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Our collection presents the best programs for changing the voice, with the help of which you can "play" with your own tonality, speak the votes of celebrities, impose on the sound of special effects, surprise the interlocutor and have fun during communication.

Best voice change programs

The utilities will help to write a beautiful voice to escort a video tutorial or training material, hide your true timbre while communicating with gamers, or just surprise and laugh the interlocutor. Voices can be changed online and used in programs for communication.

Best voice change programs

The application changes the tonality in real time and records the finished result in the WAV format. The user can choose sources of output and input sound, apply the voice of the singer, child, opposite sex, etc. Software works even on old OS, has an English-speaking, but intuitive interface. The entry link can be sent by mail or save on the desktop.

Best voice change programs
Best voice change programs

In online mode changes, imposes interesting background sounds, allows the user to create their effects and customize the hotkeys. The program is compatible with all software using the microphone, has a considerable collection of background sounds and timbres, as well as a simple and understandable interface. Use in games and VoIP-telephony has a limit of 30 seconds.

Best voice change programs

Allows you to change the tonality and voice timbre when communicating in messengers or audiosiles in online games. Compatible with VoIP chat rooms and games, keeps confidentiality and has several voice profiles. The application can change the tonality, voice parameters, male and female voices. For coordinated work, it is necessary to have a NET.Framework on the PC. Built-in Morfox Assistant will help to deal with the functions and configure the parameters for the needs of the user.

Best voice change programs

A convenient application only works on Skype and allows a foreign interlocutor to get the information you transmitted to you understandable to him. In addition, you can convert a voice, write conversations, draw by emmoticon, send greeting cards and improve voice quality. You can choose convenient text to transfer text, include background audio and chat bot, check spelling and send mass messages.

Best voice change programs

Changes voice timbre and retains the result in popular formats. You can use compression and noise reduction features, a built-in recorder and comparator, as well as apply a variety of effects and filters for voice. In addition, the height of speech and timbre can be changed with thin settings, as well as use ready-made presets. Software works with most formats and has a voice equalizer. The free version is active 14 days.

Best voice change programs

The utility changes the sound of a real-time voice using interesting effects, filters and fine sound tuning. The user is available to select a sound device, creating its presets, a voice change to create a learning material and maintain a project to the necessary format. Menu in English, but is understandable and accessible to work.


Do you want to surprise friends by changing your voice (unusually congratulate on your birthday or just play, for example)? Or call the boss and pretend to be hoarse, asking otgule? 😉

Whatever it was, to change the voice in the microphone is simple enough: specials needed. The program and 5 minutes on its setting ...

Actually, in this article I want to bring the best products that will help you quickly and easily make your voice so that you will not even recognize it (for example, it will be a female / male, he can add "age," to dilute "noise" and etc. etc.)

I think I intrigued?! Now I will go to business ...

👉 Supplement!

If you have too quiet sound , I recommend to get acquainted with this instruction.


How to change your voice: through specials. programs

Voxal Voice Changer

Developer site:

VOXAL VOICE CHANGER - Main window screenshot

VOXAL VOICE CHANGER - Main window screenshot

One of their best programs for changing the voice in real time. The change occurs due to the use of various effects: the height of the tone, echo, the timbre, etc. The sequence imposed by the effects you can be any, as you think!

Capture of sound, by the way, can be carried out from different sources (including from the microphone). In general, a very interesting product, I recommend!


  1. allows you to speak to another voice in Skype (and other messengers), games, etc.;
  2. You can change the voice both in real time when conversations over IP telephony and simply, when recording an audio file;
  3. There are presets of popular program setup options;
  4. the ability to manually point settings;
  5. low system requirements;
  6. Supports Windows 7, 8, 10 (32/64 Bits).

Of minuses : English-speaking interface (although the Russifier "walks" over the network, but it is not from the developers of this software).


AV Voice Changer Diamond

Developer's website:

AV VOICE CHANGER DIAMOND - Main program window

AV VOICE CHANGER DIAMOND - Main program window

According to developers, their program can give your voice sexuality and tomost (so it is ideal for those who want to impress the opposite sex when meeting).

In addition, all your audio conversations program allows you to record it in a separate file (it can be useful if you want to record an interesting draw draw and show it to others close).

By the way, the program has a voice comparator (you can try to "decompose" a person's voice on "slices" and compare it with others - thanks to which you try to simulate the voice of the right person).


  1. Unique effects for changing the voice (help when meeting);
  2. Many effects are available in the free version;
  3. simple and convenient interface;
  4. Ability to model voice;
  5. support for IP telephony;
  6. Ability to maintain audio conversations in MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, etc.;
  7. Support Windows 7, 8, 10.


Morphvox Junior.

Developer site:

MorphVox Junior - Main Window Program (Male Voice)

MorphVox Junior - Main Window Program (Male Voice)

A free program that will help change your voice beyond recognition. Most optimized for online games (but also works in Skype, online networks, etc. Messengers for communication).

By the way, the design of the program is something like Winamp: simple and convenient (I think who worked with this audio player easily will easily figure out with Morphvox Junior).


  • convenient integration with online messengers and communication programs over the network;
  • the ability to change your voice to unrecognizable (child's voice, women, men, etc.);
  • a wide variety of built-in sound effects;
  • low system requirements (low load on the CPU, compared to other applications);
  • No support for the Russian language.


