Large pieces of material should be placed in the center, and smaller closer to the edges of the nail.

7. Application of the finish coating. A transparent finishing varnish is used. It should be applied quite carefully. As a result, the nail surface is flat and smooth.

8. Drying varnish on the nails. The final stage, after which you can quickly enjoy the beauty of your nails. You can dry your nails in the lamp.

What to see a clear manicure broken glass how to make it yourself at home - Watch the video:

Manicure "Broken Glass" is a new direction in the nail industry. His sparkling bright design will not leave anyone indifferent. It is possible to decorate the nails in this way for any holiday. For such a goal, choose a brighter varnish. The main thing is that the color of the manicure harmonized with a common outfit. You can also use the "broken glass" daily, if you use neutral gentle shades of varnish.

Manicure "Broken Glass" Photo

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Place the sharp fragments of broken glass on your marigolds (not literally, of course) is not a new trend in Neil Art. Being in the trend is not one season, this design is only developing, attracting all new materials to create a stylish imitation of the broken glass on the nails.

Step-by-step instructions: how to make "broken glass"

At all, you do not need to be a guru in Neil Art, to make such a trend design on the marigolds. Create the effect of fragments can be on any nail coating: ordinary varnish, shellac, gel, gel varnish. And not necessarily not necessarily have a bunch of professional decorating materials. But to have some "need" to create a "broken glass" you need:

  • Basic varnish (primer or base);
  • Color coating (gel varnish, for example);
  • shiny film (foil with holographic, color mica, etc.);
  • Finish coating (transparent varnish or top).
Tools for manicure "Broken Glass"
Tools for manicure "Broken Glass"

The technique of performing this design is almost the same and when using simple color varnish, and gel. If a simple varnish is used, then the following steps:

  • Apply to the basic varnish, give it to dry;

    Application of the base
    Application of the base

  • Paint the right color on top of the varnish, wait for a complete drying.

    Color coating
    Color coating

If the marigold is covered with gel varnish, then the standard procedure for applying it to the nail plate is happening:

  • put the marigold, removing the shiny film from it;

    Nail preparation
    Nail preparation

  • Apply primer;
  • Covered with colored gel varnish, dry under the lamp.

But then it will have to remember labor training with junior classes, namely the lessons of the applique. Indeed, at this stage, it is necessary to put the pieces of brilliant film on this stage, and if necessary, it is also cut.

Cutting films for appliqué
Cutting films for appliqué

It is more convenient to make such an applique if the film does not slip on the nail. Therefore, the sticky layer does not need to be removed from the gel varnish. When using a simple varnish of the dispersion film does not occur. Therefore, before lays out pieces on the colored layer, the marigold is covered with the finest layer of transparent varnish. The following happens next:

Nail coating Finishem
Nail coating Finishem

Manicure "Broken Glass" looks on the nails at the same time stylish and interesting, but simply and unobtrusively. Therefore, such a design can be safely called universal and make a marigold to them for any occasion.

Materials for creating "broken glass"

Find household analogues of brilliant fragments instead of those used for professional use not so simple. The usual foil or mica for windows in manicure is not suitable because of the big thickness, the glass manicure will not work out of pieces of other similar textures. In specialized boutiques, you can purchase suitable decorative elements so that the "glass" drawing looks as realistic as possible.

Using foil

Particularly thin foil, more similar to gravy gold, does not thicken the nail plate and is well overlapped with the top. Also, the manicure foil is well repeated by the bends of the nail and will not be silent when placing the pattern. It is purchased in small rolls, so before making imitation of the broken glass on the nails, you will have to tinker with cutting "fragments" for appliqué.

Foil for nails
Foil for nails

Color range of rolls with foil more than diverse: additional print, patterns, etc. For the effect of broken glass, it is better to choose the foil options with overflow without any patterns.

Film, polyethylene and cellophan

The extractic film for manicure has nothing to do with packages for purchases that are made of similar raw materials. Like foil, manicure films, cellophates or polyethylene are easily placed on the marigold, repeat its shape. Shades among films set. For the effect of broken glass, a transparent film with holographic, overflows.

Films for manicure
Films for manicure

Among the materials that are selected for the "glass" manicure are the most popular colored polyethylene (cellophane) with rainbow or pearl overflows. It is easy for him to give any shape, it will also create a realistic effect of broken glass.


To reproduce the glistening glasses, the usual gel varnish will not fit. As the basis is taken by one-photon coating and draw on it characteristic of the broken glass of coatings with the effects of "cat eye", holography, lunar overflow.

