Why can computer or 12 reasons for your stress

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In this article we will analyze the reasons for the braking of computers, and both old and new ones.

The first reason - on the desktop, the files themselves are on the desktop instead of labels, this is especially relevant for outdated PCs with a small amount of RAM.

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The second reason is a scored registry, since many programs enters their data into the registry when installing, but do not clean them at their disposal from the computer. The problem is solved by cleaning the registry with programs like CCleaner.

Do not forget to make a backup before each cleaning registry!

The third reason is a fragmented rigid disk. This problem is solved by the usual defragmentation of the hard disk. I note that this is not relevant for SSD, since they have a different principle of work.

The fourth reason is a bottleneck. This topic is devoted to volumetric articles and hot disputes on the forums. In modern PCs, a hard disk becomes the most frequent bottleneck, especially if it is from a green series, which has the speed of rotation of the plates not 7200 revolutions per minute, and only 5400. The problem is solved by installing SSD and transferring the operating system and the paging file to it.

The second rated a bottleneck was the RAM, the volume of which computers constantly lack computers. For example, now for home does not play PC, you need a minimum of 8 GB of DDR4 RAM. If you play, then 16 GB. And if you study video or high-resolution photos or photographs, it is already recommended 32 GB. And it is important that two RAM modules work in two-channel mode (stood in the slots of the same color).

The fifth reason is the operating system. It is no secret that most versions of Windows adore in size. I myself had a witness when Windows 7 with a basic 2-3 GB, swallowed a few years to 12 GB. And in the folder itself with windows, no user files were transferred. The exit here is one - reinstalling the operating system.

Six reason - driver. The most interesting thing is that there are opinions here. Thus, according to the official opinion of the manufacturers of components (mainly video cards), almost every driver update optimizes the operation of the device and increases productivity. But in fact, it often happens on the contrary, when, after installing the update, the computer begins to work slower ...

The reason for reducing performance was found by enthusiast enthusiasts, which found out that the "iron" manufacturers sin with artificial obsolescence of their products to force the user to buy newer components. By the way, there is a similar problem with smartphones.

Seventh reason - overheating. It is conditionally divided into fans wear and drying the thermal paste, which leads to a deterioration of the heat sink from the processor. As a result, with each overheating, automatic protection is triggered that reduces the processor frequency. This problem solves the replacement of the thermal paste. The system block of the computer must be cleaned annually from dust, otherwise it scores fans, radiators and ventilation holes, which leads to overheating.

Wear fans and drying their lubrication is solved by a special lubricant or machine oil, or a fan replacement in the case of its breakdown. For example, I came across the fact that the fan on the video card just burst and produced screaming sounds.

In some cases, it may be necessary to replace the thermal blocks from the video card. Especially if you play a lot or dismissed mining.

Eighth reason - viruses! This is the most weighty reason, since viruses can create anything on your PC. For example, can reduce computer resources, encrypt files, steal passwords and spoil "iron" through the creation of maximum loads.

The ninth reason is unlicensed programs, including the operating system itself. As is known, the license software contains the mechanisms of protection against illegal use. Hackers, they are also called "chairs" (from the word Crack - a program for bypassing software protection), while hacking often remove part of the program code, which then affects its stability. The most vivid examples are buggy builds of Windows and computer games that show the worse performance on the same PC where the original OS or the game will work normally.

The tenth cause is an overloaded system disk. For example, Windows retains all its updates on the hard disk. Also, many games store their updates with a volume of up to several GB on your PC. Solving the problem - manual cleaning of temporary files and using the "Disk Cleaning" function that is built into each Windows. Another important point - many programs save their settings in the "Documents" folder, and most games are kept there their "saves".

Eleventh Cause - Many entries in the Startup section. Since many programs write themselves into autoload, to offer their services with each convenient case. The problem is solved by the CCleaner software or manual autoload cleaning in the registry (for experienced users). I like CCleaner in a convenient interface and the possibility not only to delete, but also to turn off unnecessary programs from the startup.

The twelfth cause is the incorrect work of some programs or poor quality of the Internet connection. For example, the Google Chrome browser consumes the maximum possible number of RAM and for each tab, it can create a separate process (verified in the task manager).

Now there is a tendency to post on the websites of online installers and games. This is when you download a small program, the volume of only a few MB, and it already flies everything else from the Internet. I noticed that failures during the installation of such programs are much larger than in the case of the entire load of the installer.

Also negatively on the performance of old PCs influenced some antiviruses. So old versions of Kaspersky Anti-Virus could take a tangible part of your PC resources. Now they eliminated this problem.

I have everything on this, I wish you quick computers and high-speed Internet!

This material is written by the site visitor, and for it is accrued



I will write as much as possible for those who are not clear abbreviations SSD, SATA, DDR and so on.

If you, in the course of dive, there will be no desire to delve further, you can always seek any service

The reason for the brakes is always one - the device is not enough power to cope with the tasks set before him, but cases when this happens, wherever.

1. Processor

The processor has two main characteristics: the core frequency and the number of cores. With nuclei, not most of the programs can work better, from increasing their quantity, so the frequency is quite an important thing. And often due to the fact that you did not warn you that the computer should be brusing from dust and change the thermal path, or did not say which thermal paste is good, or sold a lack of cooling system, or a master who cleaned from dust, after the assembly did not make sure of proper adjacent Cooling systems to the processor, the processor is heated stronger than usual. So that it is not burned, and you have not lost your money, manufacturers took care and implemented technology, which when reached certain temperatures, it is perfectly cutting the power of the processor so that it is less than warmed. This cutting power and gives the brakes, this is necessary to check the processor temperature. I suggest you to make a program AIDA64, in the Computer section - Sensors, look at the CPU temperature (CPU), and download this program (here)

The normal temperature of 35-45 degrees Celsius, the frequency reset can already be turned on. So cool.


There is also an adequate iron for the operating system and outdated. That is, on Windows XP, the Intel Pentium 4 processor with two gigabytes of RAM is very much, everything works quickly and does not slow down, and for Windows 10 it is only to start five minutes and hang when updating.

So, if you do not have a new computer, it was Windows 7 or 8 on it, and myself upgraded to dozens, you can reinstall and prohibit updates. This will solve the question.

But you can go and on the other hand - to buy a processor more powerful. What your computer is older, the cheaper it is the most powerful processor of those years.

Inside the computer, the processor is inserted into the connector on the motherboard, which is called socket. The most disgraced one of the olds is Socket 775 and on it, the two nuclear Intel Core2Duo can be found on AVITO to buy four nuclear quad and even Xeon, which will greatly raise performance, in case it disappeared due to stirring in the processor resource.


Just take a good cooling system, because the processor is more powerful = more hot. Good, this is when the fan blows not down and in the side, as well, the more pipes from the processor goes into the radiator, the better, and the copper base that comes in contact with the processor is better than aluminum.

The processor finished. Imagine that the processor is the best of possible, the temperature is fine, what then?

2. RAM

Each program, the game, even the browser tab opens in RAM, since this is the closest place to the processor and it will be able to get the necessary information from there to process the necessary information.

RAM in physical understanding is chips, or sprinkled on the motherboard, or on the charges (modules) of the memory, which are inserted into the connectors (slots) on the motherboard.

There is no memory much, it only happens only, and two gigabytes from the example above, it is no longer a memory, it is sclerosis.

You can see what you have at the current time with memory you can in the task manager by pressing simultaneously on the Ctrl + Shift + ESC keyboard

In the Processes tab, you can see what program how much memory uses


In the Performance tab, you can see how much memory is free, busy, and what volume is allocated part on your disk from: in case the RAM is not enough (called the paging file, in the Windows 10 task manager, at the bottom of the numbers in the "Highlighted")


So, we watched if the memory is not enough, we have a need or refuse that we have launched programs and tabs in the browser, or add memory.

The first will be the next item, answer, and now on how to increase the RAM.

Three cases are known:

-On, due to the fact that it is worth the maximum amount of memory.

-On, due to the fact that the memory is smokey and is not immediately increasing.

-Well, buying new memory and installation in slots.

About the first two cases, I would say in any way, yes, like. I will return to this in the point about the modernization of iron.

About buying and installing in slots you need to figure it out:

Insert memory simply, having the right memory, scolding, eyes and hands.

That where to unscrew in detail is already written, it will not be lit


Please choose a little more difficult, but still not difficult. To do this, we need to know which memory is now installed, and how much memory can be delivered in principle.

For the first to appeal to the AIDA64 program that you downloaded to check the processor temperature. Open SPD in the SPD section


and drive the memory model in Yandex


Next, I see to the right, that I was lucky and this memory is on sale, it means that if my computer supports more memory, I will buy it in this store


If you are not lucky to find on sale the same memory as you have installed, then you need to accurately take the memory of the same generation as you have, that is, as Aida64 showed, I don't have DDR3, DDR2, DDR3L, DDR4 and DDR4L


This means that the memory is suitable for the connector.

But the computer will be with her, this is another question. Using the example of your motherboard, I will say that it refuses to work with the RAM, which has chips only on the one hand (Single Sided), which was clarified by experienced when I passed such a memory, and I had to buy two-way. According to this, ideally, all characteristics must match (the type of memory - I have DDR3, the frequency is 1886 MHz, the timings - I have 9-9-9-27), well, except the size of the module. It may be more.

Read the forums where people who have the same motherboard write their experience, which memory they started, and what is not.

How much memory can be put as much as possible on the processor, the motherboard chipset and on the number of slots for memory on the motherboard. About everything in order:

Drive your processor in Yandex


Read on the manufacturer's website its specification, look for what is written about the memory


There is a restriction of 128 gigabytes, it means to put more, you need to try the present method. It happens that the stated restriction is not valid.

As for the chipset, it does not always have a limit, but always need to be checked. Here is an example


And the latter, in which you can resume, this is a number of slots for the RAM and the volume of one module on the shelves. For DDR3 Memory No Error Correction (Non ECC) Today, the maximum sells 8 gigabytes, it means that you install 32 gigabytes in the board with 4 slots.

If the board works with server memory, then there will be 32 gigabytes on sale, and the cherished 128 gigabytes you put.

It also means that if you have two slots for RAM on the motherboard, and cost 2 modules of 2 gigabytes, then you will have one of the modules to remove.