Fake Voice

Developer's website:

To register the program (before first use), a working e-mail address will be required.

Fake Voice - Screenshot of program parameters

Fake Voice - Screenshot of program parameters

Very interesting application: In just a few mouse clicks, even a novice user will be able to change his voice beyond recognition! For example, a child's voice can easily become a male, and the voice of a man is female!

In addition, you can add echo to your voice (it is necessary to, for example, your interlocutor thought that you are in a cave or theater. Funny?)


After installing the program, you will have an independent audio driver. To change the microphone sound, it is enough in the Windows volume knob to select this audio driver. Everything! Now all programs run on your computer will receive a modified voice.

By the way, thanks to a fairly well-worked "driver" - this application has high compatibility and it works in most communication programs.



Official website:

SCRAMBY - Program window (pay attention to the number of effects!)

SCRAMBY - Program window (Pay attention to the number of effects!) / Screen Clickable

A relatively small program that allows you to impose dozens of different effects on the voice in real time. Thanks to which, you will not be able to know even the closest people.

The program interface is as simple as possible: even completely novice users will cope with it.

By the way, another advantage would noted: the program automatically adjusts part of the parameters that are required for high-quality sound when choosing various effects (so that the sound is clean and folding). This does not make most similar software.

Another point would noted: you can independently import your effects into the program.


  • Support for all popular communication programs: Skype, Steam, messengers, online games, etc.
  • There are surroundings: crowd, wind, etc.;
  • a huge set of effects for overlay (see Screenshot above);
  • Effects can be added using only one button (useful when you dramatically want to change your voice);
  • Ability to recording a conversation ( Note: which goes through SCRAMBY);
  • Support for most versions of Windows: 98, 2000, XP, 7, VISTA, 8, 10.



Developer's website:

Link to download (Softonic):

AV VOIZGAME - Main window

AV VOIZGAME - Main window

The powerful utility that will become a "mediator" between the audio signal received from the microphone and transmitted to various software to communicate.

Thanks to what, AV VOIZGAME allows you to change the voice in online mode. The program supports various presets, it is possible to record communication, a convenient equalizer, support for hot keys, etc.

Perhaps the only drawback: the program is paid (though there is a 7-day trial period).


  • Ability to convert speech in online mode;
  • support for IP telephony, games, voice communication programs;
  • There is an equalizer that allows you to point to configure sound quality;
  • Support hot keys (you can change your voice right during the game!);
  • Record Module (Allows you to record your conversations in a separate file on the disk).


Skype Voice Changer

Developer website:

Skype Voice Changer - Main window

Skype Voice Changer - Main window

This small utility add some features to Skype: You will be able to change your speech, to record it, take advantage of the synthesis of speech (so that the program itself read the text offered to it and sent it to the network).

It would noted the presence of templates for popular settings (help you save time if you do not understand the audio segment). Perhaps the only thing that upsets a little: the presence of restrictions in the free version ...


  • The program only works in a bundle with Skype;
  • the ability to change speech in online mode;
  • There is a speech synthesis function: i.e. The program can read the text;
  • The ability to recording conversations (Available formats: MP3, WMA, AAC);
  • The free version has limitations: for example, you can record no more than 30 seconds. conversation.


Funny Voice

Developer : Alexander Sabov.

Download You can UPTodown:

FUNNY VOICE - program work screenshot

FUNNY VOICE - program work screenshot

Free and very simple apps to change your speech in online mode. Your voice can be similar to any actor from a militant or cartoon.

Using the program is easier to light: after connecting the columns and microphone, you just have to move the slider and say something. The result will impress you (the voice will change beyond recognition)!

By the way, I also note the possibility of recording audio conversations to a file on HDD. Very useful option, if you want to listen to the conversation again.


Supplements on the topic are welcome ...



First Publication: 10/14/2018

Adjustment: 1.11.2020


Useful software:

  • Video editing
  • Video installation
  • Excellent software to create their first videos (all actions go along the steps!). Video will make even newcomer!
  • Utility for optimization
  • Computer accelerator
  • A program for cleaning Windows from "garbage" (deletes temporary files, speeds up the system, optimizes the registry).

Have you ever wondered how your voice sounded if you were a cartoon character, a robot or an older version of yourself? Change the sound of your voice has never been so easy, regardless of the model of your smartphone, since applications for changing the voice can be used both on the iPhone and on Android devices.

Despite the fact that there is nothing wrong to change your voice to have fun with friends, the use of applications for changing the voice for malicious draws or intimidating strangers on the Internet is far from acceptable. Read on if you want to learn more about the best voices for changing voice for iPhone and Android devices and find what you like most.

The best apps to vote for iPhone and Android

Creating a new ringtone ringtone, voice record or entertainment with friends is just a few reasons why so many people prefer to test applications for changing the voice. The overwhelming majority of these applications have well-equipped sound effect libraries that allow users to have fun with their friends and hear how they will sound if they were drunk or inhaled helium. So let's take a look at some of the best applications for changing the voice in the market.

