How to cook potatoes in the microwave quickly: recipes

Even an inexperienced mistress, knowing , How to cook potatoes in the microwave quickly, can quickly prepare from this vegetable different delicious dishes. The microwave will allow not only to save time, but also will ensure the preparation of health benefits. Such potatoes in its taste is not inferior to dishes that boil, fry or baked using a conventional electrical or gas stove.

Potato, boiled whole

Boiled crumbly potatoes are often served as a side dish to dishes from meat, fish or chicken. He also perfectly acts as an independent dish. It can be prepared in the microwave, if there is no tile or a little time on the preparation of lunch or dinner.

Bulk Potatoes

To quickly cook potatoes on the water in the microwave you need:

  • Select the same medium-sized tuber shaped;
  • wash and clean them from the peel;
  • Fold vegetables into special safe dishes for cooking in the microwave.

Unlike the stove, the microwave warms the products unevenly, so small potatoes need to be put in the middle of the dishes, and large - along the edges.

After that, 60-90 ml of salted warm water poured into the dishes, the vegetables are closed with a tight glass or ceramic lid and put in the microwave. Its includes full power.

Preparation time depends on the power of the device used. Young tubers are preparing less than 3-4 minutes. Finished crumbly potatoes can be powered by melted cream oil or sour cream and sprinkle with greens.

How to cook potatoes without water in a microwave oven

You can cook potatoes in the microwave no water stove. Such potatoes will be similar to the baked. This recipe allows you to do without special dishes, in which you can prepare in the microwave.

How to weld potatoes without water in a microwave oven

Baked tubers can be served as a side dish or used for the preparation of salads.

For the preparation of baked potatoes, a simple porcelain plate is suitable, on which there is no metallic strip located on the edge. The algorithm of action is as follows:

  • Small potato tubers wash and clean;
  • Purified potatoes lubricate with vegetable oil, into which the salt and spices are added, leave for 15 minutes for impregnation;
  • decompose the tubers on a flat plate in one layer and put in the stove;
  • Turn on the microwave for all power and bake 10 minutes.

In this way, you can prepare unclean potatoes. In this case, the mouse tubers will need to dry and pierce the peel on them in several places.

It does not need to soak the tubers with oil. So you can quickly prepare potatoes for salad. When the microwave turns off automatically, the softness of vegetables must be checked with a fork.

If they are damp, then you need to leave them for a few minutes in the disconnected microwave stove so that they come.

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How to quickly cook potatoes in uniforms using microwave

When you have to prepare a lot of salads for a festive table, a lot of time goes to the cooking potatoes in uniforms. The microwave oven will help speed up this process. In it in 10 minutes you can boil tubers and immediately proceed to cutting vegetables and other salad ingredients.

How to quickly cook potatoes in uniforms using microwave

To get fast boiled potatoes, you need to correctly select the tubers and correctly calculate their number for one download. It should be remembered that large-size potatoes will not work in this way. Small tubers should choose the same size. At a time you can prepare no more than 8 potatoes.

Before heat treatment, it is necessary to wash the outdoor side of vegetables very well, freeing from the ground. To do this, you can use a rigid brush or coarse side of the sponge for dishes. Then the peel must be pierced in several places so that the potatoes do not burst during cooking and does not fall apart.

For this recipe, it is easy to make a separate dish from unclean tubers. For this, the peel does not have to pour. Overall, the club make deep cuts and insert into the slice of Sala. Such a tasty and simple dish can be submitted to meat salads or snacks.

Not purified vegetables are put on a glass plate, which is put into the stove and closes with a glass with a glass that is used when heated by finished dishes. The timer is installed for 10-12 minutes.

As soon as the furnace turns off after the audio signal, the potatoes need to be checked. If it is a little damp, you should hold it in a heated oven for a few more minutes.

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Potato cooked in package

Cooking in the package will come out of the situation if there is no special dishes for the microwave. Cooking in ordinary dishes in such domestic equipment can not be in any case.

In the absence of a special dish for microwave oven, you can use a simple polyethylene package or hose for baking.

To prepare potatoes in the package, you need:

  • Clean potato tubers from the peel and wash under running water;
  • large potatoes cut into several pieces;
  • in vegetable oil add salt and spices, after which it is to pour them prepared potatoes;
  • give oil with salt to absorb raw tubers;
  • A salted semi-finished product put into a plastic bag, tie with threads and make punctures in the film so that air can leave during the effects of microwaves;
  • Package to put in the microwave oven and turn it on at full capacity for 10 minutes.

