How to buy or make a cuckoo in "Terraria"?

To understand all the variety of objects and recipes in Terraria, it may be necessary for a long time. Sometimes it is better to use tips and instructions to keep your nerves. In this article, you will learn whether it is possible to make a cincure in the "Terraria" and how to get it.

how to make a cuckoo in the terraria

Description of the subject

Saccha is a tool that is intended for catching small animals. The thing was added to the game along with the update at number 1.2.3. Caught beasts you can let go or put in the terrarium. Animals of each species can be summed into one cell up to 999 pieces. With a cuckoo, you can catch the following animals: rabbit, squirrel, penguin, mouse frog, goldfish, firefly, duck, snail, scorpion, grasshopper, butterfly and much more.

After you caught an animal with a saccmother, you have the opportunity to let him go. To do this, transfer the beast icon in your hand and hover over the ground by clicking the right mouse button. Remember that if you are released rabbits, penguins or gold fish at the time of the bloody moon, they become hostile to you. To simplify the hunt, you can use the potion of the hunter. With him surrounding animals will be highlighted in green, which will help you in the dark.

how to make a cuckoo in the terrariah on android

How to make a sin in "Terraria"?

It is worth saying right away that it is impossible to scratch this item. However, get them quite simple. To do this, you need to accumulate 25 silver coins and contact the merchant. When selling a cincure will cost only 5 coins.

Also in the game there is an improved version of the subject called the Golden Skach. In addition to the fact that it is faster and 2 times more than the usual, the subject cuts grass and plants when hunting, which allows you to automatically catch grasshoppers and worms. You can only get it for the fulfillment of quests from the fisherman.

This information is relevant for mobile version of the game. Make a cuckoo in the "Terraria" on Android will not work, and its cost is also equal to 25 coins.

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