Stas Kostyushkin called the main reason why the group "Tea together" broke up

Stas Kostyushkin called the main reason why the group "Tea together" broke up

Fans assumed that the duet ceased to exist because of the quarrel of artists


The 48-year-old Stas Kostyushkin 18 years old spoke in the group "Tea together" along with a colleague Denis Klyaver. The popular duo collapsed at the peak of his glory. In 2012, the song "White Dress" came out, which quickly became a hit, but in the same year the group ceased to exist.

For a long time, the duet fans believed that the musicians quarreled, so "tea together" broke up. However, in an interview with Youtube Show "Alena, Damn!" Stas frankly told why she stopped working with Denis.

"The main reason for our collapse is the lack of concerts"

As it turned out, on the wave of popularity, the number of concerts dropped sharply. Perhaps the artists were worth changing the concert director and other team members, but according to Kostyushkin, the Klyaver refused to be.

"It all started with Denis. We created a group together. But the problem is that Den will work with people with whom the whole life can work. I offered to change the team. "No, I don't even want to talk about it!" I wrote the song "Faya, no Waifa", let's eat it. "No, I will not sing it." Den does not perceive other people's tracks at all. "

According to Stas, Denis was the leader of the team and wrote almost all the group hits - music and chorus. When Klyaver did not want to change the critical position of the duet, the costume went into solo creativity. Recall, he created a project a-dessa and released several singles. Now the artist continues to perform, but already under his name. Denis also builds a solo career, and recently introduced a new English-speaking project Mysterion, in which she sings in the style of rock.

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Photo: @stas_kostyushkin_official, @denisklyaver

At one time, the duet "Tea together", consisting of Denis Klyaver and Stas Kostyushkin, was a real phenomenon of the Russian scene. Two cute guys performing heartfelt melodic ballads, conquered the hearts of all girls!

The duet was formed in 1994, and in the middle of the "zero", their creativity reached the heights of popularity. But 18 years after the foundation, Stas and Denis decided to stop working together. Is it worth saying what shock it became for their loyal fans! There was a lot of rumors about the collapse of "Tea together". Fans even accused of his wife Kostyushkin Julia. Like, she set up a spouse against Denis with his assurances in the fact that Stas is much talented colleagues and should develop only in the solo direction.

Later, Kostyushkin said that the musicians decided to go on different roads due to the fact that they were in a dead end in their work. As part of the duet, both performers have become closely. Interestingly, singers, collaborating 18 years, no longer communicate. It did not happen because of some kind of offense, but simply because now there is nothing in common between them.

And the other day, Stas published a new record in his microblog, where accused of decay "Tea together" ... herself. The costume showed an old video in which he raised his strange smirk at the time of singing and even noted that, hitting the past, he would be hit herself for such a shame. Folloviers singer highly appreciated him self-irony. True, someone from the nostalging fans expressed her desire - here's the cost of Kostyushkin with Klyaver, and recorded a new hit!


Strong and reliable, attractive and sexy - which epithets did not give up the participants of the "Tea together" duet in different years of their activities. Fans are so accustomed to two strong and hollow guys on stage, which has long refused to believe in the collapse of the group. But nevertheless, in 2012 it happened. The gap of the once popular duet over the years has thrown a multitude of rumors and speculation - we will list the most popular of them and try to determine the truth.

Version First: Cherchez La Femm

After breaking the duet, the rumor went for a long time that Stasa Kostyushkina against a friend and partner, Denis Klyaver, configured the spouse of Julia. According to his own words, the future wife of Stasu "rushed" the Gypsy, having met artist right on tour in the bail cafe. At that time (it was 2003), Kostyushkin was in the second marriage, and not very happy. The prophecy turned out to be true - soon Stas met Julia Clokov and in 2006 a couple got married. Many are confident - it is the spouse, counting the costume of a much talented Klyaver, constantly inspired him this information, which led to the collapse of the team.

