Beryl: value, properties and to whom the stone is suitable for the sign of the zodiac

One of the first known to the people of gems was Beryl. Only the ancient peoples have not yet known that many of the minerals produced by them were Berill derivatives. Such nuggets were confused with other stones, called other names. Today, Beryl is implied as an independent gem and a whole group of gems of similar composition and origin.

History and origin

Beryl is known to people since the time of ancient civilizations. The countries of the Middle East, Greece, Egypt, India - all these nations knew about the gem of more than six millennia to us. Only here under the concept of "Beryl" or "Berillos" ancient meant many transparent and solid stones of green, blue or yellow shades. Therefore, Berill could be called chrysoprase, and Berill himself was confused with quartz.


The study of the ancient Egyptian civilization made it possible to find out that the Egyptians were known many gems, in particular Beryl. This mineral decorated the tomb of some pharaohs of the ancient state. Scientists suggest that the Egyptians had their mineral deposits, but the story about them is silent.

The same mining sites that are developing today are at the other end of the African continent, without having a relation to the territory of Egypt. There is also the opinion that along with the cops (outdated facilities for ground and underground development of minerals) of many gems, Berylla owned by Tsarina Cleopatra.

The history of the mintral name thread stretches through many languages. The original adverb, from which the name of the stone occurred, is considered to be Dravida. So, the name of the gem is equal to the title of the Indian city of Belur. From the Dravidsky word gradually passes into Sanskrit, from there to Prakrit and Pali languages. Further, the Greek name pokes into Latin, where he means "precious stone of sea water." Ultimately, in Russian, the name "Beryl" fell from Latin through Romanesque adverb.

And you know that Beryl is one of the twelve stones, adorned by the pecotor of the High Priest Judea. Which of the varieties of the mineral was conquered on a breastplate, an unknown fact.

Today, under Beryl, the jewelers imply only a golden-yellow type of mineral, which transparent crystals are endowed with a certain composition and properties. Such a nugget is called "noble beryl", believed by the gem of the second order of the first group of the classification of precious stones. Its value is only a bit inferior to the price of an emerald, and some rare samples are more expensive than diamonds.

An ignoble beryl is used in industry as a source of beryllium - expensive and valuable metal. To detect the deposits of the raw materials of geophysics, a special method called beryllometry is used.

Location in Nature

The best global places of the noble beryl are considered:

  • Colombia.
  • Ost-India.
  • Brazil.

The occasionally crystals come across in the territory of Mozambique.

Ordinary beryllams are rich in Sweden, France, Bavaria and Elba Island. Russian sections of the noble variety of mineral are the Urals and deposits in the Sverdlovsk region. As well as samples of yellow and transparent gems, the east of the Kola Peninsula is rich.

Physical properties

The stones of the beryl group are a mixture of aluminum and beryllium oxides and most of the silicon dioxide. The presence in the composition of impurities of other metals, including iron and manganese, determine the color of the crystals. Sometimes in the chemical composition of the mineral detects a meager share of uranium.

Berill is characterized by hardness, inferior only to corundes and diamonds, as well as resistance to alkalis and acids. With high temperature mode, the mineral melts.

Property Description
Formula Al2 [BE3 (Si6O18)]
Hardness 7.5-8.
Density 2.6-2.9 g / cm³
Singony Hexagonal.
Cleavage Imperfect by {0001}
Shine Glass.
Transparency Transparent or translucent.
Colour Green, blue, yellow, red and white.

Mineral varieties

Beryl refers to minerals that are rich in "derived" nuggets. Many of them are known under independent names and are considered as separate precious gems. So, the stones of the beryl group are considered:

  • Aquamarine is a second-order gemstone of a saturated heavenly blue, blue-blue or bluish-green. The price of the stone is equal to the price of the zircon, Topaz, noble opal. aquamarine
  • Emerald - precious gem of deep green color. Shades range from the color of grass to salado-green. According to the classification of Fersman Bauer, it is a first-order stone, as a diamond, Alexandrite and Sapphire. emerald
  • The noble beryl is a transparent colorless, yellow or light green mineral of the second order of classification. Noble Beryl
  • Bixbit is a very rare variety of red. The second name is "Red Emerald". The findings of this mineral are single, so the price of nuggets is installed separately for each instance. Bixbit
  • Heliodor - Golden Mineral. Heliodor
  • Sparrow - pink, light red or orange-red stone. It is also called morganite. Vorobyevit
  • Augustitis - rare gem of dense-blue. Augustit
  • Gaenitis is a transparent nugget. Goshrenit
  • Bazcite - Mineral of light blue color. Baccit

Red and pink gems are considered the most rare from the genus Berylov. "Red Emerald" was once mined only in the only deposit of the United States of America. After the flooding of that mine, bixbit mining stopped.

About 3.5 thousand copies of the faceted red stone remained on the planet, each of which is stored in museums or private collections. The price of any of these samples is freshelically high, and you can only purchase such a gem with auction. Also estimated nuggets of blue shades.

Healing power

Speaking about therapeutic opportunities of Berylla, you can not imply the entire group of these minerals. Each of them has its own characteristics and its influence on the human body. Therefore, the listed properties will relate exclusively to the most common type of stone, known as the "Noble Beryl".

Lithotherapists have established that this nugget is responsible for two chakras of our body - the heart zone and the solar plexus zone. Therefore, the effect of mineral applies to all organs located in the upper part of the body, up to the middle of the abdominal cavity. Golden-yellow stone helps with:

  • colds, inflammatory processes of lungs and bronchi;
  • arrhythmias, blood pressure jumps;
  • failures in metabolic processes;
  • problems with the central part of the spine;
  • disorders of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract (spleen, liver, pancreas, stomach).

It is also known that the energy of the stone has a female nature (Yin). Therefore, healers note a positive effect on female reproductive bodies in cases of gynecological diseases.

Magic capabilities

The noble beryl is endowed by a number of magic qualities that directly affect the lives of people. Nugget stands like:

  • "Sorter" energy. Berylla tend to attract positive energy to its owner. At the same time, the stone plays the role of a barrier that replies the whole negative from man.
  • Family charm. All sharp corners of family relationships are smoothed if there is a thing in the house from Berylla.
  • Talisman good luck in litigation. The greenish-golden nugget is an excellent assistant of lawyers of any directions whose work is associated with defending someone's right in court.

Mineral amulets are important for people whose activity is extremely mental. The stone is endowed with the properties that can affect the clarity of human consciousness, to make chronic fatigue, exacerbate the mind. Due to this, the owner of the gem will be able to bring the work done to the end, avoiding errors. The mascot will save the working attitude, without giving the owner to think mentally "overdo it."

Compatibility with other stones

Noble Beryl - Air Mineral. Best friends for him will be fellow in the elements:

The good neighbors gem, led by his relative-food heliodor, will be the minerals of fire - a diamond, ruby ​​and grenades.

As for other stones of the beryl group, the noble gem is compatible with everyone, except for water stones - Emerald and Aquamarine. Unwanted neighbors from water elements can be:

Tandem with the stones of the earthly element neutral. These include all opaque minerals, such as:

Decoration with mineral

Berill varieties are many, therefore the price policy of jewelry with stone is diverse. Products with noble beryl more expensive. Such a stone is framed by gold the highest sample or platinum. Semi-precious gems go to products from gold 585 samples or silver.

