Cold for pregnancy, do not give harm or fight without consequences.

Cold for pregnancy - do not give to harm or fight without consequences.

Cold is not a diagnosis. This is only the result of supercooling, blotting or staying on draft. The consequences of "harmless" colds can very harm the baby and mom, so you need to know how to deal with it and what to treat.

Cold during pregnancy and her symptoms

In medical language, a cold is ARS or ARVI. There is a small difference between them, so a cold is a simplified and generalizing concept. ORZ is a sharp respiratory disease that causes the infection of the respiratory tract. ARVI - acute respiratory viral infection due to a certain virus in the body. During pregnancy, women immunity weakens for natural reasons - it is necessary to ensure the fruit of the necessary energy for the normal formation of organs and systems of the growing organism. During this period, the likelihood of the disease is high, and implications impossible to predict. Symptoms of colds - runny nose, cough, sore throat, chickens, overeating and temperature. All symptoms may appear immediately or some of them. Viral infection falls on the organism mucous membacity and causes the above-described unpleasant symptoms.

Danger and consequences

The danger of respiratory infections is to influence the causative agents of the virus to the body of pregnant and, accordingly, the fetus. It is characteristic that it is at the beginning of pregnancy a cold is very dangerous for the development of the kid. In the first months, vital organs, the nervous system of the child is formed, immunity is laid, therefore the degree of threat is extremely high. The consequences of transferred colds can be:

Fetal hypoxia (oxygen starvation).

Delay and malformations of the kid.

Foot infection (when a child is born with ORZ syndrome).

The risk for a woman is also high. She can threaten:

Big bloodstures at childbirth.

Placental insufficiency (when oxygen and nutrients do not penetrate the placenta.

Postpartum complications.

Inflammation of the internal genital organs.

The fears of doctors for the health of mom and baby during a cold are not bothering: how to treat a cold in the early period of pregnancy is the complexity of choosing drugs and a big responsibility. Ordinary ways cannot be applied without risk for the child, and alternative treatment individually and should be selected taking into account possible allergic reactions.

Than to treat cold when pregnancy in 1 trimester

According to doctors, with a cold one must be struggling. In the first trimester of pregnancy - neat and thoughtful treatment. Risks should be minimal, and the benefits are undeniable. Remember that self-examination is unacceptable. Even folk remedies and phytotherapy is better to discuss with a doctor who knows exactly what can be pregnant with a cold. At the first signs of malaise, it is necessary to start treatment, not giving the body to get across. Rubber can be treated, driving aloe juice in the nose (1 to 1 with water). The inflamed throat is well treated with a rinse with warm salt water (1 hour spoon on a glass of water) or eucalyptus bravery, chamomile, sage. Decorations are good anti-inflammatory effect. Rinse spend 3 times a day after eating. Rescue from cough will be wet inhalation with fir or eucalyptus essential oils (if there is a possibility of allergic reactions, can be replaced by potatoes or soda solution). Anti-tech drugs are categorically prohibited for use during pregnancy. An exception can be some frost medicines on a vegetable basis. With increasing temperature, apply acetic wiping (diluting 5% vinegar with water 1 to 1). It is necessary to wipe the whole body (without rubbing), and then lie under the blanket, causing sweating. You can cook the antipyretic decoction: on a liter of water of a half-cook of dried apples, or wipe the cranberry with honey (2 tbsp. Cranberry spoons, a teaspoon of honey pour boiling water, cool and drink in small sips). Effective assistance to teas of dried raspberry or linden. These measures will lead to a decrease in temperature and facilitating the state. Throughout the entire period of the disease, warm (not hot!) Drink: green tea, milk with honey.

Treatment of colds during pregnancy in 2 trimester

The cold during pregnancy in the second trimester is not as dangerous for the life of the baby - the placenta has formed, which will protect the fetus until the end of pregnancy from negative impacts, and the nervous system, in this period actively developing, may suffer from receiving irregular drugs. As with an early term, treatment of 2 trimester should be gentle, preference is given to traditional medicine. It is important to understand - the smaller the drugs fall into the body of a pregnant woman during a cold, the greater the chance to give birth to a healthy baby.

How to treat a cold on the 3 trimester of pregnancy

In the 3 trimester, the risk of placenta detachment is repeated multiple times, which means that the fetus power and oxygen is poor. It will be delusible to think that a cold during pregnancy in late terms (2 and 3 trimester) is something harmless. The recommended treatment of colds in pregnant women is different in all terms, because at each stage there is their own risks. The most common misconception of women when choosing a cold treatment in late terms is that drug treatment is possible. Only in the most extreme case, when gentle therapy does not give results, a woman is hospitalized and prescribed treatment depending on the state of the mother and child. With confidence it can be said that at all stages, viral infections can cause irreparable harm to the fetus, there are no safe periods. It is necessary to make every effort to not hurt and follow the elementary defense rules.

What can be treated with a cold during pregnancy

If the diseases failed to avoid, and the state worsens - take advantage of a small list of diversified drugs during pregnancy:

From the runny nose - Aquamaris, Nazivin. Significantly make breathing, removing the inflammation of the nasal mucosa.

From sore throat - hexoral. Antiseptic aerosol. Suppresses the spread of infection on the mucous membrane of the larynx.

From cough - the root of Altea, Mukaltin. Vegetable preparations.

From temperature - paracetamol. The antipyretic agent, if possible, should be limited to half a dose. Fits both headaches.

These drugs are prescribed from the cold and at the beginning of pregnancy, and in the last weeks. When taking, consider the individual intolerance to the components of the drug, carefully examine the contraindications. Do not assign treatment yourself, be sure to advise yourself with your doctor.

Prohibited methods for the treatment of colds in pregnant women

Absolutely unacceptable during pregnancy is considered treatment of antibiotics in 1 trimester. Even with a bacterial infection, treatment with antibiotics is postponed at a later period, and viruses are generally not sensitive to them. Immunomodulators are also not recommended - their influence on the development of the fetus is not studied. At any stage of pregnancy, the symptoms of colds with antiprippose powders cannot be treated. They contain dyes, flavors capable of causing allergic reactions.