The third, which affects the speed of the system is

3. Hard disk

This is a mechanical device where all your data is stored. It was invented for a long time and carries its age limitations through the century.


Since the processors still process information faster, and in RAM it loads from a hard disk, he should also work faster. But in reality since its purchase, after a year, everything works more slowly, and the processor is holotite in idle, depicting the turbulent activity, in reality, experiencing information hunger.

This is due to the principle of operation of the hard disk.

A real disk rotates inside, often not one, on which information is recorded from the center to the circle. Writes her head on spindle, which moves to the right when you need to change the track.

Everything goes smoothly and well until the recording goes consistently, the circles on the disk are filled in turns and scalge to the micron to the left and read information from all over the turns enough to throw data into memory and further into the processor.

Problems begin when the disc writes new information to the place of remote old. The longer use, the higher the seats you need to move the head and deduct the small part of each track.

Any video that you look on the Internet, first by pieces downloaded to the disk, and then it is shown on the screen. And to burn a piece of 50 seats, the used disk need much more time than the new one.

Helps a process called defragmentation. The system selects the data used more often and places them all in a row so as not to go for them away.

Carefully saves disk formatting and installing Windows again. But this is enough for a year.

Another hard disk is tritely bad with health, and it begins to work worse for this reason, giving a louder hang, trying to read the information from there, where it does not work. We are talking about bad sectors and called Bad Sector. Check the disk for their presence can be used by the Victoria utility. Quickly find out the data on the health of the disc can be this program.

But technology stepped forward. TOSHIBA taught RAM chips to save information when power off. Consisting of chip discs are called non-hard drives, but solid-state drives (fire. State Solid Drive) they are SSD.


Their advantage is that there is an instant electrical access to information on a data card, in which the disk stores information about which cells which file. Nothing moves anywhere, on this, even after years, it is not necessary to wait longer. Explicit their drawback is only that they are not always obtained to get the data when it fails. Some have a lifelong warranty, but it does not apply to the data, therefore you should always have an external hard disk, where to keep backup copies of your photos, which will get on retirement.

The simplest SSD beats the hard disk at a speed of 15 times, the newest today - in 150.

But the truth is worth the relevant money. You also slow down, so get the wallet or break the piggy bank)

It should be noted that the SSD speed is committed to space, but when you buy it to replace the hard disk to the old computer, it is necessary to take into account that the data transfer rate until 2008 was twice as smaller, and until 2006 was still twice. And on a computer with a motherboard until 2003 an SSD can be attached only through an IDE-SATA adapter, and I will smile about his speed)

4. System Settings

This is what you have to start, because it does not require money and knowledge (after all, I'll show you where to click)

For example, I will write down how to configure the system that will be relevant for many more years - Windows 10 (but I recommend installing Windows 8.1 on the previous years and especially for those whom depresss the initial screen of this version - a special program - Classic Shell, returning the menu from Windows 7 or XP)


1) Unloading RAM

On the keyboard, press three keys simultaneously: Ctrl + Shift + Esc. The task manager opens. In it from above, open the File menu and click on the "Run New Task" item.


In the Open field, enter the CMD in English letters and set the "Create a task with administrator rights" below.


In the opening window that opens, 2 commands by pressing ENTER after each.

Netsh Interface IPv6 Set Teredo Disable

Netsh Interface Teredo Set State Disable


The lard below will appear OK. Now close the command prompt and task manager.

2) Disabling unnecessary services

Press the keyboard at the same time two Win + R keys, in the "Run" window that appears "Run" enter msconfig and click OK.


Going to the Service tab, put the box at the bottom at the bottom of the Microsoft service, then click on the right "Disable All".


There is one subtle moment: the ticks will remain on antivirus services. It is right and leave. If the antivirus is standing, which allowed to take a check mark from his service - put it on your own. Focus on the "Manufacturer" column also there are antiviruses that do not appear services, it is also normal.

Finished, press OK.

3) Disabling unnecessary settings

Click on the keyboard at the same time two Win + R keys, in the "Run" window that appears, type SystemPropertiesPerformance and click OK.


In the opened speed parameters, place the point in the "Provide the best speed" circle, then manually check the checkboxes to the "discarding shadows of the icons on the desktop" and "smoothing the irregular fonts" and click OK.


4) Disabling unnecessary programs in autoload

Re-on the keyboard at the same time three Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys and in the task manager that opens, go to the Autroxual Tab. Here, turn off those programs that you can run yourself when they need them, highlighting them and clicking on the "Disable" button on the right below.

It is important to leave the programs belonging to the Microsoft Corporation publisher


Everything is ready, reboot and enjoy.


1. Exclude extra programs from the autoload list

After installation, some programs are automatically added to the autoload list. Such applications run immediately after Windows regardless of whether you use them or not. They remain always active, and therefore they spend the RAM and the power of the processor.

When programs in the autoload list becomes too much, they take a noticeable part of the system resources. As a result, the computer begins to work slower than usual. Especially if it cannot boast a powerful hardware stuffing.

To check the list of autoloads, press the Windows + R keys. When a new window opens, insert the command to it. msconfig.exe. And press ENTER. In the next window, open the "Auto-loading" tab. If you see the inscription "Open Task Manager", click on it.

What to do if the computer is braking with Windows: eliminate unnecessary programs from the autoload list

When you finally appear the desired list, remove all programs from it, in the constant work of which you do not need. To do this, click on it right mouse button and select "Disable".

2. Clean the computer from garbage, viruses and other malicious software

Over time, residual files and other software trash accumulate on the computer. In addition, some applications contain hidden advertising modules and clog the system when installed. All this very often leads to slow PC work. To quickly clean your computer from advertising and debris, use special utilities.

The source of the problem may also be viruses and other malware. Reliable antivirus will help to get rid of them.

3. Free place on the system disk

For quick work of Windows and installed programs, it is important that there is enough free space on the system disk. Check if the local disc is filled with an OS. This is usually a C drive. It is desirable that the amount of free space at least twice the number of installed RAM.

If the system disk is full, delete unused programs and files from it or transfer them to another local disk. But do not erase the elements necessary for the operation of the system. If you doubt, you need one or another file, better not to remove it.

You can use the free Treesize Free utility. It will analyze the disk and sorts its files and folders in size. So you will quickly see what exactly is covered by free space.

What to do if the computer slows down: release the place on the system disk: Treesize Free

4. Update drivers

Mini-programs, known as drivers, manage the work of components from which the computer consists. Over time, manufacturers of video cards and other hardware parts are improving drivers for their devices, achieving their maximum performance. Thus, the latest versions of the drivers can increase the speed of the computer.

There are special services that check the system for outdated drivers and, if necessary, install updates in automatic mode. Use one of them or download the latest versions of the drivers from the manufacturer of your PC and set them manually.

5. Disconnect the unnecessary Windows

Windows services are special programs that in the background perform various system functions. Some services are really important for the correct operation of the computer. The need for others occurs extremely rarely or never.

You can disable unused services to speed up the system. But perhaps the result can except the owners of very weak computers.

Disable unnecessary Windows services

6. Reinstall or restore Windows

Microsoft's developers optimized the tenth version of the operating system, so it works faster than Windows Vista, 7 and 8. If you have one of these outdated versions, think about installing Windows 10. It can speed up your computer.

If you have already installed a tenth version, update it to the current state in the Windows Update Center. If the computer continues to slow down even after installing the last update, try to restore Windows. This will help if the speed of the system fell as a result of a software failure.

7. Make sure the computer does not overheat

The cause of a strong drop in performance can be a computer overheating. Especially often the laptops suffer from such a problem. This usually happens during games or work with heavy programs. The computer can brake, independently close the games and programs or even turn off. The case of the device, as a rule, becomes hot.

Noticing signs of overheating, try to eliminate it. Make sure the coolers work and nothing prevents good ventilation. If this is all right, it is best to disassemble the device and clean it from dust.

Disassembling a computer can lead to a loss of a guarantee, and incorrect actions - damage components. If not confident, do not risk.

If the computer slows down only during games, it is possible to dry the thermal paste. This substance is applied to the processor and the video card so that they are better given warmly. In this case, when cleaning a computer, you should apply a new thermalist. Look for the video where it is done with the computer, as much as possible to your. Then it will be easy for you to replace the thermal champion yourself. Or immediately contact a specialist.

8. Install more powerful components

If nothing of the above did not help, your computer can be just too weak for tasks assigned to it. Then it will help only the replacement of the entire device or its individual components. The processor, RAM and hard disk are the strongest on the speed of the computer. Performance during games is also highly dependent on the video card.

Take the computer to the store. Then the seller can pick up and install hardware parts that will speed up your old computer as much as possible. If you have a laptop, then, most likely, have to replace it with a more powerful model.

See also:

The main causes of the enlightenment and braking of the computer

If the computer slows down, first-how to open the task manager to check the load of various components. Press the CTRL + SHIFT + ESC key combination. You can also start the dispatcher using the taskbar context menu.

Go to the "Performance" tab and pay attention to the first three sections: CPU, memory and disk. The load is specified as a percentage, it is updated every few seconds. According to this data, a graph is built that displays the change in the load throughout the time. More detailed statistics are available on the "Open Resource Monitor" link at the bottom of the task manager window.

If, by any parameters, the values ​​are constantly close to the maximum, you should think about adding or replacing these components of the system. For example, the screenshot shows a high loading of the CPU and a small amount of available RAM. PC slows down even with a small number of simultaneously running applications. This means that it is advisable to install a more powerful processor and add RAM.

Task Manager

Important! To see which applications are loaded with a computer, you can on the Processes tab.

Dust in the system unit

The reason for the slow work of the PC may be an abundance of dust in the system unit. The PC can slow down due to overheating, as the dust on the coolers and the surfaces of the parts interferes with the normal cooling of the system components. It is recommended to clean the system unit regularly. The frequency of such purification depends on the number of fans inside the case and the contamination of the room in which it is located.

Best of all, conventional artistic brushes are suitable for dust sour cream. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove its residues. Computer stores also sell squeezed air cans equipped with a long tip. They are used to remove dust in hard-to-reach places. High pressure in such ballot provides a rapid directional air flow that blows the dust from the gaps.

