How to increase objects in the sims 4 game?

In order to be more interesting to play the famous worldwide and a very exciting game of Sims 4, many cheat codes have been added to the developers, allowing to improve skills, to gain money, grow through a career ladder, to manage emotions, a construction or purchase regime and another (full The list is here). Also, an unusual cheat code was included here on an increase in items. To use it, the gamer you only need to press the combination of the following keys:

If you find it difficult to find square brackets on your keyboard, then these are keys with Russian letters "Kommersant" and "x".

You can watch videos for visibility:

Hello everyone, let's discuss The Sims 4 - the game is new, bright, there is a lot of unusual characters in the life and in construction. You can not change the textures of objects, the combination of colors can only be chosen from the proposed sets. More features appear if used in Sims 4 codes - about how they work I will try to describe in detail.

Cheats on sims 4

How to enter codes in Sims 4 ↑

As in Sims 3, the console for the introduction of codes is caused by simultaneously pressing the cherished "Ctrl" "SHIFT" "C".

To copy and paste code from this page, select the cheat with the holding of the left mouse button, press Ctrl + C on the keyboard (so you download text to the clipboard). Further in the game, we put the cursor to the codes input console and click the Ctrl + V keys.

If you write in the Help input field, we will see all the available codes for Sims 4, and if "Version" - learn the version of the game.

To remove the cable console, press the "ESC" button or once again [CTRL] [SHIFT] [C].

How to work codes for sims 4 ↑

  1. FPS (ON / OFF) - Includes the display of frame frequency in the lower left corner of the screen.
  2. FullScreen. - Puts the game from a full-screen display in the window and vice versa (I usually use the ALT + ENTER buttons for this).
  3. Help. - Well, this is understandable: the command for calling the list of codes.
  4. HeadLineEffects (ON / OFF) - removes and returns a display of their names and surnames over the characters when hovering the cursor.
  5. ResetSim <Simname> - Performs a "reset" of a specific sim in case of hanging it in the game (instead of SIMName, write the name and surname).
  6. Quit. - Exit the game.
  7. TestingCheats (True / False) - Developer code, opens access to additional features.
  8. FreerealeState (ON / OFF) - Very useful code, makes all at home when buying.
  9. Casclockspeed. - Cheat to change the speed of animation of sims in CAS. You can set a value from 0 to 10 (maximum speed). (Code is available from version 1.0.732.20).
  10. HoveReffects (ON / OFF) - Includes or removes the glow of sims when the cursor is hulling on them.
  11. MatchSpeedStereo ON / OFF - The code is disabled compliance of the music rate and the speed of the game.
  12. Version. - See above. 😉

Money codes for sims 4 ↑

Motherlode. Adds 50,000 Simoleon
Rosebud and Kaching. + 1000 Simolonov
sims.modify_funds + {sum} Adds the amount specified in brackets {}, for example: sims.modify_funds +1000 (first enter the TestingCheatS TRUE developer code, if you change the "+" sign on "-" - the money will be taken away)
Money {sum} Sets the specified amount in the budget, an example: Money 1000 (entered after the code: TestingCheats True)
household.autopay_Bills (True / False) Includes (True) and disables (FALSE) automatic bills

Codes available after switching on (Testingcheats True) ↑

Death.Toggle - Code disconnecting death, after its introduction your sims will be immortal.

bb.EnableFreeBuild - allows you to change the police station, hospital, scientific laboratory and hidden areas.

The enabled developer mode gives access to additional actions while simultaneously pressing the SHIFT button and click LKM on simams or objects. So, in the sims menu, items appear:

  • reestablish;
  • to make happy;
  • Enable / disable weakening needs;
  • Change in the character creation editor.

Codes in Sims 4 on improving mudletts.

In the items menu, the Restore button appears, the funny opportunity to stain or clean some objects.

The capabilities of the TestingCheats True code.

You can even set the subject instead of the SIM's head, in my opinion, it looks cool.

Funny codes in sims 4.

How to increase objects in the sims 4

Cool chip in the construction mode Sims 4 - the ability to change the size of objects (toys, paintings, trees, colors, windows). You can change the size of the subject in Sims 4 by pressing SHIFT + [ (Reduce), and SHIFT +] (Increase).