It is also not recommended to be treated with alcohol-containing drugs - they are quickly absorbed into the blood and penetrate the placenta, making indisputable harm to the development of the fetus. Babushkina recipes should also be used with caution: some herbs are not so harmless, as spasmoditic, allergic reactions are also thought about them. With caution, we will take care of the choice of nasal drops - they should not be addicted to the nasal mucosa (such as naphtizin), it is necessary to take as necessary when breathing is very difficult.

When coughing should avoid synthetic origin preparations on any time. Crates are categorically contraindicated, banks, you can not soar legs, take a hot bath. All this can lead to bleeding, reducing the uterine muscles and as a result, miscarriage. Permitted preparations from colds during pregnancy is enough to ensure the safety of the baby and his mother.

Prevention - the best sickness

Preventive measures are mandatory at all periods of pregnancy - weakened immunity mothers is the target for viruses. To secure a small life, a woman must observe protective measures:

In the cold season, leaving the street, lubricate the nostrils with oxoline ointment. The virus will not delay the mucous membrane and will not fall into the body. Returning, rinse the throat herbal decoctions.

Dress up the weather. Do not kill and do not allow supercooling.

Watch for meals: Vitamins must be in the diet. Meet your doctor about the need to take vitamins in tablets: the lack and hypervitaminosis are equally dangerous.

Check the room in any weather, not forgetting about wet cleaning.

If they felt the first signs of the disease, the treatment start immediately. Use traditional medicine, consulted with a doctor.

These simple events will help avoid the risk of a cold. Your defense is a defense for the baby.

Interesting Facts. Do you know that:

The body struggles with the virus itself, and we are with the symptoms. The main component of recovery is bedding and abundant drink.

If you use a handkerchief during a cold - in 30 seconds, 15 thousand microbes will settle on it. Use disposable napkins.

You can sneeze or cough the virus by 3.5 meters. Try not to be on the "Line of Fire" and do not neglect the prevention.


All news

Any cold or respiratory disease in early pregnancy, during the primary formation of the fetus, can lead to unpredictable consequences and complications. The case is complicated by the fact that most drugs are absolutely contraindicated to use during the tooling of the fetus.

In this regard, the treatment and prevention of colds in pregnant women is an important question, to approach which should be particularly responsible! The main thesis sounds like this: carefully treat drugs and apply soft prophylactic measures based on non-traditional medicine methods to avoid respiratory diseases and influenza.

"One for two - immunity"

This is a very fragile system, you do not need to interfere in his work, but maintain and strengthen. Pregnancy refers to the discharge of special, even if the temporary, states, during which a woman needs additional protection.

This issue will help Simple recommendations that are available to everyone:

• During the period of frequent change of weather, it is necessary to dress warmer, paying special attention to the shoes.

• During the epidemic, a pregnant woman is better to refrain from finding in places of cluster people - transport, metro, shops and hospitals. If there is an urgent need for preventing possible infection, a protective respiratory mask should be worn before leaving the house.

• It is necessary to especially carefully follow the rules of hygiene after visiting the street and public places. Upon returning home, the first thing should be carefully soaked your hands.

Interesting: More than 90% of all sharp respiratory infections are caused by viruses, about 10% fall on bacteria and other pathogens. Accordingly, soap can use any, optionally antibacterial.

• Before entering the street, you can lubricate the mucous membrane of the nose with oxoline ointment. Upon returning home - wash the upper respiratory tract with a soda solution.

• Rationalization of nutrition and receiving vitamins will increase immune protection. Especially useful eating fruits and vegetables enriched with vitamins and not past thermal processing.

Interesting: Our grandmothers said: not to get sick, you need to drink chicken broth! Strange, but until recently, scientists did not attach great importance to this preventive medium. The pulmonologist Stefan Rennard decided to find out, the truth is or not. The professor conducted a study and proved that the use of chicken broth affects the mobility of neutrophils, leukocytes protecting the body from infections and activating the immune system.

  • Reception of vitamins can be carried out using ready-made pharmaceutical multivitamin complexes. Before choosing the drug, you must consult with your doctor.
  • Compliance with the mode and duration of sleep - at least 9 hours a day. It should be minimized the possibility of psychotrambulating situations.
  • Compliance with cleanliness in the residential room (ventilation, wet cleaning).
  • Air humidification is an important aspect in the prevention of influenza and respiratory diseases. If in the house of pregnant is used air conditioners or heaters, it will be more expedient to purchase a mechanical air humidifier.

Medical facilities prevention

  • Infparpheron - a drug in the form of drops for the nose, which has prevention and treatment of flu, is not contraindicated by pregnant and nursing women. The medicine stimulates the increase in immunity, has a pronounced antiviral action capable of protecting from colds, infections and influenza varieties.
  • Ascorbic acid - can be used as a separate source of vitamin C in a synthetic variant, with a reduced daily dose of food consumption. Ascorbic acid not only warns infection, but also fights viruses that have already penetrated the woman's body.
  • Viferon - a nasal ointment that is prescribed for the prevention of influenza and respiratory infections during the epidemic. Ointment has protective and immunomodulatory actions, and also allows you to deal with violations that are already occurring in the body at the time of use. Viferon in the form of nasal ointment does not have contraindications to use in pregnant women on any period, including the first trimester.
  • Aquamaris is a natural drug drug in the form of a nasal spray that allows to moisturize the nasal mucosa, thereby reducing the risk of influenza viruses into the nasal cavity.