Cooking time can be adjusted, depending on the size of vegetables. Large tubers will need more time to prepare.

How to cook potatoes fries in the microwave stove

With the help of a microwave oven, you can cook fries, which will not only be delicious, but also useful for health. Unlike traditional recipe, it will not be necessary to use oil in large quantities. Such a dish will not be calorie, even people who stick to diets can be used.

How to cook french fries in the microwave stove

For this recipe will be required:

  • sheltered raw potato tubers;
  • 40 ml of light sunflower oil;
  • salt;
  • Seasonings for potatoes.

Tubers should be washed and clean from the peel, then cut into long and narrow lumps. Before cooking from potatoes, remove extra starch. For this, the bars are washed with water until the water becomes transparent. After that, the bars should be cut on a paper towel.

Then the potatoes need to be angry with oil, in which salt and spices are added. The semi-finished product should stand for a few minutes so that the vegetable absorbs salt and seasoning.

After that, the potatoes are laid out on the rotating plate of the microwave so that there is a small distance between the bars.

The stove turns on complete power and works 5-6 minutes. When a golden crust appears on the potato, the microwave should be turned off and turn the bars to the other side. After that, vegetables are prepared as much as much.

Ready fries need to be served with meat dishes or with different sauces.

Today, in many homes in the kitchen there is a microwave oven, which is most often used to heal ready-made dishes. Knowing how to cook potatoes in the microwave, it can be directly used for cooking delicious and healthy food.

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Such equipment will help in the preparation of simple, useful and delicious dishes, saving the precious time of the hostess.

How to cook potatoes in the microwave: in uniforms, package, pieces

The potato cooked in the microwave is obtained delicious and crumbly, and the cooking time is spent less. Any device with basic functionality is suitable. We will look at the top three cooking methods: classic pieces, in uniforms, and in the package (the fastest).

General Tips:

  • The cooking time of potatoes in the microwave depends on the, young or old potatoes, another factor - the power of the furnace. At 650-800 W, young tubers will be prepared in 5-9 minutes, old - after 6-12.
  • To reduce the cooking time, potatoes can be cut into pieces;
  • Use only suitable dishes - glass or plastic;
  • The potatoes cooked in the microwave perfectly combines with different sauces: tomato, garlic, mayonnaise or sour cream.

Classic boiled potatoes

The traditional option of cooking, to the taste does not differ from the plates made in a saucepan.


  • Potatoes - 4-5 pieces;
  • water - 6 tablespoons;
  • Salt to taste.


1. Wash potatoes, clean. Depending on the size, cut into 2 or 4 parts.

2. Pour hot water into the glass container microwave furnace, add salt, mix.

3. Share potato pieces. Cover with a lid (preferably with a hole or loosely close to go out.

4. Cook on the full microwave power 5-10 minutes.

5. Turn over the potatoes on the other side, again cover the lid and cook for 5-10 minutes.

6. Check the availability of the dish. If necessary, increase cooking time for 3-4 minutes.

7. Add a melted piece of oil, sprinkle with greens, file to the table.

How to cook potatoes in the microwave: in uniforms, package, pieces

Boiled potatoes in mundra

Unlike the cooking on the stove, after the microwave, the finished tubers are obtained dry and not fall apart.


  • Potatoes (medium) - 4 pieces;
  • Water - 100-150 ml (depends on the tank).


1. Wash potatoes in the water, clean the brush so that there are no traces of dirt on the peel. Rinse with running water.

2. Toothpick, a knife or fork to make 3-4 punctures from different sides in each club.

3. In the glass container, pour water (must cover the bottom).

4. Put potatoes so that the tubers do not touch each other. To cover with a lid.

5. Cook for 10 minutes at maximum power. Check readiness - tubers should be easily calcined with a knife. If necessary, to do 2-3 minutes.

6. Ready potatoes can be used to make salads or as a side dish to meat and fish.

How to cook potatoes in the microwave: in uniforms, package, pieces

Boiled potatoes in the package

This potato cooking method is advisable to use in the event that there is no deep dishes for the microwave. Package can be replaced with a baking sleeve.


  • Potatoes - 3-4 pieces;
  • Transparent polyethylene package - 1 piece;
  • Sliced ​​oil - 2-3 tablespoons;
  • Salt to taste.