How to increase and reduce items in Sims 4

Code for combining objects ↑

With the December 2014 update, a very useful code was supported on embedding items that I used so often in Sims 3 during construction (MoveObjects ON). Let me remind you - this code allows you to arbitrarily install items (anywhere at any height), combine them among themselves in various configurations, which just want. It is entered in Sims 4 as bb.moveObjects ON. . When installing items, press and hold the "ALT" button on the keyboard - it turns off the binding to the cells.

How to raise objects in the sims 4

In Sims 4, a very useful feature appeared in construction mode, which I was so lacked in Sims 3 - the ability to change the height of the objects. Just take the subject, click the "Ctrl" button and not releasing press the number "9" - the subject will rise. To omit - press: "Ctrl + 0". This feature is very useful, with its help, for example, you can install items on the shelves, construct new furniture combining different objects (do not forget to enter the code: bb.moveObjects ON).

The camera control in the sims 4 game is slightly different from the already familiar control in the previous version, but this inconvenience is easy to fix in the settings. You need to mark the "Camera The Sims 3" section in the "Management and Camera" section.

Camera setting for sims 4

Hot buttons in construction mode ↑

  • [K] - sledgehammer;
  • [R] - Tool switching;
  • [E] - pipette;
  • [B] - the construction of walls;
  • [L] - change of time of day (morning, day, evening night);
  • [Alt] - placement of items not by cells;
  • [G] - Turning off the grid;
  • [HOME] - include the visibility of the walls;
  • [END] - Turn off the wall display.

If you look in general - most of the game control functions in Sims 4 moved from Sims 3, in the free chamber mode, I did not notice the changes, except the differences in the speed and character of the movement itself.

How to open debugging in sims 4 ↑

With update 1.0.732.20 I became available code bb.showhiddenObjects. An interesting debug menu output. This is an access menu of additional objects. Before entering the debug code, you must enter the developer code: TestingCheats True.

Menu of hidden items in Sims 4

To use additional items after entering the code, you need to enable the purchase mode, enter the search window ** and press the space, then from the items that appear on the screen ** Debugging ** Select anyone.

How to open inaccessible materials in sims 4

If, when archer to the home interior, the subjects from the debug menu will not be enough, you can unlock career awards that become available in the purchase mode only after reaching the sims of certain skills or after the code introduction bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement .

How to rotate objects in sims 4 ↑

There are two ways to rotate the items: strictly left or right (for half a cell) or in an arbitrary direction - as you want.

To rotate the subject to a fixed angle you need:

  • Click on it with the mouse (allocate);
  • Press the button "b" or "yu".

The thing with each click will rotate 45 degrees.

Free turn and sims 4 and in Sims 3 is made equally:

  • Choose the object with the mouse, hold the "ALT" on the keyboard;
  • While he is "in a cam", clamp the left mouse button and, without releasing, turn.

Codes for pumping skills ↑

Simms should work a lot before geting additional features: access to hidden locations, flight to aliens, new opportunities in the career.

How to raise skills in Sims 4

For particularly impatient developers, the developers came up with a quick way to get what I want: codes for an increase in skills - in Sims 4 there are quite a lot of them. First you need to enter the developer code: Testingcheats True, and then the code of the desired skill.

STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_baking ten Bakery products
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_BartEnding. ten Mixing beverages
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_charisma. ten Charm
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_Comedy ten Comedy
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_homestylecooking ten Cooking
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_gourmetcooking ten Exquisite cooking
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_Handiness ten Skill mechanics
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_Logic ten Logics
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_Painting. ten Drawing
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_programming. ten Programming
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_ROCketScience. ten Rocket Label
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_Violin. ten Violin
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Skill_Fitness ten Fitness
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_writing ten Scripture
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_reaping ten Working death
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_piano. ten Piano
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_Mischief. ten Difficulty
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_guitar ten Guitar
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_gardening ten Gardening
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_herBalism ten Hercules
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_wellness ten Healthy lifestyle
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Minor_dancing ten Dance skill
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_fishing ten Fishing
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_photography ten The photo
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_Videogaming. ten Video Games
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_singing ten Singing
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_pipeorgan. ten Game on the organ
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL statistic_Skill_hidden_Vampirelore 15 Vampirism
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Skill_Bowling 5Bowling game
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_parenting ten Education
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Major_Vet. ten Skill branch
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Skill_dog. 5Animal training