Delicate speculation

The remaining versions are no better. Some say that the cause of the quarrel and the subsequent rupture of the singers was the struggle for the championship and popularity, others insist on creative disagreements about the image and repertoire. But recently the art director of the former duo opened the curtain of secrecy.

Before you voiced the truthful version, it is worth mentioning how you live and work in the guys one. Both pretty actively started the solo career, but no one has achieved significant success - the clips are periodically shown in the top ratings, the guys are still full of strength and energy, but the stadiums are no longer applied by the famous tandem. It is concerned that Klyaver and Kostyushkin, thoroughly thoroughly, no, no, and come back to performances in a duet, as it brings much more profit.

True as it is

So we got to the truth - the head of the broken collective recently told that it was the cause of a creative catastrophe. It turns out that all wines are banal earnings. The fact is that a fixed amount is paid for the concert regardless of how many people on the stage sings and dancing. That is, relatively speaking, if two receive 20 thousand, the amount is divided. But at the same time, this fee may well be paid to one person. This was the cause of the group's collapse.

But the artists parted not enemies - they continue to communicate, and, as mentioned above, even sometimes sing together. True, sometimes they are not enough for each other. For example, when Stas congratulated a colleague with the birth of a son by a banal post in Twitter, Denis responded to predictably, stating that he would definitely send a SMS message to the day in honor of his birthday.

One day, Stas shared the episode from his life: somehow, having met Denis in a train, he was delighted not only an unexpected company, but also the fact that the colleague was finally intensified and began to move forward. From this we can conclude that, perhaps, about the inertness of the creative partner Kostyskina Julia was not far from the truth.

Now the guys sing individually and this is their right. Fans remain to accept and enjoy their solo projects.

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The duet "Tea together" collapsed in 2012. But not by mutual desire, but on the initiative of Stas Kostyushkin. They rumored that it was not without the advice of the wife of Yulia, who believed that Stas had long time to do a solo career and, accordingly, stop sharing his earnings. However, Kostyushkin says that it was only his decision, since he realized that the group "got up" and could not move on.

Denis Klyaver and Stas Kostyushkin
Denis Klyaver and Stas Kostyushkin

Denis Klyaver was offended and persuaded not to make sharp steps. After all, the group was successful and in demand, the money for the speeches was poured by the river. Even the father of Klyaver, the famous artist Ilya Oleynikov, persuaded the costume not to leave the group. But no one should have anything to anyone. And nothing is forever. Stas at that time was 41 years old and perhaps he was already simply not comfortable to wear a romantic image of a young man in the "Tea together". Moreover, in character, he is a clockwork, light and ironic - I wanted to do another music. The duo existed exactly 18 years old.

How was the creative fate of two artists? Who knows them now, remembers and what about the number of subscribers on social networks?

Stas Kostyushkin He began everything from scratch. In 2012, he launched his A-Dessa project, the basis of which was the execution of incendiary positives and rather more suitable for a very "heated" public on corporate parties. In many songs, the influence of the Odessa-Mom, which is not surprising, because Stas himself is Odessa.

Now all artists are measured by the number of subscribers in social networks. And we see that Stas is not very simple. His YouTube has 21 thousand subscribers, which indicates that the channel to put it mildly is not too popular. However, his instagram has 445 thousand subscriptions, which is not much more than today, but still not enough. Instagram Stas is constantly updated by new posts and actually lives!

Photo: @ stas_kostyushkin_official / instagram
Photo: @ stas_kostyushkin_official / instagram

Denis Klyaver After the collapse of "Tea together" did not go to the fly, and on the contrary, went to the board. In 2013, he began the solo career and in the same year he received the Golden Gramophone Prize for the song "Not like that". And in 2014 he became the laureate of the same premium for the song "Strange Sleep". He did not change his romantic style and continues to fulfill the song about love with his juicy velvety voice, being the author of almost all his songs. On Youtube he has 73 thousand subscribers, in Instagram 404 thousand.


Age presses ...