I would like to say a few words about such a method of prevention like vaccination. Most often, the future mother may be at risk to infect due to annual flu epidemic . This disease is dangerous for pregnant women with its complications: pneumonia, bronchitis, otitis. The flu has a pregnant woman can affect the health of the fetus. Most of all it is dangerous in the early periods of pregnancy, when fabrics and organs of the human embryo are laid and form. Viral intoxication or medication can lead to the pathology of the child's organs. At later pregnancy, there is a danger of fetal infection.

The most dangerous consequence of flu in a pregnant woman is a threatening miscarriage or premature birth!

Naturally, future mothers are often asked by Do or no vaccination.

On the conclusion of the studies, the use of inactivated ("killed") flu vaccines does not have a teratogenic effect on the fruit and does not harm the health of a pregnant woman. After consulting a doctor about such a vaccination, you can come to an optimal solution. If the flu epidemic is inevitable, and a pregnant woman has no contraindications, then the vaccination need to do. If a pregnant woman's risk of infection is negligible, it does not contact with a large number of people or configured against vaccination, then you can not do. According to the results of the research, it is known that mother vaccination reduces the risk of infection with the influenza of the bareborn child by 63%. Seasonal influenza prevention is carried out in September, October. Pregnant vaccinations are recommended from the second trimester of pregnancy.

During the period of the planned pregnancy, the influenza vaccine is made in 1 month to it: the formation of immunity occurs 2-4 weeks. Protection after vaccination persists about a year.

If the infection still happened, take action at once, when at least one symptom of the disease is detected. The health of a pregnant woman and her future child depends entirely on its responsibility and careful attitude towards its own body.

The first to move will be proven folk remedies. Since the legs to smoke pregnant women can not, pair hands, and it will make it easier for nose breathing. Try, wear woolen socks and pick up the blanket: warm, rest and sleep well helps with a cold. Do not forget about abundant drinking - hot green tea with lemon and honey, tea with lime color, cranberry morse, decoction of rosehip, compote from dried fruit. Ginger in the form of tea also helps, and not only with catarrhal symptoms, but with nausea in the morning.

Different drinks from hot milk are suitable. In the milk you can add honey, and the best way to cook it in the bow. Immediately need to emphasize that far from all herbs with a cold during pregnancy can be applied. Here is a list of medicinal plants that are contraindicated: Aloe, Anis, Barbaris, Nather (grass and root), Dinner, Oilsman, St. John's wort, strawberries (leaves), Kalina (berries), raspberries (leaves), Melissa, Lovers, wormwood, licorice ( Root), Cellular, Sage. Accordingly, preparations containing these plants should not be taken.

The use of medicines during a cold during pregnancy must be treated with great care!

Contraindicated to apply the following drugs : Perptissine, Tussin Plus, Joset, Glycodine, Ascoril, Travincel, Broncholitin, Atsz, Infpex, Codelak, Torpinckode. It is not necessary to use lollipops and pupini from the throat or from cough are also undesirable due to the probability of developing allergic reactions.

Spray Pinsol, judging by the components specified in the instructions, is not dangerous during pregnancy. However, the essential oils are essential oils - pines of ordinary, peppermint, eucalyptus, thymol, gyvyazulene (ciberian oil) - can lead to an allergic reaction with an electoral nasal mucosa.

Candles Viferon is allowed only after 14 weeks from the start of conception. This drug contains the recombinant human interferon alpha-2, ascorbic acid and alpha-tocopherol acetate and has antiviral, immunomodulatory and antiproliferative effect. It is used in the treatment of various infectious inflammatory diseases of adults and children (including newborns). In the form of Mazi, Viferon is used to treat herpetic lesions of the skin and mucous membranes. The ointment is applied by a thin layer on the affected areas of the skin 3-4 times a day for 5-7 days.

The homeopathic preparation is Stodal, which includes predominantly plant ingredients, affects different types of cough and has an expectorant and bronchhalytic effect.

Viborol -Gomeopathic candles - have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, sedative, antispasmodic effect. They are prescribed in the complex therapy of ARVI and other uncomplicated infections (including newborns), as well as in inflammatory processes of ENT organs and inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system.

So, easy malaise can be tried to eliminate yourself, however, there are conditions under which a doctor's doctor is needed:

  • Long-term increase in body temperature;
  • Malgy, a sense of fatigue, increased fatigue, a common broken state;
  • Difficulty breathing, the appearance of lumps in the nasopharynk and dry or wet cough;
  • Pregnant woman worries a strong gulp headache.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize the importance of the treatment of chronic diseases before pregnancy, a healthy lifestyle during the tooling of the child and fulfill all the prescriptions of the doctor.

I wish for future mothers and their loved ones to try to maintain a good mood: optimists live longer and happy, they are more productive. More often remember your victories and pleasant moments and everything will be fine!

Top preparations from cold

Everyone came across the cold and unpleasant symptoms of this state. People of various age categories are subject to sharp respiratory infections. The cold in the absence of timely treatment may cause the development of complications. To prevent such developments, you should purchase the necessary medicines and begin treatment. The pharmacies present a wide range of medicines that not only help facilitate the state, but also prevent infection. We offer top best medicines from colds, which is based on efficacy, safety and reviews.

How to choose a pill tablet for adults

The choice of drug should be engaged exclusively at the attending physician. Hazardous actions and reception of inappropriate drugs can lead to negative and irreversible consequences.

When choosing a medicine from a cold:

  • testimony and contraindications;
  • Medicinal interaction;
  • pharmacological impact;
  • age restrictions.

Also, during a cold, antibiotics, antiviral, anti-inflammatory agents can be prescribed to the patient. Select the type of drug can only be a doctor after a preliminary examination and formulation of an accurate diagnosis. Also, multivitamin complexes and immunostimulating drugs are prescribed for speedy recovery.

Causes of runny nose and respiratory infections

Causes of runny nose and respiratory infections

The causes of rhinitis are different provoking factors. At the first signs of a cold, it is necessary to correctly determine the type of disease, depending on which the specialist will pick up the treatment.