Changing video svu on Windows and Mac using Wondershare Filmora9

Want to change voice in video on Windows and Mac and do not know which software can satisfy this requirement? Try the Wondershare Filmra9 video editor, which provides several ways to change the voice, for example, changing voice velocity or change the height of the sound. Load the trial version below and learn more about the creation of video creation with Filmora9.


Price: Free, but offers purchases in the appendix.

Compatibility: iOS 9.0 or newer

Users rating: 4.0

If you want to resemble the favorite movie descent, then the "Celebrity Voice Changer" is one of the best options you can do. In addition to the standard set of parameters, the application also allows you to request new votes, because its technology of machine learning can imitate the voice of almost any person. However, CELEBRITY VOICE CHANGER is currently available only in English and cannot modulate in other languages. In addition, you must make a purchase in the application to access all application functions or unlock unlimited use of the application.


  • Automatic voting modulation
  • Huge selection of voice filters
  • The application generates video files that are better adapted to the audience on social networks than audio files.
  • Excellent celebrity impressions


  • Unreasonably expensive
  • Deep learning technologies in the appendix still have to improve

2. Snapchat.

Price: Free, but offers purchases in the appendix.

Compatibility: iOS 10.0 or newer, Android 4.4 or newer

Users rating: 3.8

Snapchat is one of the largest messaging platforms on the market that more than 203 million users use every day. Previously, we told how to change the floor in Snapchat, in addition, the application allows users to shoot short moments or so-called pictures and share them with friends. In addition to hundreds of video filters, Snapchat also offers a wide range of voice change effects that make Snaps more interesting. Even in this case, the sound recording parameters that Snapchat offers are far from ideal, because the application does not allow you to edit the files that you create with it. Using Snapchat quickly discharges your battery, so you should pay attention to how often you use this application.


  • Simple voice modulation process
  • Excellent messaging options
  • Provides you with access to the large community of like-minded people.
  • Lenses and filters are updated daily


  • Editing voice changes after creating binding is impossible.
  • Snapchat is the first not an application for changing the voice.

3. Voice charter

Price: Free

Compatibility: Android 4.1 and above

Users rating: 4.3

Changing the voice using this application will not take more than a few minutes of your time. You just need to start the application and click the microphone button to start recording the message or joke you want to change. When you are pleased with the record that you have done, you can choose one of more than twenty voice effects that will make you walk on the gnome, robot or aliens. Options for sharing files allow you to publish your audio recordings in any platform of social networks on your choice or store files and use them as many times as you want.


  • Entertaining and easy to use
  • Simple three-step voice modulation process
  • Good selection of voice filters
  • Excellent file sharing options


  • An advertisement is displayed in the appendix.
  • No audio editing tools

4. Voicy: Change Celebrity Voice

Price: Free, but offers purchases in the appendix.

Compatibility: iOS 10 or newer.

Users rating: 4.3

Issuing yourself for your favorite celebrity can be a fun way to play friends on social networks. VOICY offers a wide selection of celebrity voice imitation, which you can use to make you be on the famous actress or TV presenter. The application uses machine learning technology, which can create more than forty avatars and allows users to experiment with different voice effects. The free version of the application offers only limited capabilities, so if you want access to all VOICY functions, you must choose a weekly monthly or annual subscription.


  • Equipped with powerful machine learning technology
  • Offers a wide selection of voice avatars.
  • The process of rapid voice modification
  • Excellent choice if you want to make a parody


  • More expensive than competitors
  • Only English supports

5. Video Voice Changer - Funny Editor

Price: Free, but offers purchases in the appendix.

Compatibility: iOS 8.0 or newer.

Users rating: 4.4

Changing votes in the video that you write on the iPhone or iPad is a simple process requiring minimal effort. You can use this iOS application to record a video that is going to duplicate, or import them from the albums in which they are stored. The Video Voice Changer application is a great option if you want to duplicate the video directly from your phone, because it allows you to change the voices in your video and force them to sound like mice, bears or ghosts. The choice is offered more than thirty voice effects, so you can easily choose the one that is best suited for the editable video.


  • Equipped with video recording
  • Excellent opportunities for overwriting
  • Rich Choice of Voice Effects
  • Allows users to share their creations on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks.


  • You must make a purchase in the application to access all the functions of the application.
  • No sound mixing options

6. Video effects for changing voice

Price: Free, but offers purchases in the appendix.

Compatibility: Android 4.1 and above.

Users rating: 4.1

This is a simple application, with which everyone can change the vote in the video. Just download the video file from the SD card into your phone and select the sound effect you want to apply. The collection of funny votes of the application includes such options as echo, squirrel, spacecraft or chipmunk. Once you choose the voice effect you want to add to the video, the application will start creating a new video that will be saved on your phone. Publication of video editable using Video Voice Changer FX, on social networks directly from the application is not option.


  • Fun and easy to use
  • Excellent value for money and quality
  • To change the voice, only a few clicks
  • Allows users to switch between effects during video playback.


  • No way recording audio or video
  • Does not support publications on social networks


Price: Free, but offers purchases in the appendix.

Compatibility: Android 4.3 and above

Users rating: 3.9

Each joke you want to share with your friends on the network will be a bit more funny if you write it using Squeak Voice Changer. You just need to click on the "Record" button, and then go to the selection of one of the available effects. Each voice change effect that offers this application is represented by a character, so you should choose Jamie The Jolly if you want your voice to sound as if you are at a party, or Bruce The Sentimental Bot, if you want your The voice sounded artificially. All records you do with Squeak Voice Changer can be easily published on social networks.