Start prices for decorations with Beryl:

  • Silver Ring - from 30 thousand.
  • Silver suspension - from 20 thousand rubles.
  • Earrings with stained stones (different types of beryl or a combination of one type with other minerals) from silver cost from 30 thousand rubles.
  • Beads - from 20 to 40 thousand.


Berill's cut is usually a stepped or diamond. The greater the faces, the stronger the shade, a noticeable game of light. A variety of varieties makes it possible to acquire a decoration for every taste and financial capabilities.

How to recognize fake

As such, artificial beryl does not exist at least officially. All attempts to grow synthetic crystal were not crowned with success. The most successful imitation was able to create Austrians in the middle of the 20th century. This stone was a mixture of an ordinary colorless beryl and a synthetic emerald.

Nevertheless, today there is a risk of stagge into experimental attempts by underground laboratories. To distinguish such a fake, despite the difference in physical or chemical properties, will independently be difficult. We'll have to resort to help professional. The same applies to linden stones, which is glued cheap and expensive gems.

At the same time, a thin plate of a natural expensive gem is attached to the cheap mineral. Identify such falsification can only in the laboratory.

If you are not lucky to stumble upon a glass or a toned cheap stone, a deception can be accepted alone by such signs:

  • Real Beryl is much stripped glass, so leaves a scratch on it. Glass fake on the glass of the trace, of course, will not leave.
  • The presence of defects. Any bubbles, cracks, inclusion when inspection under the magnifying glass - a sign of the naturalness of the mineral. Only fake will be perfect.
  • Traces from sharp items. Natural gems of the beryl group scratched with a knife or the key is impossible. But the toned fake is easy.

And then, If the seller on request to check the hardness of the stone answered with refusal, this is already a reason to doubt. Do not forget also about such a thing as a quality certificate for minerals.

How to wear

Before wearing a mineral, you need to buy it in the right time. Of course, this concerns only those stones whose purpose is therapeutic or magic talisman. So, Beryl is recommended to buy not on lunar days, but according to the Kalendar of the Archbishop of the Rhinesky, according to which a good time for the acquisition of Mineral - October and November month. It is believed that the middle and end of the autumn falls an annual "break", during which the stone drinks the greatest.

Beryl is a multi-cable mineral, so the rules of wearing are based on the type of appearance:

  • All stones of bright colors of green, blue and yellow gamma are suitable for brunettes with light skin.
  • Blondes better pay attention to Aquamarine and Bazcite.
  • Green-eyed and carbohylase beauties with red hair choose emeralds or gosphenites.
  • And girls with blond eyes, rusia or brown hair will complement all yellow gems, including Heliodor.

ring on a finger

In addition to external typology, each of the beryls is intended for a particular image and style:

  • Precious stones - an elegant image attribute at an elite event. Bicksbit, Emeralds or Morganites will complement the evening outfit of a secular lioness.
  • Golden Heliodor is combined with any style of clothing, but experts recommend to wear it with a wardrobe in the style of Caushal. Such a stone highlights the hostess among others.
  • An extraordinary personality with an extraordinary style can afford decorations with Augustit.
  • To meet with friends or loved ones, as well as on office work it will be appropriate to put on products with semi-precious beryllas - Bazcit or Aquamarine.

Small or already young ladies harmoniously complement gentle decorations with transparent gosphenitis. This option is available at any price.

Production Care Rules

Beryl is unpretentious in use, but a few simple rules are worth remember:

  • Products with a mineral better not to drop. Despite the high hardness, internal microcracks affect the fragility of gems.
  • To eliminate contaminants, sufficiently soapy water and a pair of amazing drops.
  • Do not impose gems long-term exposure to sunlight. Otherwise they will be blocked.

Silver decorations are usually cleaning soda, washing with warm water. This option is suitable for decorations with stones inserts. However, a special cleaning composition for silver can damage gems, so when cleaning, it should be avoided by means of mineral.

Patron Nam

Any name has its own value, origin, their patron in the form of flowers, animals, stars or minerals. Beryl is favorable to people whose names:

  • Nataliya. For her stone is the best assistant in the matters. Thanks to the amulet, its feelings will be permanent, and the mental mood is raised.
  • Igor. A man with this name will be a friendly, cheerful and sensual man with a philosophical view of life.
  • Alexei. Thanks to Berylla, he will be more sensitive, he will open creative inclinations in himself, and life will be full of happiness and joy.
  • Nellie. The life of such a woman will be fenced from the negative, and at home will reign mutual understanding between all family members.
  • Artyom Beryl will open the path to the execution of desires through the enlightenment of the mind and spiritual improvement. The amulet from the mineral will protect Artem in a long road.
  • Konstantin. Nugget will become a wonderful family faith that supports the feelings of spouses.
  • Stella. The girl with an unusual name will open up new faces of sensuality, love, friendship, will gain the condition of complete happiness along with the talisman.
  • Valentine. Gem will help make the life of this man better, leading to the execution of desires, as well as protecting against negative.
  • Elvira. Beryl will help her all over the feelings - will strengthen family bonds and relationships with other people, will strengthen the friendliness, makes feelings constant, fencing the hostess from all bad.
  • Benjamin. Amulet will help him attract finances, well-being in his house, clearing the surrounding space from negative.

Names who patronize gem are unusual and rare. But this stone will become a talisman for someone who really needs it, regardless of behalf.

Astrological compatibility

Astrologers believe that Beryl is suitable for many signs of the zodiac. For each of them, the mineral has prepared support in various fields. Among the "wards" nugget.

("+++" - the stone fits perfectly, "+" - you can wear, "-" - categorically contraindicated):

Zodiac sign Compatibility
Aries -
Taurus +
Twins +
Cancer +++
a lion -
Virgo -
Libra +
Scorpio +
Sagittarius +
Capricorn -
Aquarius +
Fish +++
  • Cancer. For him, the talisman promises good luck in any aspirations and endeavors.
  • Scorpio. This sign of the mineral will give a lifelong luck.
  • Fish. The stone will bring happiness and good luck in their lives.
  • Cords amulet will help to find devotees, establish relations with the surrounding society. For this, nugget should be imparted in silver.
  • Gemini gem will help to build a successful career, the catching owner begun to bring to the final, not distracted by secondary affairs. In addition, the stone will make the surrounding setting of twins less conflict.
  • Silver strings made by silver will help to cope with sudden flashes of aggression and anger, making a person balanced.
  • Aquarius, as well as scales, will receive a portion of wisdom and reliable protection.

But lions, hairdresses, Capricorn and devans, astrologers do not recommend wear a nugget.


Whatever from Berylov you have chosen, he will surely please you with its beauty and unusual properties. This peace-loving nugget has many names, many colors and as many special, unique qualities. It is worth just to look, touch, feel.

Photo gallery stone

Beryl is a stone from the family of silicates. A single point of view who first opened the mineral, there are no scientists, but this gem was already known in antiquity almost all over the world. The species of this crystal are a huge variety, you probably heard their names, but did not even guess that it was about Beryll. Depending on the specific subspecies, it may be precious, and semi-precious, and the usual crystal.

What stones are we talking about? Well, welcome to the exciting world of crystals. In this article we will tell about the varieties and properties of the Berill stone: physical, chemical and magical.