Table - the main causes of rhinitis

Violation of local immunity

External damaging factors

The physiological features of the structure of the nasal cavity are taken into account, actively involved in defense.

In the nasal strokes there are cilia that pushed foreign particles outwards. The resistance of the penetrating infection also has immunoglobulins A, produced by the mucous membrane.

If there is a decrease in the activity of protective proteins, the viruses begin to intensively penetrate the body and harm.

These include factors:

  • supercooling;

  • surgical intervention;

  • Finding a foreign body;

  • inflammatory process;

  • Contact with an infected person;

  • harmful production;

  • Allergic factors.

The main reason for the development of respiratory infection - pathogenic microorganisms, which, after penetration, have a negative impact on the immune system, relaxing it. ARVI cause different types of influenza viruses, paragrippa, adenoviruses, rhinoviruses. Basically, the pathogens relate to RNA-containing viruses. Most pathogenic microorganisms are unstable to environmental conditions, quickly die under the action of ultraviolet and disinfectors.

A source of a cold is an infected person. Patients in the first week of the disease are the greatest danger. Viruses are transmitted by air-droplet, sometimes contact-domestic. The susceptibility of the body to respiratory infection is high, especially in childhood. Immunity after the suffered infection is unstable, short-term.

What to do with routine

What to do with routine

At the first manifestations of rhinitis, it is recommended to immediately proceed to therapy. Attention should be paid to the best antiviral media at a cold presented in the ranking below. Be sure to adhere to the dosage manufacturer or follow the recommendations of the doctor.

If the patient is diagnosed with the second stage of rhinitis, then it is necessary to resort to complex symptomatic therapy using a wide range of action antibiotics, as well as antimicrobial drugs.

To reduce the swelling of the nasal mucosa, it is recommended to use local drugs (drops, sprays) that have a vasoconstrictor effect. After their usage, there is an improvement in breathing and facilitating the state.

When should I call an ambulance?

Treatment of colds, flu and cold is carried out at home after prior consultation with a specialist. But there are such situations where the designated therapy stopped helping and the condition deteriorated significantly.

Copy assistance is recommended to be caused by worsening well-being and in the case of increasing body temperature. Also, immediate medical advice is necessary if there is a strong swelling of the throat and nose that makes it difficult to breathe.

Treatment rating from cold

Treatment rating from cold

Compounds of chemical nature are used as antiviral tools. Most of them are substances that depress the activity of enzymes involved in the reactions of assembling virus proteins. For the reason that similar enzymes are used in the synthesis of proteins in the host cellular structures, the toxic effects of these funds are not excluded.

Good antiviral drugs with a cold and flu are collected in the ranking. When drafting, the price-quality ratio was taken into account. When choosing a drug, it is necessary to take into account contraindications, the formation form, the overall condition of the body, as well as the age category. With incorrectly chosen medicine, there is a risk of developing irreversible health effects, so without consultation with the doctor can not do.

№1 - Terafl Extra (GlaxosmithKline, France)

The best remedy for colds is intended for symptomatic ARZ therapy. Designed on the basis of paracetamol, pheniramine and phenylephrine. Released in the form of powder for the preparation of the solution.

The combined drug has a pronounced vasoconstrictor and analgesic effect. The "Teraflu" lowers the temperature and eliminates the swelling of the mucous membrane, helping to cope with the runny nose.

Assigned for influenza and cold in the presence of chill, high temperature, muscle pain and nasal congestion. The duration of use is not more than 5 days. Not appointed to children under 12 years old.

Theraflu Extra powder for making a solution for receiving inside bag 10 pcs. Lemon

№2 - "Teraflu" (Glaksmitklein, France)

Powder for preparing a solution to eliminate cold symptoms and an ARZ. The best cure for colds and influenza blocks histamine receptors, removing the headache and eliminating the runny nose. It has antipyretic, antiallergic and anti-ethnic effect.

It is recommended to take the "Teraflu" at the first signs of a cold, dissolving the contents of the bag in 200 ml of hot water. It is recommended to follow the dosage indicated in the manual. Otherwise, hepatic insufficiency and other serious complications that require symptomatic therapy may develop.

Teraflu Powder for the preparation of a solution for reception inside Package 14 pcs. Lemon

№3 - "Tsidact Flu Plus" (Nakko Pharma, India)

Capsules with prolonged release granules contain paracetamol chlorophenamine and phenylephrine. One of the best colds from the cold is designed to eliminate the symptoms of sharp respiratory diseases.

Nonarcotic analgesic has a vesseloring effect and saturates the body with vitamins, strengthening immunity. The combined drug removes signs of allergies, reduces itching in the nose and eyes, preventing tearing. Hyperemia and swelling of the mucous respiratory tract decreases, which helps to improve the overall state.

Flush Flu Plus Capsules with prolonged release 10 pcs.


It is available in a tablet form based on chloropenamine maleate, caffeine, paracetamol and phenylephrine hydrochloride. Rensza is a good remedy for a cold adult, which is assigned to eliminate the symptoms of sharp respiratory diseases.

The combined drug has the following pharmacological effect:

  • lowers body temperature;
  • reduces the pain in the throat and muscles, facilitates the headache;
  • removes swelling and redness of the mucouscloths;
  • has an antiallergic effect, eliminating exudative manifestations;

Rensa can provoke the development of allergic reactions and an increase in blood pressure (blood pressure). Among the adverse reactions is also possible to develop dryness of the nasal mucosa and the oral cavity.

Rensus Tablets 10 pcs.

№5 - "Ibuklin" (Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, India)

Combined analgesic antipictic, which is developed on the basis of paracetamol and ibuprofen. One of the best antiviral drugs with a cold adult anti-inflammatory, anesthetic and antipyretic effect.

It is prescribed for influenza, cold, neuralgia, Malgia and articular pains. The progression of disease does not have the effect of influence.

Ibuckle pills covered with film shell 10 pcs.