Dust on cooler and motherboard


You can diagnose system overheating using specialized programs. For example, a free SPECCY utility from the Piriform developer. Install and open the application. The General Information tab will indicate the temperature of the various components of the computer. It is recommended to measure the temperature not immediately after the PC is turned on, but after some time of operation. If the temperature is shown yellow, its value is within the normal range. Orange and red colors indicate overheating, because of which the PC slows down.

Speccy program

Note! To view the temperature change dynamics, click on the green icon to the right of the value.


The reason for which the computer is hampered is also a system infection with viruses. If you do not use the antivirus on an ongoing basis, use one of the rates of fast PC check. For example, Dr.Web Cureit, Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool or ESET Online Scanner. These programs allow you to check the computer to viruses, and at the same time do not have the need for constant background work. Consequently, they do not affect the speed of the PC at the end of the inspection.

Run the Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool after downloading it (the utility is not required). In the License Agreement window, click "Accept". The program initialization will take some time. Click "Change Parameters" to select objects and directories in which the search for malicious files will be made. After that, run the check.

Antivirus check course

Many programs in autorun

When installing some applications, they are adding to autorun. In the future, such programs will be opened automatically, with each boot of the operating system. This brakes the computer, since these applications use system resources. The list can be viewed in the Task Manager, the "Startup" section. Select unnecessary applications and click "Disable" in the context menu. Upon the next Windows load, the change will come into force, and the executable files will not be launched automatically.

Disable the autoload of the program

A large number of temporary files

With the task of cleaning a PC from unnecessary temporary files, the CCleaner program copes well. Download and install the application. On the Clearing tab, mark the sections in which you will scan and remove unnecessary data. Click "Analyze" to search for temporary data that can be deleted. This will need to close working browsers. If other programs have been marked in the "Applications" section, their execution will also need to stop.

CCleaner program

When the analysis is completed, click the "Clean" button. Deleting temporary files will begin, due to the excess of which can brake PC. The progress of disk cleaning will be displayed as a percentage. The process can last a few minutes.

Disc Cleaning Process

Note! With this utility, you can also clear the Windows registry. To do this, select the Registry tab, among the available functions on the left side of the window.

Little free space on the system disk

When on the local section of the HDD (in which Windows is installed), there is little free space, the PC can start braking. You can check the amount of the remaining place in the "This Computer" section. If the population indicator is displayed in red, there is a need to delete unnecessary files. Also to release the place can be used by the system utility. To start it, select "Properties" in the context menu of the system drive, then click "Clearing the disk".

The process of assessing the volume of disk space

After evaluating the application available to delete data, you will be prompted to choose which of them you want to erase. Check the ticks opposite the selected items. In the Dialog box, confirm the intention of cleaning the HDD by pressing the "Delete Files" button.

Files that can be deleted

Invalid speed parameters

This reason is most relevant on old computers. If the device is slowed down, open the "Computer" folder and open the "Properties" item in the menu. Click the "Advanced" tab. In the "Speed" section, click "Parameters".

System properties

In the "Visual Effects" section, select the "Provide Best Speed" option. After that, click "Advanced -> Virtual Memory." Here you can enlarge the volume of the paging file - zones on the hard disk, which is used to temporarily save data from RAM. If the computer slows down, and this is associated with a shortage of RAM, the paging file can be increased. The system specifies the recommended value of the allocated memory, but you can also set a larger size.

Speed ​​parameter window

Hard disk problems

Over time, the so-called "broken" sectors can form on the hard disk of the computer, due to which the computer can slow down. Check the overall performance of the drive and the presence of such sectors can be used using the free "Victoria" utility. Unpack the program archive, copy before the first launch file "porttalk.sys" to the driver directory - C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Drivers.

Run the program on behalf of the administrator, as additional powers are required for its execution. On the Standard tab, on the right side of the window, check the HDD, which must be checked. Go to the SMART section and click "Get Smart". The application tested the selected hard drive of the computer.

With the result of the check, you can find the table. You should pay attention to the "Health" column, which indicates how much the value of the parameter matches the standards. At the same time, five green circles mean no problems, one red - the presence of critical faults. Values ​​that slightly exceed the norm are displayed with yellow.

Victoria program interface

Tip! Use the online search by the name of the parameter to find out its decoding.

To go to the search for "broken" sectors, due to which the computer brakes, open the "Tests" tab. Click "Start" to start scanning. This process can last for quite a long time, since the program will check the entire surface of the disk. When analyzing, the disk should contact as few applications as possible. A reasonable solution will close all third-party programs and leave scanned overnight.

Tests tab

Note! In some cases, difficulties may occur when checking the system partition. To solve them, use a separate version of the program that runs from a disk or a USB drive, without booting Windows.

Training video: 5 main causes of braking and enlightening a computer


Good day!

Folk wisdom: "The case was not in Babin, Someone sat in the cockpit "... 👀

I think that almost every user came across slow work, errors, hangs when working at a computer (laptop). And brakes can be like on old cars (not surprising) And on the new ...

The reasons due to which the computer brakes - dozens! But most of them can be solved independently, without applying to the specialists.

In this article I want to consider several of the most common causes of the slow work of the computer, hanging and lags. Each reason will provide a decision and recommendations for its elimination.

👉 Note:

  • Tips from the article are relevant for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10;
  • After performing the "recipes" from the article, I am almost sure that if they do not eliminate completely brakes, you will certainly speed up the work of your computer!
  • The article will build not quite in the usual way. First brief description (when and in which application is observed brakes) , Then cause and solving this problem.


Causes of brakes and their elimination

Diagnostics: Search for an application loading PC

And so, you all worked fine, and suddenly ... the computer began to work slowly with anything. First of all, I recommend paying attention to the following:

  1. What programs were launched before the computer began to slow down;
  2. What exactly is the PC inhibits? For example, when booting OS, when copying files, when working in a browser, etc. All these cases are disassembled in my article below. ;
  3. Check required Task Manager : Look, whether applications are not specified in it that load the processor by 30% or more, whether the hard disk is overloaded, the RAM, network. Note : To invoke task dispatcher, press the Ctrl + Alt + Del button combination ;Task Manager - Load on CPU and Disc

    Task Manager - Load on CPU and Disc

    If you have found any application that greatly loads CPU, disk, memory - try it to close.

  4. If in the task manager, everything is normal and applications loading PCs seems to be not, and it still slows down, try using third-party applications, for example, Advanced Systemcare. . 👇


This utility will not only help remove garbage and optimize Windows, but also suggest which of the programs most of the system are mostly loaded. (This will tell you a special. Resource monitor that can be opened after installing SystemCare) .

System Care 12 - One Start Button - And the computer will become faster!

System Care - One Start Button - and the computer will become faster!

The resource monitor is presented on the screen below: by clicking on the CPU icon - you can open the menu in which all programs loading the CPU by 32% will be presented ...

Download panel (monitor built into Advanced Systemcare)

Download panel (monitor built into Advanced Systemcare)

In addition to Advanced SystemCare to check and find applications that load your PC, I recommend trying Process Explorer. (To download the program and see the description of the work with it - click on the link below 👇).

👉 To help!

1) What to do if the computer slows down and loading the CPU all the time is high (Disassembly S. Process Explorer. )See Instruction

2) If you are busy almost all the operational memory according to the task dispatcher - try it to free and configure the paging file - more about it here

3) If the reasons for the brakes are associated with a rigid disk (for example, its load is 100%), and the closed applications did not help - I recommend this note


If you are unfortunately (at first glance) inhibits PC (or it loads strongly system processes) - It may well be that you Picked up virus (by the way, if the computer is infected with viruses or advertising software - brakes and slow work can be in any applications) .


Therefore, I recommend checking your computer to viruses and delete it (if there are): https://ocomp.info/esli-antivirus-ne-vidit-virusov.html (By the way, more to viruses in this article will not return) .


Slow operation of Windows, bad responsiveness

Perhaps this is the most common complaint: it seems that after reinstalling Windows, the computer "flies", but over time it starts to react more slowly and slower, and now applications are opening somehow with reluctance, long, etc. 👀

It happens mainly due to the fact that a large number of "garbage" accumulates in Windows, which should be cleaned from time to time.

Add erroneous lines in the system registry, non-working shortcuts, rolled browser cache, "Tails", remaining from older remote programs.

👉 To help!

Utilities for cleaning garbage

1) Top Utilities for Comprehensive Purification Laptop, Computer

PC cleaning

2) Cleaning the computer from trash files in manual and auto-mode


After the hard disk is cleared of all extra, I recommend performing Defragmentation (If you do not have an HDD, and SSD is not necessary to defragment the drive!).

This operation will increase the speed of access to the files on the disk.

👉 To help!

How to perform disk defragmentation (increase the speed of the HDD)


To maximize Windows acceleration - it is recommended to perform it Optimization . The topic is quite extensive, the following is a link to one of my articles (relevant for Windows 10, 8, 7).

👉 To help!

Super optimization

Windows 10 Optimization - See Instructions ->


👉 When brakes are manifested: Tips and recommendations

When booting Windows

Each fifth program you install (and maybe more) - prescribes ourselves в Bus load (i.e. starts and loaded into the PC memory along with your Windows download) .

For example, ICQ, Skype, UTorrent, editors of pictures, etc. As a rule, most users do not even pay attention to it (until the time before) .

Take the same UTorrent - if you have a couple of hundreds of torrents in it, you may need one minute to check them all and download the program (In addition, the hard disk will be a high load, which will affect the responsiveness of your PC) .

Note! You can view that in your Windows 10 autoload - you can in the task manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del, see the screen below).

Startup Tab - Task Manager

Startup Tab - Task Manager

Solution in this case:

  1. Set up autoload ☝, control it (from time to time, delete from it the applications that you do not need) ;
  2. Brakes, by the way, can be associated with drivers (For example, if there is a conflict of drivers for different equipment) . I recommend checking and updating the drivers ☝ with the help of specials. utilities, or from the official website of the manufacturer of your equipment.
  3. Buy and start using SSD disk 👌. True, there are its cons: they are expensive, less than HDD (Windows will need to transfer with HDD to SSD not to lose your data) .
  4. And last, pay attention to your antivirus. Often, when booting Windows, they begin to check all auto-downloadable programs than and "hang" PC.


After reinstalling Windows

It is often that the computer begins to slow down after Windows has been reinstalled. If the old OS slowly slowed down and behaved differently, I recommend paying attention to several things below ...