  • Equipped with sound recording options
  • Cute and memorable characters with voice effects
  • Inexpensive and interesting to use
  • Functional application design


  • Bad choice of voice effects
  • AI recognizes English

8. Voice charter with effects

Price: Free

Compatibility: Android 4.1 and above

Users rating: 4.5

This Android database application is created in order to simplify and have fun, since the voice modulation functions allow you to play voice recording in the opposite direction or change your voice to robotic or even someone else's. In addition to recording a voice, the application also allows you to modulate in advance recorded sounds and save them to your phone or use them as ringtones or notification sounds. In addition, the application allows you to add sounds to images and publish them on Facebook. Voice Changer With Effects allows you to share all the audio files that you treat with it, on any of the most popular social networking platforms.


  • Appendix has more than 50,000,000 installations.
  • Equipped with text conversion function to voice
  • Install a new ringtone with the help of this application is very simple
  • Supports editing pre-recorded audio files


  • Contains advertising
  • No audio or video editing settings

9. Voice change

Price: Free

Compatibility: Android 4.1 and above

Users rating: 4.4

If you are looking for an Android application that allows you to quickly and without effort to modulate your voice, Voice Changer can be one of the best options that you can find on the market. You can record your voice, simply by clicking on the microphone and speaking in the phone speaker, and then applying one of the sound effects offered by this application. If you wish, you can import the already recorded audio file into the app, and then apply the effects of Martian, a foreigner, giant or child to voice record. The most pleasant thing is that you can apply each of these effects to the editable audio files as many times as you want.


  • Many funny effects
  • Simple audio record setting
  • Intuitive and modern interface
  • Allows users to exchange audio files via Bluetooth or social networking platforms


  • No video editing tools
  • The quality of the output audio files may vary

10. Voice Effects

Price: Free, but offers purchases in the appendix.

Compatibility: Android 4.0.3 and above

Users rating: 3.8

Modulation of votes in all types of audio files is a simple and fascinating process that can be performed in just a few clicks. During the audio record session, you can apply all voice effects to the sound recorded and broadcast it live into your web browsers or media players you use. Voice FX changes your voice in real time, which allows you to preview the results before deciding whether you want to save them. All files that you export from this application will be saved in MP3 format so that you can use them as ringtones on your Android device.


  • Allows users to change pre-recorded audio files
  • Voice effects apply in real time
  • Offers direct broadcast functions
  • Export files in mp3 format


  • Inclined to failures
  • Limited selection of voice effects

11. Voice Changer Plus

Price: Free, but offers purchases in the appendix.

Compatibility: iOS 8.0 or newer.

Users rating: 4.8

Owners of the iPhone and iPad, which require an application to change the voice that gives them complete freedom of creativity regarding the modulation of recorded votes, should consider using Voice Changer Plus. Annex has more than fifty voice effects and support for voice recording for the scenes. Moreover, you can edit all your audio files even after saved them, which will allow you to find new ways to improve your recordings over time. Voice Changer Plus is also equipped with trimming controls, so you can delete all parts of your audio files that do not want to share with friends on social networks.


  • Offers more voice effects than most of his competitors
  • Provides parameters of recording voice recording
  • Users can trim their audio files
  • All audio recordings can be edited after voice modulation.


  • To unlock all application functions, you need to purchase in the application.
  • Sound modulation in video files is impossible

Below is a table for a quick comparison of these applications for changing the voice, I hope it will be useful for you.

application Supported OS Custom rating Voice patterns

Changer - Face

iOS 9.0 or newer 4.0 Yes
Snapchat. iOS 10.0 or newer, Android 4.4 or newer 3.8. No
Voice Changer by E3Games Android 4.1 and above 4.3. Yes
Video Voice Changer - Fun Editor iOS 8.0 or newer 4.4. Yes
Video Voice Changer FX Android 4.1 and above 4.1. Yes
Squeak Voice Changer Android 4.3 and above 3.9. Yes
VOICE CHANGER WITH EFFECTS Android 4.1 and above 4.5 Yes
Voice Changer Android 4.1 and above 4,4. Yes
Voice FX. Android 4.0.3 and above 3.8. Yes
Voice Changer Plus. iOS 8.0 or newer 4.8. Yes


All like good jokes, and the applications presented in this article will allow you to get a lot of pleasure, experimenting with various variants of voice modulation. All voice effects offered by these applications can automatically change the voice, but if you want to change the voices in your video, you must select an application that supports this option. Which of the best applications for changing voice for iPhone and Android devices will you choose? Leave a comment and share with us your opinion.

Changing the voice in the microphone - the task is simple. In fact, you only need to choose a suitable sound in a special program that picks up your speech and betray the voice of the target timbre. Thanks to this, you can play acquaintances, talking to them through Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram in other people's voices, voice videos for different characters, etc. Fantasy is where to turn around.

How voted voice in programs

The number of available variants of voice change depends on the functionality of the program you will use. The simplest to reduce and increase the tonality, turning the conditional bass to Falletet and vice versa. A man can talk like a woman, a woman - like a man, an adult man - like a child.