Enhance skills in children

STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Skill_child_social ten Communication
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Skill_child_Mental ten Intelligence
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Skill_child_motor ten Motorika
STATS.SET_SKILL_LEVEL Skill_Child_Creativity ten Creation

Skill codes for kids (Toddlers)


The number at the end is the maximum skill level, you can specify any value from 1 to the maximum specified in the table, the skills can not only be raised, but also reduce.

Codes on a career in sims 4 ↑

To help Simams to advance in a quarry, enter the developer code (TestingCheats True), then select the character and enter the appropriate code from the table below. Each time after the career code is triggered, it will climb one step. Also possible and reverse process, for this replace the word "Promote" in the code on "Demote"

careers.promote Painter. Painter
careers.promote Writer. Writer
careers.promote Culinary. Culinary
careers.promote Business. Businessman
careers.promote athletic Athlete
Careers.promote Techguru Technical Specialist
Careers.Promote SecretAgent Secret agent
careers.promote Entertainer. Executor
careers.promote Astronaut Astronaut

If you have an add-on Sims 4 "to work!", Then these codes are available:

Careers.promote Scientist. Scientist
Careers.Promote Doctor. Doctor
Careers.promote Detective. Detective

Supplement "Sims 4 Life in the city" opens access to codes:

careers.promote Social Social networks
careers.promote Activist. Politician
careers.promote Careers_Adult_Critic Critic

Schoolchildren can increase and reduce performance. Advanceability enhancement codes in the table:

Careers.promote gradeschool For a child
Careers.promote Highschool For a teenager

And to lower, again: Replace "Promote" to "Demote".

Wise Sims ↑

Sims.remove_all_buffs. Removal of all mudletts
Sims.add_buff energizedhigh Excitation
Sims.add_buff e_buff_energized Excitation for 12 hours
Sims.add_buff confidenthigh Confidence
Sims.add_buff e_buff_confident 12 hours confidence
Sims.add_buff flirtyhigh Coquetty
Sims.add_buff e_buff_flirty Cailness for 12 hours
Sims.add_buff inspiredhigh Inspiration
Sims.add_buff e_buff_inspired Inspiration by 12 hours
Sims.add_buff focusedhigh Attentiveness
Sims.add_buff e_buff_focused 12 hours attentiveness
Sims.add_buff playfulhigh Playing
Sims.add_buff e_buff_playful Playing at 12 o'clock
Sims.add_buff sadhigh Sadness
Sims.add_buff e_buff_sad Sadness for 12 hours
Sims.add_buff Feelingangry. Angry
Sims.add_buff social_angry Angry for 4 hours
Sims.add_buff e_buff_angry Angry at 12 o'clock
Sims.add_buff unfaithful. Strong grayness for 24 hours
Sims.add_buff social_happy Happiness
Sims.add_buff e_buff_happy 12 hours happiness
Sims.add_buff e_buff_uncomfortable The discomfort
Sims.add_buff e_buff_embarrassed Embarrassment
Sims.add_buff social_bored Boredom
Sims.add_buff e_buff_bored Boredom for 12 hours
Sims.add_buff buff_motives_fun_desperate. Voltage
Sims.add_buff buff_tense 20 days voltage
Sims.add_buff social_bored Welcome for 20 days

Well, now you know about accessible in Sims 4 codes and new control functions. All that I told I checked, herself also use himself. If you missed something or do not know what you know, write about it in the comments, I will be very interesting. Thanks!

The construction mode in Sims 4 hides a lot of secrets, which most of the players often do not even guess! But with their help you can not only build much more beautiful, but also to realize any, even the most bold architectural fantasies!

In this article, you will learn how to raise and lower items on any height, change their size, as well as place and rotate objects outside the grid in Sims 4. But this is not the most important! You will learn the necessary cheat codes that will open up more opportunities to you and even unlock hidden objects. Also, you will learn about the hot keys, thanks to which it will be much more convenient to build.

