Proper pedicure at home: 6 simple steps

The lover of high heel and open sandwiches, no doubt, know how important it is to have a good pedicure. But well-groomed legs are the choice of not only those who wear open shoes.

Beautiful manicure and pedicure attaches confidence in itself and truly hesit. It is necessary to pay time to your legs constantly. Sometimes it happens that the ability to visit the salon is missing, but despite this, I want to remain "at the height."

With the help of several simple tips, you will learn how to easily and correctly make a pedicure at home without using special devices and appliances.

  1. Preparatory procedure;
  2. foot baths;
  3. Treatment of leather stop;
  4. nail processing;
  5. work with cuticle;
  6. Application of varnish.

Below will consider in more detail each stage of the pedicure.

What is needed for pedicure at home?

As a preparatory procedure, take care that all the nail polish is removed.

Pedicure Instructions for Steps
Photo - Pedicure instruction by steps

At the first stage, you must prepare special tools for pedicure . If you have already decided to make a beautiful home pedicure nail, then get a good saw for your arsenal. Experts advise to abandon too rude coated, resembling sandpaper. The use of a similar tool will lead to the fact that the nails will begin to get out and acquire an unhealthy and low-attractive view. It is best to arm a glass pail. It has many advantages. First, it absolutely excludes damage to the nail, and secondly, such a sawo does not steal and serves you for a very long time.

Photo - Pilochka

Follow the nails only in one direction , giving them the right desired form. Do not cost experiment with nail shape. Leave all the experiments for your fingers, where your efforts will be able to appreciate and it will not harm your health. Giving an unusual shape on the fingers of the feet can lead to such a bad consequence as the nail rustling. This disease in the early stages can be treated independently by treating the problem area with a solution of soda and permanganate potassium, but when the form is running, it is necessary to refer to the specialists.

The second stage of the pedicure is the polishing of the nail . For these purposes, you must have a double-sided polishing file. First, take advantage of the rough side, in order to get rid of the small irregularities of the nail and remove the residues of the varnish, and then resort to the second, less tough side. Thoroughly polish your nails and they spoil, become smooth and shiny.

Polishing Nail
Polishing Nail

Video lesson for beginners: home pedicure

Sparbing bath

The following requirement is the use of a sprinkling foot bath. It not only softens the skin and helps to relieve further pedicure procedures, but can also perform an indirect function, depending on the composition of the bath.

Consider various types of baths:

  • Toning footbath Preparing very easy. It will take sea salt and essential oil of peppermint. In case there are no oil, you can use dry grass, the effect remains the same.

    Bath for foot
    Bath for foot

  • Antibacterial bath It will be useful for those who suffer from the presence of a fungal infection or had a contact of the skin of the legs with a surface at which many foreign people went, for example, when visiting pools, water parks and other things. For the prevention of fungus and its treatment, it is necessary to add some food soda to the bath. Usually 4-5 tablespoons are enough. This solution disinfects well and eliminates unnecessary bacteria. Such a procedure will also help get rid of the smell of feet.
  • Relaxing bath. With the addition of chamomile tinctures or calendula has a moisturizing effect. It is useful for those who have too dry skin stop and prefers narrow shoes or high heels in their daily life. Such a composition not only moisturizes the skin of the legs, but also disinfects, and will be secure in the case of the presence of small wound or cracks.
  • Health Bath for Foot Preparing very simple. The main component is the sea salt, due to which the skin will soften and disinfect. Very useful in the presence of cracks on the heels either when too flapped skin.

    Sea Salt for Baths
    Sea Salt for Baths

Too long to keep the legs in the bath is not worth it, and make sure how the skin is sprinkled. It is usually 15 minutes enough and you can resort to the next step. After thoroughly, wipe the legs with a waffle towel so that all moisture absorbed, and proceed to the following procedure.

Peeling and nutrition

In order to remove dead skin sections need to take PEMZU. . It is best to use fine-grained, in order to make the uniform surface of your skin. This tool becomes indispensable to care for legs. Pay special attention to the most problematic sites (natopysham and burritable skin) and treat them more carefully.

PEMZA for heel care
PEMZA for heel care

But on our feet there are many hard-to-reach places for pumice. In such cases, you can apply Scrub for foot And they carefully handle the plots. After the hard procedure is over, it is necessary to wash the feet in pure warm water.

Scrub for foot
Scrub for foot

Now you need Wooden stick . The nail cuticle is quite softened at this stage of the pedicure and can be moving without any traumatic consequences. Pay your attention to the fact that experts do not advise to cut the cuticle on the nails of the legs, it must be regularly moving away.

It's time to do the latest procedures for cleaning the note. Through bone or wooden stick You can easily clean your nails from the remaining contaminants. The procedure is best carried out with the maximum zeal, in order to exclude injury to the fatty gasket, which is directly under the nails. When the cleaning is finished, proceed to the most pleasant process.

Wooden stick
Wooden stick

Now your legs can be cloving Massage . Pass your feet using an additional nutritious cream if they are too dry and need moisturizes. If there is plenty of sweating, you can use special tools for legs with a deodorizing effect. And if you spent the whole day on the legs and feel noticeable fatigue on the face, in the legs, and in the whole body, it will not be superfluous Applying creams from a series with a tonic effect .

Massage Stop
Massage Stop

If there was no cosmetics at hand, experts in the field of cosmetology it is recommended to use the usual vegetable oil . With the help of ordinary olive or sunflower oil, you can achieve good results to restore the water balance of the legs.

Application of varnish

Pedicure at home is completed by applying a varnish to the surface of the nail. But Before coping your nails, it is necessary to degrease them with the means which does not contain acetone. Varnish, as a rule, is applied in two layers.

The best thing Take advantage of raops - These are special dividers, which are slightly spreading their fingers when pedicure and do not allow them to touch each other.

Photo - Malofrash

In order to accelerate the process of drying varnish Some use a hairdryer. Experts are categorically against such experiments, because when exposed to a hot air flow, the lacquer will very quickly be flawed from the surface of the nail. Hair dryer is an extreme measure. It cannot serve as a means of caring for nails.

Photo - Application of varnish in steps
Phased creation of pedicure
Photo - phased creation of pedicure

If the skin is growing on the legs very quickly, you need to do a pedicure quite often, for example, once every two weeks. But if there are no special problems, it is enough to limit himself at once a month.

Video: How to do real Pedicure's real salon procedures

Pedicure Nail Figures

In order to appreciate all your efforts, except for classic pedicure events, it is important to choose beautiful and relevant nail patterns.

Below are popular photos of a bright pedicure, which is perfect for both for summer and early autumn and late spring, when it's time for open shoes.

If you need for a sample design of the winter pedicure, we present you a selection of interesting drawings with New Year and Christmas theme.

One of the most sought-after options is Franch or French pedicure. He is appropriate at any event and always gives elegance to every girl.

The main thing is that the process and the result from the pedicure brings you pleasure. And listening to the recommendations of experts, you will forever get rid of foot problems and become the owner of neat and well-groomed legs.

Despite the fact that some remember the need to make a pedicure only in the summer, when the time comes to go to outdoor shoes and sandals or before going to the beach, our legs need to care no less than other parts of the body. Think ourselves: we spend most of the day on the legs, we go, run, our legs constantly need shoes, and unlike the summer, when we remember the pedicure because of the need to show legs, at any other time of the year the legs are almost constantly in Closed shoes, often uncomfortable and not always new and clean. In such conditions, it is not surprising that the legs require special care along with their hands: And if a woman's manicure usually does not regret spending a lot of time, forces and money, then many forget about pedicure.