№6 - "ANVIMAKS" (Sotek Farmfirma, Russia)

The drug is designed for the symptomatic and etiotropic (elimination of the cause of the disease) therapy of Ori. The composition includes paracetamol, Loratadine, ascorbic acid, calcium gluconate.

Powder is designed to prepare a solution. Effectively eliminates the symptoms of colds and sharp respiratory diseases. It has a pronounced antiviral, antipyretic, interferonogenic effect. "Anvimax" is designed for the etiotropic treatment of influenza type A, symptomatic therapy of influenza and ARVI.

Anvimax Powder for a solution for reception inside Package 12 pcs. citric

№7 - Koldrex Hotrem (GlaxosmithKline, Spain)

The drug is produced in the form of powder. Designed to facilitate ORZ symptoms. The best preparation from cold and influenza is based on paracetamol, vitamin C and phenylephrine hydrochloride.

Combined remedy works comprehensively:

  • removes heat;
  • removes inflammation;
  • narrows vessels;
  • regenerates fabrics;
  • Enhances immunity.

It is prescribed for symptomatic treatment with a cold and flu, which are accompanied by headache, fever and a rhino. The course of treatment should last no more than 5 days.

Coldrex Hotrem Powder for Preparation Solution For Ingestion Package Package 5 Lemon-Med.

№8 - "Infpopheron" (firn m, Russia)

Nasal drops are designed on the basis of interferon alpha 2-B human recombinant. The immunomodulatory drug has an antiviral action and relieves inflammation. It is prescribed for the prevention and treatment of ARVI and influenza. The course of therapy is 5 days.

Grippherpferon can be used for 1-3 trimester of pregnancy. Lactation restrictions are also absent. Among the contraindications are severe forms of allergic diseases.

Infpopheron Drops Nasal 10 000 me / ml bottle with dropper 10 mlPreparations from cold

№9 - "Derinat" (tehnadservis, Russia)

The solution for local and outdoor use is designed on sodium deoxyribonucleate. The immunomodulatory remedy has an anti-inflammatory effect and contributes to the normalization of the state of tissues in dystrophic changes in vascular type.

Droplets "Derinat" activates antimicrobial, antimicrobial and antiviral immunity. It has a high regenerative and reparative effect. It is appointed for the prevention and treatment of ARVI and ORZ and is used to eliminate inflammation on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. Widely used as part of integrated therapy of sinusitis, frontitis, sinusitis and rhinitis.

Derinate solution for outdoor and local applications 0.25% Valley bottle 10 ml

№10 - "Antigrippin" (Natur Product, Netherlands)

Swiming tablets are designed to facilitate the symptoms and treatment of the ARZ. The combined drug decreases the temperature, removes muscle and headache. Eliminates manifestations of allergies, reduces swelling and redness of the mucous membranes, alleviating breathing. Antigrippin also increases the body's resistance.

Antigrippin Tablets Feature 10 pcs.

№11 - "Paracetamol" (Farmstandart-Lexers, Russia)

Analgesic antipyatik is an analgesic nonarcotic agent that has a weak anti-inflammatory effect. The drug lowers body temperature. It is assigned in infectious and inflammatory diseases.

Paracetamol tablets 500 mg 10 pcs.

№12 - "FERVEX" (Bristol-Myers Squibb, France)

The powder is designed to eliminate the symptoms of the cold and ARZ. The combined drug removes heat and anesthetics. Reduces swelling and hyperemia of the mucosa of the apparel sinuses and nasopharynx.

It is prescribed when nasal, headaches, tearing, sneezing and elevated temperature. With extreme caution, it is recommended to take with renal and liver failure. Therapy duration is not more than 3 days.

Ferwex powder for making a solution for reception inside Package 8 pcs. Lemon with sugar

№13 - "Vix Antigripp" (Proctor & Gamble, United Kingdom)

Designed on the basis of phenylephrine, paracetamol and gyufenesine. Available in powder form. Designed to eliminate cold symptoms and ac.

It has an antipyretic and analgesic effect. It helps to remove sputum from the bronchi, narrows the vessels and removes the swelling of the nasal mucosa.

Vix Antigipp Max Powder 5 pcs. Lemon

№14 - "Citovir-3" (Citomed MBNPK, Russia)

The immunostimulating agent is effectively against influenza viruses of type A and V. Capsules remove the symptoms of ARVI, reduce the duration of the disease and prevent the development of complications.

It is prescribed for the prevention and complex treatment of ARVI and influenza in children aged 1 year. When pregnant, use is not recommended due to the lack of clinical data.

Citovir-3 capsules 24 pcs.

№15 - "Antigrippin-Anvi" (FarProject, Russia)

Capsules are prescribed to facilitate cold symptoms and ARZ:

  • help to cope with the headache;
  • hit high body temperature;
  • restore fabrics;
  • Increase the stability of the body.

"Antigrippin-Anvi" reduces inflammation and eliminates swelling, and also strengthens the walls of the vessels. Capsules have an antiallergic effect.

Antigrippin-anvi capsules 20 pcs.

How are integrated media and flu

With a cold, patients recommended comprehensive means to help not only get rid of unpleasant symptoms, but also to overcome the infection. They are reinforcing and antiviral action. When choosing a better remedy for cold and influenza, an adult and a child is recommended to take into account the composition and pharmacology.

Preparations help restore immunity, work out the appropriate type of interferon in the body. Also drugs reduce the severity of symptoms, that is, eliminate the nasal congestion, reduce cough, reduce the temperature. Some funds eliminate the headache, which arises as a result of heat and rhinitis.

Other ways of treating cold and flu

Other ways of treating cold and flu

In addition to drugs, folk remedies are applied during colds, proper nutrition is appointed. With influenza, it is recommended to drink as much liquid as possible, raspberry tea with lemon. It also helps to facilitate the condition of Kalina and Blackberry. From products, experts advise to include onions and garlic in the diet.