History of Mineral

On the territory of the Middle East Beryl is known for six millennia. The tomb of kings and temples were decorated with a stone from the inside. In ancient Egypt, it was mostly used yellow beryl, but it is unknown, where it was the Egyptians that it was mined. Perhaps the copy was on the territory of the current Somalia or Ethiopia, but now nothing is known about the mineral deposits in North Africa.

Mineral Beryl

They knew about the precious stone Beryl and in ancient India. One way or another, and in Sanskrit his name is known. Together with Indian traders and the mineral, and the word "beryllos" fell into Europe. In the ancient world, any transparent gemstone of the green or blue shade was so called. The subtleties of the chemical structure ancient Greeks and the Romans understand, of course, could not, and therefore were unable to distinguish silicate from quartz.

Modern jewelers assume that Beryl is a gemstone of golden color from the silicate family. And other varieties of crystal have their own names. For example, green beryl is called emerald. Such a classification has already arisen in a new time.

Mineral field

Mineral Beryl The imaging of centuries mined in India. Also, Argentina and Canada can also boast of major gestures. A very beautiful and clean emeralds are mined in Colombia, in the USA - polychrome stones, in Brazil and Madagascar - Aquamarins. During the time of the USSR, the development of beryl fields also conducted in Russia, but now the production volumes fell. However, the copy of Siberia, the Urals and Transbaikalia are still functioning.

Yellow Beering
The popular location of Berylla is the city of Coimbature in India.

Mineral varieties that are not interested in jewelers are mined worldwide. Despite the inconspicuous look, from the point of view of chemistry they do not differ from the precious fellow, the composition of the crystal lattice is the same. There is no less, the inephious species does not mean that minerals do not use the dispute. Beryllium, metal needed for nuclear energy is paid from such stones.

Beryllium is a very dangerous substance. In mines where it is mined, people work in just hellish conditions. They suffer from skin inflammation, pneumonia, cancer tumors. The process of metal smelting strongly harms the environment. Some of its connections are generally prohibited for the development, storage and transportation.

Physical and chemical properties

Beryl crystal can be both transparent and completely transparent. It refracts the sun's rays in such a way that it used to be used for the manufacture of magnifying glasses. A stone melts at a temperature of from 950 degrees Celsius, and it becomes muddy, sharp edges smoothed.

Some varieties of beryl have a property of changing color when heated. For example, a pinky morganite can become bright red, and transparent stones acquire a beautiful blue shade. This is used to reflect crystals. Some gems glitter glass, others - fat.

In the chemical formula of Berylla, in addition to beryllium, also includes aluminum, silicon oxide and other impurities. Depending on their concentration, the stones are:

  • Bigless;
  • weakly alkaline;
  • Eliminate.

The higher the alkalis content, the more densely the crystal and the stronger it resists the action of acids. The highest alkalinity in rocks mined in Ukraine.

Varieties and colors

Coloring options at the mineral is a huge amount. Basically, the color of beryll is determined by impurities that fall into the crystal lattice during the formation of a gem. Some special "beryl color" does not exist. Varieties and shades have a lot of stone, you can choose a decoration that is suitable for you.

The most famous varieties of Berylla:

  • EmeraldEmerald - Perhaps the most expensive and beautiful among your family. The largest and most transparent among emeralds are more expensive than diamonds. Chrome and Vanadium give him a deep green shade.
  • Green BerylGreen Beryl - so called a simpler version of Emerald. The mineral is less transparent, it is cheaper, but the jewelers still love him. Such a crystal is often trying to issue a real emerald.
  • AquamarineAquamarine , Also known as Blue Beryl, also has a fairly high price. It can have both a shade of the sea wave and a more rich azure color. Pretty rare and dear stone, a unique color to it is attached to iron and chrome.
  • MorganitVorobyevit (Morganite) - Pink Beryl, which is mined mainly in the pins of Madagascar. Tender coloring him gives magnesium. This also love for a unique soft glow.
  • HeliodorHeliodor (Davidsonit) - Yellow Beryl, whose name is translated from Greek as the "gift of the Sun". It has a huge amount of color options, from saturated honey to gentle amber. The way the Golden Beryl sparkles perfectly in the sun, always fascinated people.
  • GoshrenitGoshrenit - White gem, the best samples of which are almost completely transparent. He is also called beige beryl. A skilled jeweler may so skillfully treat such a stone that it will be almost impossible to distinguish from a diamond.
  • AugustitAugustit - A rare variety of gems, very expensive. Crystal saturated dark blue color is quite often forged.
  • MasseurMasseur - Another noble beryl with a rich blue tint. Some belong to August, because they are very similar. The machine very quickly loses the color, if it is warm or the sun rays will fall on it. Correctly process the crystal so that it retains the color and depth longer - the whole art.
  • POSTERITEPOSTERITE - Stone, which contains many alkali metal salts. The best rosterita patterns can boast a gentle light pink tint.
  • PetsottitaPetsottita - Saturated pink gem, but very dangerous. The composition of his molecule includes cesium, so this kind of beryl is afraid to handle and wear.
  • BaccitBaccit - Light blue mineral similar to Aquamarine. True, the shade of the sea wave does not attach iron, but scandies.
  • BixbitBixbit - Red Beryl, very expensive and rare. It is compared with emerald for the price and beauty. Nowadays, only one bixbit deposit is known, and it is constantly poured soil waters. Because of this, mining can be interrupted at any time, and the cost of the gem jums up to heaven.

Check for authenticity

Attempts to create an artificial stone Beryl still have not been crowned with success. Of course, sometimes fraudsters are trying to issue a regular glass or a piece of plastic for a real gem, but it is very easy to remove them on clean water. It is enough to try to scratch a crystal blade or needle. You can't damage this gem.

Ring with Emerald
So as not to stumble upon the fake, it is necessary to check the authenticity of the stone.

For a high-quality fake mineral, it is necessary to completely recreate its chemical composition, unique for each field. As a result, make a bracelet from such a perfect falsification will be as expensive as from the real stone, and the meaning of the fake will disappear.

Sometimes it happens that one type of beryl is issued for another, which costs more.

To distinguish the emerald from the cheaper, but similar stone, you will need some kind of heavy liquid, for example, bromophorm. The real jewel will be sinking in such a fluid, and cheap - swim. You can also put the gem under the ultraviolet lamp. Semi-precious analogues of the emerald will scold bright glare, and the genuine crystal is more dull light.

Usually try to fake emerald or aquamarine. Now such works are carried out from pure scientific enthusiasm, there is no commercial meaning in them. There are methods in which the cheap stone is given the desired shade with the help of heating, but so far they are only being developed.

It happens that the emerald glued into several layers, and the thin plate of expensive stone is only an outer layer. In this case, you need to look carefully, as Berill looks like in a picture in a jewelry laboratory, you can easily distinguish the fake you can hardly.

Application area

Precious varieties of mineral use, of course, for jewelry with beryllah. The rim is made of metal, which is best suited to a specific variety of stone, usually the more expensive gem, the more the noble metal is chosen.