Despite the fact that some remember the need to make a pedicure only in the summer when the time comes to switch to outdoor shoes and sandals, or before going to the beach, our legs need to be careful at no less than other parts of the body. Think ourselves: we spend most of the day on the legs, we go, run, our legs constantly need shoes, and unlike the summer, when we remember the pedicure because of the need to show legs, at any other time of the year the legs are almost constantly in Closed shoes, often uncomfortable and not always new and clean. In such conditions, it is not surprising that the legs require special care along with their hands: And if a woman's manicure usually does not regret spending a lot of time, forces and money, then many forget about pedicure.

Of course, for a pedicure, it is not necessary to go to the salon and attend the masters regularly: the basic leg care procedures can be performed at home on their own. Most of the necessary manipulations do not require special skills and expensive means, and the pedicure is carried out just 8-10 days.

In this instruction, you will learn how to make a pedicure itself at home and what is required for this. Each woman who was at least once interested, how to make a pedicure correctly, understands that this procedure is not only connected and not so much using nail polish, but with leather leather and nails in general. Therefore, for full care, special means and tools will be required, as well as a little practice, so that the result of the home pedicure pleased the eyes and supported the health of your feet.

First of all, special tools are required for pedicure. The standard pedicure set is not obliged to be too expensive or to have a lot of tools, the main qualities for a good set - it should be comfortable, sterile and used only by one person. Of course, no one cancels the option "sterilize the entire set after using each family member," but in this case the main thing is to never skip this step. Hygiene is very important, otherwise in attempts to improve the state of your feet you can only harm yourself or relatives.

The very first stage in order to make a high-quality pedicure - to thoroughly wash his legs and remove the previous varnish with the help of a special. In order for your skin to be soft and puffy, you need to take a bath for the legs: add a little soap solution into warm water (it can be replaced with shampoo, liquid soap or gel for the shower), and to enhance the effect you can also add a seaside salt. During the adoption of such a bath (and this usually takes 10-15 minutes), you can disinfect your instruments for a pedicure so that they are willing to use just by the moments as they need them.


  • With the help of bodies or manicure scissors cut the protruding edge of the nail and lightly describe the rough edges of the saw. Try not to round the nails on the legs: the square form will be preferable, because it prevents the appearance of ingrown nails. Each person who ever came across this unpleasant phenomenon knows that it is painful and problematic, so the ingrown nail is easier to warn, than to treat - such a problem will definitely fail to correct at home, and even the master will not solve it quickly; Soften the cuticle with a special tool and move it up with a spatula or an orange stick. Try to act gently so as not to damage it: then the cuticle will easier cut off with manicure scissors, if necessary;
  • You will be able to get rid of the extension of the nail skin on the tips of the fingers and the cracked skin on the old corns. You can also polish the nails on your legs with a soft sawmill: It not only improves their appearance, but also helps lacquer to keep as long as possible;
  • Pembia, moistened in warm soapy water, treat the heels and swinging areas of the skin with a circular movement. If the skin's leather is not sufficiently soft to use PEMZE - hold the feet in a warm bath with a soap solution and a salt for another 5-10 minutes. In addition to Pumice, it is helped by scrubs and peelings for legs to cope with the skinned areas of the skin and old Mozins. They can be used every 3-4 days - the main thing is not to forget that after such procedures, legs always need high-quality moisture. To care for legs, it is necessary to pick up a high-quality moisturizing leg cream and use it daily before bedtime along with a light massage. Foot feet are always prone to dryness, so additional care will help your feet to stay healthy and beautiful all year round;
  • If your feet are prone to sweating, it is recommended to use special leg deodorants - for the health of the legs it is necessary to contain them in cleanliness and dryness. Especially relevant in the summer when wearing closed shoes and in winter, when it often has to wear winter warm shoes designed for the street, indoors. Modern leg deodorants have an antiseptic effect, which prevents the appearance of microbes on your legs. Special attention should also be paid to the cleanliness of the shoes not only outside, but also from the inside.

Women interested in how to make a pedicure, most often think about the aesthetic side of the procedure, but also the leg health is of great importance. Pedicure also helps to fight cracks on heels: despite the fact that many prefer to fight this problem in the cabin with a qualified wizard, there are several things that you can try home to improve the situation or get rid of the problem completely if she was present on light stage. To get rid of the crack on the heels, you will need to apply a nutritious healing mask on clean skin, wrap the legs with cellophane and put on top of the socks. This will allow the cellophane to stay on your feet and not shift from random movements - after all, this mask should be left on their feet all night. In the morning, rush the remnants of the mask from the legs and smear the feet with a moisturizing cream. After several procedures, the result will pleasantly surprise you: such care is able to better improve the condition of your feet.


Despite the fact that the remaining part of the pedicure is varnish - for many, it is the most familiar and easy-to-execution, there are still a few tricks, which will help you make your pedicure as high quality and sustainable.

  • Always embryo the surface of the nails before applying varnish. A perfectly smooth surface helps lacquer to stay on the nails much longer. There is no need to lay the nail too much, besides, it is worth avoiding grinding overly thin or damaged nails, but even with dense and healthy feet nails should not be pressed onto the sawing too much or use too coarse the abrasive side of the sawmill; Do not forget that moisturizing creams that you used to leave the legs can prevent the lacquer to stay on your nails long, so always degrease the nail surface before applying varnish. Also do not apply nail polish on wet sparkling nails and nails with untreated cuticle;
  • Use the finger dividers to facilitate the application of varnish and prevent accidental lubrication to dry it;
  • In order to prepare the surface of the nail before applying color varnish, it is recommended to make one layer of transparent varnish as a base. It not only lines the nail surface, providing a better adhesion to the subsequent layers of varnish and a long sock without chipping and exfoliation, but will not allow the bright pigment of the colored varnish to absorb the surface of your nails. As a rule, the darker varnish, the hardest to remove the pigment from the surface of the nail, so avoid the use of dark lacquer shades without prior applying the transparent layer. In order to go to the application of color varnish, wait for the first drying of the first layer;
  • Apply a color nail polish in two layers - this will help make the color saturated and make the coating more resistant. In order to make a pedicure even more stable, make the final layer with a transparent lacquer over color and wait for it to complete drying.

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Each woman dreams to have well-groomed hands and legs. To do this, it is necessary to give them quite a bit attention, periodically making manicure and pedicure, masks, having creams. The easiest way to get the perfect result, using the services of a professional recommended master in the beauty salon. But if you need to save a little, your favorite pedicure can be made independently at home, you just need to know several rules and stick to them. How to make a pedicure at home - step-by-step instructions.

Well-groomed heels - easy and simple

Make a pedicure itself in the native walls is easier than the manicure, because both hands are involved in this process, so those who do not know how to own the right and left and right hands, you can give a flight of your fantasy and draw any beautiful drawing on your feet.

Making a pedicure independently, it is important to remember several rules:

  • Water in the foot bath should not be too hot;
  • Trim nails on the fingers should be briefly, strictly in a straight line, without roundings;
  • cuticle, without having sufficient experience and acute special tools, it is better not to cut;
  • To remove the natoptyshi and coarse skin, it is better to use a natural pumber or a specialized grater for a pedicure, but not blades or machines;
  • To preserve the skin of the heels of pink and tender, it should be regularly moistened with it with creams and masks.

Proper pedicure at home: in detail and step by step

Step one: Cleansing. Before proceeding with the pedicure, it is necessary to remove the old lacquer from the nails with the help of the girlfriend (track), and the legs themselves are desirable to wash.