Power must be balanced, but not heavy for the stomach. It is not necessary to overload the weakened organism with oily, fried and smoked food. It is best to include broth and porridge in the diet.

With influenza, it is also recommended to drink chamomile, ginger tea, infusion of rosehip. In the absence of contraindications with a strong cough, you can use honey with warm milk. If there is no temperature, then it is worth making inhalation with eucalyptus and mint. In mandatory, you need to follow the beddown.

Main ways to prevent colds and flu

In order not to encounter cold and flu, it is necessary not only to take immunostimulating and immunomodulatory drugs, but also carry out preventive measures.

Methods for preventing cold and flu

The basic rules include the following:

  1. Timely vaccination. It is carried out annually in the sedition of the cold in clinics free of charge. Everyone, subject to the absence of contraindications and serious disorders in the body, can be vaccinated.
  2. Long-term finding in places of mass accumulation of people and public transport. If this is not possible to avoid, it is recommended to use the means of protection and follow the rules of personal hygiene.
  3. Avoid contacts with people having signs of the disease.
  4. In season, colds after visiting the street, public seats, it is necessary to wash the nose cavity with a special solution every time, for example, Aqua Maris.
  5. Regularly ventilated the room, carry out wet cleaning and moisturize air.
  6. Stick to the right nutrition, there are more fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C.
  7. If someone from the household fell ill, it is necessary to start taking antiviral tools to the rest to prevent infection. Good antiviral drugs with a cold for adults - "Rimantadin", "Kagole", "Anaferon" and "Cycloferon". The best tablets from the cold and influenza to the child - "Anaferon", "Antigrippine", "Agry", "Citovir-3". Medicines must be taken after prior consultation with a specialist, according to the instructions and no more than the specified period.
  8. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, frequent hiking, high-quality sleep.

The cold and flu deliver people a lot of discomfort, worsen the quality of life. In order not to encounter pathologies, it is necessary to carry out preventive measures and engage in timely treatment. To achieve a positive result, it is required to correctly choose drugs depending on age and cause. But only a specialist can pick up the best means from cold and influenza.

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Antipyretic drugs during pregnancy

During pregnancy, especially in the first months, it is not recommended to take any drugs. But in some situations, without medication treatment, it is simply impossible to do.

With coldic diseases that proceed with an increase in temperature, a pregnant woman needs timely and effective treatment to prevent the pathologies of development in a child, the threat of miscarriage or premature birth. The temperature of up to 38.5 degrees is recommended to be reduced by folk agents, such as tea with lime, raspberry or honey. But when such treatment does not lead to visible effects, the temperature continues to rise, it already threatens with severe consequences for the future kid, and the woman needs to take preparations from elevated temperature and heat.

Ibuprofen, aspirin, etc. Not used during pregnancy, as they relate to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory means, and can lead to a number of complications. The most suitable antipyretic during pregnancy is paracetamol, however, it is not a completely safe drug, although no violations of the development of the fetus after its reception was not fixed.

In some cases, paracetamol is prescribed to women in order to anesthetia under dental or headaches. Long-term reception of the drug is not recommended, and it will not harm from several tablets.

Paracetamol is a fairly effective means for reducing temperature and pain in various diseases, besides the drug has light anti-inflammatory properties. Paracetamol after taking penetrates blood and is distributed through the tissues of the body.

The drug is produced in different forms: water-soluble tablets, powders for the preparation of solution, syrups, suspensions, candles. Usually a pregnant woman is assigned soluble tablet 200mg, the effect of which comes faster.

Paracetamol, as mentioned, not quite harmless drug. Under the overdose there is nausea or vomiting, painful spasms in the stomach. In this case, it is recommended to wash the stomach, the reception of activated carbon (with such a state, be sure to consult a doctor).

Paracetamol is contraindicated, if there is sensitivity to the components of the drug, congenital enzyme disorders, disorders of the functions of the liver or kidneys, blood disease. Typically, the drug is well tolerated in recommended doses, but in rare cases, adverse reactions may appear (decrease in immunity, blood clotting disorders, methamoglobin formation is quite dangerous for pregnant women, since the delivery of oxygen to the tissues is reduced).

Long-term reception of the drug especially in elevated doses can lead to intricaciation of liver and kidney. There may also be various allergic rashes, swelling of quinque.

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What antipyretic can be during pregnancy?

The antipyretic during pregnancy, it is primarily recommended not medication, but with the help of some proven folk treatments. The most common means for reducing the temperature is raspberry. It is recommended to use it in any form: dried, fresh, in the form of jam or rubbed with sugar. Take a decoction or tea with jams can be 2-3 times a day. Also a good antipyretic effect possess teas with honey, lemon or lime decoction.

Also well helps to lower the temperature of wiping and compresses. To prepare a solution for wipes, you need to mix vinegar with warm water in proportions 1: 1, mix in solution of gauze, bandage, handkerchiefs and wipe the body, especially moistened with the forehead zone, armpits, limbs (palms and feet). You can also use alcohol wiping. If the temperature does not fall after folk remedies, drug drugs are used. Take medications only after prior consultation with the doctor. It should also be carefully examined by the instructions for the drug and establish possible contraindications, adverse reactions, etc. It should be strictly observed by dosage and in no case exceed the recommended dose and the reception frequency, otherwise intoxication may appear, extremely dangerous during pregnancy.

Contraindicated reception during pregnancy is also biologically active additives (BAA), since there are no accurate data on the safety of their use during pregnancy and studies in this area were carried out very little.

The antipyretic during pregnancy should be used very carefully, observing the dose-recommended dose and reception frequency. First of all, it is good to use folk remedies that help reduce temperature. Usually, with non-severe colds, such funds show good efficiency. If the disease occurs in severe form, then in this case, without drug treatment, it is not necessary, since a high temperature, especially holding a long time, can lead to the pathologies of fetal development.