Age presses both artists and pretend that nothing happens and continue to sing from the face of the 17-year-old young man, at least not logical. For more - comical. Denis, with its chic vocal data, is already acidified in the context of his songs and is overly romantic for its age. Plus, he needs a stylist and nutritionist - an excessive thinness of him old, hairstyle and beard - heavily old. That is, if Denis plans to continue to go on stage and sing youth romance, then yes - no stylist.

As you know, age is not a vice, you just need to perform songs according to your age. This does not mean that you do not need to sing about love. Just need to reconsider the texts and stylistics of execution.

Kostyushkin Handsome, Katch and has an excellent physique from nature, with nutritionists and stylists, as can be seen in his appearance, he is fine. But is it not enough to regree? What are these galloping sailors with the face of an elderly guy from the Jay Mom video clip? The energy is rushing out of the costume, so it is necessary to apply it correctly. In the song "3G", the artist showed that with great success could realize himself not only as a singing bodybuilder, but also as a singing comedian.

Who is more successful?

In fact, the wrong question. Both went their own way. But unlike Denis, who was stuck in adolescent romance and juzates the topics of tea along and across the topics, Stas chose another creative direction. In any case, these famous artists have their fans and probably a tight schedule of performances.

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Duet "Tea together", who had no one lyrical song about love, began his existence in 1994. Charismatic Denis Klyaver and Stas Kostyushkin for many years fascinated fans. However, in 2012, the group unexpectedly discontinued existence. What was the split in the duet "Tea together"? Why did the band break?

Conquerors of Hit Pandas

It is noteworthy that the father of Klyaver Ilya Oleynikov filed the idea of ​​creating Duet Denis and Stasi. It was a wise and far-sample intent - a new-minted group quickly began to gain popularity. The team was decided to give the name "Tea together". Why did the group break, so popular and promoted? Her tracks have become a nostalgic symbol of two thousand years.

tea together why group broke

First, Denis and Stas were opposed to Mikhail Shafutinsky and Lime Vaikule. The single "affectionate" has become a real breakthrough for the group. In the future, several more songs that touch the listeners are still released. The girls were delighted with the team: the romantic duet texts were impregnated with tenderness and sincerity, and the appearance of soloists was impressed. Muscular, Static and Stylish Denis and Stas sang about the thrill of feelings and, it seems, Men's tears about the very desirable and only one. Perhaps precisely the favorable contrast between the image and content of the songs and became the key to such a rapid success of the team "Tea together".

Why was the band who managed to achieve such success? The duet even starred in the role of themselves in the rating series "My beautiful nanny". According to the plot, Nanny Vika loves the group "Tea together", and Maxim Shatalin invites her to visit as a surprise.

How did the group "Tea together" singled? Causes of dissolution Duet

The first rumors about the discretion in the duet appeared in 2011. However, soon the fans exhaled facilitantly - Kostyushkin and Klyaver seems to be rallied again. In 2012, they submitted the audience a "white dress" album, as well as three spectacular clips. Suddenly, like snow on the head on the fans fell sad news that the team was officially dissolved.

Why a group of tea has broken together

Why did the group "Tea together" broke up? There is an opinion that a quarrel became the reason for the disclaim in the duet. Like, the wife of Kostyskina, Julia, convinced her husband that he was much more promising and a talented partner in the team. Then reached the boiling point disagreements and troubles between Klyaver and the costume.

Not everything is so bad

Different versions of the disclaimer considered the devotees of the team of the Tea together. Why did the band break? Are there any other reasons? Perhaps the reason for stopping the duet is not so negative. Maybe each of the members of the team simply decided to start a new round in his work by a solo career? Indeed, they both did not go to the shadow, but continued their career in show business, but already separately. Klyaver holds the usual image and managed to release two solo album at the moment and received three "gold gramophones" for their efforts.

a group of tea has broken together

But Stas launched a fundamentally different from the "Tea together" project called "A-dessa". Ironic, a little crazy and very rhythmic songs of the costume "3G", "Woman, I'm not dancing", "punogen", "Fire (no Wai-faya)" Few people did not hear. Moreover, Stas, and Denis occasionally work together, by performing megapopular songs of their cult duet.