Step two: softening. So that it is painless and without extra injury to remove heat-cutting skin on the heels and the pads of the fingers, it should be softened first. Most often for this, a warm laboratory for legs is applied. Excellent if the farm has a special electric bath for a pedicure with a built-in massage mechanism, if there is no such device, the basin is suitable. On its bottom, you can put a mat massager that imitates the sea coast. Water for the bath must be warm, but not hot, otherwise the skin can start to peer with shreds, it is recommended to add marine salt (flavored or simple), a liquid toilet soap, a few drops of aromatic oil, a solution or chamomile decoction, calendula. A good disinfectant and softening effect will give a simple soda dissolved in water for the bath.

Secret: If a free evening was issued, which a woman decided to completely devote to care for himself, you can try to soften the skin of the feet and remove the swallowed plots by other, unconventional methods. For example, a good effect gives the use of white wine: It should be moistened in it socks, preferably woolen, put them on your feet, on top to fix with polyethylene packages and be like a "outfit" at least an hour and a half. The skin at the feet, especially in the area of ​​the heels, will become soft and gentle, and driving areas can be removed much faster and better.

Step Three: Removal. After the bath, the legs need to be carefully wiped out, dry the towel, and proceed to remove excess drove skin on the heels and pillows of fingers. At home, it is best to do it with the help of pumice of various shapes and sizes, a special pedicure grater or a professional scraper for a pedicure. Incorrect use of a razor for these purposes can lead to cuts and poorly stopping bleeding. You can also make a special massage of a stop with a scrub that will exude a skin in those places where the feet or pumice did not take. After that, the legs should be washed and thoroughly cut.

Step fourth: We make nail shape. It is very important when pedicure gives nails on the fingers of the legs. They need to be trimmed with straight blades or pedicure tweezers strictly straight, without roundings, cuts. The perfect shape of nails on the fingers of the legs is rectangular. Improper trimming of nails can lead to such a disease as "ingrown nail", which requires a surgeon intervention. The edge of the nail plate is recommended a little pollutory to the headset so that it is not sharp and the fingers did not wound each other.

Pitch Fifth: Cuticle. For removal of the cuticle requires a special acute tool for pedicure and certain skills. If there is neither that neither the other, experienced masters advise at home simply to try to move the cuticle to the side and lower edge of the nail plate with a solid stick (orange, bone).

Step Six: Watering. The nail plate with which the old varnish was removed, needs some polish. You need to do this with a special nail file with a soft working surface. On polished to shine nails, any high-quality varnish (simple or gel) will be kept much longer due to better clutch with the surface.

Step seventh: Massage. In the salons, massage is one of the most pleasant phases of the pedicure. You can make this procedure on your own, you need to apply a moisturizing, toning or soothing cream to the foot and so much to massage them. If there is a desire not only to enjoy, but also beat the body a little, you should buy special socks with a drawdrid pattern in the form of points and zones for preventive and therapeutic massage.

Step eighth: coating. The final stage of the qualitative pedicure is the coating of nails with varnish. For this, it is recommended to insert a special strut between your fingers, then make a coating in several steps:

  • Degrease the nails, because they could get cream in the process of massage;
  • Apply a lacquer (base);
  • Apply the selected varnish in one or two layers;
  • If desired and the ability to apply a drawing;
  • Complete the coating of a colorless lacquer fixer.

Each stage needs a drying of nails under a special ultraviolet lamp.

Repeat pedicure at home is recommended once or twice a month. So that the heels remain gentle, you can periodically pamper them with special masks, making the so-called SPA pedicure.

Baths and masks for tired legs

The bath with warm water for the legs will perfectly remove the accumulated fatigue for the entire day. Mint and Eucalyptus will help relax. To do this, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the bath, half a cup of peppermint braids, one or two canteen or dessert spoons of soda and one or two canteens or dessert spoons of any vegetable oil (sunflower, linen or olive). Keep your legs in a warm bath. Preferably 15-20 minutes, laughing with a towel, wipe dry and moisten the leg cream.

Press the legs of cheerfulness, returning them to the tone will help the bath with lemon oils, tea tree, peppermint and with the addition of ground coffee and simple or flavored sea salt.

Remove the swelling from the tired feet will help the bath with a decoction of rosemary, a pair-three drops of mint oil, cedar, a tablespoon of medical glycerol.

In addition to the usual cream, the legs can also be pamping by masks from the charders. Excellent moisturizes the skin of the stop mask, prepared with the addition of a solution or an aloe vera gel, olive oil and eucalyptus oil. You need to mix on one tablespoon of the first two ingredients, then add a few drops of eucalyptus oil, apply on the legs for 15-20 minutes, wash off with warm water and dry.

An excellent moisturizing and toning effect gives an avocado-based mask and honey. It follows in a blender to mix a couple of egg yolks, a quarter or a third of the pulsed avocado pulp, add a dessert or a tablespoon of honey and a few drops of evening primrose oil. Apply the resulting mixture to the feet, hold 15-20 minutes, wash off and wipe dry.

A little effort and your heels will be gentle and pink, like a baby.

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Pedicure at home - step-by-step instruction and disseminated errors

Pedicure at home - step-by-step instruction and disseminated errors

The leaves of the feet require not only in the summer when the open shoes are worn, but also in winter. To bring the legs in order, it is not necessary to immediately go to the professional salon, you can make a pedicure yourself at home, if you study the technology in more detail.

Preparatory Baths for Foot

Start pedicure at home is always standing with a warm bath. It helps to unwind the skin, soften it and facilitate the process of removing the skin. The water, oil, oil and even salt with additives are often added to the water to feed the skin with useful elements, improve its condition. The baths can be divided into the following groups:

  • tonic;

  • antibacterial;

  • relaxing;

  • wellness;

  • softening;

  • Exfoliating.

All of them are very simply prepared, only different components will be needed. To make a toning bath, you will need warm water, peppermint oil and sea salt. If there is no oil, you can soar dry grass separately and add it infusion into water.

Who has fungal diseases, it is better to prepare an antibacterial bath. It will bring foot in order after the public pool, gym, water park, and prevent infection. The best prophylactic agent is the simplest food soda. There are 4 tablespoons on a small basin. The tool perfectly kills bacteria and destroys the unpleasant odor.

If everything is in order with your feet, then you can simply make a relaxing bath with a calendula or chamomile. They have an additional moisturizing effect. Such a means is ideal for those who have to wear narrow shoes or high-heeled shoes. Healing of small wounds and cracks on the heels are faster after the course of such baths.

Water with salt helps to get rid of the coil skin and microcracks, it perfectly disinfects and helps remove the natopes. To keep too long a feet in the water is not recommended, 15 minutes is enough to achieve the necessary effect. Any girl can make home independently a bath. Spread your feet with the addition of herbal extracts, salt or soda is always easier. The solution is easily and quickly prepared with your own hands, you need to have only dry herbs that can be easily found in the pharmacy.

If you add several tablespoons of vinegar to water, for example, apple, then you can achieve a softening effect. But it is impossible to use acetic acid. Duration of sprinkling - no more than 15 minutes.

The exfoliating effect can be achieved using a table salt together with hydrogen peroxide, which is added to the water in the amount of several tablespoons.

Required tools

The hardware pedicure may be inaccessible at home, so hydrogen peroxide becomes the performance of hydrogen. And at home you can independently achieve excellent results, if you have everything you need at hand:

  • Bath for legs that can be both plastic and ceramic;

  • stand;

  • Pillet for heels with small abrasives;

  • pumice;

  • struts installed between fingers;

  • pedicure set;

  • grinding machine;

  • varnish;

  • acetone;

  • cream;

  • cotton discs.