In programs, there are a lot of presets (presets). For example, said in a microphone by a regular voice that can sound in a clown, like Mickey Mouse, a robot, aliens, demon, etc. Some templates support the change in height and timbre, and also allow you to use additional acoustic effects, for example, echo. In some applications, adding to speech of background sounds.

Programs for computer

There are many votes for modification and imitation of voice to a PC, but most of them are not translated into Russian. However, it rarely confuses users, because such applications are usually simple and intuitive.

Attention: Programs do not support all microphones. This applies to both internal and external devices. If the application does not fit, try the other.

Clownfish Voice Changer

CLOOTNFISH Voice Changer voice modifier works with all the programs that use the microphone. With it, you can speak a stranger vote through Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Discord, Steam and other applications that are supported by audio list.

Customize the program is not required. After installation, it immediately applies effects to the microphone. All you need is to choose a suitable sound.


  1. Run the program. This will open any window, only an icon appears on the notification panel. Click on it right-click. CLOOTNFISH VOICE CHANGER MENU
  2. Go to the "Install Voice Shift" section.
  3. Choose a voice from the proposed options: a man, a woman, a child aliens, a robot, the effect of helium, etc. If you do not speak English, it is clear what pictures will help.
  4. Run any application for communicating and say - the interlocutor will hear your speech modified.

Voice change to children's

In Clawnfish you can add background sounds - for example, echo or conversation of other people. There is also a mixer, which allows you to connect up to 4 options to one new sound.

Fake Voice

Fake Voice is a small program to simulate a voting with a very simple interface. It is distributed free of charge, but to start using it, you will have to specify the email address.

After installing Fake Voice, another application installer starts from the same developer - Fake Webcam. You can refuse it, it does not affect the performance of the main program.

To configure the sound in Fake VOICE there are 4 sliders. In addition, the effects of the robot and echo can be applied to the voice - one or immediately both. These effects are also configured using the slider, so, despite the small amount of presets, there will be several dozen different sound options.

Sound Settings in Fake Voice

When installing Fake Voice adds to the system your own recording device (virtual microphone). To transferred the voice to Skype and other apps to communicate, you need to specify the microphone of this program in their settings.

Here is how this is done on the example of Skype:

  1. Click on your avatar.
  2. Go to the "Settings" of the Messenger.
  3. Select the "Sound and Video" section.
  4. Open the Microphone tab.
  5. Select the Fake Voice recorder (Microphone Personal Voice Changer).

Setting the microphone in Skype to change the voice

Similarly, you can configure other messengers.

MorphVox Jr.

MorphVox JR is a free version of the MorphVox program. Only three presets are available in it: a man, a woman and a gnome. There are also four sound effects that can be used when conversations.

The program does not require a special setup. You should only run it and choose one of the presets. Modification will be applied in all applications that the microphone is used, so you can change the voice both in messengers and online games, and anywhere else.

MorphVox Jr.

In essence, MorphVox JR is the promotional utility of the senior version of the program - Pro. In the latter, several dozen voice effects were collected, it is possible to edit presets and add plugins to expand basic functionality.

MorphVox Pro is available for free use for 7 days. Then you have to buy a license that costs 699 rubles.

Voxal Voice Changer

VOXAL VOICE CHANGER - voice control application, free for home users. It offers noticeably more opportunities to create various effects than competitors, but at the same time just as used as CLOWNFISH or MORPHVOX JR.

Voxal Voice Changer

To check the sound of your own speech after the change in Voxal Voice Changer there is a preview function (Preview). You just choose the effect and click on this button. Then click on the "Record" button and say something into the microphone. Then, for listening, click "LISTEN" - and the program will play a recorded fragment by applying the selected parameters.

Speech check

In addition to voice presets, in Voxal Voice Changer there is audio effects (telephone, radio, speaker) and various locations (concert hall, bathroom, audience, etc.). Each options can be finely configured. To do this, it is enough to highlight the effect and click "Edit". The process will slightly complicate the absence in the Russian language program, but after a short practice, you will learn to change the parameters for rumors.

Changing voice on the phone

If the selection of the PC program complicates their abundance and diversity, then in the case of mobile devices on Android and iOS, the other way around: applications with the necessary functions have to be signed.

On Android

Restriction on a change in voice during phone calls is associated with Google's policy. In the description of the applications, the developers directly say that at the moment it is not possible to add a modifier to the Android that will work when talking.

Programs have a function of modifying only recorded speech. In essence, it is a voice recorder with a built-in audio editor, in which different effects can be recorded, and then send the result of processing through messengers and social networks.

As an example of one of these applications, consider the "voice converter".

How to use it:

  1. Install and run the converter.
  2. Click on the recording button and say any text to the smartphone microphone.
  3. Use different effects and listen to how the voice sounds.
  4. To send or save the result, click on the circle with three dots next to the selected effect.

Voice converter application

The "converter" allows you to send a processed recording through social networks and messengers, save it in the phone's memory, install as ringtone or notification sound. The program can be used for free, but for additional effects will have to pay.

If you want to work not only with the recording of your speech, but also with other audio files (for example, songs), then try the Voice Changer application. It has an editor to process sound, which allows you to change the speed of playback and add effects. The result can be saved in the phone's memory and use as ringtone or sound notification.