Variance of varnish for the effect of "broken glass"
Variance of varnish for the effect of "broken glass"

To draw a picture of glass pieces had clear contours, it is better to use stencils or auxiliary patterns.

Holographic stickers

Such devices for nail design is very convenient to use. They literally stick to the marigold, so you can easily place the elements and adjust their location. Holographic stickers can be given any form, and then use for manicure. Among the color variety it is better to choose options that will fall into the tone of the main shade of the coating.

Holographic stickers for manicure
Holographic stickers for manicure

Stickers are convenient to use for the effect of large fragments on the nails, a small stroke is difficult to form. To do this, it is better to use other decorative elements.

Glass fragments and mica

The most popular move for the design of nails in the style of "Broken Glass" - mica. It is available in the form of comfortable pieces of different shapes and sizes for instant application when designing nails. Call such a form of release - fragments. After appliqué, the effect is really created, as if the gear springs were scared. Slowing in a holistic form to successfully use with large particles, pre-cutting them.

"Shards" from mica
"Shards" from mica

"Broken glass" with other manicure techniques

Combine various manicure techniques are not just fashionable, but also beautiful. It looks particularly impressive if the tandem is well chosen. "Glass" manicure is well harmonized with many types of marigolds, especially if you manage to combine colors with the mind.


One of the standard, but lovers of manicure will be perfectly able to harmonize in a trend "glass" design. The options for the location of the fragments in this form of the manicure can be several:

  • on the protruding part of the nogot;
  • in the main part of the nail plate;
  • Partially decorate the nail.

Franch will look stylish and tasteful if you pick up the shade of fragments with the tone of the main color of the manicure. For refinement and tenderness, it is better to take small foil particles or films to not overload design.

Franch and broken glass
Franch and broken glass
Franch and broken glass
Franch and broken glass

Moon manicure

The excellent option looks in the trend - create a manicure with bit windows based on mooncut. Locate the decorative elements in the moon. But relevant to leave the transparent well, and the rest of the nail to reorganize the pieces of the film or mica.

The original design can be created if you select the marigold on the nameless fingers of both hands both in design style and color. For example, if all the nails are "lunar", then unnamed can be left completely painted, and even a contrasting shade.

Moon manicure and "broken glass"
Moon manicure and "broken glass"

Moon manicure and "broken glass"


To be carried away by substitutes with stones or rhinestones during the "Broken Glass" manicure. Alternatively, they can be applied to selective marigolds where particles for glass design did not apply.

Place rhinestones among the "broken glass" need carefully, as it is possible to overdo it with decorations and spoil the whole manicure. If you really wanted to decorate the marigold rhinestones, then it is better to place them in a nail bed in a small amount.

Rhinestones and "Broken Glass"
Rhinestones and "Broken Glass"

Rhinestones and "Broken Glass"

Combination with drawings

Combine painting and "glass" manicure are a good idea, especially if you correctly pick up the drawing and color. According to the "glass" design, it is not recommended to create complex drawings using several shades. Better limit to one color so that the nail design does not lose style.

"Broken glass" with drawings "Broken glass" with drawings

Monophonic classic

"Break the glasses", which do not differ in shades from the main color - classic minimalism. It will fall to the taste of lovers of nonsense, but original design. You can place the particles of mica or films on all marigolds, but a special chic manicure will add splashes on several nails. Standard, but a good choice is the middle finger and unnamed.

Stock Foto Manicure "Broken Glass"

Variations of such a manicure is becoming more and more, thanks to the creativity of the masters of Neil-Art. If you are aligned not combined, it is possible to create a creative design and surprise not only those surrounding, but also yourself.

Broken glass on short nails

Even if it is not possible for some reason to grow long marigolds, then you should not despair. On short nails, you can also apply all fashionable brands and look stylish.

A wide nail plate can be visually lengthened if the particles of mica along the nail are placed. For example, if the form of particles resembles a sharp triangle, then it is worth it in length.

Manicure for long nails

What effects do not create on long nails! Well, what, the places for creativity is enough, but it looks such a manicure fascinatingly. Light or dark lacquer shades is easy to combine with overflows of a "glass" manicure. For the complexity of the design, you can combine "glass" design with geometry.

Step-by-step video lessons

Published: August 22, 2016 at 23:00 Updated: February 19, 2020 at 14:14

Not every manicure manages to maintain popularity during all seasons of the year, which ascended him to peak popularity. However, the images in the style of Shattered Glass Nails ("Broken Glass" Nails, "Crystal Manicure"), for the first time, thundered in the past winter 2016 in South Korean Instagram, since they are also gaining popularity. The "fragments of the mirror" find their embodiment in all sorts of cases of coatings and design elements, intertwining with classic manicure techniques and giving birth to new.