Duet "Tea together", whose participants for the eighteen years were the pets of the women's audience Denis Klyaver and Stas Kostyushkin , I stopped my existence in 2012. In his interview, now the solo performers of Klyaver and Kostyushkin have repeatedly said that over the past years, the project has exhausted itself, and the artists wanted to try their hand in new genres, but recently, Stas called a different reason for the collapse of the group.

According to Stas, the duet "Tea together" collapsed due to the banal lack of concerts, and it happened, oddly enough, at the moment when the group was still at the peak of popularity. "We have a song" White Dress ", which sounded from every iron. And there are no concerts, "Stas told. In this situation, Kostykin suggested that the Klawer will change the concert director and the entire team, but Denis categorically refused such actions, as well as did not want to change the format and stylist of musical tracks executed by the group. Stas repeatedly went on a conversation with a colleague, but Denis was categorically against recruitment and was not ready to perform songs written by another author. By the way, the very first solo hit of Stas "Fire" was already written by the time, and Kostyushkin offered Denis to fulfill him in a duet, but Klyaver refused. "Dan does not perceive other people's tracks at all!" Stas notes.

Kostyushkin confirms that the group "Tea together" began with Denis Klyaver which was in the duet leader. To date, the solo career of both performers is very successful, but Stas does not exclude the fact that one day they decide to revive the duet of "Tea together". However, this, according to Stas, can occur, can except in the distant perspective and only after they with Denis have achieved even greater heights in solo work.

A source

In an interview with AIF.RU singer and songwriter Denis Klyaver told about the reasons for the decay of the Duet "Tea together", about why not advertised the daughter born Eva Poloa and why his father took a pseudonym Oleinikov Also because of what in the last years of life, his father was depressed.

Vladimir Polipanov, AIF.RU: - Denis, I will tell you directly and frankly: I never liked the duet "Tea together". Adults are pumped units who sing slooking teenage songs. You didn't seem like that?

Denis Klyaver : - I agree that in the format of the radio it was very sweet, we called it "good good." I understand you as a man. But at solo concerts, we had another feed - with drive and elements of rock and roll. In the success of any creative project, sincerity plays a major role. We did it from the soul. Therefore, one time was even included in the top three of the most popular artists of the country.

The soloists of the group "Tea together" Denis Klyaver and Stanislav Kostyushkin.
The soloists of the group "Tea together" Denis Klyaver and Stanislav Kostyushkin. Photo: RIA Novosti / Grigory Sysoev

- And who was with you in Troika?

- "Lube" and "VIA Gra". It was at the peak of our career as a duet in 2009. In Stasa ( Costume - Ed.) Conservative education, I have a jazz. We fell on a professional scene at all unquesting, but with your understanding of pop music. Stas, behind the shoulders were 5 years of work in the theater, I have only a music school. Before that, I kept the microphone in my hands a couple of times. And, in fact, "in battle" became an artist. We pulled the "trump card" at the competition «Yalta — Moscow — Transit »In 1995. But after the first success, they were looking for their musical purpose for a long time.

Duet "Tea together" - these were incredibly happy years. I am grateful to Stasika. What I achieved happened not without his participation. It was the way to have to go. And the path was not easy.

Stas and Julia Costume. 2010.

- Is it really? You always seemed like dashes of fate.

- In 2000, after 6 years of existence, we sat with Stas and thought: is it time for us to tie with music? We did not know what to do. New groups appeared: "High-Fi", "Guests from the Future", "Outwashing Scammers", etc. And we felt like pensioners on them. In parallel with us, "Ivanushki", "Hands up", who were in the mountain. We tried to do something and under the "Ivanoshai", then a la "hands up." It seems that the words are the same, and the music is similar. But it did not work. What we just did.