Cheat codes for construction in Sims 4

Cheat codes for construction in Sims 4 is the first thing you need to assimilate to become a first-class interior designer for your sims! After all, with their help, you can remove all the rules that limit you in the process of construction.

Want to impose one object on another or place them as close as possible? Build on any public and closed areas? Buy hidden items in your home? Take advantage of these cheats!

Important! Of course, before using any cheat codes it is necessary to keep the game. In addition, before using cheats for construction, you need to activate Developer code . Otherwise, some of them can simply not work.

Move Objects - cheat code for construction without restrictions

Perhaps one of the most popular cheats. Move Objects is a cheat code for construction in Sims 4 without restrictions. With it, you can place items in where the game usually does not allow. You can put things closer to each other or even touching.

With this chet, you can combine two furniture objects to make a completely different. For example, connecting two ordinary sofas at right angles to each other, you can create a beautiful corner sofa. And he, at the same time, will function normally!

For example, two sofas are combined here, and the bed also stands under them.

Keep in mind that the combination of items may affect the ability to use a part or the entire object. Also, it can cause strange visual effects when they use it.

  • To activate, open the cheats console;
  • This can be done using a key combination. Ctrl, SHIFT, C ;
  • In the field that appears, enter the code. bb.moveObjects ON. .

Chita Move Objects has some limitations. Although this will allow you to place two windows on one wall of the wall, it will not look very good. The fact is that the game provides that only one window will be on the same wall cell. For the same reason, it is impossible to combine the doors and arches.

Show Hidden Objects - Code for Hidden Construction Objects in Sims 4

Another frequently used cheat is the code for hidden construction objects in Sims 4. It allows us to use items that we usually do not see in construction mode or cannot buy.

  • To activate, open the cheats console;
  • This can be done using a key combination. Ctrl, SHIFT, C ;
  • In the field that appears, enter the code. bb.showhiddenObjects. .

This cheat allows us to buy many items that we usually cannot take from the construction regime. For example, adult fruit trees, spoons, cups, cars and other things that our sims are used in everyday activity.

Attention: After the debugging mode (which causes this code) is turned on, it is no longer possible to turn off its cheat. In order for hidden objects to disappear again, you will have to preserve and restart the game.

Enable Free Build - Cheat code for construction in social sites in Sims 4

If you want to change the public area without leaving the city management mode, just use it. Enable Free Build is a cheat code for construction in public and closed areas in Sims 4. With its help, you can enter the construction mode, being anywhere, and change this lot.

  • To activate, open the cheats console;
  • This can be done using a key combination. Ctrl, SHIFT, C ;
  • In the field that appears, enter the code. bb.EnableFreeBuild .

For example, if you have a university addition installed, you can only change the design of the hostel with this code.

Hot keys for construction in Sims 4

Hot keys for construction in Sims 4 are required for quick control. You no longer have to click on the icons in the toolbar and for a long time to search for the desired button. Now it will be enough to remember the purpose of certain keys, and the construction will go much faster. You can fully focus on building a building.

Placing objects

Rotate item: Left - "<" , right - ">" . Delete the subject: Delete. or Backspace. . Listening to the object outside the grid: move the subject, Climbing the alt key Lock the object outside the grid: Rotate the subject Climbing the alt key .

Object management

Rotate the selected object, room, roof or staircase: left - "<" , right - ">" . Placing several identical objects in a row, without a retaining: put items, Hold down the shift key . Delete the selected object: Delete. or Backspace. . Change Previous Action: Keyboard Keyboard Ctrl + Z. Repeat the previous action: keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Y.

Quick tool selection

  • Pipette Tool: Hold the key E;
  • Hand: Hold H;
  • Sledge hammer: Click Kby clicking on the objects you want to delete;
  • Change Color: select key Rby clicking on the right subject;
  • Wall: click B.