List of effects

The basic features of the program are available for free. To connect new effects and maintain audio in high quality, a premium version is needed. It can be obtained for an hour, looking at advertising, or buy for $ 4,49 forever.

On iOS.

Almost all IOS applications on the "Voice Change" request are audio editors with recording function. The exception is two programs: Call Voice Changer and Funcall - Voice Changer & Rec. They use Internet telephony to communicate and for each call take money. For example, 2 minutes of conversation through FUNCALL - VOICE Changer & REC cost 75 rubles, and 20 minutes will have to give 379 rubles.

IOS Voice Replacements Applications

Both applications work according to one principle:

  1. You run the program.
  2. Then enter the number you want to call.
  3. Choose the country in which the interlocutor is located.
  4. You choose the sound effect to be applied to your voice.
  5. Talking, as usual, and the interlocutor hears your speech changed.

Unfortunately, these applications will not be able to use with an incoming call. They also do not work in WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and other messengers. So the only free and working way to change the voice is to use programs for PCs and laptops.

We are all getting used to your voice and in ordinary life do not even pay attention to him.

Have you ever heard your voice in audio recordings or video?

If you are a public person, then probably have already become accustomed to the sound of your voice from the outside, but if you do not frequent radio and TV shows, then, most likely, you can surprise the sound of your voice.

The fact is that when we say, we hear themselves a little different than in those cases when hearing the record of their own voice. So the hearing is arranged, perception is arranged. Now I understand this as a doctor and, in part, like a psychologist (our channels of perception, nervous, air and bone conductivity play a big role here.

But when I finished school and performed on stage, I did not know this (I was not still a psychologist and a doctor).

That is why when I heard my voice in the record, I was, to put it mildly, in a lung shock, a voice, in my perception, was too nursery and high. And I thought I was already an adult, because I was Already 16))

The feeling was something average between: "Turn it off, here the sound is distorted)) "I. "I definitely change it, I will work on it."

Five tips how to change your voice

Then I did not know how to work on voice. Now I know. I will share some advice:

Tip 1.

I already gave the first advice in the last article. I repeat it. Write down your voice and listen carefully, whether you like it in it. If not all, boldly go to the number two.

Tip 2.

Try to decorate your voice mobility and flexibility. This means that in the voice you need to add the volume and height range.

Try to say something first, as you used to speak, and then change the tone height and volume slightly.

This does not mean that you should periodically break into a squeal, it means that you should play high and loudness at certain limits.

Write this to the audio server. Listen. Better?

Tip 3.

Find in your range the lowest notes that are natural for you.

Singers have a division of votes: Soprano is the highest female voice, Alto is the lowest, tenor is the highest male voice, the bass is the lowest.

In life, we are more often talking: a high voice, a low voice.

It is believed that low voices are most pleasant for hearing, they are more penetrated and intimate.

You can listen to your voice and try to determine its range. The lowest notes that are given to you without difficulty should be attended by your speech.

But if you have a high voice, it is not necessary to underesturally underestimate, otherwise a feeling of artificiality can be created, and this will create a repulsive effect.

 Tip 4.

Add to your voice and in your speech as much as possible resonance and expression. To do this, say "full breasts" and do not compress your teeth.

Than with greater inspiration and greater emotionality, you say your speech, the better the result. But do not reach the absurdity and do not make your speech hysterically - painted!

Against expression, there should always be inner calm and respect for himself and to the interlocutor.


Tip 5.

There was a time when practically in every house had karaoke consoles. Now it is not so popular. But if you want to work with a voice, buying such a prefix to you will be very by the way.

Even if you do not have a hearing and you will be "disgraced" in a karaoke cafe, then singing alone will be very useful for your voice.

Singing increases the volume of lungs, improves blood supply to the chest organs and the brain and develops the voice. The more practice, the better the result.

And as a bonus you will also get improved mood and a new hobby.

And if everything goes well, after a while you can perform in front of relatives or friends at the home party.

Not bad bonus, right?

In the next article, I will talk about the connection with health, posture and voices. Subscribe to my articles if you want to know what will happen next)

The first article on the voice here:

Best voice change programs


Voice change programs: AV Voice Changer

  • Price: from 29.95 dollars, there is a free trial for 14 days.
  • OS: Windows.
  • Changing the voice in real time: yes.
  • Editing voice in the file: yes.

Powerful program for recording and changing voice. Versions Three: Basic for pranks in chat rooms running online, Gold offers a greater choice of features, but does not know how to edit files and configure voices. And Diamond includes tools for manual voice tuning, dozens of finished presets and filters, robotic voices and 40 audio effects.

The impressive library will pretend to those who please and play friends in the messengers. To do this, select AV Voice Changer instead of a standard microphone. And the equalizer will help finely configure the parameters to imitate the voices that are not in the library.

Also in AV Voice Changer you can change the voice in the entire record or part of it, cut or glue fragments, impose other sounds.

Download AV Voice Changer →


Voice change programs: Voxal Voice Changer

  • Price: Free for home use, a commercial license from $ 14.99.
  • OS: Windows, MacOS.
  • Changing the voice in real time: yes.
  • Editing voice in the file: yes.