I remember tour in Kharkov in 2000, where we arrived with 50 suitcases of costumes. We changed out several times for the concert, three sweat came from us. But as we tried, the hall was filled with approximately half. After the speech, the organizer came to the grimor, and we are waiting for the delight, trying to breathe, asked him: "Well, how?" "Not bad," he answered Skapor. - But I had a week ago "Ivanushki" were. That was powerful! True, before the performance drank so badly. Honestly, we thought they would not be able to work. Nothing. Just twice the concert, one of the soloists ran out for the scene. In general, they defended, worked gorgeous! Handsome! With full manschlage! "

All this led to what we needed our hit. And the first such song was "affectionate" in 2001. Then our dream came true - we began to sound in the markets. We shot an apartment in Moscow at the Metro Babushkinskaya, where the market was where we went for the products. When I heard in one of the stalls our song, I understood - happened! We wrote hit!

- In 2013, you stopped being a duet with Stas. Was there any last drop that overflowed the cup of patience?

- The boys grew up. It seems to me that it is more logical to ask a question as we lasted 18 years together. Look at how many solo creativity we have. Stas was originally more eccentric, I am a little more romantic. We complemented each other. Due to this difference, a duet success was.

- In part, did you repeat the fate of my father, who also had a duet with Yuri Stoyanov in the "town"?

- Partly, yes. I am sure that the success of any duet is when there are two personalities in it. Duets where there is a soloist, and another person as if under it, quickly disintegrate. "Town" so many years lasted, because there were two equivalent personals.

- Looking at your solo concert, I realized that 90% of your repertoire is a song about love. Is it boring to sing about the same thing?

- No! Love is a multifaceted feeling. It seems about the same, but about completely different states and situations. I have songs not only about love for women. For example, "When you become big."

Denis Klyaver. 

- As I understand it, is it dedicated to your children?

- Yes. In the Duet "Tea together" we had a similar "very tiny legs", which we recorded in 2001, when my first son was born Timofey . Then two more couples of invaluable "legs" appeared to the world and gave me a pulse to writing another song. I have three children (two sons and daughter). "When you become big" appeared as a protest against modern songs, where these words are increasingly found: bitch, rubbish, fool. Word on the letter «б»It has already become almost censored. Disappeared unhealthy lifestyle and derogatory attitude towards a woman. And all for the sake of Haip, which is done on vulgar. I love to laugh myself, I am not a Hange. But there are things that are allowed in the form of a joke for a narrow circle, but non-disabilities for carrying out a wide audience. When I released this song, they began to write children. "Denis, hello, I am 13 years old," the boy writes. - I will be brief. Listened to your song "When you become big" and now I solve all your questions only with my father. Thanks for song. You made a happy one more family. " I am immensely glad that in this song I managed to lay a message, which is clear not only to parents, but also for children.

- "Love lives three years" You wrote, reading the eponymous novel Frederica Begmedra?

- Yes, it was he who inspired me to writing this song. True, at the end of the novel he writes that love lives as much as these relations want two people. Begbeder is a zinic man. But cynicism is actually the cover of sentimentality.

- On your page Instagram many touching photos with younger son Daniel. And with senior Timothy, you had the same relationship when he was small?

- I have always had such an attitude towards children. On the example of older children (son and daughters), I was convinced how they quickly turn into adults and independent people. Yes, when the first children appeared, I divorced with their moms. But, thanks to them, we have excellent relationships. For the sake of happiness, children can always find a compromise.

- But from the part it may seem that you have pretty frivolously led yourself with women - divorced with the first wife Lena, living with her in marriage just 2 weeks. The daughter born by the soloist of the group "Guests from the future" Eva Polne is out of marriage, you didn't even recognize for several years. This is true?