1. Potatoes are well wash. Optionally, clean and cut into pieces.

2. Fold the potatoes (or pieces) to a plastic bag without a picture. Add vegetable oil and salt. Tightly tie.

3. Make in package 3-4 holes for air output.

4. Bake potatoes in the package in the microwave for 8-10 minutes at the highest power.

5. Remove the package, carefully cut, put potatoes on a plate and file to the table.

How to cook potatoes in the microwave: in uniforms, package, pieces

More about How to cook potatoes in the microwave on the potato.

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How to cook potatoes in the microwave fast, simple and very tasty?

How to cook potatoes in the microwave fast, simple and very tasty?

Having learned how to cook potatoes in the microwave, you will never return to the stove, but you will enjoy comfortable, comfortable and fast cooking methods, where you can change the texture of the vegetable due to water, package or a damp paper napkin and as a result, get a delicious garnish or key ingredient to Salads and mashed potatoes.

How to cook potatoes in the microwave?

How much and how much cooking potatoes in the microwave depends on the size of potatoes, its quantities, cutting, water volume, the power of the furnace chosen by the method of cooking. The whole potatoes of medium sized can take up to 15 minutes, while potatoes sliced ​​with small cubes will be ready in 10 minutes.

  1. If you still think: is it possible to cook potatoes in the microwave or still cook it in an old manner, throw off fears and doubts. It has long been proven that microwave radiation does not cause chemical changes in food, and on the contrary, retains from 75 to 90% of vitamins. For comparison, with conventional cooking on the stove potatoes will save from 35 to 60% of nutrients.
  2. So that boiled potatoes in the microwave did not crack and do not dry, begin cooking with low power. You can always enlarge the time, but you will not be able to cancel dry and wrinkled potatoes.

How to cook potatoes in the microwave fast?

how to cook potatoes in the microwave fast

Thanks to these steps, boiled potatoes in the microwave in 5 minutes will become one of the favorite methods of cooking. Use small tubers. Do not wipe the washed potatoes to dryness: the moisture helps to prepare evenly. So that the potatoes did not burst, catch it from all sides. Add some water to the container to save moisture.


  • Potatoes with skin - 4 pcs.;
  • Water - 1 tbsp. a spoon.


  1. Before you quickly cook potatoes in the microwave, rinse the tubers in the water. Lightly blocked the napkin, keeping the surface is wet.
  2. Using the plug, deep, reaching the middle, pour the surface from all sides.
  3. Put in the dishes, add water. Searate the film or cover with a lid.
  4. Boil the power of 900 W 5 min.

How to cook potatoes in a microwave with water?

how to cook potatoes in a microwave with water

Before cooking potatoes in the microwave in the water, cut the tuber-cleaned peeled pieces for monotonous pieces, add some water, cover the dishes with a lid and leave the dish into the microwave at maximum power for 10 minutes. Do not cover the potatoes in full water. In this case, it is prepared due to the inner moisture and a couple.


  • Purified potatoes - 4 pcs.;
  • water - 250 ml;
  • Salt - ¼ h. spoons.


  1. Cut the tubers into pieces, put in the dishes with a flat bottom.
  2. Add water, season.
  3. Boil under the cover at high power 10 min. Drain the water.

How to cook potatoes in a microwave without water?

how to cook potatoes in the microwave without water

How much and how much cooking potatoes in the microwave without water depends on whether it will potato pieces or whole tubers. Potatoes are lubricated with oil with oil, season and tomatifs at a maximum of 10 minutes. Whole potatoes are caught with toothpick and prepare for 15 minutes. And in that, and in another case, you need to turn the potatoes in the middle of cooking.


  • Potato slices - 4 glasses;
  • Oil - 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • Salt and pepper - ½ h. spoons;
  • Italian herbs - 1 tsp.


  1. Connect potato cubes, butter and spices in a glass bowl.
  2. Transfer to the microwave and bake under the cover at high power 10 min.
  3. Stir after 5 minutes.

How to cook potatoes in the microwave in the uniform?

How to cook potatoes in the microwave in Mundra

Before you find out how much cooking potatoes in the mundard in the microwave, decide on its use, because in this version it is proposed to "cook" fluffy potatoes, which is served as a separate dish. In essence, the tuber is baked. Before that, healed, lubricate oil (for elasticity) and bake at high power from 8 to 12 minutes.


  • Potatoes - 1 pc.;
  • Oil - 1 h. spoon;
  • salt and pepper.


  1. Wash the washed potatoes to dryness.
  2. Accept the fork on all sides. Jump with oil, generously sodium salt and pepper.
  3. Place the microwave on the plate.
  4. Start cooking at a maximum of 8 minutes. Turn over 4 minutes. If potatoes do not paste, increase the time for 2 minutes.