After installing Windows, it starts to search and download updates by default. This search and download - often have a strong impact on the download of the CPU. (which, of course, affects performance) . The Windows Update service is responsible for this, and if you disable it, then Windows will stop updating.

👉 To help!

How to disable updates in Windows - See Instruction

Note : However, I do not recommend not to update the system at all. I'm just a supporter of the auto-update system so that it does not bother to work. But once a month, in my opinion, it is worth checking on the service and manually check the update (when it won't interfere with your work) .


As a rule, after reinstalling OS - old working drivers are lost (tested time 👌) . In addition, Windows is often in the installation process puts its drivers. And it is not uncommon that they work out of hand badly ...

Therefore, I recommend entering the site of your laptop manufacturer (computer), download drivers from there and install them manually. Either use special utilities for auto update and search for drivers. References are below.

👉 To help!

The best utilities for updating drivers

How to find out the features of the PC and its manufacturers

Not the same bit of Windows (sees not all memory)

If you have 4 GB of RAM (or more), and you installed the version of Windows 32 Bit - it will see only 3 GB, which in turn will affect performance! In addition, part of the programs (video edits, graph. Editors, etc.) work better and faster in Windows 64 Bit systems.

👉 To help!


More details about the battery of Windows (32/64 BITS)

Problem in Windows (assembly - evil)

If you installed all kinds of Windows-brakes, the brakes could appear due to the quality of the assembly itself. The fact is that it is quite possible that some important services are disabled, something necessary is removed, etc.

And if on one computer, such an assembly can work quite normally, then on the other - may begin to raise errors, hangs, etc.

In the end, no collector checks such a product as the official developer does ...

👉 To help!

Win 10 installation

Simple free installation of a licensed Windows OS


After some time of work (after 15-30 minutes.)

High temperature, overheating

Personally, I, with the like, first of all it would be recommended to pay attention to Temperature . The fact is that if the cooling system does not cope, the temperature begins to grow when it comes to certain values ​​- the computer begins to slow down.

How to find out temperature PC components? Very simple - use one of the utilities: 👉 Speccy, Aida, etc.

Note : in AIDA (on the screen below) to see the temperature of the main components, you must open the "Computer / Sensors" section.

AIDA 64 - CPU temperature, hard disk, etc.

AIDA64 - Temperature CPU, hard disk, etc.

Next, see if there are any indicators exceeding the allowable values ​​for your iron. You can give numbers here only approximate, pay attention to the temperature if:

  • CPU: If the reading of 60 grams exceeded. C.;
  • For hard disk: more than 40 grams. C.;
  • For video card: more than 60-65 gr. C.

PC temperature

By the way, I recommend to get acquainted with the article, the reference to which below (in it I considered in detail the questions at the temperature).

How to find out the temperature of the processor, video card and hard disk, what is considered the norm? Methods for reducing computer components / laptop - https://ocomp.info/kak-uznat-temperaturu-cpu-gpu-hdd.html

By the way , Temperature, usually begins to grow due to:

  • Knowing cooling system (dust (about how to clean the PC - see below) , unsuccessful furniture, closing ventilation holes);
  • The stopped cooler (for example, it simply could stop spinning due to the departed contact);
  • In the summer hot, when the temperature in the room and outside the window becomes much higher than the rest of the time.


As a rule, with a significant dust of the device - the temperature in it begins to grow (whether it is an ordinary system unit, or laptop) . Therefore, a couple of times a year it is desirable to clean the system unit from dust. About how to do this, told in a separate article, a reference to it below.

👉 To help!

Cleaning dust

Computer cleaning from dust: monitor, system unit, keyboard - See note ->

How to clean the dust laptop - See Instructions ->

"Curve" software (for example, game). To the game: Pay attention to Steam

Very often in games inhibit certain points due to the lack of developers (for example, did not optimize the game for the old line of video cards) .

In the investigation of this, in some games, when you see the fire (as option) - the screen of the game seems to freeze (in other games like water can occur) . Recommendation Here is simple: Try to view the official requirements of the game, thematic forums. Surely, if there is such a problem - the fans of this game already "disassembled her bones" ...

Also at the same time, such a popular service as Steam, summarized its users. The process "steam.exe" strongly suspended the system a few minutes after starting the game. Therefore, if you use this service - roll the game and look at Task Manager (call buttons Ctrl + SHIFT + ESC ), all foxes with him in order ...

Stress test video cards (if in games)

By the way, if you want to evaluate everything in order with the video card, is there any problems with it - will help Stress test (By the way, it is recommended to hold it if you have a PC game) . About how to spend it - you can learn from one of my old article, reference below.

👉 To help!

Test video card

Stress Test Video Card - Verification Video Card for Performance and Stability

Updates in Windows.

Also slow work and hanging in games can call Windows update (for example, when it starts in the process of your game) .

I recommend disable automatic updates (and sometimes include them manually when they won't interfere) . On how to do it - 👉 see in this note.


Pay attention to P2P programs like UTorrent, Strongds, etc. The fact is that if you have to need files, or an active jump of your files by other users - you can decrease productivity. Therefore, it is recommended before the game - close such applications (In cases of their slowchairing) .

👉 To help!

HDD disc is overloaded 100% When downloading files (torrents) in UTorrent


In the game when installing games

Brakes in games is probably one of the most frequent and urgent problems of many users. In general, first I recommend you to familiarize yourself with one of my article - why the games are braking.

Installation problem (playing with archiver)

Many users complain that the computer wildly slows down when installing some game (Although it seems to be a new computer ...) .

In general, as a rule, many games are packaged in archives. When installing, the installer retrieves this data and places them in your folder that you specified before installation. By itself, this process very often loads the hard disk and the CPU of the computer ...

Thus, if the PC slows down when installing - there is nothing surprising (If not depended) . Even more, I recommend to close other resource-intensive applications before installation. (video edits, graphic editors, and the same UTorrent, etc.) .

👉 To help!

If the installation hangs, either goes for a very long time (exceeding reasonable limits) - I recommend checking the status of your hard disk

High System Requirements Games

Many game lovers do not pay attention to system requirements. After all, at all games, minimal and recommended system requirements are always indicated for a comfortable game.

If your computer does not satisfy the recommended requirements - nothing surprising is that it slows down. However, you should not lose heart, reading the articles below - you can speed up the work of your car ...

👉 To help!

FPS in games

Acceleration of Games: The best programs and utilities - See my selection

How to raise the amount of FPS in games - See Instruction

Not "native" drivers

When installing the modern version of Windows (for example, Windows 10) - It also puts automatically drivers for all equipment that it recognizes. In most cases, everything works fine, but sometimes the drivers are not put on, or begin to confront .

Generally, I recommend downloading drivers for your video card with Official Site manufacturer (or use specials. utilities for auto update drivers). Links below.

👉 To help!

5 best programs for auto update drivers

How to find and install a driver for an unknown device

Not configured drivers for performance

In the settings of drivers of different video cards (NVIDIA, AMD Radeon, IntelHD) - you can set the mode of operation: or improve the quality of the picture, or set the maximum performance.

Only due to such a fine adjustment of the drivers - you can significantly speed up any of the games. About how it is done, told in the previous my articles, references to which below.


AMD acceleration (Radeon) - see instructions


Acceleration NVIDIA (GeForce) - See Instructions

Intel HD.

Acceleration IntelHd. - See Instructions

Discrete video card does not work

Many modern computers and laptops are equipped with two video cards: built-in and discrete. When playing games, in most cases, a discrete card should be activated and start working. But it does not always happen ...

👉 To help!

2 cards

How to start the game on a discrete video card - See Instruction


When watching video

When watching a video, the computer also often can hang: the picture will twitch, the sound will stutter, and all emotions from viewing will strive for zero ...

There is similar for various reasons, but in most cases, the codecs, a player, or a weak PC. More about it below ...

👉 Important!

Please note we are talking about the video you look at your computer. If you are inhibited online video (from YouTube, VK, classmates) - then see this instruction

Outdated (poor-quality) codecs

Very often, the video is inhibits due to poor-quality codecs. With a similar problem, I recommend first to try to delete my old codecs and install a new modern set (for example, K-Lite Codec Pack . How to install it properly - you can read in the article below).

👉To help!


The best codecs (so that all video is reproduced)

Too high quality video for your PC

Now on the Internet, there is no video on the Internet: both according to AVI, MP4, WMV formats, etc., and by codecs that squeezed them. Also, each video has a certain quality: 720p or 1080p or 4k (for example), so popular recently.

Please note that the 4K quality video playback is required two times more powerful than PC than, for example, for 1080p. Not every old PC will pull such a video and will be able to reproduce it with high quality (without jerks).

In this case, I can recommend the following:

  • try reinstalling 👉 codecs;
  • Install a couple of other players and check how video is reproduced in them;
  • close all other applications loading PCs before playing video;
  • Download the same video in lower quality (in order to today, with the development of the Internet, you can find a lot very quickly ... ☝).

Not optimized program / player

Already a little higher than the words, said that different players when playing the same roller, can behave differently: one will ship the processor to 100% and brake, the other will reproduce normally roller (It all depends on algorithms and code, what the program is written on - from which the resources that need it is needed. Programmers "write" in different ways ...) .

👉 To help!


Best Windows Players - My selection

Why brakes video on a computer / laptop - Instructions for steps


Players recommended to try using on old computers: BS.Player, Media Player Classic, VLC Media Player, Splash HD Player Lite.

Discrete video card is not involved

This problem described in more detail in one of its last note (I recommend to get acquainted!).


When connecting to the Internet

Updates are downloaded

If you have connected to the Internet - the computer starts to slow down, the first thing I recommend paying attention is to the Windows Update (It is she responsible for updating the system) . If you open the task manager - the download of the CPU and memory comes from the process svchost.exe. .

In this case, you need to disable auto-updates and include them in the manual version as needed.

👉 To help!

How to disable updates in windows

Trojans, advertising software, viruses

The second, whatever recommended, is to check the computer for viruses and advertising software. Often, when accessing Internet access - advertising software begins to upload and show you advertising. Due to this action - the computer is often not stable, performance drops.

👉 To help!