- How did it not admit it?! We just did not advertise it with Eva. But after a few years after the birth of the daughter, all was documented. From the side, probably, all this looks pretty frivolous. And I do not find any excuses. But, in my opinion, it is better to live separately than "for the sake of the child's happiness," to torment each other to joint living and find out the relationship with his eyes. But if you really love your children, you can always come to a compromise and build relationships.

Ilya Oleynikov and his wife.

"Your father Ilya Oleynikov and Mom Irina lived together 38 years old in one marriage." Did you feel the care of your father? Or was he so busy man that he had no time for you?

- Father was infrequently at home, sometimes we did not see it for 2 months. In Soviet hungry times, and then during the "restructuring" he traveled a long time on tour, and for a penny. There were no mobile phones, and we did not communicate for weeks. But I always felt his care and love. Even on distance. I bought the most expensive gifts for those times. I remember, in childhood, when the father was not at home for a long time, I climbed into the closet and sniffed his sweater, smelled by perfume and tobacco. With it, we gradually lined up energy relations.

Even when we met with him, we, in fact, talked little. "Hello how are you? Everything is fine". The main thing next. We were enough for some time to be together. And we took a serious thorough conversation a few years before his care. Dad played in the play "Perfect Murder" with Olga Arosova At the Moscow Theater Satire. After the performance, I called him and said that I was going by car from Moscow to Peter. "Want, let's go together," I suggested. "And we went," he agreed. We are going. He says: "Something mood is lousy." Then she smoked, it was a little released, and so the word for the word we talked for 5 hours. His eyes burned, he recalled his youth, different situations and told me everything without bills - who and as an accumulated one who went to the left, where and how they drank. Perhaps it was the only such thorough conversation. And happiness that was. Periodically I remember it with warmth.

- In ordinary life, all comedians are sad people. Did this belong to your father?

- The last few years he had a depressive state. Life checked him so much. Boy from Chisinau, Son of Shornik. He got used to live, all the time overcoming some kind of resistance. "Town" appeared when he was already 45 years old. He seemed to get to the top, but his life was thrown again. And he had to start all over again several times. Dad understood that he was a talented and steep artist, but no one believed in it. This is a terrible state. Because of this, he did not really want me to engage in a creative profession.

"Why did he take himself a pseudonym Oleinikov, and you did not hesitate to surname Klyaver?"

- We live at another time. Pope had a duet - Roman Bronstein и Ilya Klyaver . Remember this miniature "Well, the question is of course interesting"? In the 80s, they were cut out of television programs all the time. Roman took a pseudonym Cossacks And the father continued to perform the last name Klyaver. Somehow Vladimir Vinokur Said Father: "Ilya, it would be necessary to change the surname. Take the name of my wife - Oleinikov. " Since the father began to perform under the pseudonym, it became easier for him. When the duet "Tea together" broke up, my mother asked a question: "Son, under what surname will you perform?" "Klyaver," say. "Maybe better Oleinikov?" "No," I said to my mother, "I really like my and daddy's real name." Then Dad could not act under it, and now I do not see any problems for this.

- I know, you did not advertise that your father Oleinikov. Why?

- I had reasons.

- What is it interesting?

"I remember my personal attitude towards protectionism - when I found out that some of the beginner artists relevant to some star, a negative immediately arose. Therefore, I never spoke to anyone about my father. I was an ordinary guy to the Tea Tea group, nobody knew me. I have never said anywhere that I am the son of Oleikov. I wanted people to treat me from pure sheet.

- But my father helped you?

- Of course. In 1995, his father gave us with stas money for the first clips. About 80 thousand dollars. Almost all the money that he had at that moment. But we returned to him in a year and a half. It was a question of principle. I perfectly realized that my father gave this money, realizing that he could never see them.

I remember when the dad first brought home a stack of bills, pulled by a rubber band. He threw this pack to the chandelier, and I saw the happy and proud eyes of a man who first brought big money home. He was then 44 years old.

- In the final of life, he invested a lot of money in the musical "Prophet", in which he himself played a major role. He was also the author of the music. This money did not fuck off?