What so attract the ladies around the world overflowing marigolds? We will tell you about all this today.

Photo "Broken Glass" on the nails: The effect of broken glass

On what form of nails design "broken glass" looks better.

This type of manicure decoration is suitable for any form of nails (both classical oval and nails-styles). Equally elegant image in the style of broken stained glass look at the long, and on short marigolds.

Photo "Broken Glass" for short nails: How to make a broken glass on the nails

Manicure with this decor in any performance does not look overloaded or excessive. Even performed on all fingers of both hands, skillfully beaten by the color of the "glass" and the color of the base (substrate), "broken glass" retains sophistication and airiness, giving fingers a type of jewelry iridescent under the rays of the sun.

Broken glass, crystal nails

Nails with "broken glass" in any style of execution are capable of becoming an independent decoration of the image, catchy, unique, incredibly spectacular. It is thanks to the uniqueness of each manicure of Shattered Glass Nails and have become a favorite closure for girls fingers who prefer sparkling the verge of diamonds. And, like every gem, manicure "broken glass" gave rise to many variations of execution on the nails. Let us dwell on the most popular and trend.

What techniques for creating a manicure "broken glass" exist.

As you know, any mono-manicure looks at times more expressive when the textural features of the coating allow the color to look deeper, rich, catch the light and flare up with juicy pops of paints. Thanks to the holographic fragments of "broken glass", lacquer, gel varnish and acrylic images acquire special expressiveness and attractiveness. This year, tandems of holographic fragments on a black background (imitation of the starry sky), saturated blue with turquoise and indigo (variations on tropical lagoon), Marsala and tea rose, gilded nut and rich chocolate (Eastern Topics) are especially popular. Popular and broken multicolor stained glass windows on a black background, creating an association with dew, squeezing overflowing diamonds, which looks particularly impressive in the evening outfits.

Beautiful design broken glassManicure broken glassManicure with foil broken glassManicure Broken Glass PhotoPhoto manicure

The topic of innocence, flirting, naturalness and naturalness also found its disclosure in the "Broken glass" manicures. The new reading of the elegance has become nails "NU" and one-color glass holography (when the glass imitation particles are stacked on a transparent coating or on gel varnish, acrylic or ordinary varnish, in color as close to natural natural nail color). In counterweights of air and simplicity, the nails are sensually looking and in the form of burning Labuten-Nails, complementing the image of a fatal woman with rims of diamond sparks.

Effect of broken glass Trend 2016 nailsTown Glass Design Photos on Nails

What options "broken glass" appropriate to decorate any lacobe.

Broken glass (Shattered Glass Nails) on the nails are in three classic variations: as an emphasis (on one or more fingers) and as a mono-manicure. The last masters of the manicure can expressively present in the form of a pattern-glass, glass-paintings of non-equestriate "droplets", filigree fitted pieces with microcamera (so that any design can be quickly upgraded after a while, taking the emptiness with a color coating and turning the design of nails with " Broken glass "in the stylization of medieval stained glass windows). With the help of glass fragments on natural nails, it turns out to create the illusion of a crystal manicure (technique, as expressively embodied using specially manufactured tips), and even to give a simple mono manicure three-dimensionality (creating nails-styles or variations on aquarium manicure).

Photo "Broken Glass" Butterfly: Pattern of broken glassnails with broken glass butterfly

For what age such a manicure is suitable.

In each year, Frenc and Lunar manicure are becoming permanent leaders of top-sheets of popular designs - universal, Vneoz. They succumbed to both Shattered Glass. The French classic began to play in a new way when the smile line began to move the holographic particles of "glass" or creatively alternating a nail with a smile and marigold, completely covered with bat particles. The Hollywood Nail Hit gained a special expressiveness when the roasting hole visually made his fingers longer and fragile (being decorated with holographic crumbs of "glass").

Franch Foil

The inverted moon (unpainted well and fully destroyed by "broken glass" the main part of the nail) especially often began to appear in the stakeplate. This option made it possible not only to ensure maximum strength design (and excluded the foil through the coating layer of the foil particles), but also a little to move the design correction time due to the transparency of the well (visually hiding the rustic part of the note).