Geliodorom ring
Ring with heliodorom

Crystals that are not interested in jewelers go for beryllium smelting. This is a solid, but fragile silver-white metal resembling aluminum. The substance applies:

  • To dop alloys. Have you heard about beads, bracelets and rings from "Gypsy Gold"? This is processed by Berillion Bronze.
  • For the manufacture of X-ray tubes.
  • In atomic reactors as a neutron reflector.
  • In laser technology.
  • As material for spacecraft and aircraft.
  • To get rocket fuel.
  • For thermal insulation of laboratory furnaces.
  • For sound vehicles.

Beryll products are an important attribute of a truly luxurious interior. From large stones even cut out beautiful figurines.

Berill's Care

There are no special recommendations for stone care. Mineral is well withstanding any household chemicals, so you can wash it almost anything. The best sudden solution of the ammonia is best.

Pendant with aquamarine
Remove the jewels with stones when they are engaged in sports or physical work.

Decorations with beryl is best to store wrapped in a soft fabric. The stone is quite fragile, it can be accidentally broken or scratched.

In the care of emeralds, however, there are nuances. Unlike most of the types of beryl, they are rather soft, so during long-term contact with other stones can be deformed. Keep emeralds separately or only with other emeralds.

Medical properties

Beryl is a stone whose properties have been studied from ancient times. Already Babylonians believed that gem could treat many diseases. Most often, it was recommended for diseases of the liver or female problems. In the Middle Ages it was believed that it helps to get rid of dental pain. Modern lithotherapists fully agree with colleagues from the past.

Therapeutic beryl will help:

  • Cure pain in the head or teeth. Just attach gems to the patient and keep a few minutes.
  • Get rid of otita. To do this, you will need earrings with Beryl.
  • Easy suffering in critical days. Wear on the first day of menstruation bracelet with cherished gem and calmly do your affairs.
  • Reduce inflammation activity with bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurite. For this purpose, you can wear a pendant or necklace with the desired stone.

At the same time, the color and variation of the role of the role are not playing, the energy is always the same. There are also special procedures with beryllov, which improve well-being, contribute to the weakening of infectious diseases. Some lithotherapists advise the mineral to people who want to lose weight.

Magic properties of Berylla

Beryl is a gem endowed with strong magical properties. As in lithotherapy, the value of the mineral does not matter. Stone is a very powerful protective guard, and for the whole family. It will help prevent:

  • evil eye;
  • damage;
  • love spell;
  • subcovery intrigues;
  • natural disasters;
  • mental illness;
  • Sophisticated treason and parting.
Thanks to the gem you can equip your personal life.

Beryl enhances charisma and charm. Meditation to stone will allow you to find a person close to the spirit for a serious relationship. You can resort to his help in order to protect the family from the collapse.

Gem helps to find a way out of the most difficult life circumstances. Focus on the stone, and he will tell the right decision.

Ring with beryl improves brain performance. Thanks to him you can achieve success in science, art, business.

Mineral is able to develop intuition, and also suggest that fate is preparing for humans. Therefore, Beryl is appreciated among fortune-law and clairvoyant. Emerald is best suited for a fortune ball, because the green color in many cultures is connected to the otherworldly.

Who fits beryl on the sign of the zodiac

For Fish и Rakov Beryl is a stone that will bring good luck in all endeavors. Their energy engineering perfectly harmonizes with gem, so you can wear it all the time. Right value does not have. The same can be said about Scorpions that will also appreciate the mineral to dignity.

Astrologers do not advise the use of Beryl as talisman Aries, lions, devans and Capricorn.

A good amulet will be beryl and for closed Tales But it is desirable to use silver frames. Thanks to the gems, the people of this sign will be able to become a "soul of the company", will acquire faithful friends and assistants.

Twins и Streltsov Mineral will protect them from conflicts with others, will bring peace and calm. They also fit the stone exactly in the composition of silver ornaments. Protection from evil forces will find Libra и Aquarius .

Contraindicated stone Ovans , Lions , Deva , Capricorn . Their aura will conflict with the mineral, and it will be either a dummy or source of additional problems. If the decoration with Beryl still wants to wear, try so that it does not touch the skin, and do not wear too long and often.

In any case, the zodiac sign is not the only factor affecting compatibility with the talisman. To make sure whether the cherished pebbles are suitable for a particular person, it is better to consult with an astrologer or psychic. Choose a cherished talisman, and let him protect and brings joy.

Stone beryl

  • What: precious;
  • Deposits: Urals, Transbaikalia, Brazil, Canada, USA;
  • Colors: Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, White;
  • Moos hardness: 7.5-8;
  • Transparency: transparent, translucent;
  • Density: 2.6-2.9 g / cm³;
  • Formula: al 2;
  • Who is suitable for the sign of the zodiac: everyone;
  • How much is: from 360 dollars for carat.

Beryl is a yellow-green stone from a group of silicates. Depending on the species, it can be both semi-precious and precious.

It has a huge amount of varieties: Emerald, Aquamarine, Heliodor, Gaenitis, Proward, Morganit and others.

Depending on the natural factors that influenced the process of forming a mineral, there are many beryl colors. Iron impurities, manganese, chromium, cesium, lithium paint this stone in yellow, pink, green halftone.

History of origin


Berill stone is one of the most ancient famous minerals.

His story has more than 6,000 years. When archaeologists found the first copy of beryl decorations - beads, it turned out that they were at least 6,000 years. And this is the finished product!

How the stone was formed, chemist scientists and geologists will help. The process of magma crystallization in the process of the formation of the Earth formed a residual melt with high fluidity, which contained such elements as alkali metals, inert gases.

The alloy filled out free spaces in the rocks and at high temperatures - from 400 to 700 degrees - gave the beginning of new minerals. Such natural fields are called pegmatite veins.

The first stages of the process of formation of Beryl began deeply in the depths of the Earth, follow-up in higher layers.

Sometimes there are minerals of huge sizes: Berillas were found 18 m, 6 m. Large copies for the jewelry industry are mined in India, the best and qualitative formed in Ukraine.

Place of Birth

Berillia fields on planet set - Urals, Transbaikalia, Brazil, Canada, USA and others.

Appearance - Colors and types



The most expensive from berylles is often valued above the diamonds. Color from dense green to light green.



The most famous mineral from the genus Berylov. Blue tones prevail, but there are instances of the sea wave.



It received its yellow shade due to the presence of iron ions. There are yellow, orange and greenish-yellow stones.


Ring with Gaenitis

Transparent Beryl. Has the shape of a hexagon.



Larously pink.



From pink to bright red due to impurities of cesium and manganese.






Apple green and salad.

Separate minerals from the genus of beryl belongs refer to a separate group of precious stones - Pezzotyt, Riesling, Biscite. Some are so rarely found that they are not available.

These types of beryl, as bixbit and rice, are worthy of attention. This is extremely rarely encountered varieties of mineral. In nature, there are very few of them, in a free sale even less.

Stone beryl


The only mine in the United States, where bixbit mining was carried out, turned out to be flooded. Therefore, today the mining of this mineral is not conducted.

About other bixbit deposits are not known. The cost in the bixbit market is higher than the cost of the highest quality diamonds - from $ 250,000 per carat. The number of cut stones does not exceed 3,500 pieces.

Riesling He got his name in the case that occurred with the king of Germany. In dinner, he dropped his ring in a glass with white wine Riesling. The stone seemed to disappear, so his color coincided with the color of the young wine.