The best antivirus programs of this year - see my selection

Note. When checking, I recommend using two antiviral programs: for example, the classic Kaspersky Anti-Virus, and the AdwCleaner utility.

Uploaded a network of programs devouring traffic

Next important point - look at Task Manager (call buttons Ctrl + SHIFT + ESC )whether there are programs there, which actively download information on the network.

For example, various torrents, browsers, utorrent, FTP programs, etc.

In Chrome is downloading a file

Chrome is downloading a file / as an example

Slow internet work

If you have, for example, inhibits online video or an online game, it is quite possible that the reason you need to search not in the computer itself, but on the network.

If the speed of your channel is not enough, for example, for a specific game (or any other application) - there is nothing surprising in rolling ... 👀

I recommend to spend a couple of non-cunning tests to check and know your speed of the Internet. This will tell about the article below.

👉 To help!

Checking the Internet

How to find out the Internet speed on your computer - See Instructions


When working in the browser

99.999% of PC users / laptops are used by browsers (even those who are not connected to the Internet) . Maybe therefore, complaints about browsers a lot, they are constant and inexhaustible ☝.

If you are a user browser chrome or its derivatives (and now he is one of the most popular) - I recommend getting acquainted with the article below (several tips are told and given, which will make your browser faster).

👉 To help!


How to speed up the work of the Chrome browser - see Instruction

A large number of tabs

The more tabs open in the browser - the more memory they will require (and the load on the CPU increases). Thus, when opening a N-th number of tabs (depending on the characteristics of the PC and the type of Internet pages) - Your PC will begin to slow down.

Here are two recommendations: try not to open everything in the tabs that you can; And try using less demanding browsers.

👉 To help!


Best browsers for weak computers - see my selection

Abundance of advertising on the page. Browser is infected with advertising software (virus)

On online pages where many advertising are not only not pleasant to be, but it still affects the responsiveness and performance of your PC.

And I want to note that advertising on the pages can be displayed even in cases where you install special plugins for its blocking And (there is such in cases of infection of the browser advertising software. Recently - a real attack!) .

👉 To help!

Gav-Gav and advertising no!

How to remove advertising in the browser and cure it from the advertising software.

Old computer and new browser ...

If you have a rather old computer - it is possible that it is simply not enough for comfortable work in a modern browser, which includes dozens of plugins and add. "Buns".

We recommend trying browsers with minimal load on the CPU on the weak machines. You can read about such browsers in one of my articles, reference below.

👉 To help!

Best Browsers (including for weak PCs) - presented In my past note ->

Slow Internet Speed

If you load online page for a long time - find out for starting your real Internet speed (link below). I also recommend trying to use Opera browsers and Yandex browser in Turbo mode (There is such an option that allows you to speed up the download of pages at a slow Internet) .

In addition, try to disable graphics on sites. (Flash Animation, Pictures, Advertising) - It will also speed up the loading of the pages, it will reduce the load on the system as a whole.

👉 To help!

Checking the Internet

1) How to find out the Internet speed on a computer

2) How to speed up the Internet on a computer, laptop


When you try to open or copy the file

Hard disk problem (Bada)

If you want to copy some file from a hard disk and as a result it freezes - it is quite alarming symptom (especially if your disk is unnaturally noise: knocking, clicks, etc.) .

Also, I recommend reversible on the disk state if: you have become disappearing files, they stopped opening, very slow copying speeds of files, flies Windows OS, etc. All this may indicate both problems with mechanics and, for example, on the disk Bad blocks appeared.

This topic is quite extensive - therefore I will give a link to the article below, which will help to figure out and find out the status of your hard disk.

👉 To help!

Disk broke?

How to check the hard disk on errors and broken sectors - See Instructions ->

Small files and their too much

If you copy a lot of chalk their files (for example, collections of pictures) From one disk to another, then, as a rule, the copy speed drops, and becomes very low. Many users are indignant (especially if you need to transfer tens of gigabytes pictures) .

Decision: In fact, with your PC, everything is in order, when copying a multitude of small files - the computer always behaves so ...

In this case, I will give one advice - try to pack in the archive all your minor files. (For example, in Zip without compression - it is done very quickly!) And then copy the archive itself. Speed ​​will grow at times!

👉 To help!

Free archivers for Windows

Free 7-Zip archiver - create a zip-archive without compression

Free 7-Zip archiver - create a zip-archive without compression

The file is damaged (not loaded to the end). No program for opening a file

If your file is not loaded to the end (i.e. was downloaded, let's say, only 80%, instead of 100) - When you open it, you will see any error, or your computer will simply "think" and half a minute-minute will nothing happen.

By the way, a similar picture happens if you do not have an application that can open a certain File type . Not always immediately pops up the plate, asking you to select a program to open a file.

To task and configure the file association, go to:

👉 Control Panel \ Programs \ Default Programs \ Default Programs Select .

Next, select a specific program and specify which file extensions it can open (screen below).

Default Programs (File Association)

Default Programs (File Association)

Antivirus blocks access to the file

Well, the last, check if your antivirus access does not block the file. Especially if it concerns some games, assistants to games, cracks, etc. Additions to various applications (which are not distributed by official publishers) .

Almost any modern antivirus can be disabled for a certain time (Avast is shown below 👇).

Disable Avast Anti-Virus for 1 hour

Disable Avast Anti-Virus for 1 hour


I understand that the article turned out quite large, and checking all the reasons may take a long time (especially with a novice user) . Nevertheless, I hope that someone an article will help to save: money, time and nerves. So time for it is not in vain! 👌


For additions on the topic - in advance great Merse ...

On the sim sprawl, good luck!


First Publication: 05/16/2017

Adjustment: 3.01.2020


Useful software:

  • Video editing
  • Video installation
  • Excellent software to start creating their own videos (all actions go down the steps!). Video will make even newcomer!
  • Utility for optimization
  • Computer accelerator
  • The program for cleaning Windows from garbage (speeds up the system, deletes the garbage, optimizes the registry).

Recently, a laptop or computer "flew", and now games and applications start half an hour - a familiar situation? Probably there is no such user who has not come across a tangible reduction in computer performance.

The question of why the computer slows down is especially relevant among novice users, which, after several months of operation of a new PC, begin to notice brazing and other unpleasant features of the desktop computer.

In this article, we will describe in detail about possible reasons, as well as how to solve this problem.

Causes of braking and computer lags

Immediately it is necessary to say that the reasons for reducing the performance of the computing machine can only be two.

  1. The first reason is a hardware malfunction, failed in the work of "iron", that is, the computer must be diagnosed, disassembled and repair;
  2. The second reason is a software failure. Typically, problems at the program level are reduced to the presence of a large number of "trash" and "garbage" in the operating system, which should be raised as quickly as possible.

If you wondered why the PC works slowly, then this is a reason to start acting and look for the reason for reducing computer performance. Further consider in detail each situation.

High temperature processor

The first thing to be done in such a situation is to remove the side cover of the PC housing and clean it internal components from dust clusters. Regardless of the cleanliness of the room, inside the computer and the laptop will certainly settle dust that impede the normal air exchange.

If there is no efficient cooling of the processor and the video card, inconvenience will occur in the work, there will be braking PCs in games, when running powerful programs. To understand that the computer simply needs cleaning, in several characteristic features:

  • The noise of coolers is increasing with the launch of resource-intensive programs or toys;
  • The device is significantly heated (applied to the laptop housing).

Dustned ventilation grille prevents the release of hot and the fear of fresh air. That is, it is not necessary to talk about the efficient cooling of the computer in this case. Overheating of the processor and video card are dangerous in that with the achievement of critical temperature, these components can be seriously damaged. That this does not happen, protection is provided, which when triggered shuts off the power.

If Windows lags, we recommend downloading special applications, with which it is easy to determine the current temperature of the central processor, the graphics processor of the video card and other components. For these purposes, a simple and easy-to-use AIDA64 utility is suitable.

AIDA64: Why slows down the computer?

HDD hard disk temperature should be around 30 to 35 degrees , the motherboard should be heated over 50 degrees , and the normal operating temperature of the central processor is 60-65 degrees Celsius .

Modern video cards are able to withstand heating to 90 and even 100 degrees, but upon reaching 105 degrees Celsius, irreversible consequences usually occur. Do not allow the card overheating over 80 degrees. You can find out the normal temperature for the video card in a simple and under load on the device manufacturer's website.

Returning to the theme of PC cleaning, we note that the easiest, but at the same time an effective way of removing dust, - purging by a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner must be put into operation mode blowing, since it is possible to clean the coolers and radiators from pollution. If the computer has not changed the thermal plaister for a long time, then definitely change it.

Lack of RAM

After cleaning, the computer can be launched and check as far as its performance has increased. If the speed of work remained at the same low level, follow the reason.

Another probable cause of constant braking is a large number of programs that automatically start with Windows. The user's task is to exclude from the list of autoload the utilities that he does not use and which are essentially useless. They spend the RAM and the power of the processor, so the reason may be hidden in autoload.

To check the list, click the keyboard key Win + R. on the keyboard, then write in the string msconfig.exe. and click the Enter key. The system configuration menu opens in which to select the section "Autoload" .

Why does PC lag?

Make sure that all program downloaded along with the operating system are really necessary. If you see unnecessary applications, simply remove the daw on the left of their name. In the Windows 10 system, this can be done through "Task Manager" .

What to do if the PC slows down?

We also go to the tab "Autoload" , press PKM on the name of the program and select the option "Disable" . On weak computers, it is best to turn off the autoload of applications in which there is only temporary need. For example, if you sometimes use a torrent client, then run it only if necessary. A permanent working torrent is able to reduce the speed of the system for tens of percent.

Check PC for viruses

What to do if the computer is slow down? After completing the two previous steps, be sure to check the system for malicious programs.

Viruses and various spyware are capable of seriously worsening the performance of the computer. If the system does not have an antivirus program, and in the Windows 10 version and the "WINDOVS defender" is still turned off, then the likelihood is already infected. In advanced cases, the computer is affected by dozens, and sometimes hundreds of different viruses - miners, trojans, spies. Therefore, without installing the antivirus and the subsequent check here is not to do.

Radical, but effective way to combat - Reinstalling Windows . But after reinstallation, you will have to install drivers, programs, games, and these are additional inconvenience, so reinstalling the system is not a desire for many.