Stages of the procedure

Step-by-step instructions helps to correctly make beautiful nails on the legs. If we act in stages, then you can make heels in soft and attractive in just one procedure.

At the very beginning it is necessary to make a special bath to relax and soften the skin for its further removal. After the leg wipe the towel and installed on the stand. Old varnish is removed thanks to the use of means for removal. If necessary, the nails are cut, make the form. It is worth saying that on the legs a long pedicure looks unattractive, so it is necessary to shorten the length. If the nail plate has grown too much, cut off the nail, but do not spill it to the base. The sawo is needed only to correct the form.

The cuticle is removed after a special tool with fruit acid is applied in composition. It is distributed on the nail and lateral parts. Remove excess skin using a bamboo stick for this.

Now go to the processing of heels. You can apply a small machine that quickly sees the skin, and you can use a conventional pip, pumice or grater. It is important to be very careful to reach a gentle skin layer, but not damage it. If there is no experience in using such pedicure techniques, then it is better to take funds for an acid pedicure that will allow you to quickly and easily remove the damaged skin.

Small burgers are cut off with impressions. In no case cannot be drained for the skin, since then open wounds will appear.

It is necessary to remove the thick layer of the skin not only on the heels, but also on the pads of large fingers. After completing the skin around it is worth wagging a wet cloth and smeared with cream. The cuticle is removed from the middle to the edges, it is important if I do not want the process to be painful.

The edges of the nails on the legs are made square, only so you can avoid rustling them into the skin. The plate itself is to cover with an antiseptic agent.

Skin Treatment Stop

Depending on what state is the heels, it is necessary to choose a tool for processing them. When the thick layer of oroging skin is best used a special grater or machine.

When buying a grater worth seeing from which materials it is made. Well, when the handle is made of wood, and the working surface is made of:

  • Pumices;

  • nickel;

  • of stainless steel;

  • plastic.

Two working sides of the working sides are one with more rude notches, the other is small and less injured. After breaking the legs for primary processing, a coarser grater is used. It is worth moving in one direction from the edges to the middle and from the back. At the second stage, Natopda are removed. You can immerse the leg in hot water to finish the treatment with a soft grater.

Increasingly, girls began to use special machines for pedicure at home. When buying special attention should be paid to the material from which the blade was manufactured. Surgical steel always exceeds the rest of the materials because it has greater wear resistance.

Before conducting the procedure, it is better to break your legs using useful infusions and other components. Feet should be dry, and movements are light. It is not necessary to prescribe a hard on the machine. More attention is paid to the flabbing parts, when processing an electric filling, move from the edges to the foot center.

After removing the skin, the legs are divered again into the water, and later, fifteen minutes are polished with a special sawmaker with small abrasives. In conclusion, a moisturizing, antibacterial or any other cream is applied.

Working with nails

It is necessary to work with the nail plate carefully not to damage it using the necessary tools for this. Professionals dissolve apply during a pedicure with a cooler, especially those that resemble sandpaper.

If you ignore this advice, you can encounter time with such problems as:

The glass file for a pedicure has proven itself best, since it does not damage the nail and does not steal for a long time.

There is a special focus technology that involves movement in one direction. It is easy to give the correct form that every woman can cope with this task, but it is not worth experimenting on the legs, it is better to leave a natural square shape. If you change it, it will soon begin to grow into the skin and consult a specialist. If this problem has already appeared, then the legs will need to be sipped in soda solution with salt.

At the second stage, a bilateral peer is used. First use a coarse surface to remove irregularities, remove the remains of varnish or gel. For polishing, the second side is used, it allows you to achieve shine and smoothness.

Removal of cuticle

The cuticle performs a protective function, it does not give infection to penetrate the nail, so it is necessary to remove only unnecessary skin with an independent pedicure, but in no case damage the normal one. Some cuts are greatly growing and it is necessary to clean it, follow health, give nails well-kept views.

Skin can trim. For this, special devices are used:

They should be made of stainless steel, manually sharpened, only so the tool will fulfill the task and does not hurt the nail. Feet necessarily sparkled. A special softening agent is applied into the area of ​​finding the cuticle. It is kept for a few minutes, then removed with a wet napkin.

Gently, a paddle from a pedicure set, the skin is raised up. It is removed by another tool. The main thing is not to hurt the nail and living fabrics under the cuticle. Cropped skin at once not to leave burrs, then apply cream on your fingers and nails.

If it does not work easily and ease with tweezers, then it is worth using the innovative unedged method using keratolics. They are necessary in order to sufficiently soften the skin, and then remove it with a bamboo stick. In conclusion, the nail plate is treated with special oil. One of the main advantages of this method is its safety. All self-rigging skin is easily cleaned.

A hardware method is still used that does not require breaking the legs. All technology is based on the use of special oil, which has an impact only on dead skin cells.

During pedicure, legs are processed by special nozzles and cutters, the cuticle is not cut off, therefore it does not occur injury. The equipment is available on sale with different nozzles, small applied to clean the space between the fingers and around the nail plate. It is possible using such an apparatus to treat the feet, heels and fingers.

The first use a nozzle with a rough surface. When a larger amount of dead skin is already removed, nozzles with more delicate effects are used. In the market, you can find equipment with a lot of different pylons, brushes that help keep not only nails in beauty, but also to remove corn, cracks, remove painless cuticle.

In the process of hardware pedicure, it is important to initially apply softening products on the skin. Now it will simply remove the burned fabrics. The milling cutter will quickly remove the natoptysh or old corn, pollutes the cuticle. Then it will be necessary to separately give the nail form, pollute it manually and covered with varnish.

Many models have a special nozzle from corns. It allows you to quickly and delicately remove the layer skin, without harm. Moreover, such devices additionally have a massage effect. The blood circulation is improved, the skin color is improved, it becomes softer.

Cosmetologists have proven that the hardware pedicure slows down the rise of new corns and a holopal, the skin remains attractive and elastic.

Application of varnish

Color and design of the nail plate coating depend on the fantasy of the girl. It became popular to make a white french or just paint the nails with one tone gel. If a brighter palette is selected, for example, red nails, then you should carefully insert special separators between your fingers. With them not only convenient to cover the nails, but the varnish will not flow until it dry.

Not all girls are preventing the nail plate, although it is better to do a special means without acetone. If you put a specially intended database under the varnish, then it will stay much longer.

Bright shades will require several layers to completely paint the nail. Light can be covered once. When the coating is dry, a special fixer is used.

If you want the lacquer to dry, it is impossible to use a hairdryer, since the effect of hot air causes the opposite effect. Such a coating will faster starts to sulk from the nail.

Modern design offers many options for pedicure. These are not only images on the nails of colors and animals, but also special techniques. Moon manicure is very attractive, aquarium technique is particularly popular. 3D pictures - top of professionalism, create such a drawing of the house may not have every woman, but you can always try to experiment.

The black and white palette is a unchanging classic. Such a pedicure is suitable for a solemn event and business meeting, it looks good in everyday life regardless of the selected woman's image.

In the summer it is necessary to give preference to a brighter and bold palette, in the winter it looks good in blue color using New Year's attributes.

Subsequent care recommendations

Any pedicure is completed by applying a special antiseptic or moisturizing cream. Next, it will take appropriate care - with dry skin, you will need to apply cream on the skin at night and put on special socks. Posseably affect the feet of scrubs, but it is not necessary to abuse them.

Useful massage to improve blood circulation in the footsteps. If the legs constantly sweat and unpleasantly smelling, it will be necessary to purchase a deodorant or an antiseptic agent. When a woman constantly feels fatigue, you can use tonic creams or more often repeat the baths.