A powerful application with an understandable interface that will help change the voice in messengers, games, on audio recordings. To work only the microphone.

You can customize the desired voice, changing it tone, height, volume and other parameters. Or it's even easier: choose one of the pre-customized voices - male, female, even aliens! Settings and sets of used effects can be saved to apply them to one click next time.

The program is suitable not only for the drawing. For example, you can use it to voice the presentation, independently prepare a multi-voiced dubbing of the film or communicate with other gamers in the chat with the voice that best suits your character.

Download Voxal Voice Changer →

3. MorphVox JR and MorphVox Pro

Voice change programs: MorphVox JR and MorphVox Pro

  • Price: MorphVox JR - free of charge, MorphVox Pro - $ 39.99, there is a free trial for 15 days.
  • OS: Windows, MacOS.
  • Changing the voice in real time: yes.
  • Editing voice in the file: yes.

These programs and interfaces are laconic, and the tool kits are quite compact, but the quality of the result is impressive. In addition, you can not only change the voice, but also impose background effects. For example, add airport noise, alarm clock bell or laughter in the background.

Among interesting features are a wide range of votes from fantasy or computer games (yes, goblins, trolls and hellish demons). And you can also speak the dog's voice: if you shoot funny videos for Tiktok, appreciate this opportunity.

Download MorphVox JR → Download MorphVox Pro →


Voice change programs: scramby

  • Price: from $ 39.6, the first 30 seconds of work - free of charge.
  • OS: Windows.
  • Changing the voice in real time: yes.
  • Editing voice in the file: yes.

Very simple program with a peculiar interface that qualitatively changes the voice in real time. Here you can finely configure the filters, apply one or more effects.

Scramby integrates a virtual microphone in the OS, so it can be used not only in messengers, but also in games and other applications. A collection of ready-made timbres and background sounds will help to quickly simulate different situations. Among the professional opportunities are support for VST-plugins, the function of creating effects manually, suppressing the surrounding noise.

Download SCRAMBY →

5. Fake Voice

Voice change programs: Fake Voice

  • Price: free.
  • OS: Windows.
  • Voice change in real time: Yes.
  • Editing voice in the file: no.

A small utility with a minimum number of settings that emulates a virtual microphone and can work with any programs: messengers, games, recorders. By moving the runners on the screen, you quickly achieve the desired sound.

You can also apply simple effects: add echo or speak the voice of the robot. And if you try, you will still have to simulate the voice of a drunken rustic guy who fell into the well - in such a "image" for sure, no one will know.

Download Fake Voice →


Voice change programs: Funny Voice

  • Price: free.
  • OS: Windows.
  • Changing the voice in real time: yes.
  • Editing voice in the file: yes.

FUNNY VOICE was created just for Prank and drawing. There are no complex menus and multiple settings - only one-only slider. If you move it to the right, get a funny voice like a cartoon. Left - both from the militant, horror or blockbuster of the 90s.

But the program consumes the minimum of resources. Even on weak computers, it processes a voice in real time without freezes.

Download Funny Voice →


Voice change programs: CLOWNFISH VOICE CHANGER

  • Price: free.
  • OS: Windows.
  • Changing the voice in real time: yes.
  • Editing voice in the file: yes.

A funnant program with a simple interface that can be much more than seems at first glance. First of all, it qualitatively changes the voice in real time and is officially compatible with Steam, as well as with Skype, Hangouts, Viber, TeamSpeak, Discord and other messengers - as you can see, in games she can show itself.

In addition, there are quite a lot of effects here: from aliens and robots to the Atari console. You can configure your own option, and then apply it in a suitable situation.

Finally, Clawnfish Voice Changer creates audio recordings with the right voice from the text. There is also a built-in player and support for VST-plugins.



Voice change programs: Voicemod

  • Price: Free, there is also a paid version of Voicemod Pro - from 1,000 rubles per year.
  • OS: Windows.
  • Changing the voice in real time: yes.
  • Editing voice in the file: yes.

The program was developed to change the voice in games and streams (direct online broadcasts). But for the drawing, it will come true: there are ready-made voice modulation tools, and a mixer that allows you to configure everything manually.

VoICEMOD can change the tonality of voice and environment effects. For example, you can broadcast from the cave or pretend that you are playing from the club. One of the advantages of the program is the support of the Russian interface language.

Download VoICEMOD →



  • Price: 29.95 dollars, there is a free trial for 14 days.
  • OS: Windows.
  • Changing the voice in real time: yes.
  • Editing voice in the file: no.

The program is focused on gamers and allows you to change the voice almost without delay. She developed the same company as AV Voice Changer, but this option is more narrocyalized.

AV VOIZGAME features many filters and background sounds, ready-made voices, equalizer, recorder and player. The interface recalls the beginning of 2000 and skins for Winamp, but it is hardly worth considering a serious disadvantage.

Manual voice tuning is supported. There is also a 10-band equalizer: you can play with frequencies and achieve the desired sound.

Download AV Voice Changer →


Voice change programs: ATHTEK Free Voice Changer

  • Price: free.
  • OS: Windows.
  • Changing the voice in real time: No.
  • Editing voice in the file: yes.

FREE VOICE CANGER CLOSES QUALITY VOICE IN FILES. You can create an audio in any recorder or download the finished record, and then change the tonality and listen to the result. A change in speech speed is supported. True, the program only works with 8- and 16-bit sound.