Currently, Dr.Web Cureit is considered the most efficient free antivirus. It is enough to download from the official website of the developer and run. But it should be borne in mind that this antivirus is able to protect only from the existing threats, that is, it is an antivirus that will help "here and now."

Check PC for viruses

After checking and deleting all the found viruses, be sure to get a program for continuous monitoring of network connections, data exchange. A good option will be AVG, Avast or Microsoft Security Essentials.

Clean the system using utilities

Quite often, the computer or laptop begins to lag and slow down due to the cluster in the depths of Windows of the large number of "bread" - temporary files, data related to installed or remote applications.

Any installed program leaves its "track" in the system that remains even after it is deleted. Users often install and removing different software, as no other familiar with such a problem. What to do, and how to increase PC performance in this case?

There is a considerable number of programs with which you can get rid of "garbage". Here are some of them:

Typically, novice computer users and medium-level users choose a small and decent CCleaner utility. For advanced computer, the "Combine" is suitable for cleaning and optimizing the ADVANCED SYSTEMCARE type system. But if you wish, everyone will be able to figure it out if you pay this issue free time.

CCleaner allows you to delete any applications, unnecessary files, put in order the system registry. A backup creation feature is provided. If you make an error or after working with the utility, problems with a computer will arise, then, for example, the registry can be restored to the previous state.

CCleaner: Brush a PC from garbage

If there is a need for a "Serebel" program, then download and install Advanced Systemcare. This is a very powerful and efficient tool for optimizing the operating system.


The user will need only to set the desired settings and click the Start button. Already after a few minutes, the computer should work faster.

Update Drivers

How else can you speed up the computer? If the hardware part of the machine works at the expense of not "native" drivers, then you should not count on high performance. Software components should be downloaded from the manufacturer's official website and initialize them in the system. This is especially true for the video card driver.

Across "Windows Update Center" As for the "seven", "compatible" drivers are usually set, leading to braces and lags while playing or watching video. In the "dozen" this drawback has already been eliminated.

Check the relevance of the drivers and their presence of the entire PC hardware. Go to My Computer, after an empty screen area, right-click, then "Properties" and "Device Manager".

Does the computer lag? Update drivers!

For the owners of the laptop, it is recommended to install the chipset and program drivers for other components of the device directly from the laptop manufacturer. This should be done, even if the information works fine in the device manager in all positions.

Hard disk problems

To speed the system, it is important to have a sufficient amount of free memory on the hard disk. The deficit of the place on HDD and SSD usually leads to the braking of the system and rolling. If by going to "My Computer" called the disk you see a red indicator - you need to free an extra place. To make a place, you can use both the tool built in Windows and one of the above utilities - CCleaner, Advanced Systemcare.

Press the right mouse button on the disk, after the "Properties" and "Cleaning of the Disk". We are waiting for the completion of the operation.

What to do if the computer is tupit

Do not exclude the likelihood of HDD / SSD fault. Especially prone to breakdowns on a laptop. The main symptoms: the disk makes strange sounds, the system works by jerks, "freezes" for a few seconds. Here, no program will no longer help - only repairs remain.

Disk Defragmenter

The speed reading speed disc drops when the data is located in different segments. Using disk defragmentation, files can be arranged and positioned in one segment. For this, you do not even need to download a special utility. Windows already provides an effective tool for this task.

To make defragmentation, open the disk properties and click on the "Service" tab, then select the appropriate function.

PC slows down: how to solve the problem

We close all running utilities, games, and all so on, which can interfere with the defragmentation process. Select the desired disk and click "analyze".

How to unsubscribe PC

Note that this is not a fast process: the speed of which it depends on the disk state, and from the power of the computer.

Turn off visual effects and Windows restoration

Visual effects in Windows 10 take part of the PC power, so braking can be observed in a computer with insufficient RAM and a weak processor. To disable effects, go to "My computer" > "Advanced system parameters" .

How to speed up the computer

In the "Advanced" and section "Speed" Choose "Options" . You will find a list of effects that can be turned on and disconnected. Our task is to disable everything at the same time by selecting " Provide the best speed " .

What you need to do so that PCs work faster

If there is a desire to free up the power of the computer or the laptop under personal needs, then turn off the Windows Recovery. However, it should be done in extreme cases, because in some situations, previously created recovery control points are really helping. Therefore, turn off recovery or not - to solve only you.

The computer still lags - additional measures

Suppose you have done all the steps, but the laptop / PC still works slowly, and the question is why the computer slows down, does not give rest during the day or night. What else can you do?

  1. Disable excess services. In the task manager, there is a "service" tab, where it is worth moving and disable the position recommended for deactivation. If you do not have a printer, then the print service is absolutely meaningless.
  2. Install SSD. This drive works at times faster than the usual HDD hard disk. It makes sense to go with an HDD on SSD, as reasonable price tags are proposed on these devices today, there is a wide range of manufacturers and dimension. You can purchase an inexpensive device for only 128 or 256 GB.
  3. Buy RAM. If you use Windows 10, you should have at least 8 GB of RAM, ideally 16 GB, but for some users such a number of RAM is already surplus. If the memory is not enough, purchase another roll of RAM.
  4. Configure the paging file. Do not disconnect the full paging file, it will only be possible to aggravate the situation. The dimension of the paging file should be set based on the current needs of the user and the capabilities of the computer.

If nothing helps, then, apparently, it's time to update the components of the computer, execute the upgrade. But to start reinstall Windows, set manually all the official drivers, instead of HDD, place SSD.

Why pc slows down - FAQ

How to understand that the computer slows down?

About problems with PC speeds are easy to understand while working at the computer. Long launch of programs, browser, games - first signs. You can also switch to "Task Manager" and track the processes that most load the processor.

I recently bought a laptop, it worked regularly, but now he became terribly slowing down. What could be the reason?

If you actively use a laptop, constantly install and delete programs / games, then most likely, the system is "littered". We recommend cleaning the computer- with the help of specialized programs.

How to increase PC speed on windows 10?

In the "dozen" first turn off visual effects. Detailed instructions are set out in the "Disconnect Visual Effects and Windows Recovery" section. You need to enable the option "Provide the Best Speed".

How can I clean the laptop so that he stopped slowing down?

We recommend to perform a number of simple, but effective measures, after which your device will add in performance:

  • Clean the autoload list;
  • Remove the browser cache, temporary files, such as CCleaner;
  • Remove the erroneous and incorrect entries in the registry (again, it can make CCleaner);
  • Disable background services (but here you need to be careful and use the list of recommended to disable services);
  • Remove the dust from the coolers and replace the thermal paste.

Can the computer slow down due to viruses?

In most cases, the performance of the PC is reduced precisely because of the presence in the virus system. Today, a virus-miner is especially common, using the computing power of your computer for mining cryptocurrency. To find and delete all unwanted and potentially dangerous files, download Dr.Web Creatit and diagnose.

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The computer works slow

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Low computer performance:

  • When loading (system or desktop loads)
  • From time to time stretching
  • Often slows down and hangs
  • When running games or demanding programs
  • After reinstalling Windows
  • With awakening after sleep or hibernation
  • Sharply "freezes" for a few seconds
  • Brakes when scrolling the page
  • Long open programs
  • Low FPS in games
  • Slow internet
  • Hangs tightly

At the same time, before the computer worked quickly. But it is possible that the problem is observed immediately after purchasing PC.


The reasons can be much - from program errors, to the hardware failure:

  • The presence of a process that ships the system;
  • Viruses or presence in the system several antiviruses;
  • A large number of programs in autoload;
  • Problem with RAM;
  • Failure of a hard disk or any other component;
  • Logical errors of the carrier;
  • Incorrect power circuit;
  • Overheating (more often, for laptops or monoblocks);
  • Problem with drivers (usually, after reinstalling Windows);
  • Glitch in the operation of peripheral devices;
  • System error;
  • Curve installation update;
  • Computer obsolescence;
  • Non-compliance with system requirements.

As a rule, it does not matter, we have a computer or laptop / monoblock. Most of these problems are valid for any PC.

In this article, try to consider the maximum possible options and solutions.


The article, to a greater extent, goes to the Windows system, however, most of the recommendations are valid for other operating systems.

Before proceeding to the actions below, try simply restart the computer. If he worked for a long time without restarting, the reason may be in this. See how much Windows worked without a reboot using this article.

1. Check the computer to viruses

Viruses can run their processes that lead to system brakes. You can check the computer using the Cureit utility or any other analogue.

You can also temporarily (or on an ongoing basis), set the 360 ​​Total Security antivirus and perform the usual check - the program will offer to delete not only suspicious files, but also to clean the startup and temporary data:

We agree, after rebooting the computer.

We also make sure that there are no multivirus products in the system - otherwise, they will conflict and create an additional unnecessary load.

2. Check the HDD / SSD state

a) physical condition:

We set the utility to check the hard disk and display the state of S.M.A.R.T., for example, HD TUNE or CrystalDiskInfo. In case of detection of errors or warnings, you must replace the media.

The state must be close to 100%, otherwise, the disk can cause low performance:

b) free space:

Among other things, you need to make sure the availability of disk space:

If the places are not enough, the system will slow down.

c) logical condition:

Also, sometimes it helps check the disk for logical errors.

D) Fragmentation:

Ordinary hard drives can be fragmented with time (files are scattered throughout the disk), which is why the reading head has to run into different parts of the disk "pancake" and collect data from pieces. Of course, it leads to a decrease in the speed of the response of the disk system. To defragment the disc, use the built-in utility or Defraggler program.

e) 100% load:

If when viewing a computer load, the disc constantly shows 100% load, you can try to disable the paging file. Read more. Read the article disk loaded by 100%. If necessary, have a paging file, set static values ​​(the same for a maximum and a minimum - this will exclude its fragmentation):

3. Turn off visual effects

With weak graphics performance, you should try to disable all the beautiful windows.

Go to B. Control Panel - system and safety - System - Click of PO Additional system parameters :

On the tab Additionally In the "Speed" section by clicking on Options - in the window that opens, put the switch to the position Provide the best speed :

OK. .

4. Install / update drivers

The problem is less relevant, starting with Windows 10, since the latter can automatically update the drivers (if there is an internet connection), but does not exclude the likelihood of the problem.