Other hotkeys for construction in Sims 4

  • Remove \ Return the grid: G;
  • Place wallpapers on one Wall Cage: Click the key Alt. , placing wall coating;
  • Full pouring room wall or floor covering: Hold down the SHIFT key, placing a wall or floor covering;
  • Place flooring with tiles, in the form of a triangle: Lift the key combination Ctrl + F. To make triangular tiles. Repeat the action to make it square again.

Tips for construction in Sims 4

Tips for construction in Sims 4 are needed not only by novice! Even experienced players are often not familiar with some possibilities of this regime. But they significantly simplify life and discover new opportunities for you. For example, in this section you will learn to raise and lower items to any height, change their size, as well as place and rotate objects outside the grid.

How to raise the subject in the SIMS 4 construction mode?

In order to raise the subject in the SIMS 4 construction mode, you must first enable the BB.MoveObjects ON code.

Now you can adjust the height on which the subject will be placed. Select an object and press the 9 key. Each time after clicking, the item will slide a bit. When he reaches the desired height, let him go, and it will remain at this height.

To lower the raised object, use the 0 key instead.

How to remove the grid in construction mode in Sims 4?

Remove the grid in the construction mode in Sims 4 it is necessary to ensure that nothing bothered to view when building. And in reality, it is very easy! Everything is solved by pressing one key. In order to remove the grid in the construction of SIMS 4, simply press the G key. To return it, just press the same key again.

How to increase or decrease the object in SIMS 4 construction mode?

The ability to increase or decrease the object in the SIMS 4 mode is very useful when decorating the house. For example, you can turn toy machines into real cars. They will, of course, will drive. But but look like real!

Or, you can create truly absurd buildings. For example, why not build a house around a huge toilet bowl?

Before using these hotkeys, you must enter the cheat code BB.MoveObjects on. Otherwise, they will work incorrectly.

In construction mode, select the item and press the key. ]. The subject will be slightly increased. With each press of the key, the object will become more and more. And to reduce the size of an increased previous item, press the key [until the required size is reached.

While most items can be done more, with some such a focus does not work. For example, windows, doors and mirrors. Although the window and door frames will increase, the hole in the wall will remain the same size.

How to rotate smoothly and move objects outside the grid in Sims 4?

Another trick is smooth placement and rotation of objects outside the grid in Sims 4. Usually, when you place the subject, it will be blocked by a grid. That is, it is possible to put it only by cells. But this can be bypassed to put furniture more realistic way. After all, in life it can not all stand so exactly, right?

The grid will be completely ignored if when the item is moving, you will click the key Alt. on keyboard. Now you can put furniture as you like!

When using this hotkee, it is recommended to enter the cheat code bb.moveObjects on. Due to this, it will be possible to pose objects as close as possible to each other. Or create stunning combinations from different furniture!

The same with the rotation of objects. So that you can turn the object as you like, select the desired furniture, clamp the key Alt. And the left mouse button. Start twist the mouse, and the selected item will rotate smoothly in a circle.

Free rotation is similar to free placement by the fact that we are not limited to how the element is. However, in order for the ALT key to work when rotating as it should, you need to turn on the sims 3 camera mode.

To switch to SIMS 3 camera mode, select the Settings menu in the upper right corner of the screen. From there, select "Game Settings", and then "Management and Camera". Tick ​​next to the inscription "The Sims 3 chamber".

Developer team from Maxis Corporation together with "Electronic Arts" added to the game "The Sims 4" cheat code that allows players to increase any item in the game. It helps to diversify the game and make it even more exciting. On the Internet you can find many photos and videos, where players from all over the world are divided by their cities that are forced by large garden gnomes, televisions, sofas and many others.

Such a cheat code will make it easier to facilitate the construction process and increase or decrease the subject in Sims 4. You can build much more interesting homes and make an interesting repair by adding one or another increased or a reduced object. This is one of the most popular cheat codes, which are used by gamers. It is inferior to him that the code for the receipt of additional simoleon.

There are two options where one of which allows you to increase the object in the game, and the other to reduce it to the standard size.

  • - To increase the items you need to hold the SHIFT +] key combination on the keyboard (] it is Kommersant.
  • - To reduce items, you need to hold the SHIFT + [([it x) keyboard keyboard.

When you click on the subject it will become more, then less than its standard size.


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