Stone beryl


For all time, the beryl-rice stone found only 3 times. The total number is not more than 5 kg. Ringing price is difficult to call, as dealers do not seek to sell such a rare stone. All available specimens are stored in Windsor Palace or London Museum.

Riesling is famous for its most powerful pleochroism - turning the stone at a different angle, you can see the second color. Also, is the most bright among Berylov.

Value for jewelers is present in 2004 in Canada true blue beryl, which is resistant to ultraviolet.

Stone beryl
Stone beryl

To note - his "Junior" relative - Machine-Beerill is inclined to change color at sun rays. From blue, it turns into a blue.

Already registered the True Blue Beryl trademark. Rare samples are currently located in Canada.

Physical properties

Stone beryl

Transparent Beryl

Minerals are transparent and translucent. They have an increase in the effect, so in antiquity the stone was used for the manufacture of lenses.

Melts at very high temperatures - up to 950 degrees, while, sharp corners smoothed, the color becomes muddy.

Some copies related to beryllam, when heated, change their color. If the morganitis is exposed to thermal exposure, its red shade will become brighter.

Transparent beryllas become blue due to aluminum reaction in the mineral.

There are brilliance minerals - glass and fat.

Chemical properties

Stone beryl

The presence in the mineral of alkali metal in large quantities causes its property not to dissolve in acids.

Beryl is an aluminum alloy, silicon oxide, Berylla. Depending on the natural factors that influenced the composition of the mineral, they are brushless, weakly alkaline and very strong.

The density increases with an increase in alkalinity. The highest alkaline indicator in crystals from Ukraine - pH = 8.5.

Compatibility with zodiac signs

Beryl pendant

The most suitable beryl Twins, scales and scorpion . The Mineral Beryl influences these signs is positively, as it complements the personal qualities of people born under these signs of the zodiac, with their qualities.

The impermanence of weights can be controlled, always having a mascot with constant characteristics.

Gemini will help learn how to finish the work began, since the final formation of the stone happened and he achieved perfection. The same wishes of the mineral transfers to its owners.

The strength of the emotions of Scorpio sometimes creates them additional problems in communication. Mineral Beryl has tranquility that weakens the negative emotions of this sign.

Sagittsev - hot-tempered sign are subject to frequent bursts of nervousness. Cold tones of Aquamarine will help to cope with the features of the character of Streltsy.

Women born under the sign Lion. Beryl will bring health, femininity and wisdom.

Ring with Beryl

Aries Could be able to destroy their fate of character traits - egoism and ambition. Beryl teaches his master more to give positive energy, please their loved ones and love, as the mineral himself pleases the eye of the holder of stone.

People born under constellation Cancec Having beryl becomes more fun, positively (maybe from awareness of the value of the mineral, which also has a positive effect on the mood).

Aquarius The stone will be close because of the color of the sea wave. The most suitable aquamarine.

For Fish Mineral will provide a service in the form of reasonable and sober thinking. Blue colors Aquamarine "cool" the passion of fish. Types of beryl with splashes of water are recommended.

Tales The expensive variety of beryl is more suitable - emerald, which is considered to be a stone of wisdom.

Such a talisman will tell a more rational path to the dream. True, such a path will be very expensive, given the value of the talisman.

Decoration with Beryl

Virgin Can count on luck, having emerald with them. Energy Stone reflects the internal qualities of the host and strengthens it with its vibrations.

Aquamarine or emerald can help Capricorn born in a certain number of months.

Of all the above, it can be seen that most signs of the zodiac accept Beryl as their assistant.

Magic and Medical Properties

Decoration with Beryl

In antiquity, all minerals were attributed to certain qualities. People with adhesives of healing, the predictions of the future felt the energy of stones, which could affect the events in life.

Berill stone symbolizes communication, friendship and fun. In the ancient Egyptians, it was customary to create figures of animals and insects of semi-precious minerals.

So received useful symbiosis of the worlds - animal and mineral. Some qualities were complemented by others, and people believed that the quality of stones and animals would go to them.

The magical properties of Berill are reduced to one: the mineral affects the energy balance in the human body, gives the integrity of the personality. Under the influence of beryl, processes in systems and organs are normalized.

Berill varieties, according to the ancient doctors, had different properties. Although at that time these stones were not considered one species.

Heavy autoimmune diseases helps to carry emerald. He instills faith in healing.

Crystals Emerauda


True, after buying an emerald of money for traditional treatment, almost will not remain, so you will have to resort to self-sufficiency, which also has a beneficial effect on health.

Women with gynecological problems were recommended to constantly wear a stone.

It was noted the Berill property to normalize the energy of the chakras - solar plexus and cardiac. Healers used the quality of mineral to purify the body from the negative impact of someone else's aura.

Successfully treated beryl cold hats, head and toothache, violations of metabolic processes.

Talismans from Berylla

Talisman with BerylBelief in supernatural phenomena encouraged people to create for themselves and their loved ones in the form of animals imprinted in stone or other materials.

There was a whole business based on the manufacture and sale of amulets and talismans. The share of truth in this is, because people were always born that were close to nature and felt her processes.

They could predict the future, advise, how to do what can help in a difficult situation.

For example, if a person wanted to pick up with his enemy, he was recommended to give an enemy a frog from beryl stone.

Since minerals and work cost expensive and man was glad to an unexpected gift, then reconciliation was usually easy.

The meaning is rather not in the philosophy of stone, but in the very action of people in relation to each other. But the goal is reached, therefore, it was necessary to continue to listen to the predictor.

Amulet with Beryl

It was believed that emerald in a gold frame - a symbol of the mind and wealth. That's just a question - what primarily?

A person needed to think where to get or for what to buy such a dear thing. I had to think hard to think about financial well-being. In the end, the idea came to the thinker, and he became rich.

Most likely, the person attributed the appearance of wealth emerald. In fact, he himself created his success, and the mineral was only an initial purpose.

Talismans were acquired by people to be confident in tomorrow. Stones were a symbol of hope, allowed not to lose the presence of the Spirit in difficult situations.

The use of Berylla

Stone beryl

The stones of the Berill group are valuable in the production of beryllium, which is used in the nuclear and electronics industry for the manufacture of X-ray and laser equipment.

Multicolored samples decorate the collection of minerals. The most suitable stones are used in jewelry.

Such beryls look especially presentable, despite the fact that they treat semi-precious stones. At the same time, the region matters where the material was brought from.


Decorations with emerald

Not all beryls are suitable for jewelry. Precious stones from the genus Berylov - Emeralds are the most sought-after.

Decorations are made of beryls with clean color, without splashes and clouds. Cracks in stone are also not allowed. From berylov make earrings, robes, bracelets, pendants.

Sometimes mineral is combined with pearls, diamonds, topaz. In the production of jewelry, it is sometimes used by the heating method to give stones the desired color.

Stone beryl
The combination of emerald with pearls
Stone beryl
Combination of Emerald with Topaz

Some of them, such as morganites, increase their painting at temperature effects, become brighter.

Beryllas of various colors were used to decorate church dishes. Those minerals that have not represented jewelry should have been on the manufacture of mosaic.

In many ancient palaces, the floors were laid out with a mosaic from Berylla: in Egypt, on Elba Island.

Known paintings, fully assembled from minerals, including Berylla, Far Eastern artist GD. Pavlishin. The manufacture of such a masterpiece is more than 100,000 felling stones. The finished pattern is poured with epoxy resin, polished and on the finished form is mounted on the wall.