Second trimester of pregnancy - happy timeThe second trimester of pregnancy is excellent and at the same time responsible time. Behind the toxicosis and experiences remained. The future mother gets used to his "interesting" position and even gets pleasure from him. The tummy is already noticeable, but it does not constrain the movements. The skin and hair becomes amazingly beautiful, and well-being is improving.

Yes, and doctors are not particularly limited in nutrition, nor the lifestyle or in habit. It is believed that in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, you can almost all! Is it so? What should I pay attention to the future mother? And that in reality you can pregnant in the second trimester, and what is still impossible? On these questions Fan The doctor answered the obstetrician-gynecologist of the medical female center, Candidate of Medical Sciences Evgeny Petreikov .

Fruit in the second trimester of pregnancy

The second trimester begins with the 14th week of pregnancy and lasts on the 28th week. At this time, the formation of the internal organs of the child ends. The baby already has all organs and systems, like an adult: a brain, spine, limbs, subcutaneous adipose tissue and even a papillar pattern on the tips of fingers - future prints. The child grows and develops daily, and together with him its internal organs develop.

At the 14th week, the liver produces bile for the first time, and the pancreas begins to produce hormone insulin. The activity of the internal secretion glands increases. If only her hormones attended the body in the body of the woman, then in the second trimester they are "complemented" by the hormones of the child. They produce ripening thyroid gland baby, pancreas, adrenal bark. For this reason, doctors carefully follow the hormonal background of the future mother.

"If there is an insufficient number of hormones of thyroid or pancreas in the body of a woman, the fruit gives its hormones," comments the obstetrician-gynecologist Evgeny Petreikov. - Disorders of the thyroid gland in mothers increase the risk of lagging in the development of the fetus. If a woman has little diabetes mellitus, it is not corrected by diet and drugs, it increases the load on the pancreas of the child. The likelihood is high that the baby in the first or second year of life has diabetes mellitus. "

Future mom must carefully follow their health

Screening 2nd Trimester

Health control is extremely important for the future mother. It is necessary to regularly undergo surveys and take the tests that the doctor appoints is necessary for confidence that the pregnancy proceeds normally, and the child develops correctly.

This goal is pursued by the second screening during pregnancy. The optimal time of its passage - at the 18th week, recommended time interval - from the 17th to the 20th week. During screening, a woman will need to pass blood and urine tests, to do ultrasound. The main attention of the doctors are given:

  • hormonal surveys;
  • controlling the work and state of the kidneys;
  • blood hemoglobin level to exclude the risk of iron deficiency anemia;
  • Anatomical ultrasound examination of the anatomy of the fetus.

"In the first trimester, we have been analyzing the level of glucocorticoid hormones," Evgeny Petrekov clarifies. - In the second, we again take this hormone and look at the dynamics. If disruptions of glucocorticoid levels are revealed, it is necessary to prescribe replacement therapy as early as possible to reduce the risk of a child's backlog in the development, late miscarriage and premature genera. "

To eliminate the risk of developing diabetes mellitus from the 24th to the 28th week, a glucotolerant test is performed. Even if a woman has no prerequisites for the development of the disease, the examination is still needed. The future mother is offered to drink a solution of glucose and take blood in an hour and after two hours. According to obtained indicators of the level of glucose in the blood, the "sugar curve" is built. If it goes above normal values, diagnose gestational diabetes mellitus. It requires compulsory control by doctors and the woman itself.

Gestational diabetes increases the risk of diabetes in a child

Uzi during pregnancy 2nd trimester

Ultrasound examination is carried out in the 20-24th weeks. His task is to clarify the anatomy of the fetus and its healthy development. During the study, the specialist records "anatomical elements": the features of the structure of the body, the development of the handles and legs, the amount of fingers. Watching the condition of the brain, heart, blood system.

During this period, you can reveal the heart disease, if it has not been diagnosed earlier. And also expanding the ventricles of the brain - hydrocephalus.

"With the help of ultrasound, we can see hemorrhages in the brain, the cysts of the brain, - comments Evgeny Petreikov. - These states will not necessarily lead to severe pathologies of fetal development. During the pregnancy, they can leave, but the doctor is important to control this process and follow the dynamics of the identified disorders. "

The well-being of the future mother and illness of the 2nd trimester

As the tummy grows, the body of a woman is changing. The uterus increases in size, and after the 12-14th week comes out of the small pelvis. At the same time, the ligaments have not yet stretched, because of what abdominal pains in the second trimester may occur.

Boundacles, which as if pulling the uterus down, are not hazardous. They do not threaten the healthy flow of pregnancy. However, if the belly pulls and there are discomfort and all the more painful sensations, it is necessary to visit the doctor, even if the date of the next visit has not yet approached.

The pain at the bottom of the abdomen can be many explanations. In addition to stretching ligaments, they can cause innocuous and natural contractions of brackets-hicks, which usually indicate the overwriting of a woman, the need for rest or changing the position of the body.

Hazardous states can manifest themselves. For example, the uterus tone in the 2nd trimester, in which there is a threat to premature labor. Or inflammatory kidney processes, urinary bubble, which requires consultation of a specialist and treatment.

Abdominal pain demand a doctor's appeal

In the event of pain at thenime of the abdomen, visit the doctor will not be superfluous. Be sure to do this with:

  • abundant or unusual color and consistency of discharge in the 2nd trimester (white, greenish, curls);
  • increase body temperature without signs of cold or viral disease;
  • bloody discharges;
  • acute pain.

The increased uterus presses on the internal organs, which can lead to the exacerbation of chronic diseases or the development of specific states of pregnant women. Hemorrhoids may increase, so to prevent constipation in the 2nd trimester it is imperative to comply with a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruits. And do not forget about physical activity - it also stimulates the intestine motorcy.

Other problems can be disturbed.