How to cook in microwave potatoes in package?

how to cook in microwave potatoes in package

What can be easier, more convenient and comfortable than boiled potatoes in the microwave in the package? With this way of cooking, you avoid washing dishes and get a magnificent garnish from gentle slices of potatoes cooked in our own juices in 8 minutes. The main thing, do not forget to pierce the package in several places to provide a couple of way out.


  • potatoes - 4 pcs.;
  • Oil - 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • Salt - ½ h. spoons;
  • black ground pepper - ¼ h. spoons;
  • Basil and Orego - for ¼ h. spoons.


  1. Before you cook the potatoes in the microwave, cut the peeled tubers with slices, fold into the bag, add oil and spices, tie, shake, catch the toothpick in several places.
  2. Boil at a maximum of 8 minutes. Start checking for readiness after 5 minutes.

How to cook young potatoes in the microwave?

how to cook young potatoes in the microwave

Unlike the old, young boiled potatoes in the microwave and boil faster, and does not take time for cleaning. Little tubers are simply wiped with a rigid sponge to remove the upper flange peel, stick to the toothpick and boil under the lid in 30 ml of water for 6 minutes. Fill with oil, greens and serve to the table.


  • Young potatoes - 250 g;
  • Water - 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • Oil - 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • Salt, greens.


  1. Remove the skin with a rigid face of a sponge for dishes from potatoes.
  2. Wash, catch the toothpick, add water into a bowl and boil under the lid at maximum power 6 minutes.
  3. Season with oil, salt.

How to cook purified potatoes in the microwave?

how to cook saboty salad potatoes

If you are interested in how much and how much cooking potatoes in the microwave, which can be immediately pisted in the puree, take advantage of this option. Here, peeled potato tuber skin cut into identical slices and boil without water, a couple that is going under the film. You do not need to merge water from potatoes to spread it.



  1. Clean the tubers from the skin, cut into the same pieces.
  2. Put in the bowl, close the food film, make a hole to exit steam.
  3. Prepare at high power 8 min.

How to cook potatoes in a salad microwave?

How to cook potatoes in a salad microwave

This recipe for boiled potatoes in the microwave for those who decided to prepare potato salad in the uniform. The charm of this method is in the absence of water. Potatoes draw moisture from wet napkin. Baking time is determined by the amount of potatoes. One tuber takes 10 minutes. For several tubers, you need to increase the time for two thirds.


  • Potatoes - 2 pcs;
  • Oil - 2 h. spoons.


  1. Wipe the washed potatoes to dryness with a towel. Score from all sides toothpick, smear the oil and wrap every strawberry with a wet paper towel.
  2. Prepare on medium power 8 min. Turn over the other side and keep another 8 min.

1 portion

17 minutes

79 kcal

No rating

How to cook potatoes in microwave - step-by-step recipe with photos

Such a wonderful and easy way to make potatoes told me a sister, who only recently lived in a hostel and thus often saved her time to prepare lunch. I myself do not use it often, since I have enough time and place to cook potatoes in a saucepan, but the way is invaluable if you have, for example, turned off the gas or simply nothing to cook. Everything is really very simple, economically and convenient.

Potato in microwave in uniform

Kitchenware and technique: Plate, small package, microwave.

Cooking process

  1. Wash potatoes and put in the package. See how cooking potatoes in the microwave
  2. Touching the package, make a few punctures in it to go air and put it in a plate. See how quickly cook potatoes in the microwave
  3. Put the plate into the microwave and set the timer for 15-17 minutes. All about how to cook potatoes in the microwave in the package
  4. After the specified time, remove the package, and you can eat. All about how to cook potatoes in the microwave in the uniform

Video Recipe Cooking Potatoes

If you do not believe that everything is really so simple, then look this video to understand How to quickly cook potatoes in the mundard in the microwave in the package. Everything, however, is very easy and understandable.

Potato pieces in the microwave

Cooking time: 17 minutes. Number of portions: 1-2. Kitchenware and technique: Plate, small package, microwave, knife.


Potatoes 2-3 pcs.
Seasoning, salt taste
Vegetable oil 1-2 Art. l.

Cooking process

  1. Clean 2-3 potatoes and cut into pieces. Before cooking potatoes in the microwave do it
  2. Put it in the bag, add the seasoning and salt, as well as a couple of vegetable oil spoons. Before cooking potatoes in the microwave, put it in the package
  3. Mix everything in the package and make a pair of punctures in it. Prepare in the microwave at the total power of 8-10 minutes. All about how to cook potatoes in the microwave

Video Recipe Cooking Potatoes

If you have doubts about such a way of making potatoes, then watch the video in which the guy shows, how to cook potatoes in the microwave . He does not allow any detail, so you should not have questions.