And so, the lack of driver for the device or the presence of a version with an error can lead to incorrect operation of the equipment and, as a result, to any problems, in particular, the slow speed of the PC.

Go to the Device Manager (Team Devmgmt.msc. or right-click This computer in the conductor - Control - Device Manager ). For all devices, drivers must be installed (there should be no exclamation marks):

You can install or update drivers manually by downloading the latest versions from the manufacturer of the equipment or automatically using a special program, such as DriverHub.

5. We appreciate the operation of the power supply and power out

Not always obvious, but the real problem is a shortage of power supply for normal components.

There are several approaches to checking this theory:

  1. Take the computer to another power source, perhaps another room.
  2. Replace power supply.
  3. Use diagnostic utilities, for example, AIDA64.

In laptops, when working from the battery, the system can work slower to save the charge. In this case, we connect a portable device to the power source or change the power supply mode from economical to productive.

6. We try to disable hibernation mode

In case of damage to the hibernation file, the awakening of the computer will be accompanied by lags for several minutes. To solve the problem, turn off the power saving mode, restart the computer, turn on the mode again.

To do this, open the command prompt on behalf of the administrator and enter:

Reboot your computer. Return the hibernation mode:

7. Test RAM

This is another component that is frequent is a source of performance problems.

You can test memory in different ways:

  1. If there are several planks in the computer, pull out everything, leaving one. We test and rearrange to another bar.
  2. We use a special utility, for example, MemTest86.
  3. We try to stick the memory in different slots on the motherboard.

In case of detection of problems, we hand over the warranty or change to the new one. You need to buy the same bar as the rest or familiarize yourself with the motherboard compatibility sheet.

8. We look at temperature

Overheating can cause low performance - the system will work slower to prevent the combustion of components.

To view the current temperature of the main components, you can use the AIDA64 or SPEEDFAN described above.

If overheating is detected, you must perform the following steps (not recommended for warranty computers):

  1. Disassemble the computer and clean it from dust.
  2. Depending on the overheating component:
    • Remove the cooler of the processor, remove the remnants of the thermal paste, apply a new thermal column and put the cooler in place.
    • Remove the video card cooler, remove the thermal residues, apply a new thermal path and put the cooler in place.
  3. In the case of a desktop computer, put a cooler working on blowing hot air from the case.
  4. Check the performance of all fans (visually and using the program, for example, Speedfan).

9. Check running processes

Open Task Manager (Ctrl + SHIFT + ESC) - In the window that opens, you can see the disposal of equipment in the percentage ratio:

If the computer resources are clogged completely (90% and higher), it is necessary to find the processes that do it. This information can be seen in the same task manager, but more detailed information will be shown specialized utilities, such as Process Explorer.

Download the program on the link above, unpack the archive and run it on behalf of the administrator:

We accept the License Agreement - the main program window will open with the processes and information on the resources occupied on the computer.

We assort the processor disposal list:

* System Idle Process. Shows a simple processor (free resource). The fact that the indicator is higher, the better.

We assort the memory disposal list (actually dedicated pages, excluding Shared):

We assort the memory utilization list (the sum of all memory pages):

In the presence of processes that load the system, we try to kill them:

If the computer begins to work quickly, use the built-in msconfig (Tab "Startup") or Autoruns Utility to disable this process from autoload. Also read how to disable the autorun programs.

However, when trying to stop the process svchost. We will get a mistake:

Here you need to act differently. We bring the cursor to the name of the process - the pop-up window appears with the list of services that hang on this process:

Open Windows services - in turns stop service and see whether the performance of the computer has improved. If you find a service, because of which the computer works slowly, turn off its autorun or try to determine the cause of the problem.

10. Turn off the autorun programs and clean the computer from garbage and unnecessary programs.

The presence of a large number of processes has a negative effect on the performance of the system. To disable unnecessary autorun programs, read the instructions to turn off the autorun programs.


  • Clean your computer from temporary files. To do this, there are various utilities, for example, CCleaner.
  • Clean the registry. Seer enough to do the above CCleaner.
  • We delete the programs and games that do not use. You need to do this using the "Programs and Components" tool, or, again, CCleaner.

In new computers with pre-installed Windows, especially on laptops, the manufacturer / seller is considered to establish all world programs. The removal of this "necessary" software can lead to the fact that the computer will start loading and work better than 2 times!

If a new Lenovo laptop is slow, update or remove the pre-installed antivirus.

11. We use specialized software

There are utilities capable of conducting a PC analysis and report possible productivity. One of these utilities is Auslogics Boostspeed.

Go on the link - download the program - install and run scanning - boostspeed will evaluate the status of the computer:

However, this program requires a license, so either buy it or use as a source of information.

12. Software incompatibility

Fairly in cases when everything works slowly at the time of launching multiple programs at the same time.

As a solution, we try to update the program data. If add-ons (plugins, extensions) are used, we try to update them, reinstall, disable, delete.

13. Check the condition of the rest of the equipment

Download and install the AIDA64 program and carry out the system stability test:

In case of problems detection, the program will give an error. In this case, it is necessary to replace the faulty component.

14. We are convinced that the power of the computer meets the system requirements

With low performance while running specific programs or games, as well as after Windows change to a newer version, you should study system product data requirements. It is possible that with them a computer and should not work quickly.

If the problem occurs only with one specific program / game, try to reinstall it.

If earlier with the same program / game computer worked quickly, try to analyze after which problems began. Also try to disable antivirus program before starting.

Follow the number of simultaneously running programs. In some cases, a browser can be launched on the computer with a large number of open tabs + office programs. Each process requires resources. It is also worth knowing that each open browser tab is a separate process. We must follow the number of open programs and close everything that we do not use, otherwise, buy a more powerful computer.

If there are less than 4 GB of RAM in our computer and we do not plan an extension, do not install 64-bit Windows - it consumes a little more resources. If more than 4 GB are Windows X64, otherwise all resources will not be involved. It is also fair to select the edition of the system: do not install the maximum possible Windows, it is not a fact that all possibilities will be involved, and the resources will spend in empty.

15. Configure the power scheme

By default, a balanced power circuit is used in Windows. It is not always the optimal solution for performance.

To change the power scheme, open Windows settings and enter "Power" - Choose Selection of power management scheme :

In the window that opens, we reveal the hidden option by clicking on Show additional schemes - In the menu that opens, select High performance :

* If we see that the switch is set to "Energy Saving" position First try to switch to Balanced .

16. We check the peripheral devices

Poor working or starting buggy peripherals can lead to problems with the computer itself.

Turn off all devices except the mouse. Pull the CD drive from the drive if it is. Check the computer performance. Turn off the mouse, connect the keyboard, continue the test. If the computer works well without peripherals, you connect additional devices to determine what exactly problem.

17. Network problems / Slow Internet

A software can be installed in the system, whose work is highly dependent on the network. If there is a network connection, but the absence of a network, as such (for example, due to a logical error), these programs may attempt to send queries with high timeouts (response expectations). At the same time, at the time of waiting, they create a strong load on the system, slowing its work. This, most often, leads to a deterioration in the download of the computer or attempts to start various programs.

In this case, try pulling the network wire or disable WiFi. If the problem decides, try to deal with the network - it may be a temporary failure or improper work of the firewall.

If, by itself, the computer works satisfactorily, but the Internet speed is low, measure it using the appropriate article. With a bad speed, try to turn off the cable from the router and stick it directly to the computer - if the speed remains low, contact the service provider. Otherwise, try connecting the computer to the router on the wire, and not through WiFi. If it does not help, reconfigure the router or replace it - quite often, it helps the transition to the frequency of 5 GHz.

18. We carry out performance evaluation

Starting with Windows Vista, there are system tools for the overall assessment of the system performance. On its basis, we can conclude which components are outdated or running slowly.

To begin with, carry out such a check:

a) Windows 7:

Click right-click A computer - Properties . In the window that opens, click on the link Windows performance index and click Rate computer . The evaluation process will begin, which can take up to 10 minutes - we are waiting, after we get results, for example:

* In this example, it can be seen that the weakest component is a video card. This computer should be comfortable to solve office tasks, but will slow down when you start demanding games. Maximum score - 7.9 points.

b) Windows 10/8:

Starting with Windows 8, the performance index assessment starts from the command line. To do this, open it on behalf of the administrator and enter the command:

WinSat Formal -restArt Clean

We are waiting for the end of the process. After opening the folder \ Windows \ Performance \ Winsat \ Datastore . In the list that opens, select the latter by date of the file, in whose name Formal.assessment (Recent) .winsat.xml and open it with any browser:

We are interested in tag WINSPR :

For convenience, you can download a utility that allows you to see the assessment in a convenient form - Winaero Wei Tool. We download, unpack, run:

* Please note that the maximum score of 9.9 points.

Also mention that in addition to the built-in funds, there are other utilities. For example, free WHYSOSLOW.

19. We study the system magazine

Based on records in the system log, you can try to draw conclusions regarding PC operation. It is possible that it will help solve the problem.

Magazine can be opened by the command Eventvwr. or from the control panel.

You must pay attention to all errors and warnings, first of all, for system events:

20. Setting the game

If the computer works slowly only when you start computer games or in one particular game, a low FPS (the computer is quite productive), then you need to watch the settings of the computer game itself.

We check whether the computer meet recommended system requirements. If not, we try to reduce the quality of effects and graphics.

Some games have a multi-core processing option, for example, in CS:

... as a rule, for optimal work, it must be enabled.

21. Reinstall Windows

If nothing helped, it remains to reinstall the system. This is not the best way to solve the problem and you need to resort to it only as a last resort.

Perhaps before it is worth trying to roll back the system using the checkpoint at the time when the computer worked fine. And, if it does not help, copy important data to another media either in the cloud, and reset the operating system.

Such an extreme measure may be caused by different problems:

  1. The presence of a system error in which it is very difficult to understand even a highly qualified technician.
  2. Curve installation of updates.
  3. Copying garbage for years after installing / deleting various programs.
  4. One-time or multiple overflow of the system disk by 87.5%. The problem is related to the feature of the NTFS file system to reserve for MFT 12.5% ​​of the space (which are needed for normal operation of the file system itself). When the place ends, the system takes 12.5% ​​of the reserved space in the MFT, which can lead to fragmentation of the latter. Defragmentation will no longer help.