Eveny . It usually occurs in the evening if the woman spends on the legs all day. Despite the fact that only 30 weeks go on maternity leave, already during this period, the future mother needs to relax more. If you can enjoy your afternoon, you need to put legs on the pillow, lifting them slightly above the head level. If there is no such possibility, compression stockings will help to get rid of the edema of the 2nd trimester. They also reduce the risk of exacerbation or development of varicose veins.

Cystitis . The inflammatory process in the bladder can develop due to anatomical changes, sharp nutrition restrictions, hypothermia. He is manifested by pain and reassure when urine, in the urine there may be traces of blood. Diagnose it by the analysis of urine, in which leukocytes are detected. If microorganisms are detected when sowing urine, the doctor prescribes antibiotics. Cystitis during pregnancy 2nd trimester can lead to serious complications: chronic inflammation or development of pyelonephritis - kidney inflammation. For its prevention, it is necessary to fully eat and regularly, by appointing a doctor, to donate urine analysis. This will be the prevention of another formidable disease of pregnant women - asymptomatic bacteriuria, which can leak completely unnoticed. And wrap the development of cystitis or pyelonephritis.

Hypothermia can cause cystitis

Thrush . Abundant, curls or with Zelentian vaginal discharge arise against the background of rising fungal microflora. Despite the discomfort they deliver, doctors do not consider the thrush of the disease. Rather, dysbacteriosis, which can occur both in the intestines, which is manifested by violations of the chair and discomfort in abdominal and in the vagina. This state is typical for future mothers. Due to hormonal changes, the vagina environment changes. From an acidic, overwhelming fungal microflora, it becomes alkaline, which allows fungi to actively multiply.

"Microorganisms that can cause milking during pregnancy in the 2nd trimester - more than 800 species," clarifies the obstetrician-gynecologist Evgeny Petreikov. - And our opportunities for the treatment of this state are minimal. There are single preparations that can be used to pregnant women. And it takes not only the vagina, but first of all the intestines. "

For the normalization of intestinal microflores, Pimafucin preparation is used. For local use, pimafucine preparations, lactobacillia and bifidobacteria are prescribed in the form of candles. In 90% of cases, the thrush in pregnant women undergoes itself, but after the 37th week, the vaginal sanitation is performed, to prevent the fetus infection with fungal infection when passing through the generic paths.

Medicines in the second trimester

Medicinal preparations during pregnancy should be applied only by appointment of a doctor. Despite the fact that there are funds allowed for use in future mothers, it is important to remember about their side effects and the peculiarities of their body.

"20% of healthy liver cells of a healthy pregnant woman work on the fruit," Specifies Evgeny Petraikin. - This means that any drug should be used in the lowest possible dosage. It is impossible to drink tablets to handles, it can cause damage to the liver cells and intoxication. "

The temperature during pregnancy of the 2nd trimester, which occurred against the background of a cold or viral disease, can be reduced by paracetamol and anti-inflammatory drugs, non-steroidal agents ("ibuprofen", "Nurofen"). It is worth using them if the temperature exceeds 38.3 degrees. If it is below, it is not necessary to knock it down, since the body is struggling with infection.

At temperature, you can take a paracetamol or ibuprofen tablet

These same drugs will help with headaches. But take them with caution. You should not use tablets with the "Forte" mark. The number of active substances in them is increased, and the liver may not cope with the load.

With a cold, sore throat, rope and nasal congestion in the 2nd trimester can be used:

  • Salt solutions for washing the nose - they make breathing, help remove mucus and microbes from the nasal cavity;
  • solutions for rinse throats - any, both pharmacy and home cooking;
  • Tablets and Pastili for resorption, sprays for local throat.

Recommended abundant, warm drinking and peace. But the drops in the nose in the 2nd trimester use should not be used. The vesseloring drugs cause a temporary spasm of vessels, which leads to their subsequent expansion and even greater nasal congestion. In large dosages, they can provoke the tone of the uterus.

Antiviral drugs in the 2nd trimester are also not recommended.

"There are no funds that the virus kill," the doctor Evgeny Petraikin clarifies. - We just raise immunity. But now it is impossible to do this. Due to the peculiarities of the work of the immune system during pregnancy, we can provoke a threat to miscarriage and premature birth. "

The specialist advises to raise immunity in a safe way - taking vitamins. In the 2nd trimester, a woman must make multivitamin complexes. Even with full nutrition, rich in fresh vegetables and fruits, vitamins in the diet are not enough, as they are destroyed during transportation, storage of products. And after thermal processing of vitamins in food, it does not remain quite.

Even with a diverse, full nutrition you need to take vitamins

What can be and what can not be in 2 trimester

Myths and stereotypes about pregnancy often make future mothers refuse favorite products and classes. Is it worth it? Consider the most popular "can be impossible" in the second trimester.

1. Drink coffee. It is possible, and up to four cups of espresso per day. Add milk or cream to it, but do not stop with sugar. Too calorie drink will spur a unjustified weight set.

2. Drink beer. You can sometimes in small quantities. But with the understanding that alcoholic beverages cause quickly intoxication in pregnant women. Therefore, the usual beer is better to replace non-alcoholic. To taste, these drinks are almost no different.

3. Drink wine. You can, red dry - in a little bit. There is nothing wrong with having a good wine on vacation with her husband or in a family circle for a holiday. But moderation is important. "On a little bit" means, no more than half of the glasses and no more than once a week. From strong alcohol it is better to give up at all.

4. Take a bath . It is impossible, like steaming in the bath. High temperature can cause a detachment of placenta and serious complications of pregnancy. From water procedures, the future mother should prefer shower. But for a visit to the pool after 16 weeks there is no restrictions.

5. Painting hair and nails . Can. The components of cosmetics do not penetrate the body and do not cause any harm to the child. No need to abandon your care during this period, never later.

Future mom can even be playing sports. But the power training and run should prefer to prefer special gym for pregnant women, based on breathing exercises, pilates or aqua aerobics. Moderate physical exertion improves blood circulation, help keep cheerfulness and good mood. And this is especially important during the child's waiting.

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