Potato in uniform without package

Cooking time: 12 minutes. Number of portions: 2-3. Kitchenware and technique: Deep plate, small package, microwave, knife.


Potatoes 6-8 pcs.
Hot water 50-70 ml

Cooking process

  1. Wash 6-8 potatoes and put in deep glassware. Pour a bottom 50-70 ml of hot water. All about how to cook potatoes in the microwave in the uniform
  2. Lightly pour each potato with a knife. Make punctures before cooking potatoes in the microwave in the uniform
  3. Prepare 10 minutes in the microwave. See how to cook potatoes in the microwave in the uniform

Video recipe cooking

See how the girl cooks potatoes in this video to make sure that it works.

How to choose the ingredients

  • For such a method of cooking, it is best to take fast-reasoned varieties of potatoes, otherwise it can simply may not speak in the microwave.
  • Take small potatoes, then it will cook faster and definitely will not remain raw.
  • Do not take potatoes, on which there are many "eyes", as it has long been lying and will not be very tasty.
  • Carefully inspect the potatoes so that there are no spots on it, and he himself was hard, otherwise you can buy spoiled potatoes.
  • If you are not sure that you will see corruption, it is better to take the soot potatoes, because there are better shortcomings.

What to serve

Normal boiled potatoes are a wonderful side dish for many dishes. For example, it can be applied to fried, boiled, stewed or baked meat or fish. Perfectly combined potatoes with any other vegetables, be something stew, baked vegetables or fresh salad. Boiled potatoes are often added to salads, so you can use it for this purpose. And one of the most popular combinations we have potatoes in uniforms, watering with sunflower oil, with herring.

In the oil you can also squeeze the garlic clove for consuming flavor. And such a quickly cooked potato is often used as a snack for strong drinks.

Some Soviets

  • If you have already expressed potatoes, but you need to urgently remove, pour it cold water to avoid the blackening.
  • So that the peel did not stick when you brush the potatoes in the uniforms, use the knife, dipping it into cold water.
  • If you have small potatoes, then she needs 5-7 minutes less time to get ready.

Other options

In our country, potatoes - hardly the main side dish for all dishes, so there are a lot of recipes for her preparation. Fried potatoes with mushrooms in a pan - this is already a full delicious dinner, which can be prepared very quickly.

And the potato in the oven is one of those options that fit both to refined dishes, and to ordinary daily food. So, for example, you can make pork ribs in the oven with potatoes and get a stunning hearth dinner. Or take the recipe for stewed cabbage with potatoes and prepare a wonderful lean and dietary dish.

And this is still not all options, so you still have something to try.

How do you like such an easy way to cook potatoes? Everything worked out? What did you file with it? If you have any comments, then you will definitely write them in the comments.

I want to share with you a secret, how to quickly cook potatoes in the microwave. Literally 7 minutes and potatoes are ready. Do not believe? Try yourself!

How to cook potatoes in a microwave in 7 minutes. 3 ways


If you need to quickly cook potatoes, and the time is very small, you can use the microwave. I warn you immediately: you, of course, do not boil potatoes. But several pieces, for example for salad, quite.

Potatoes clean, salt to taste, lubricate with vegetable oil and put in a regular polyethylene package. Tie and make in package 3-4 puncture. We put for 7 minutes in the microwave to the highest power. If potatoes are large, then you can increase the time up to 10 minutes.

The second way. We are preparing potatoes in uniform. My, lubricate with vegetable oil and piercing toothpicks throughout the potato, as it were, standing on the legs. We put in the microwave to the largest power for 5-7 minutes. Ready!

Third way. My potatoes. We make several punctures with toothpicks. But in contrast to the previous way, we remove the toothpicks. In the glass container pour water. Little! Only the bottom covered. We put potatoes, close on top of the CPVShka6I turn on the microwave to the largest power for 10 minutes. Bon Appetit!

Often there are situations when you don't want to cook at all. But it is as long as he wakes a strong hunger. And you want not want, and the kitchen has to go. Microwave savings will significantly save time cooking, and the final result of the dish will pleasantly surprise. Boiled potatoes in the package in the microwave is a quick version of dinner or lunch.

With the help of microwave oven from potatoes, you can create real culinary masterpieces and save time. Special thermal treatment in the cooking process allows you to save in the vegetables of potassium, the disadvantage of which often causes fatigue and malaise.