Moon manicure nail design

Such versatility in all senses of the word allowed the "Broken Glass" manicure to conquer all ages, finding relevant and interesting embodiment in images and young ladies, and already taken by the ladies, to fit on and on weekdays, and also find their maximum expressive embodiment to exit "On the occasion" and the image for the holiday. How would such a simple externally manicure (and seemingly so difficult in performance) succeed? Secret lies in the technology of creating design itself. As we have noted above, the most affected incarnation of manicure-stained glass is the gel lacquer manicure. At the same time, the technique itself is so easy, fast and simple that "broken windows" can be created at home even a novice, only developing persistent coatings.

How to make a "broken glass" design on the nails?

As for any image that makes attention to the hands as much as possible, careful preliminary preparation (degreasing and use of the primer layer primer, but without increased acidity). The secret of the same durability and durability of this design in the imposition of the first color layer as thin and uniform, the second is dry in two stages. The first - duration per minute - will allow you to start the process of setting with the first layer, leveling the coating (self-evaporation and uniformity of the final color layer). Then the still sticky and unattended second layer are applied pre-sliced ​​pieces

Holographic foil (or special film)

, sliced ​​minx stickers, gold or silver foil or special holographic cellophane, mica. And the completion of the simple - to dry, cover the top, dry it and complete the painting by overlaying the care (oil or cream on the cuticle or olock skin).

All the charm of this design is that in any case it will succeed and succeed, because even in the apparent chaoticness and Sumbur, your copyright reading of the "broken glass" is created, whose pieces will flash under one or another angle or a drop of light into fascinating kaleidoscopic images!

Photo of nail design "Broken glass" (manicure "broken glass): Effect of crystal

Trendnogti 2016.

How to secure "broken glass" on the nails.

The secret of the durability and durability of this design in the imposition of the first color layer as thin and uniform, the second - with drying in two stages. The first - duration per minute - will allow you to start the process of setting with the first layer, leveling the coating (self-evaporation and uniformity of the final color layer). Then, a pre-chopped slices of holographic foil (or a special film), chopped minx-stickers, gold or silver foil, mica or special holographic cellophane, are applied to another sticky and strangest layer. And the completion of the simple - to dry, cover the top, dry it and complete the painting by overlaying the care (oil or cream on the cuticle or olock skin).

How to make Frenc "Broken Glass".

The foil "Broken glass" is cut by pieces of manicure scissors of the desired size and laid out along the Franch line (wells) or simply chaotically distributed on the sticky layer or on the base (more convenient), then we dry in the lamp, and cover the top coating, we also succeed in the lamp. When laying, you need to press pieces very well and quickly dry in the lamp, otherwise they can be climbing tips. If they all the same raised, but not too much, you can try slightly cutting them with a bug (tip, not the whole foil) and block the top. If the ends rose hard or completely - it is necessary to redo the whole design.

All the charm of this design is that in any case it will succeed and succeed, because even in the apparent chaoticness and Sumbur, your copyright reading of the "broken glass" is created, whose pieces will flash under one or another angle or a drop of light into fascinating kaleidoscopic images!

Video about the design of nails "Broken Glass": how to do quickly and right.

Buy New For Nail Design 2016 - Foil "Broken Glass" (Holographic foil film) in the Foil section.

How to use and apply a "broken glass" film you will learn from our step-by-step photo of the master class. Instructions for the design "Broken glass" On gel lacquer (Shellac) or how to make the effect of broken glass on the nails:

1 step

Prepare handles to the coating - to remove the old coating and the manicure procedure. Cover nails with a base coating.

2 step

Apply a colored coating on the nails.

3 Step

Cover the colored coating with a top for gel lacquer with sticky or without sticky layer.

4 Step

Remove the sticky layer after the nail coating with a top coating with a sticky layer.

5 step

Pick up the required shade of foil "broken glass" for nail design. Cut with foil pieces.

6 step

After we cut a sufficient amount of foil, it is necessary to cover the marigold with a basic coating. Thanks to the base layer, we can freely move pieces of foil in the right direction and provide good sock.

7 step

8 step

Complete the procedure for removing the sticky layer.


Our shiny manicure with the design "Broken glass" is ready!

Manicure with the effect of broken glass - instruction on execution


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Broken glass on nails

Proper gel lacquer broken glass

Manicure Masters do not get tired to surprise all new and new ideas. One of the fresh trends that is very popular among modern fashionistas is a manicure with imitation of broken glass. It looks like such a design just fascinating, nails seem to be lit by sparkling fragments. To create it uses a film with pearl or mirror glitter. The effect of broken glass is created due to the game of light on the "fragments". How to apply broken glass on gel varnish? About this next.

Necessary materials

The main material for creating a manicure "Broken Glass" is a foil, film or mica. Many masters prefer a subtle film that overflows with different colors. It is easy to fix on the dispersion layer of gel varnish. It is commercially available in the form of thin strips or ready-made "fragments".