On average, in my experience, the service life of the Windows operating system is from 2 to 5 years.

22. Refresh Bios

But here there is a nuance! If the computer began to work slowly by itself, the BIOS update will not help. The need for this procedure is only when the computer began to slow down after replacing any equipment, for example, a processor, disk, memory, and so on.

23. We change the computer

In the event that even, reinstalling Windows and all of the above did not help solve the problem, and the computer continues to work slowly, it is time to change the computer itself.

First, over the years, the physical properties of components deteriorate due to the appearance of microcracks and oxidation of contacts, secondly, the software becomes more demanding and there is a need for capacity building.

On average, the service life of the computer, from 3 to 7 years.

What was the problem?

If you managed to solve the problem, share your experience for others. What helped:

How to speed up the computer

This topic deserves a separate article, therefore, within the framework of this problem, briefly present a step-by-step action plan for increasing PC performance.

Before increasing the speed, we carry out all actions above - we are convinced of the lack of any problems that prevent rapid work. After you can follow these advice:

  1. We use the computer wisely:
    • Do not run a large number of programs at the same time without need. It is not rare on the braking computer you can see the browser with the 1000th open tabs and office documents. Resources are not rubber and it is worth closing programs that we do not use.
    • Do not install everything in a row on the computer. Carefully install the programs (often, they are proposed to additionally install utilities or other programs) - we refuse and put only what we use.
    • From time to time, we remove the software that stopped using.
  2. Configure automatic cleaning of the computer from temporary files, for example, using the CCleaner program.
  3. We make a complete test of a computer for the presence of viruses and clean everything that the program will find.
  4. Disconnect everything from autorun than we do not use.
  5. With slow disk performance, you can configure ReadyBoost. This is a technology for software caching on a flash drive.
  6. Disable unnecessary Windows services. However, for each user, this is their "unnecessary" services, since their shutdown leads to loss of some functionality. Before disconnection, it is recommended to study, for which each of the services is responsible and make the appropriate output. Also, it is worth using the Process Explorer program to find SVCHOST to see it, and many resources consumes the service and whether it is necessary to turn it off.

If the software methods have not raised the speed to the desired result, we do the UPGRADE to your computer. If the usual HDD is used, its replacement for SSD will give a decent performance increase.

It will be about problems with computers running Windows. What can be caused by the slow work of the computer:

  • Invalid operating system settings and its litters
  • Viruses
  • Hardware malfunctions (problems with equipment)

1. Task Manager

We are trying to determine the cause, for this, launch the dispatcher:

Click right-click on the taskbar - 'Run Task Manager' or run directly to perform (Find) Taskmgr.exe.

In the form that appeared, go to the "Speed" tab:

Task Manager. Reduction

We look at the download of the CPU and memory. If the memory or processor loaded to the limit, then go to the Processes tab, so that the definite processes give the maximum load on the computer.

To do this, include the 'Display all user processes' parameter and sort (click on the column) first by memory, then the CPU. We look at the processes with the greatest load on memory and on the processor. If these are your applications, you should appreciate their need and may be removed.

It is also worth viewing on the parameters of your computer (the number of RAM and processor), it is not enough to work with these computer power applications. You can see the computer's characteristics on the 'Control Panel of the System Properties' tab.

System properties

If the processes are unknown to you - it is worth looking for a description on the Internet and check the disintegration of viruses.

2. Event log

Next, check the system for critical errors. Open Windows Event Log (Event Management Panel or Event Running EventVwr.exe).

Windows event log

On the left in the menu, select Windows-system logs and looking for critical events (you can make a filter by critical events). Error options can be a lot, looking for their description on the Internet. One of the frequent errors leading to the braking system are hard disk errors (example: Source: Disk Description: Invalid block on the device \ Device \ HardDisk0 \). In this case, you should check the hard disk of the CHKDSK program or a specialized program of type Victoria. And according to the results of the check or continue using the disk, or copy all the necessary information and use a new hard disk with a new operating system.

3. Virtual memory and paging file

Checking the virtual memory and free disk space with the paging file. We go to the control panel - the system- Advanced system parameters - speed parameters (Optional tab)

Performance parameters

We change the settings of virtual memory. We are convinced that on the disk where the paging file is enough enough free space, otherwise we release it (delete unnecessary files of the program or transfer to another disk. The size of the paging file is better to select the system, but if the RAM is not enough, the system is not enough or the system swears on the lack of virtual memory then You can increase it to the recommended one.

Virtual memory

The paging file must be stored on the fastest hard disk ideal in a separate section. If the size of the paging file is set manually, the next and maximum size is better to be equal.

4. Check hard disk

To start checking the hard disk on errors, click on the desired hard disk by editing button and select Properties, go to the Tools tab.

Check HDD.

Choose automatic correction of system errors. Hussy recovery damageds. If you need to check the hard disk on which the operating system is installed, then after clicking the start button, the computer will need to restart the computer to check outside the running OS.

5. Defragment Hard Disk

To start this operation, click on the desired hard disk by editing button and select Properties, go to the Tools tab to perform defragmentation.


Next analysis of the disk and defragmentation. This operation will accelerate access to the hard disk of the computer

6. Verification of RAM

In Windows 8 and above, there is an embedded utility to check the RAM - for this, use the search and enter 'Voice' - Windows check tool. You can check the operational memory using the Memtest website: http://www.memtest.org. When I detect errors with these programs, the RAM is better to change.

7. Read the registry and operating system

Programs on Customs Register are quite a lot, one of them is CCleaner.

You can allocate two basic operations:

  • Cleaning the operating system (temporary files, dumps, logs, basket), browser data (cache, cookie, history, passwords, default values). If you do not remember your passwords from sites, then after this operation, all saved passwords will disappear and you will have to remember or restore them.
  • CCleaner Cleaning
  • Registry cleaning
  • CCleaner Registry

    Before cleaning the registry, be sure to create an orester copy - the program will offer this action.

    For both operations, press the 'Analysis' buttons (Problem Search) then Clear' (Fix)

    8.Adding unnecessary programs and applications

    We go to the control panel programs and components. Remove unnecessary programs

    Remove the program and components


    Use utilities for checking and treating viruses (for example, CureIt from Dr Web or Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool from Kaspersky Lab). The start of utilities is better made from the boot flash drive or disk.

    Treatment of cureit viruses

    To prevent the computer, you must install the antivirus to your computer.

    10.Entroduction Drivers

    Installed outdated or incorrect drivers for equipment can also cause slow computer operation. Update drivers are better from the official sites of equipment manufacturers. There are automatic selection programs and driverpacksolution drivers update. But there is no guarantee for their work.

    11. Installing the clean version of the operating system

    If the problem of the slow work of the computer is the promotion, and you can save all the necessary data and programs a note drive, then instead of all cleansing and treatment of viruses, the disk is formatting a new operating system.

    WARNING All of the above operations You make money and risk. If there are doubts, it is better to trust your compatible specialists

    12. Inspection of the inputs of the system unit

    System unit from the inside

    Operations that can increase computer speed

    • Cleaning the system unit from dust using a vacuum cleaner
    • Verification of fans and replacement of non-working
    • Check capacitors for bloating and replace them
    • Replacing the thermal paste on the processor radiator
    • Replacing the hard disk or memory with errors

    Share links:

    To work with modern programs, games and even download folders, the user needs a powerful computer. But even the most modern "car" will not be able to work if the RAM is lit. too many applications simultaneously started.

    Computer slows down? 3 ways how to speed up his work

    Why slows down the computer?

    In addition to the large number of programs in the active mode, there are other problems affecting the system response speed:

    · Background programs and autoload. These are programs that are included immediately after launching OS;

    · Disk memory from scoring. If there are too many files on the computer, temporary memory is not cleared - the main disk is quickly clogged with unnecessary;

    · The operating system is not suitable. For example, Windows 8 and 10 will not work on old devices;

    · Viruses and advertising.

    Most of the problems can be solved by the standard removal of programs from the PC, as well as complete cleaning with antiviruses.

    To free the space on the disk C, you can use CCleaner or "Clearing Disk" in the "My Computer" properties.

    Method 1: Viruses and Advertising

    Turning through various advertising proposals and sites, the user must be sure that he has "Windows Defender" or other antivirus.

    Some viruses are just one transition to be on the computer.

    Computer slows down? 3 ways how to speed up his work

    For scanning and searching for a viral attack, programs will be suitable: AVG, Avast, Kaspersky, Dr.Web and Hitman Pro. The search system for viruses is:

    1. Download AVG, Hitman and Dr.Web Cereit.

    2. Include the system check alternately.

    3. Install a permanent antivirus by setting up in it "Network protection."

    Feature of the standard "s Such a job Windows "- It can delete files that are not even infected or" key "for other programs. Therefore, it is often disconnected if there are hacked games or applications on the computer.

    Method 2: Task Manager

    When operating system operation, some programs perform tasks in the "background" mode. These are invisible to the user actions that are downloaded by the RAM. They are also in autoloading where you can turn off unnecessary components.

    What can be disabled in the dispatcher:

    · Programs and services that are not systemic;

    · Shell and "transparency" of buttons;

    · Services: Fax, Hyper-V, X-Box Live, data sensors, Superfetch (if used SSD), biometric, remote registry.

    Disconnecting some of the system components, the user must make sure that everything works fine. If the new settings affected the system: Explorer turned off, the Internet does not work or there is no connection to important programs - return by default.

    For acceleration, the PC will suit the program Easy Service Optimizer. The task includes automatic shutdown of the processes that load the system.

    Method 3: Switch file

    If a small amount of RAM is installed on the computer, and it is not possible to increase it - you need to change the parameters of the paging file. Initially, the minimum volume is set.

    Podchock file is a system file that stores temporary processes that the user performs on now. By increasing its volume, the additional place will be taken from the hard disk.

    Instructions how to change volume:

    1. Computer - right-click - Properties.

    2. Advanced system parameters - Additionally.

    3. Speed ​​- parameters.

    Computer slows down? 3 ways how to speed up his work

    4. Tab " Additionally "- optimize the work of the programs - resize.

    5. Specify the volume, but not more than the ACM available.

    Changing the paging file can lead to a large load on the main discs. The method is not recommended that computers that have problems with the hard disk or an old type HDD is applied.

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