To nails remain beautiful, every day will need to apply oil for the cuticle. Over time, the nail plate will become more even, the nails will grow faster, and their thickness will increase.

If the nails are yellow, it will help the bath with lemon juice that has a whitening effect. If there are cracks on the heels, it is necessary to abundantly to apply Vaseline on them and wear cotton socks. The difference becomes noticeable in a few days.

Great for massage olive or almond oil in which you can add ethereal.

Common mistakes

For some reason, most women think that the hot water in the bath, the faster and better the dead skin will go away. In fact, it is incorrect - the water temperature must be no more than 30 degrees Celsius.

In no case cannot be large corn and natopeschi cut off with scissors or even more blade. All this injures the skin, makes it vulnerable to fungal infections. Only a scraper or pumice will help to quickly and harmfully remove the burned fabrics.

The shape of the nails on the legs should remain square, since it is possible to avoid rustling it into the skin. The nail plate is trimmed correctly only in a straight line.

If it is decided to skip the upper base layer, the lacquer will not last on the nails for so long as you want. Color varnish can change the natural shade and dry the nails, they will become brittle without a high-quality protective layer. You can not blow on the lacquer or gel, because small air bubbles still penetrate the coating, for which the chips appear.

Special requirements are presented to polish, because if you take a layer of the layer of nail, it is possible to damage it strongly. If there is no experience, then you do not need to use electrical saws. Control the degree of immersion in the nail plate is difficult, so it is better to erase the upper layer manually.

The best means for removing dead leather are preparations with urea or lactic acid. With all this, they are completely harmless, but they can only be used after test use, since they sometimes cause an allergic reaction.

It is impossible to trim the nails on the legs too short, this not only leads to discomfort, but also the cause of fungal diseases, since bacteria are easily penetrated through damaged skin.

Do not apply a thick layer of varnish if an additional fixator is not used, because the chips will appear faster. Bright shades look better on the legs in a saturated color. It is possible to achieve this by double applying composition, but not one and large quantities. In addition, dry so varnish will be much longer, it can flow and smear the adjacent fingers.

Varnish, like any other coating, can not be applied to a wet surface, otherwise it will be squeezed in a few days. During painting it is worth starting to start with the left maizin and move in order to right. That is how it will never work out to lubricate the palm hand. If you follow the advice of professionals and perform pedicure in stages, then you can independently make your legs beautiful and attractive.

How to make the perfect pedicure at home, look in the video below.

Home learning step by step - hygienic pedicure

Lesson №4: How to do Pedicure Customers to Customers

Recently, most masters adopted the tendency of a hardware pedicure, what caused it? - Hardware pedicure saves time. At the start, you should study the classical pedicure technique with the help of terk, the time is the concept of relative, the classical technique is not inferior to the hardware, including in time. In this lesson, learn how to quickly make a classic hygienic pedicure.

Your professional tasks like a pedicure masters:

  • Remove outdated rough skin in the stands of the norm.
  • Work with problem areas (hopes and cracks), not only to remove them, but also carry out manipulations so that they do not appear again.
  • Conduct skin hygiene on the fingers, remove the cuticle and give the shape of the free edge. Special work with corners.
  • Remove the remains after polishing the stop and moisturize the skin. It is very important to prevent the dry stop after cleaning.

With all the smallest details and rules, we will get acquainted, and most importantly learn in the material 4 home online lesson

How to professionally make a pedicure client

Types of skin stop their features - you must define them:

No need to be afraid of working with footsteps, it is absolutely not scary and not long, if you go through the way that suits the skin of your client or client. You will not have any problems if you first look at the legs of the client, you have a work model in your head. The key to the result is to correctly determine the scale of the work, that is, understand how the skin is rude and natoptan. You must do it to choose a suitable grater if the grater is chosen correctly, you will handle the flap skin without problems.

Normal Type of Foot Skin - The skin is usually bright, it can be slightly snapped on problem areas (on the pad below the side of the side and heels), usually such a skin is not inclined to dry, but in the summer, when the dust falls into the open shoes, the heels can become a bit dry. Working with this skin type is simply, since the degree of cutting is minimal, if the care is correct and regular, rudeness may not be at all and it will be enough for you to simply polish the skin. The period between pedicures is 3 weeks.

Pedicure Training Online Normal Skin Type

Mid-Skin Type Stop - In this case, the skin is also not particularly problemful, but has its own nuances in hygiene, you as a master should be prepared and remember the average type is inclined to dryness, which means that incorrect care can cause drying and cracking. It is usually more common that this type in work is more common. The skin stop of the middle overallity has a slightly yellowish color, since the percentage of the skin that needs to be removed more than that of the first type. The most problematic part is the heel. The period between pedicures 2-2.5 weeks.

Foot of the middle flabeliness

Problem Type Skin Stop Proper to Damage - It is very dry skin, that's why it is often damaged. You must not only clean the skin, but also be sure to give the client recommendations for the care of the house, if you follow all the rules of care, this skin can be restored. You need to carefully carry out hygienic procedures, here you need a golden middle when removing, you can not remove more skin than you need, but also leave no more or no longer. In both cases, it is possible to exacerbate the problem. If you do more skin than you need, cracks will be deeper, if you do not attack, the skin will be land. The period between pedicures of 1.5-2 weeks.

How to work with a brute skin of a pedicure

As a beginner pedicure master to learn how to make a classic pedicure according to each skin type correctly

To make a pedicure prepare the following tools and materials:

  • Grater for heels;
  • Trak for fingers;
  • Scissors and 2 types of buds (nail and ache);
  • Orange chopstick;
  • Pilochka for natural nails, Bafik;
  • Gloves and mask for you;
  • Disposable package, slippers and client towel;
  • Remumber for stop, scrub, cream and oil for the cuticle;
  • Bath salt.

Learning to make pedicure terkons (without apparatus and blades):

  1. Seat a client more comfortable, treat the feet disinfector, then process your handles disinfector, wait until it dry and put one-time gloves. Carefully inspect the client's footsteps, determine the skin type according to the signs specified above.
  2. Put the client's leg on the stand and move the cuticle with an orange stick.
  3. Take the Remurover and apply to the foot of the client, more abundantly on the heels and zone below the fingers, less on the fingers and the middle of the foot. Let the fluid benefit 2-4 minutes to a turn in water. Put the mask and prepare the bath. Put a disposable package on the bath, add the salt and type warm water. Remover for heels Professional pedicure
  4. Ask the client to lower the legs in the bath. While the legs are sprinkled, prepare the tools and take the desired grater. Process your disinfector each tool separately. Remember - Graters with rigidity 80/120 grit - for medium hard heels, 100/120 grit - for soft heels. Trucks with a laser cross section are universal, suitable for any skin type. Training professional pedicure
  5. We will proceed to cleans the heels. Ask the client to remove the leg out of the water and put a stop to you on the stand. Lightly blocked the foot from the water, but it should be wet. Take the grater and plunge it into the water. Important! - The graters should always be wet, dry grater irritates the skin and it grures. Take the grater at hand-friendly hand, tough side and movements backwards back "Erase" coarse skin from stop. You will see the cream cleaner on the grater and chips, it is normal, then you are acting correctly. Start immediately from the heel - this is the most problematic zone. After you remove the dry skin, polish the foot, very soft grater. Fingers treat at the very last moment. Do not forget to wet the grater. Each type requires a certain time, for example, it will take about 10 minutes to clean the stop of a normal type (calculation of the time on both legs), on a slightly dry foot of about 20 minutes, on the problem skin from 25 minutes, everything depends on the degree of dryness. How to make pedicure to customers online learning
  6. After you finish work with the footsteps, ask the client to rinse the leg and put a stop on the stand. Cut the cuticle and corners of the nails, if they are worried about the client. Do the same with the foot of the second legs. Home Training Professional Pedicure
  7. After processing the STOP TERK, follows another stage of purification - the deduction of the skin residues from the terk. Apply a scrub on a wet foot and spend massage movements.
  8. Wash the scrub and wipe the legs dry. Purify the shape and process the flame. Preparation of nails to the coating Professional pedicure
  9. Apply oil on the cuticle and wrap it, apply cream on the foot and distribute it with massage movements. How to make a pedicure to the client in parvillary
  10. If the client wants a coating, prepare your nails.