Download ATHTEK Free Voice Changer →

Best Voice Applications

1. Voice modulator

Voice modulator Voice modulator

  • Price: free.
  • OS: Android.
  • Changing the voice in real time: No.
  • Editing voice in the file: yes.
  • Evaluation in Play Market: 4.3.

In this application, you can record audio and impose various sound effects on it. And if you apply them several times in a row, quite funny results are obtained.

Embedded votes - a pair of dozens: not a prof-level, but enough for the drawing. Records can be divided with friends directly from the application - on social networks or Bluetooth.

2. Voice converter

Voice Applications: Voice Converter Voice converter

  • Price: free.
  • OS: Android.
  • Changing the voice in real time: No.
  • Editing voice in the file: yes.
  • Evaluation in Play Market: 4.4.

You will be available more than 40 different effects: for example, you can speak the voice of Martian, proteins or dragon, mimic the atmosphere of the Cathedral or Big Canyon, add a fan buzz to a record. Also, the application allows you to create a video with a funny sound or write a few phrases with a ridiculous voice to install them as a ringtone. Create speech from text is supported.

3. Voloco.

Voice change applications: Voloco Voice change applications: Voloco

  • Price: from 399 rubles per month, there is a free trial for 7 days.
  • OS: Android, iOS.
  • Changing the voice in real time: No.
  • Editing voice in the file: yes.
  • Evaluation in Play Market: 4.5.
  • Evaluation in the App Store: 4.8.

Funny application for changing vocals. You can sing your favorite songs and process them in the style of Daft Punk, Bon Iver, add sounds from the 80s or melodies, performed on the sutar.

In addition to the effects that change the voice, there are other useful features. For example, you can remove the noise, adjust the frequencies, make the vocals richer.

4. Voice Changer Plus

Voice change applications: Voice Changer Plus Voice change applications: Voice Changer Plus

  • Price: Basic set of effects - free, full - 179 rubles.
  • OS: iOS.
  • Changing the voice in real time: No.
  • Editing voice in the file: yes.
  • Evaluation in the App Store: 4.6.

55 votes and effects are available in this application. You can also set the settings manually to achieve greater similarity with someone or create your own sound.

In addition, Voice Changer Plus allows you to "turn over" recording so that it is reproduced from the end, cut unnecessary fragments. After payment, advertising will disappear and the ability to create a video with a funny voice acting will appear.


Voice Changer Calls Record-Er Voice Voice Applications: Voice Changer Calls Record-Er

  • Price: Basic set of effects - free, full - 179 rubles.
  • OS: iOS.
  • Changing the voice in real time: No.
  • Editing voice in the file: yes.
  • Evaluation in the App Store: 4.3.

This application is not so many finished votes: girls and boy, men and women, turtles, ghosts, hare and robot. But many built-in effects: Voice Changer Calls Record-ER virtually takes you to the beach or for shooting Horrora, in a shower or under the waterfall, will add to the sounds of the train, shouts of dolphins or, for example, cough.

You can change the voice in real time, save the records and share them with friends. There is also manual setting of votes and effects.


Crazy Helium Funny Face Editor Voice Change Applications: Crazy Helium Funny Face Editor

  • Price: Basic set of effects - for free, full - from 499 rubles a week, the first three days - for free.
  • OS: iOS.
  • Changing the voice in real time: No.
  • Editing voice in the file: yes.
  • Evaluation in the App Store: 4.5.

An application that allows not only to change the voice, but also edit the video. You can write the video as if from the room of the curves mirrors, and even with a funny voice acting. Or use masks: from the gloomy clown from "it" to radishes or Elvis Presley.

You can speed up or slow down records, impose effects on each other, record video with voice from both smartphone cameras. It is also possible to download songs from iTunes to feel the star and sing them instead of soloist - a changed voice, of course.

The best services to change voice online

If you do not want to download anything and install, these free options are for you.

1. Voice Changer

Voice Edit Online: Voice Changer

  • Changing the voice in real time: yes.
  • Editing voice in the file: yes.

The service offers more than 50 ready-made voices, as well as the ability to set their own settings. For some options it is recommended to speak with a specific "accent": for example, imitate the voice of distant or robots, which will additionally improve the service. And for the options with the effect of echo - spelling words slowly to leave the spelling.

Go to Voice Changer →

2. Online Tone Generator

Voice change online: Online Tone Generator

  • Changing the voice in real time: No.
  • Editing voice in the file: yes.

In this service, you can move the voice to several halftones. This is useful not only for drawing: Online Tone Generator will help if you can't get high notes or you want to sing in another tonality, but you do not plan to rebuild the tool. There are services and other effects: change the speed of recording, noise generation, testing your hearing or subwoofer work and not only.

Go to Online Tone Generator →

3. Voice Spice.

Voice change online: Voice Spice

  • Changing the voice in real time: yes.
  • Editing voice in the file: yes.

A simple recorder that allows you to record a voice, changing the tonality and volume in real time or asking ready-made settings - to imitate men, women, robot, cosmic proteins or hello demon. Also, the service allows you to voice the text in 15 languages, including Russian.

Go to Voice Spice →

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