Very attractive on the nails looks foil. The minus of this material is that it is thicker, and therefore it is harder to fix on the dispersion layer. It is best combined foil with colorless varnish. It can be purchased in a ribbon or a set of several shades.

Also for this manicure you can use a color mica, which is sold in jars. To "fragments" looked naturally, the mica is simply scattered onto the nail.

The "broken glass" on the gel varnish is most popular, because such a manicure is saved on the nails from 10 days to 3 weeks. To perform such a manicure you need to stock type:

  • manicure set;
  • basic coating;
  • gel varnish of any color;
  • finish coating;
  • UV or ice lamp;
  • Orange chopstick;
  • film, foil or mica;
  • degreaser;
  • Baf.

Now you can proceed to the design of the "broken glass" with your own hands.

Technology of creation

Options for broken glass on gel varnish

Many newbies are asked: "How to make a manicure broken glass?". This, complex at first glance, design can be performed independently.

Stages of creation:

  • First of all, it is necessary to make a hygienic manicure, give the desired shape to the desired shape, move the cuticle, pollip the plate with the blad.

Note! The design "Broken glass" attracts attention to the hands, and therefore the manicure must be perfect.

  • Then you need to handle a cotton swab in a degreaser, film or foil.
  • Then the film is cut into pieces of desired shape and size.
  • Next, you need to handle the nobility with a degreaser, apply a basic coating, dry them in the lamp.
  • Then the nails are covered with a thin layer of gel varnish, which is polymerized in the lamp. Then the second ball is applied, which also need to dry well.

Tip: So that the coverage is preserved as long as possible, it is recommended to seal the end of the nail.

  • The nails are covered with a fixer, an orange stick (moistened in the fixer) grab "fragments" and transferred to the plate. Miles are polymerized in the lamp.

Tip: Large fragments are recommended to post in the middle, otherwise they will quickly exist.

  • From above, the manicure is covered with 2 layers of the finish, each of which you need to dry in the lamp. It is necessary to remove the dispersion layer.

To make hands well-groomed, special softening oil is applied to the cuticle. Under all the conditions of the manicure on Gel Laca will delight its owner at least 2 weeks.

Color options

Manicure broken glass gel varnish is an excellent option to be separated from a gray crowd. There are different shades of foil or film, there is a material with pearl and mirror glitter.

A glass manicure on a black background is very advantageous. Foil color can be green, golden, silver or transparent. You can decorate all the marigolds or make accents on two fingers.

Garmoniously combine deep varnishes with lighter "fragments". For example, blue with blue, green with salad, red with pink, dark brown with nuts and so on.

Bright and uniquely look at the nails contrasting combinations. Many fashion guards adorn dark background with yellow, aluminum, orange, emerald "fragments".

The romantic girls will have to taste the combination of pastel base with transparent "glass". Such a manicure emphasizes the femininity and the naturalness of its owner.

You can experiment not only with color, but also with the form: "Shards" can be large or miniature, correct or incorrect shape. Pieces can be laid in an arbitrary order or create a clear pattern of them.

Franch with imitation of broken glass

French manicure is a classic genre and a universal design that can be combined with many styles. How to make the design of French with the effect of "broken glass"?

You can add classic french with "fragments" on one or two nails. It looks very bright and in summer, a yellow basis with a white "smile" and gold "fragments" as accents. It is quite restrained and stylish looking pink-white french with blue "glass". Beige coating with white tips and red "fragments" or gray-white design with metallic foil - mass options. Regardless of the color of the broken manicure, turn the marks into shining diamonds!

From "piece of glass" you can lay out a smile. You can also cover two nails on the hand "fragments", and on the rest, emphasize the film of the smile line.

Moon design with foil

Overteaded manicure or antifrented is also perfectly combined with "broken glass".

Small "glass" can be emphasized by the well at the base of the nail, while the basis will be monophonic. You can also focus on one marigold, fully covered by its shining "fragments".

Many masters cover the foil nail plate, thus highlighting the transparent well. "Broken Glass" can be combined with drawings or decorate them with a film. Sometimes "fragments" combine with sparkles, rhinestones, crystal crumbs or bulls, but this is an evening version.

The application of "broken glass" on the gel varnish will not provide labor, the main thing follows the instructions. Then the shining marks will delight their owner and all around at least 2 weeks.

Stock Foto Nail coating gel varnish with glass

Even more photos on the link: gel varnish with glass photo.

Video with master class

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