If the client has cracks, what to do:

After you remove outdated skin, the client is obliged to care for the heels of the house, otherwise it does not get rid of cracks. Your professional hand + care home will get rid of cracks. To crack the cracks, you need to remove dry skin, because of which they were formed, it was already done. Home care, which should make a client - overnight, on clean legs to apply ointment with an antibiotic, which contributes to healing, is the usual ointment for wounds. Ointment must be applied to the compress, under the cotton disk, dressing on top of the sock. In the morning you need to remove socks, wash off the residues of ointment and give the legs to dry 15 minutes. Such procedures will help cure problem skin, but the client must regularly visit hygienic procedures and perform homemade.

The result you will receive after all actions:

Pedicure without apparatus graters

Professional pedicure learning

Be confident in your abilities, the main thing is to follow the right proportions and correctly pick up the tools. This procedure requires your attention, everything depends on how visually you will assess the volume of labor. You will succeed!

If you have any questions or you need to clarify something on the lesson, contact an online specialist, through the comment.

Go to lesson number 5

The home pedicure can be performed in various techniques - with scissors and grads, apparatus with milling cutters or using keratolithics - softeners on an acidic or alkaline-based basis. On the peculiarities of performing each of the procedures of the house itself, as well as the intricacies of the care of legs between hikes in the cabin next and will be discussed.

Classic or edged pedicure at home: description and materials

How to make yourself a pedicure home right

The classic is called pedicure, the procedure for executing which combines:

  • soaking the legs in water with a further removal of the coat skin of the cuticle and pterigi with scissors or bodies, flusher and orange stick;
  • correction of the shape and length of nail plates;
  • Stop processing by file or grater.

Due to the fact that in this version of the pedicure procedure, cutting tools are used - scissors or nippers - it is also called edging.

What you need from the tools to make the depth pedicure houses

To perform a edged pedicure of the house, the following materials and tools will be required:

  • Bath for foot
  • Salt, soda, gel for shower or liquid soap
  • Large scrub
  • Pusher, Orange Wand
  • Nail Fillet 180/220 Grit
  • Nail clippers
  • Manicure scissors or leather nippers
  • The grater or file for a stop of a large abrasiveness 80/100 grit
  • Divider for fingers
  • Light moisturizing cream
  • Cuticle oil
  • Large napkins or towels
  • Gel lacquer or varnish for decorative nail coverage

Edged pedicure at home

Classic Edged Pedicure House

The procedure is recommended to perform once every 10-14 days at home, depending on the load on the legs. Such intensity will allow you to qualitatively care for the skin of the legs and feet, to prevent the appearance of cracks and the rotation of the nails. Between the full procedure, it is recommended to grind the foot with a large-grained file to remove the flavored skin.

Classic pedicure is easy to learn. To make it most effectively, take care of good tools and pails. This is half the case. You will leave for about an hour. You can turn on your favorite TV series.

Consider how to perform a classic pedicure stages:

  1. In the classic pedicure, it is mandatory to break the legs. To do this, immerse them in the bath with water 37-40 ° C for 10-15 minutes. In the water, add 1 tbsp. Salt, 1 tbsp. Soda and a little liquid soap or shower gel. Soda will additionally soften and bleach the skin, and salt will strengthen the nails and remove the swelling. You can also add several drops of essential oil, such as tea tree, lemon, roses or lavender.
  2. Pusher or an orange stick to move the cuticle and essentially to Pesigi with nail plates.
  3. Lambs take off the length of nails. Do not cut very briefly, recommended length - 2-3 mm.
  4. By this time, the nails will burn a little bit, so you can give them a form of a saw. With rectangular form, it is still better to round a little corner so that they do not cling to socks or tights, and did not rotate into the skin.
  5. The sharp end of the orange stick was removed from the extreme skin from under the nail plates and in the side sinuses. Do it very carefully not to injure nail.
  6. Manicure scissors or cutting cuts cuticle. Professional masters recommend removing only filling removable skin, without fanaticism. The cuticle protects the nail around the perimeter, and if they cut it very briefly or injured, the foci of possible infection with a large risk of inflammation is formed due to contact with shoes, dust, floors.
  7. Now go to the processing of the stop. A grater or a file of a large abrasiveness takes off the entire coating skin in the direction of the skin lines. It is recommended to do it not on wet, but for barely wet skin. If she dries, it is enough to moisten it with hand. The grater or file will remove the flawed areas by kat. If there are cracks on the feet, then processing them with a grater is necessary strictly along the recess. Foot Peeling Scrub
  8. Apply a large scrub on your feet and massage the feet and the top. Catch with water.
  9. Make a decorative nail cover with gel varnish, shellac or ordinary nail polish. If the gel varnish is used, then the alignment does not need to do. It will be enough will be the thin layer of the classic base. Before applying the nails, with a dehydrator and a softless primer for better coating socks. Top is better to take without a sticky layer. Many masters recommend using single-phase varnish pedicure, combining base, gel varnish and top at the same time.
  10. Apply a light cream for quick absorption and oil for the cuticle. Make a light massage to relax your legs and improve the action of the cosmetics.

Hardware pedicure at home

Hardware pedicure house - how to make what cutters

In the absence of experience with the apparatus, many newbies have a question: how to make a hardware pedicure at home right? What materials and nozzles are better to take if there is no experience - we recommend reading the link. We will figure it out in detail.

Since the hardware pedicure is performed dry and without cutting tools, then the correct milling cutters will be required to study all problem areas.

Materials and nozzles for hardware pedicure at home:

  • The device with a capacity of at least 30 W
  • Diamond cutters: truncated cone, flame and ball
  • Grinding sand caps and silicone grinders
  • Foot cream
  • Cuticle oil
  • Decorative coating at will
Features and Rules of Hardware Pedicure House

Performing a hardware pedicure of the house with your own hands can be a difficult task without proper practice. It is necessary to confidently keep the handle of the machine with a cutter so that the cuts are not formed and do not hurt the skin of the cuticle.

When working with nozzles take care that the working hand has a good emphasis. Use for this a little finger, ring and middle finger.

  1. Diamond milling truncated cone with blue tints and slightly raising cuticle. The same cutter give the shape of nails.
  2. The milling flame with a blue bowl cutting cuticle even more and removed all of the pterigi around the perimeter of the nail. Keep mills almost parallel to the nail plate, do not push much.
  3. A milling ball with a diamond spraying to gently cut the cuticle, moving upwards from the nail direction.
  4. Silicone polisher process cutting zone.
  5. Sand caps processing the foot, plusn, fingers. Move with smooth movements on skin lines. Do not stop for a long time on one site.
  6. Silicone grinding nozzle again process stop and plus.
  7. Apply cream to feet and oil on the cuticle, make a relaxing or toning massage.