You can use a cellophane package or baking hose. Such a dish can be prepared at least every day, and so that potatoes are not tired, you can complement with various spices and additives in the form of mushrooms, meat and vegetables. Let's consider some interesting and at the same time of light recipes that will tell you how to boil potatoes in the package in the microwave.

Cook potatoes with dill and spices: step-by-step recipe with photos and videos

Potatoes - a product, loved by everyone without exception. From it you can prepare a gentle casserole, delicious potato soup and many other dishes. Many nutritionists argue that the vegetable is harmful to a slim figure. But if you know how to cook potatoes in a microwave without excess fat, she will not harm your figure.

How to cook potatoes in the microwave in the package photo 9
  • Potatoes 5PC.
  • Vegetable oil 4-5 Art.
  • Dried dill 2Art.
  • Mixture of peppers and salt taste.
  • How to cook potatoes in a microwave in a package photo 2

    Before cooking cleaned potatoes in the package in the microwave, the roots must be chopped into small slices. It is convenient to do immediately into the cellophane bag. So the dishes will not be dirty.

  • How to cook potatoes in a microwave in a package photo 3

    Pour vegetable oil.

  • How to cook potatoes in a microwave in a package photo 4

    Add salt, dill and spices. The package to remember well that seasonings evenly distributed between potato slices.

  • How to cook potatoes in a microwave in a package photo 5

    Now you need to tie a package.

  • As in the microwave in the package to cook potatoes: recipes with photos and videos

    Toothpick make 2-3 punctures at the very top.

  • As in the microwave in the package to cook potatoes: recipes with photos and videos

    Place the package on a flat plate, and it remains to know how much potato in the microwave is boiled. Install the power of 850 W and prepare 8-9 minutes.

  • How to cook potatoes in the microwave in the package photo 8

    After the microwave oven signal, get the dish, cut the package and pour hot potatoes on the plate.

You can serve with any meat, vegetables or fish. Potato slices are evenly boiled, it turns out soft.

If something is left not clear, then watch the video recipe "how to quickly cook in the potato package in the microwave."

How to quickly cook potatoes in microwave oven in the package in mundire

This is an easy way to help reduce the cooking time of dinner. Any bachelor will cope with him. Due to garlic, potatoes will acquire a pleasant taste and aroma. So how to quickly cook potatoes in the package in the microwave?

How to cook potatoes in a microwave in a package photo 11

Required products

  • Small size potatoes - 1 kg;
  • Salt - 1.5 ch. l.;
  • garlic - 3-4 teeth;
  • Olive oil - 3 tbsp.


  1. Tubers wash and dried with a paper towel.
  2. In a small pious pour vegetable oil. Add salt and crushed to grater garlic.
  3. Lubricate the mixture prepared. It is convenient to use silicone brushes.
  4. Before you quickly weld potatoes in a mundair in a microwave in the package, you need to put the tubers in the package. Tie it and make 3-5 punctures.
  5. Now let's learn how much in the package cook potatoes in the microwave so that it is completely prepared. At cooking will take about 10-12 minutes at full capacity (1000 W).

Attention! Plug the crude potatoes for a fork, so that he did not burst due to pressure. From the velocked holes will be released water vapor. Young, small and pretty watery potatoes do not need tingling.

Boiled potatoes in microwave with chicken and carrots

Potatoes in the microwave in the package can be easily prepared with additives. In this recipe complement the dish, we will be chicken and bright carrots. Spices will give a rosy look, as if the dish is only from the oven.

How to cook potatoes in the microwave in the package photo 12

What ingredients are needed?

  • Potatoes - 6 pcs.;
  • carrots - 1 pc.;
  • Onions - 1 pc.;
  • Chicken shin - 4 pcs.;
  • Paprika - 1 tsp;
  • Kurkuma - 1 tsp;
  • mayonnaise - 2-3 tbsp.;
  • Salt - ½ tsp;
  • Mixture of peppers - 1/3,;
  • Dill greens - for decoration.

Cooking step by step

  1. Vegetables clean and wash. Potatoes cut into small slices, carrots with circles, onion cubes.
  2. Kuryatina wash and dry.
  3. Vegetables and meat put in the package. Add salt, spices, mayonnaise. Tie a package and sound well to his hands. Make 3-5 punctures for steam away.
  4. Cooking potatoes with meat at full power 20-22 minutes.

The cellophane package will help preserve the juice of vegetables and chicken. This dish can be served not only for dining, but also on the festive table. Bright, fragrant and very tasty.