Household crafts and expensive home decorations were performed by Florentine Mosaic Masters: Chess Boards, Backshadows, Wall Panels. There is a known exhibit from the museum - Mosaic Table of Louis 14.

In Russia, Beryl was used for artistic purposes by Russian scientists M. V. Lomonosov.

Product price


The cost will differ depending on:

  • quality stone;
  • his varieties;
  • Processed stone or not;
  • Mentioned a stone in the precious metal or not.

The cost of the most common minerals - emeralds:

  • Low quality - about $ 360 / carat;
  • High quality - $ 8000 / carat.

Morganit s I. aquamarine They are estimated at $ 2110 - $ 2,700 / carat.

Next go yellow heliodors - from $ 800 / carat.

The cost of products affects the metal, which sells a stone, as well as a combination of stone with other minerals.

Where can I buy?

You can buy stones here . Our link acts on our link - a stone-talisman as a gift.

Berillhalam care

These stones require cautious circulation, as they have a very fragile structure. If you drop the product, it will break. It is recommended to wash stones under running water.

Green Beryl

Caring for emeralds is somewhat different. This stone is soft enough. In contact with other minerals, can lose its shine due to damage to the faces. In this case, it will be necessary to grind the upper layer.

Compatible with stones

Stone beryl
Combination with opal
Stone beryl
Combination with turquoise

Harmoniously combines beryl with opal, turquoise, mountain crystal, lunar stone, jasham and ruby.

The combination with Sardonix and Malachite is not recommended. The only metal that enhances the properties of stones is Melchior.

Artificial Beryl

stone berylExperiments on the creation of synthetic berylov were not crowned with success. Several samples were created, but it turned out to distinguish them from natural stone. The description of the process for a long time was held in secret.

Experts know, in which region the stones are produced, which impurities are characteristic of this region, therefore it is impossible to recreate the natural composition of emeralds.

If externally stones can be similar, then experts check the proportion of the mineral.

To do this, use heavy liquid like bromophorm. Natural emeralds are drowning, and light fakes pop up. Also, there is a difference when checking for fluorescence: synthetic stones are brighter compared to natural emeralds.

The fakes were mostly expensive emeralds who tried to recreate in artificial conditions.

At the moment, these works are conducted only from scientific interest, as practical value does not represent. The thermal method of obtaining stones is studied, which is most close to the natural processes of berylov formation, the method of increasing the shell on a cheaper colorless beryl.

The most common fake is gluing emeralds in two or three layers. At the same time, the top is the highest quality, and others are cheap.


The Berill stone is the general name of the whole group of precious and semi-precious stones used in the jewelry industry. This name is used in two values: in the first this designation of the class of gems of the same origin and related chemical composition, in the second - the name of the specific natural stone of yellow-golden color.

History and origin

Mineral Beryl is one of those that caused difficulties in recognition for antiquity people. In the Middle East, in the cradle of Western civilization, it is known for a very long time - about 6 thousand years. Beryll products were decorated from within the tomb of some Egyptian pharaohs. It is believed that the ancient Egyptians mined some varieties of Berylla, for example, Yellow Beryl, but the location of the reasons is now forgotten. Modern African fields of this stone for residents of ancient Egypt would be unavailable due to territorial remoteness. They are in South Africa.

Beril stone
Beril stone

People's Solve binds beryl-free copy with the queen Cleopter, but did not react details.

This stone was known in the ancient, Dairi India. The modern name "Beryl" Most scientists take to the Dravid language and identify with the Indian city of Belur. From Dravidsky, it passed into Sanskrit, and from there - in the languages ​​of the Indoary Group, common in Europe. The form of Beryllus The name of the stone acquired in Greek, from there swore in Latin. It literally means "expensive stone blue-green color." From Latin language, the word fell into later Romance, and from them - in particular, in Russian. Interestingly, "Beryl" and "Brilliant" - related words originating from one root, meaning "bright, brilliant."

Ancient Greeks and Egyptians called "Berillos" any transparent solid stone greenish or blue. Not having the opportunity to establish the exact physico-chemical properties of the stone, they could call green stones and beryl, and chrysolite, although in fact it could be copies, for example, chrysoprase. Transparent views of Berylla were identified with quartz and so on.

Beryl (is unknown, what kind of variety) was the number of stones with which the forelee foreman was decorated.

Currently, beryl jewelers call only yellow or golden transparent crystals of a certain chemical composition. There is also an illegible beryl, it is a raw material for receiving a metal beryllium, whose price is high.

The noble beryl is a gemstone I group II of the order according to the classification of Fersman - Bauer. Considered by gem. The cost of yellow beryl only is only slightly lower than the cost of emerald, his rhodium. Some subspecies of this mineral are so rare, which exceeds diamonds.

Physicochemical properties

Without exception, the minerals of the beryllium group are a complex combination of beryllium oxide, aluminum oxide and silicon dioxide with percentage predominance of the latter. As impurities may contain iron, manganese, in minor quantities - uranium and other metals, which act as chromatophores that ensure the color of the stone.

This is a solid gem - from 7.5 to 8 units on the Moos scale. It is located at one level with a topaz, is inferior only to diamond - 10 units, and Corundum - 9. Glitter is glass. For noble beryl, transparency, industrial - opaque, has white or grayish color.

Resistant to caustic acids and alkalis. Melts at a very high temperature.

Formula Al2 [BE3 (Si6O18)]
Colour Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, White
Shine Glass
Transparency Transparent, translucent
Hardness 7.5-8.
Cleavage Imperfect
Frame Is absent
Density 2.6-2.9 g / cm³

Places of prey

The Beryll field is found in pegmatite rocks, in particular granites, as well as in rocks containing quartz, its derivatives and mica. This mineral is often accompanied by a mountain crystal, Morione, Topaz and Field Plutam.

The jewelry variety of Berylla is mined in Russia in the Ilmensky ridge (part of the Urals, near Miass), in the fields of Murzinka and Shayanka, in the emerald specks of the current river, as well as in pegmatites of the eastern part of the Kola Peninsula. In other countries, mining is conducted: in India - Cambature County, in Brazil - Minas Gerais, in Colombia. On the African continent of the field there is in the South African states of Mozambique and Namibia. Some particularly rare varieties were mined in the United States of America, but now their mining is discontinued.

Industrial Beryl is mined in France, Germany, Sweden and Ukraine.

In nature, there are both separate crystals and dubs of this stone. They can achieve large sizes. It is theoretically possible to detect a crystal weighing a few kilograms, although the probability of this is extremely small.

Varieties and colors

There are a large number of colors and shades of Berylla, many of which have their own names and are considered as separate precious stones. The most famous of them:

  1. Emerald. Gemstone I order, equal to the class of diamond, blue Sapphira and Alexandrit. Saturated green, the shade of the stone can be from herbaceous to salad. The brighter copy, the more expensive it is.

    A rock

  2. Aquamarine is transparent, bluish-blue, like a southern sky. Possible shades of green. Gemstone II order, according to the cost comparable to topaz, noble opal and zircon.