Properly performed hardware pedicure holds 2-3 weeks. Then the procedure must be repeated. In detail, we have already spoken about the hardware pedicure in this material, and here it was discussed how to select, use and store cutters for the device.

Pedicure using acidic, alkaline keratolithics or removers

Acid pedicure at home with his own hands

This version of the pedicure is suitable for everyone who does not want to work with cutting tools or apparatus. It is simple in execution, it takes the minimum time, and the result is as effective.

To make an acidic pedicure of the house, an acid keratolitic is required. He is also called a remurver, peeling. There is an alkaline embodiment. This is a means that softens the skin to the state of liquid casis. It remains only to remove it with a flusher or an orange stick in the cuticle zone and the file-file in the footsteps.

Alkaline keratolithics are stronger, penetrate deeper into the skin. Acid softer software and fit for unsamed legs.

Even after removal, it still continues its work in deep layers of the skin, so it is necessary to use a neutralizer. It is consumed economically, and the result of the system is impressive.

Funds are presented in the form of foam softeners, gels, liquids. Popular stamps:

  • Callus Remover PNB.
  • Naomi Callus Remover.
  • My Nail Callus Remover
  • Salu.
  • Comilfo.
  • Farmona.
Acid peeling pedicure at home

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. The dry skin of the cuticle strikes the remurrar and leave for 1-5 minutes, as indicated in the instructions for each specific medium.
  2. Pusher or an orange stick take off the cuticle and pterigi. Wipe with a wet cloth and process the zone with a neutralizer.
  3. Apply the keratolitic to the surface of the foot and fingers, wrap the leg with polyethylene, food film or put on the boil to create a greenhouse effect. Leave for 5-10 minutes, depending on the condition of the flaws of the skin.
  4. After the time spent wipe the leg with a damp napkin, and the solid waste leather removes the grater file.
  5. Apply the neutralizer.
  6. After drying, camshable cream for legs with massage movements.
  7. Make a decorative coating of nails and apply oil on the cuticle.

There is also another remedy for chemical peeling of the feet, which we disassembled in detail - these are special peeling socks for pedicure.

Homemade leg care between pedicure procedures

Care for legs between visits to pedicure

Regardless of whether you are making a pedicure at home or in the cabin, legs need to be intermediate supporting care. This not only prolongs the durability of the pedicure, but also improves the condition of the legs, health and life tone in general, since we spend a third of life on your feet.

Home care consists of such steps:

  • Cleaning
  • Moisturizing
  • Food
  • Protection
  • Massage

Cleansing is not only daily hygienic procedures, but also the use of large scrubs to remove organized skin. Peeling is recommended 1 time per week, followed by applying cream.

After contact with water, as well as every night before bedtime, apply nutritious on feet, moisturizing or protective cream depending on the state of the skin and season.

Once a week do nutritious feet masks for the night under polyethylene or under silicone socks. Masks can be found in the rules of almost all manufacturers of cosmetics for legs.

The protective effect on the skin has creams with a paraffin content. Also in 10-12 days, it is possible to make a cold or hot paraffin treatment procedure. The resulting thin film holds moisture and protects the skin from the effects of negative environmental factors, which is especially relevant in summer.

Massage feet

Once a day, make a massage for 10-15 minutes using or lightly moisturizing cream, or oil if it is not planned to enter the street. It relaxes, tones vitally important acupuncture points and raises the mood. In addition, massage helps to absorb cosmetics.

Make a list of feet care procedures and bring them to the tracker habits for a month. Convenient to do it in the phone application.

And what is the option of pedicure preferable for you? How do you care for your feet between hikes in the salon or home pedicure? Share with us in the comments!

Manicure and pedicure I started doing my own in the sixth grade. At the same time, I started using various skin creams. But if the action of the cream is not noticeable to anyone, then Well-groomed and painted nails allow you to instantly stand out among others .

Professional pedicure

dotFor manicure and pedicure masters, special rules of disinfection of hands and objects have been developed, as well as sterilizing tools. According to them Pedicuress is obliged to wash his hands before working with the client and at the end, applying an antiseptic . Baths after use must be treated with a disinfectant.

The sterilization of the tools used is made or boiling, or the treatment of disinfectants, which have passed state registration.

Sterilization requirements for pedicure masters comply with medical professionals . But who visited at least the dentist can easily find the difference. During cuticle cutting, small cuts often occur, at which blood appears. Entering it on the instrument in the absence of proper disinfection is fraught with consequences.

Professional pedicure

Why do pedicure

In the summer - it is clear. After all, the fingers look out of sandals and outdoor shoes. Yes, and playfully run to the water on the beach will not work without evidence of a serious attitude towards his appearance.

In winter, it becomes important when visiting the pool. It is better to feel yourself when visiting the doctor and finding in the hospital. If a woman is married - this is the reason to call the contents of her husband. It is believed that this is done, to like it, because others do not see.

dotBut there is another reason - psychological . Even if others do not know, the person is constantly aware of what linen on it is wearing, whether he has tights or socks. And whether the nails are given. It involuntarily reflects on the manner to keep himself, gives confidence to the expression of the face and the courage of actions.

How nice to do yourself

Any care for himself gives rise to a positive attitude, which psychologists consider directly to gain happiness. Pedicure is art. After all, everything ends with painting - varnish lacquer.

dotModern fashion dictates not a boring application of one color for each nail, and a violent fantasy. One month is made alternating the colors that do not combine among themselves, in the following - one nail should be slightly longer than others. Moreover, it should shine sparkles that can be purchased in the store.

The lesson is distinguished by boredom and bad mood. Do yourself a pedicure and at the same time publishes from boredom to no one. A woman begins to treat him better, which is always reflected in its appearance. If the pedicure is done regularly, care is constantly carried out, then you can make it quickly, having fun.

Finally, mastered by any new knowledge, any of us becomes more free and independent.

Pedicure as relax

Required tools and accessories

For home pedicure You will need:

  • Ceramic or plastic foot bath.
  • Towel.
  • Stark for heels.
  • Pumice with fine graininess.
  • Tweezers.
  • Films of different types.
  • Machine.
  • Lubes.
  • Scraper equipped with small heel blades.
  • Nail scissors.
  • Mitigating cream.
  • Runs for fingers.
  • Varnishes of various colors.
  • Acetone and cotton wands for fixing small shortcomings when applied.
  • Leg deodorizing.
It must be remembered that after each application, the tools are subject to disinfection. An excellent option is a bactericidal lamp, destroying the pathogenic microflora ultraviolet radiation.

Baths for foot

Bath before pedicure

Pedicure procedure starts with warm bath . It occurs in the breaking of the feet. At the same time, they soften, which facilitates further processing. Ingredients, such as herbs, various types of sea salt with additives, essential oils can be added to the water.


Mix sea salt having a property to strengthen nails and essential oil. You can strengthen the action by adding dried mint. The proportions may vary.


Pour food soda into water. On the bath of water - four tablespoons. Such a bath with soda is suitable for treatment, and in order to prevent fungal infection. . Ensures smell.


Add infusion herbs - Calendulas or chamomile. Infusion is prepared, the bay of two spoons of dried plants with a glass of boiling water. It should be accepted for half an hour. Such a composition provides a strong disinfect effect.


Add four spoons of vinegar ( not to be confused with acetic acid ). Apple vinegar is suitable. The duration in this case is limited: no more than 15 minutes.


Pour a cook salt. Lower the feet into the water for a few minutes. Add two spoons of hydrogen peroxide into the water.

After taking a bath, the legs are wiped with a towel.