Cooking tricks

In the uniform or purified potatoes, it is easy to cook in a package in the microwave. This we already know. But before the first preparation of dishes, see some useful tips. Given these recommendations, the potatoes will come from the first time.

How to cook potatoes in a microwave in a package photo 1

How to cook potatoes in the package in the microwave?

  1. Small potatoes are preparing faster - approximately 5-6 minutes. If you use the medium-sized tubers, it will take about 8-9 minutes, the larger potatoes are better cut on slices, otherwise it will take more than 13 minutes.
  2. Also, the cooking time is directly dependent on the amount of potatoes. While one will be cooked for a few minutes, a murmur one will take a kilogram.
  3. Before you cook potatoes in the microwave in the package, it must be tied up. Otherwise, the dish will turn out to be dry.
  4. Salt can be added at the very beginning of cooking, then the pulp will be broken. If salted at the end, the ready-made dish, the potatoes will be elastic (convenient to use for salads).
  5. To get fragrant and delicious potatoes, we advise it before cooking with vegetable oil and spices.

Now you know how to prepare potatoes in a microwave in a uniform or peeled with meat or vegetables quickly and tasty, keeping all its beneficial properties. It's nice that all this is hand in hand with minimal labor costs. Your guests will never guess that the hostess went easier!

With the advent of microwaves, the cooking process is much more simplified: there is no need for hours to expose near the stove. So, the most common dish - boiled potatoes can be easily prepared with microwave. How to do it, read further.

Potato cooking features in microwave

The boiled potatoes can be equipped both as a side dish, and as an addition to various salads and dishes. Regardless of which purpose you boast a vegetable, there are some features of its proper preparation in the microwave. Potatoes in microwave

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  1. Purified garnish potatoes are best crushed. So he is faster and even coercion evenly.
  2. If you want to prepare a whole vegetable, you will have to spend some time calibration, After all, the microwave is recommended to send small tubers, and approximately the same sizes. It will give you guarantees that they boil evenly and at the same time. Fruits of large sizes may not boil on and the potato dish is half a half.
  3. Wanting to check whether potatoes are ready, pour it to the toothpick, But not a knife (vegetable crumbling, and you will not be able to surprise relatives and guests with an appetizing type of finished dishes).
  4. ИA job for cooking in microwave is a young potato: It tastes better, and look at the appearance. The fact is that old fruits can darken in the cooking process. It is possible to cook old potatoes so that its appearance is not injured, it is possible with a vinegar or lemon juice (1 t. L. Ingredients are added to the water for cooking).
  5. Water or butter can accelerate the cooking process: The fruits are placed in the container, poured with water and add 2-3 tbsp. l. vegetable oil, or 2-3 pieces of creamy. Such a trick will give the opportunity to boil potatoes for 7-10 minutes.
  6. Cooking any dish in the microwave can only be in a special container (You can take a glass, carbon glass). In no case do not use metal dishes, or the one on which there are metal patterns.

Did you know? From potatoes, you can bake bread.

How is it right and how much do you need to cook potatoes in the microwave?

Due to the variety of cooking methods, juicy and crumbly potatoes, cooked in a microwave, will not have time to hurt you or your loved ones. Moreover, no one forbids adding something from themselves to the recipe. So, recipes that will help you simply and quickly cook a delicious dinner (breakfast, lunch).

In the package

This method of cooking dishes especially like those who are not delighted with washing dishes.

10-15 minutes

  • garlic cloves

    1-2 pcs.

  • Cream / vegetable oil


  • Spices for potatoes


Nutritional value per 100 g

  1. Preparation of vegetable. Kornefloda can be written and cook in uniforms. But, it is desirable to cut them: on halves, quantity or a paler.
  2. Preparation of garlic with bow (cleaning and cutting). Onions are recommended to grind on rings or semiring, and garlic - in small pieces (you can skip through the garlic cat).
  3. Placing the ingredients in the package. There is also a salt, pepper and your chosen spices.
  4. Adding to the composition of a package of cream or vegetable oil. If you use a creamy, then it must be divided into several bars and decompose throughout the potato so that in the cooking process it is uniformly distributed.
  5. Testing package.
  6. Shaking the contents of the package. This is done so that the vegetable is well stirred with spices.
  7. Piercing a package for a fork or an incision in several places with scissors, because under the influence of high temperature, the package can break from the steam accumulated in it.
  8. Package room in microwave (be sure to put the package on the plate) for 10-15 minutes.
  9. The microwave will inform you about the readiness of the dish by your signal. Therefore, carefully pull it out so as not to burn and eat.