    Blue Aquamarin
    Blue Aquamarin

  3. Noble Beryl, it is also light green, yellowish or colorless, weakly painted. II order at cost.

    Noble Beryl
    Noble Beryl

  4. Sparobyevit, he is a morganite - pink or reddish, sometimes red-orange.


  5. Heliodor - golden.


  6. Bixbit - "Red Emerald". Extremely rare, the price is installed individually for each processed instance.

    "Red Emerald"

  7. Augustit, he is Maxis - Navy blue. Rare.


  8. Bazcite - light blue.


  9. Goshrenit - transparent, colorless.


The most rare are red and pink beryls. Bixbit, for example, met in one place on the planet located in the United States. Now this mine is flooded, and the extraction of "Red Emerald" is discontinued. About 3,500 faced bicks are preserved, each of which is invaluable in the literal sense - it is impossible to establish a market price for it, you can sell only with auction. All bicks are stored either in museums or in private collectors.

Blue stones are also subject to individual assessment.

The average cost of emerald (depending on the quality) - up to 8,000 dollars, Aquamarine and Chrysoberilla - 1,500-2,500, Heliodor costs $ 800 per carat. But the price fluctuates depending on the market conditions.

Fake diamond

During the 20th century, in different countries of Europe, as well as in the USSR, Beryl was repeatedly tried to synthesize, but did not achieve special success. The synthetic crystals obtained as a result of experiments differed from natural stone either by physical properties - hardness, refractive indices of light, density - either by chemical composition. The greatest similarity with True Beryl had composites obtained in 1960 in Austria. They had the basis of an ordinary transparent beryl, on which the layers of the synthetic emerald were increasing.

At the moment, the synthetic gems of this group, capable of fooling a professional jeweler, no. But research and experiments in this area are continuing.

Medical properties

Please note: here and then there will be in mind the ordinary noble beryl - golden-greenish, rather common subspecies of the mineral. The fact is that the healing and magical properties of different beryls are different, and consider every type of lithotherapy, magic and astrology as an independent mineral.

Stone beryl
Stone beryl

This gem has the following meaning for a person: it affects heart chakra and solar plexus chakra. This means impact primarily on organs located in the chest and in the upper part of the abdominal cavity. Among them:

  • lungs;
  • a heart;
  • Digestive system organs - esophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas, spleen.

A greenish yellow stone will save you from the cold, inflammation of the bronchi and the lungs, will help calm the heart in arrhythmia, normalizes the pressure. He will make sure that the gastrointestinal bodies are in order, the metabolic processes will result in the order of metabolic processes (metabolism), facilitates a state with pain in the thoracic spine.

There is information that Beryl is useful to women with various gynecological pathologies. Stone's energy - susceptible yin, just female.

Magic properties

The main magical property of the stone is to provide an outflow from the human body of negative energy and attract positive. Beryl plays the role of a kind of energy pump combined with the filter, so his magic exacerbates the mind, gives clarity to consciousness and removes chronic fatigue syndrome.

Beryl suits people actively engaged in mental work. He will help them not overdo it, will give the strength to fulfill all things on time, avoiding errors. Beryl decoration can be used as a talisman of good luck to prosecutors and lawyers, as well as employees of legal departments of large corporations, which often have to represent the interests of their companies in court, since this gem brings good luck in trials.

Products from this stone are good charms for the home and family hearth. They keep the family from any internal problems - scandals, change, mutual misunderstanding.

Zodiac compatibility

Golden Beryl belongs to the element of air, the sign of the zodiac is associated with the twins. Amulets and talismans with him can be wearing scorpion, fish, cancer.

The stone is not suitable on the horoscope with fiery and earthlings, especially the Virgin, Aries and Lion.

Zodiac sign Compatibility
Aries -
Taurus +
Capricorn +
Cancer +++
a lion -
Virgo -
Libra +
Scorpio +
Sagittarius +
Capricorn -
Aquarius +
Fish +++

("+++" - suitable ideal, "+" - you can wear, "-" - categorically contraindicated)

Compatibility with other stones

Since this is a stone of air, then the optimal neighbors for it are single-sighs. These include:

  • All Berill Raishes, except for Emerald and Heliodor;
  • Demantoid;
  • uvarovite;
  • rhinestone;
  • Raratopaz (except for Morion);
  • citrine;
  • Blue Halcedon;
  • amethyst;
  • tourmaline;
  • topaz.
Ring with Beryl
Silver Ring with Beryl

The stone is well combined with the fire, to which his subspecies belongs - Heliodor, as well as grenades, ruby ​​and diamond. With regard to the Earth - and these are all opaque stones, such as Yashma, Turquoise, Malachit, Chalacedon, Jadeitis, Obsidian and others - Beryl Neutraine.

But it is not necessary to combine it with "water" brethren - emerald and aquamarine, as well as with any other water stones:

  • noble opal;
  • moonstone;
  • pearl;
  • Alexandrite;
  • EKLAZ.

He does not love Sapphire.

Application area

All subspecies of the noble beryl are used to insert into decorations of noble metals - silver, gold, platinum. The choice of concrete metal depends on the stone - the gold is sent to gold, the aquamarines look good in silver.

The rule is true here: the more expensive the stone itself, the more expensive the metal rim. Emerald uses the greatest popularity - they produce any decorations with it.

Golden Beryl is used to inlays luxury objects: church utensils, expensive wall decorations and so on. From large crystals, small figurines cut out - right up to chess figures.

How to identify fake

Despite the fact that there are no officially synthetic beryls on the market, in laboratories they can grow their likes. It is possible to distinguish the fake with a high probability, only resorting to the help of a professional jeweler or an employee of the Table Chamber, which has special tools.

Silver Ring with Beryl
Silver Ring with Beryl

Alone in the store can only be identified only the simplest fake from glass or cheap stone covered with color film. Beryl is harder glass and can scratch it. If you acquire a crystal without a rim, then look at it in a magnifying glass: if there is at least the slightest defects - cracks, chips, air bubbles - then the self is real. Fakes are always perfect.

Ask the seller, is it possible to check the stone on hardness. If yes - this is already a sign of quality, if not, is unambiguously fake. If there are suspicions that the crystal is toned with a bright film - carefully scratch it with a knife or key tip. Real Crystal Berylla, Emerad, Aquamarine scratch in this way you can not.

But to determine the fake made of the dear and cheap stone glued with each other (expensive above) will be able only to the laboratory.

How to wear and care

There are no special rules for wearing and caring for this mineral. Beryl is durable, struts to alkalis and acids. It can be washed with any means of the arsenal of household chemicals, except the most caustic. A 10% solution of ammonic alcohol is recommended.

Bracelet from Berylla
Bracelet from Berylla

Store the decoration with a stone is needed separately from the rest, in the individual packaging. During wearing, it is only worth avoided strong blows, as the fragile stone and can split.

Time for shopping

The best time to purchase Berylla, according to the "Calendar of Stones" of the German Archbishop of the Republic of Rainsky, is the middle and end of autumn - October and November.

At this moment, there is a so-called "break of the year", during which Berill is particularly powerful.

Transparent Green Stones

The history of the name of this gem is long enough and goes back to Sanskrit. Vaidurya. that, in turn, was allegedly educated from the city name Velur. (Sovr. Belur) in South India. In medieval Europe word Berillus called Any pale green gem. From these stones made lenses for glasses and accurate optical devices, and the echoes can be seen in German and French, where the glasses are still called Brille.  и besicles Dear Berylla in ancient Greece, and sometimes they cut out the statuettes of the gods. In the east, carved dragons adorned with green crystals, symbolized good luck in battle, and were considered a military amulet attached to fearlessness.