Washing foot


The main steps of a pedicure:

  1. Baths for legs.
  2. Remove the remnants of manicure lacquer applied last time, using means specifically designed to remove varnish.
  3. Shorten nail length. Do not soak them, but cut down with small tweezers.
  4. Soften the cuticle. Apply to the surface of the nail and side parts softening agent.
  5. Treat heels, removing with coarse skin. A special machine is water along the surface towards the edges of the heel. Remove the coarse skin with thin layers, seeking not to damage the lower layers.
  6. Collect the surface of the stop with a coarse spraying.
  7. Treat fractures with tweezers. It is necessary to have them at work along the crack.
  8. Remove damaged skin on the pads of the fingers. Soft sawdwood sharpening the surface of the pads and places where the fingers are opposed.
  9. Treat cuticle. Wet wipes wipe this place. Special shovel shift the skin towards the middle to the edges.
  10. Treat the edge of the nail. Pilka give him a square shape to avoid bush .
  11. Nail plates treat disinfection tools.
  12. Apply a nutrient cream that prevents the appearance of cracks on the heels.
  13. Make a foot massage.
  14. Covered with varnish. You can in several layers. Additionally, on top you can apply a colorless varnish.

Pedicure errors

Most frequent errors:

dotDo not soften the feet feet in too hot water. Temperature should be no more than 30 degrees . You can hold the legs longer in the water.

dotWhen the calluses and hoptes are removed, do not use scissors and blade. This can lead to cuts. To do this, use pums or scraper.

dotDo not cut the corners of the nail to avoid its rustling. It is necessary to cut the nails in a straight line.

dotDo not apply the machine to remove the cuticle.

Treatment of heel

Treatment of heels

There are two types of tools for processing heels. If the state of the heel is not very running, it is enough to use the grater. Otherwise, the machining machine is necessary.


dotThe grater is better to choose with a wooden, not iron handle. The processing surface is performed from pumice, plastic, nickel, stainless steel. The rough surface creates notches applied by a laser.

It is advisable to choose double-sided graters with different coatings - tough and softer.

Swinging the legs, first produce the heel processing with a tighter coating, moving in one direction - from the sides and from the rear to the middle.

Then treat the grater of the natopda at the bottom of the fingers and the side of the thumb. The leg is placed again in the bath. Deliver, dried with a towel and also handle the second leg.

Then the first, pulling out of the water and drying, is treated with a side of the grater with a softer coating, increasing the processing area. Processing the second leg.

Processing machine.

Machine for pedicure


When buying a machine, you must pay attention to the blade material.

It is better to choose surgical steel.

Its advantage is increased wear-resistance. The blades are included in the machine.

The preparatory step is to break the legs with the addition of the desired components. Then the legs should be wiped out dry. Light movements, without creating excessive pressure, start processing a foot, paying attention to the most undercuts. Direction - from the edges to the center of the heel.

The final stage will be a re-immersion of the legs in the bath, and then the skin treatment with a grinding saw. Finally - applying cream.

Cuticula treatment

The function of the Cuticle is defense. The base of the nail is protected from penetration into this area of ​​infections. When pedicure, the task is to get rid of non-living cuticula cells. Grounding, the cuticle dries out, which causes the appearance of burrs. Nails grow slowly, their appearance deteriorates. Only the permanent care for the condition of the cuticle will make it healthy and give a well-kept appearance.

Edged fashion

Edged pedicure

dotThe method when the cuticle is performed by cutting with scissors or tweezers. Preference is given to tweezers made of stainless steel hand sharpening.

Place your feet in the bath. Remove one leg and drain it with a towel. Apply to the nails in the cuticle area, the means with the softening effect. Hold it a little on the nails. Take a wet napkin and remove the remnants of the product.

From the pedicure set, get the spatula and begin to gently move the cuticle, moving from the edge of the nail to its middle. Then remove the tool with an acute end from the set and go through it, cleaning the skin of the thin layer increasing on the nail. Perform neatly, not scratching the nail.

Take the tweezers and cut the skin near the nail. Cut the cuticle at a time so that burrs do not appear. Lubricate the cuticle area designed for this butter. Treat the second foot.

It is recommended to purchase twigs of two sizes. First make circumcision big, and then in the corners to use smaller tweezers.

Unedged way

With this method instead of tweezers are used keratolics . When applied, the cuticle softened. Then she moves away with an orange stick. Then you need to apply the composition to remove the cuticle. After some excerpt, the cuticle again pushed. Pedicure ends with the processing of oil for the cuticle.

Unedged pedicure

The advantage of this processing method is safety. In this method, only the burned areas of the skin are removed, and the living remains protected from infection with bacteria.

Hardware method

dotUnlike classic, hardware - Does not require breaking legs . For softening use special oil. The tool acts selectively only on the skin or removable. Living areas do not hide. The effect of healing and disinfection is ensured.

Processing is carried out by grinding nozzles and cutters of the device. Cut Cuticle does not cut. The emergence of injury is impossible.

Included there are nozzles of all sorts of diameters. Large diameter nozzles are used when there is a need to treat the feet, especially heels. Small nozzles having a semicircular shape apply when places between neighboring fingers and skin near the nail are processed.

The design consists of an apparatus and knobs on which nozzles are attached. First, legs are treated with a rough nozzle. Then, with a large number of remote damage, replaced with more delicate. There are nozzles designed for different footpace areas. Nails, cuticles, octal skin, corn, heel cracks are subject to care.

Hardware pedicure

Stages of holding

  1. Apply softening cream for the minutes for fifteen minutes.
  2. Remove, applying nozzles, extreme and coarse skin.
  3. Applying cutters, remove natopes, handle corns.
  4. Collect the cuticles.
  5. Applying the nail pylon, give them the desired form.
  6. Polish.
  7. Grinding the final gloss.
  8. Apply a mitigating action cream.
  9. Massage legs.
  10. Apply varnish.

The technology of performing hardware pedicure is clearly shown in the video below:

Treatment of cornese

Pedicure apparatus enters Calloon removal nozzle . It removes the corn delicately, not traumating the skin. In the rest, the cream is laid in the rest, which eliminates the roots of the corn processed.


dotDuring the treatment with the device, massage is constantly carried out. As a result, blood circulation is improved, which is beneficial to the skin of the foot.

After a pedicure conducted by a hardware way, the skin that was removed, begins to grow not as fast as when the pedicure was seeded. The skin retains its elasticity for a long time, much less becomes coarse.

Application of cream

Pedicure made at home must be completed by the use of a cream with a property to mitigate the skin. With a very coarse skin of the feet there is an option when the cream is applied for the night, and socks wear on your feet.


Massage improves blood circulation. If the feet are dry, then nutrient creams can be used. With abundant sweating, apply a means with a deodorizing effect. With the fatigue of the legs at the end of the day it is advisable to apply cream with a tonic effect. It is possible to use any vegetable oil.

Application of varnish

Divider fingers

dotWhen applied by varnish It is convenient to use finger separators . It will save from the inappropriate varnish to the nearby nail, especially if it was assumed that the color would be different.

Before painting nails, you need to degrease the means that do not contain acetone . Under varnish you need to apply a special database. Varnish is applied in two layers with a special tassel. Completes the procedure for applying a fixer.

Maintenance and care for pedicure

Do not forget apply oil into nails . With proper care, it becomes noticeable that the cuticle becomes more elastic, it begins to lay down much more tight. The growth of the nail becomes faster, its surface is more even.


Do a regular pedicure - Useful and pleasant habit. It is not difficult to do it yourself. It saves time and money. The effect will be noticeable after a short time.

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