- And they could not fuck off. Such musicals with such a global approach are charged due to sponsors. This musical has become the meaning of his musical life. All who saw live this production still remember her with delight. Most of course thought it was a comedy. People walked on the comedian, and the dad had a serious dramatic role, and the whole musical is deep enough. Atkinson (Mr. Bean) is also a multifaceted actor. But he is the hostage of his amplua. Father had a similar problem.

At the end of his life, he wanted to hack in full. And prove first of all. My mother and I understood that the money was not disconnected. In the volume and global formation of financially, it was an unprofitable project. I told him: "Dad, everyone loves and respected. You can negotiate with any company so that it sponsor. " "I am uncomfortable to ask," he answered. But no one ever regretted this in our family. On the contrary! Felt special pride! And I am sure that in the near future, the "Prophet" will again be released.

- Almost every creative team has its own anecdotic story. I was told by the leader of the "Tea" Volodya Shahrin. He somehow sat in a provincial restaurant and tried to order myself a meal. At that moment a person came to him and said: "Hello," Tea together " ». What Sharrin replied: «What am I "Tea together" ? " "And I understood," said man, "you are alone today."

- I can tell you the second part of this story, which I also told me Sharin . It is suitable for a person and says: "Are you a group" Tea "?" "Well, yes," Shahrin meets. "Are you, what, son Oleinikov?".

At first, we were also asked with Stas: "How is the group called -" Tea together "?" In general, really a very strange name, which I did not accept and did not understand first. Director Alexander Rezzin We came up with it. He was, in fact, our first producer who taught us the Azam Showbiz, for which he expressing great gratitude to him! But we still didn't like the name. Well, there is some kind of smooth. Only then, when we took off, noticed that our creativity could really be easily compared with tea - vigorous, toning, company and soulful drink. But then! "You understand," Vzzin told us, - that when you spin, you will have tea sponsors ». When we became a promoted and popular group that we just did not offer to advertise. But tea is never. (Laughs)

Stas Kostyushkin voiced the reason for the collapse of the group "Tea together"

The group "Tea together" was at the peak of popularity for many years. The disintegration of the duet discouraged many fans. According to Denis Klyaver and Stas, Kostyskina Boys-Bend has exhausted creative potential, so its participants decided to perform solo. But it turned out that the reason for the split "Tea together" lies not only for this reason.

Tea for Two

Split on the popularity wave

Duet "Tea together" successfully existed for 18 years, collecting full concert halls. But in 2012, being on the wave of popularity, the soloists of the Group reported unexpected news. Artists decided to go into free swimming and sing separately. Then Klyaver and Kostyushkin said that the Boyz-Bend "Tea together" exhausted himself, and they do not see the meaning in the future existence of the project.

Tea for Two

Recognition of Stas Kostyushkin

Later, Stas admitted that the motive for decay was the lack of concerts. In 2011-2012, the track "White Dress" sounded from everywhere, but it did not help the guys to gather full halls. Stas suggested Denis to change the musical team and director, but Klyaver was against personnel permutations. The vocalist firmly convinced to adhere to the previous genre for the performance of songs, so I did not want to change the authors of the tracks.

Another version of the collapse of the popular group

Soon Stas Kostyushkin began to perform solo. It is rumored that the decision of Stanislav to leave the group and protrude separately influenced his third wife - Julia. She convinced her husband that he was not worse than Denis, but for some reason the focus of the duet was riveted precisely to Klyavar. However, Stas never hid that the history of the group "Tea together" originates from Denis. Be that as it may, the artist began to perform solo. And then in a free creative flight, but a klyaver.

Tea for Two

Duet "Tea together" can reunite

Currently, Denis Klyaver and Stas Kostyushkin are famous solo artists. But to the popularity of their brainchild - the project "Tea together", artists are clearly not reaching. Stas Kostyushkin does not exclude that someday they will reunite again. True, not in the near future. For this, guys need to achieve large heights in the solo career.

Tea for Two

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