Important! You can improve the taste of the side dish by adding a little bacon to the contents of the package, Sala. This will give the head of juits and aroma.

Without water

Cooking the side dish is necessary by configuring the microwave on the biggest waves.


10 minutes

  • vegetable oil

    3 tbsp. l.

  • Seasoning for potato

    1 tbsp. l.

  • salt

    at your discretion

Nutritional value per 100 g

  1. Washing roots and cleaning them from clay residues.
  2. Cutting vegetable longitudinal bars and placing bars into a form for microwave. It is not necessary to clean root.
  3. Adding to the potatoes of spices with butter, and thorough mixing of components. It is in oil that the potatoes will boil.
  4. Placing the form in the microwave. Before this, the container needs to be covered.
  5. Stirring the side dish after 5 minutes.
  6. Extraction of the tank with a garnish of a microwave and adding to the dish of compressed garlic.

Important! The amount of oil that will be needed for cooking depends on the number of potatoes: it will be necessary for each potato 1 tbsp. l. Oil.

In mundire

Potatoes in the uniform cooked in the microwave is the perfect dish for lazy. It will take the minimum amount of effort to prepare it, it is also budgetary and in time, and in the number of ingredients.

10 minutes

Nutritional value per 100 g

  1. Preparing potatoes (thorough wash and cleaning from clay pollution).
  2. Piercing each tuber with a fork or toothpicks.
  3. Placing vegetables in the dishes for the microwave oven.
  4. Filling root water.
  5. Turning on the microwave to full power (for 5 minutes). At this stage, the dish should not be covered.
  6. Cutting the roots, covering the container with a lid and room in the oven for another 5 minutes.

Did you know? Potato starch is used to prepare medicines.

Rezana potato


12 minutes

  • Greens and oil


Nutritional value per 100 g

  1. It is necessary to start with washing and cleaning root.
  2. Then the fruits need to cut in a convenient way to you and move it in the dishes for the microwave. Before cooking, do not forget to escape vegetables, add spices to them, and mix well.
  3. Potatoes left to pour water, cover the lid, and put in the microwave, by choosing the most powerful mode.
  4. Check the readiness of the side dish can be punctors Slices Vegetable fork.

Important! Improve the taste of such a dish helps the oil and greens that need to be added immediately before serving.

French fries

The most favorite dish of children. Yes, and adults do not mind to enjoy crispy slices of root. Now you can delight your gourmets with your favorite yummy daily, because it is possible to prepare it in your own microwave. Moreover, the delicacy will get much more useful to the fryer cooked. You can diversify the side dish by adding your favorite spices, garlic or bacon to it.

12 minutes

  • olive oil

    1 tbsp. l. on 1 potato

Nutritional value per 100 g

  1. Washing and cleaning rootpodes. After removing the peel, the vegetables must be dried by a towel.
  2. The cutting of vegetables on thin, approximately the same, rectangles.
  3. Potato fastener with salt and pepper.
  4. The location of potatoes on the dish lung paper.
  5. Placing the container with the side dish in the microwave, where it will prepare at full power.
  6. Out of slices after 6 minutes and repeat with the same interval.

Did you know? There are more than 5,000 potato varieties in the world.

Useful recommendations

Experienced housewives to be made by some tricks of potatoes in the microwave:

  1. The salting potato, which will be prepared in the microwave, has its own characteristics. The fact is that microwaves will focus on salt crystals, and, accordingly, a vegetable can be burned in those places where the salt concentrated. Fetal abnormal particles can remain raw. To avoid this, dissolve salt in water or oil (butter needs to evenly lubricate potatoes).
  2. In the microwave faster, products are heated, which are decomposed on the edges. Therefore, experienced hostesses advise to post small pieces of root in the center, and at the edges are those who are more.
  3. The cooked product can be left to stand in the microwave oven for another five minutes. The fact is that the waves accumulated in dish will act throughout this time.
  4. Cannot be used for the cooking dishes green potatoes. It contains Solanin - a poisonous substance, can provoke poisoning, inhibition of the nervous system and the destruction of red blood cells.
  5. If you put the tubers in the microwave oven, not punctures, they can break.
Potatoes in microwaveAs you can see, in order to quickly and easily prepare your households to eat, you just need to turn on the microwave. For example, potatoes, thanks to such a technique, you can boil even in 10 minutes, or even less. And the taste of it will not yield to the cooked on the stove.

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