Beryl stone

Berylov crystals can be found in various sizes and characteristics. For example, in Brazil, the beryl crystals of a beautiful brown-golden color of up to 70 cm in size were found, and in Washington in the Smithsonian Institute, the grazing yellow beryl weighing 43.5 carats with the "cat eye" effect.

Varieties Berylla

This beautiful gem may have a different color, and many color varieties have a separate known name. Usually the division is:

- aquamarine - Transparent, greenish-blue (from pale green to sea water), as well as dark blue crystals painted with impurities Fe 2+. ;

- Heliodor - crystals from greenish-yellow to yellow-gold-colored (as part of the FE 3+. );

Heliodor stone

- Emerald. - transparent crystals of a saturated green color of cold shades, painted by admixture of chromium sg 3+. ;

- Posterita - colorless, pinkish from impurities Li 1+ , CS. 1+ (5% or more);

- Sparrow (Morganit) - Mostly pink from the impurities of manganese and cesium. The palette of shades - from purple-red to pink-yellow, warm. Conventionated Sparobyevit call berylla found in Russia and Madagascar, and Morganitis - mined in the USA and Brazil.

- Red Beryl, or Bixbit  -Very rare and expensive beryl of beautiful red color with a cold lilac ("roof") tint. It is extremely mined solely in the United States (Utah and New Mexico), resistant to 1000 ° C and when irradiated. The crystal can cost $ 300, so Bixbit is successfully synthesized.

- Gaenitis - Pale, colorless stone. As jewelry, it is rare enough, but it can be found, for example, in the oats of the ancient icons. It also looks good in the cut and, unlike a diamond, does not give color glare, setting more rigorous and calm tone decoration. Almost all Goshrenit - Brazilian origin.

In jewelry, they additionally allocate the following varieties:

- Maksix-Berylla - refined; They differ in bright thick blue, however, the light can fade;

- Riesling - Rare, dichroichny beryl, is characterized by a characteristic color stretching from pale green to golden-yellow.

In essence, beryl can be called any sufficiently light painted stone, if the shade is too pale to serve as a clarifying sign. In natural crystals there are white or drowned inclusions, they can also be of varying degrees of transparency.

Geological certificate

Chemical Mineral Formula - Al 2BE. 3[SI. 6O18 ], However, the composition is constantly there are various lumps, water, helium and argon. Berill color can be green, blue, yellow, colorless, pink and other. Most crystals have a prismatic appearance. The hardness of the Moos scale is 7.5-8. This is an ore mineral, beryllium gets from it.

The Berylla deposits in India, South Africa, Brazil (PC. Minas Gerais) are most developed - the Berillla large collectible and jewelry samples are found here. Russian deposits are located on the Middle and Southern Urals, as well as in Transbaikalia (Sherry Mountain), but jewelry crystals in these places have already been worked out. Sometimes Beryllas were found on the Kola Peninsula. Ukrainian Volynsky deposit is also conserved. Berillov's finds are also known in France, Sweden, Namibia, Botswana, USA; Morganite is mined in California, including a collection.

Natural beryl stone

Medical properties

The beneficial properties of Berylla have long been known. The ancient Greeks lowered crystals into the water and then gave it to drinking the patient - it was believed that it heals from the gallstones. Beryl wearable in earrings will save its owner from head and toothache, nervous disorder, fatigue; In the bracelet - will help with help with urinary bubble diseases and the female sphere. It is believed that Berill of different colors has a different effect: for example, yellow helps with allergies on plants and their pollen, green treats eye and throat problems, transparent is good when allergic to dust. Also Beryl harmonizes metabolism.

Berylla earrings

Magic properties

In ancient times it was believed that this transparent stone would teach the lazy to work and empty ignorant. Drawing Berill Sulled good news. This itself is considered a symbol of eternal youth, an active conductor of positive energy and a charm on a journey. It is also useful when establishing important ties, helping clearly see the essence of the case. He is recommended as an assistant when solving family problems, both between spouses and between children and parents. It is also good for divination and as defense against mental manipulations. Pale green Beryl is considered a "female stone"; Stabilizes and harmonizes the condition, helps to listen to others, patiently treat them and make weighted solutions.

Beryl Crystal

Feng Shui, Vasta-Shastra

In system Wasta Schastra Beryl as an emerald or aquamarine corresponds to the planet Mercury and the direction of the north. Heliodoric is possible to replace rare yellow sapphire (planet - Jupiter, Direction - northeast). By Feng-Shuya Beryl is responsible for the wisdom zone, located also in the northeast; Here it will contribute to the development of mental abilities, wisdom and curiosity. Enhances the energy of water (beryl, aquamarine), metal (heliodor), wood (emerald) and weakens - fire (beryl, aquamarine), soil (emerald), wood (heliodor). The stone has energy susceptible yin.

By Ayurveda Yellow-green beryllas are good to improve metabolism, harmonization of metabolism, general biostimulation. Beryl is responsible for chakras Manipura (solar plexus) and Anahata (Heart).

Processed beryl

For signs of the zodiac

It is believed that beryllas are suitable for representatives of signs Gemini, scales, fish, cancer; He helps to expand the circle of communication, and the shooters and scorpion will protect against excessively nervousness and anger. Women can wear beryllas regardless of the sign.

Beads from Berylla

Amulets and talismans

Beryl is a fairly well-known gem that is valued and used as a gem. It is good to cut and polish, thanks to which the jewelry with berylles is not uncommon. It is considered a good talisman for travel, to start a new business. Helps in learning; Being imparted in silver - contributes to the tying of useful dating, in gold - contributes to contemplation, the development of the mind and the unconscious. This is the mascot of artists and sculptors - Rings with Berill worn Rubens, Rafael, Leonardo da Vinci. Also Beryl works well as a protective amulet.

Ring Beryl Stone

Beryl is well combined with topaz, citrines, pearls. It can be worn constantly. It is believed that in October, Berill's properties are most widely disclosed, and if we carry it this month, the beneficial effect of Berylla will spread for the entire next year.

One of the most beautiful and unusual stones on the planet is Mineral Beryl. It has a complex structure and all sorts of coloring. Some of its varieties are considered precious stones of the highest sample. According to physical properties, the mineral is very diverse, come across both copies, easy to process and high hardness stones.

History Berylla

Such a gem, like Beryl, is known with deep antiquity. Residents of Egypt made beads from it, and Tsarina Cleopatra especially appreciated the decorations in which the minerals were green. In India it was used to finish the majestic temples. By the way, the word "Beryl" has an Indian origin. Initially, in Sanskrit, it sounded like "Belore", later through Greek and Latin languages, it was transformed into Bril (hence the origin of the word "diamond") or "Beryl". This mineral was often used in the Middle Ages for the manufacture of monocles.

Berill can change its color depending on the deposit and from the presence of various impurities in the breed. Most of the most common gems are most common, but sometimes inverted copies and stones resembling a feline eye come across.

The most famous varieties of Berylla:

  • Berillles of green are known as emeralds. This is one of the most expensive precious stones. The value of the emerald directly depends on the saturation of its color. Saturated green emerald is most valuable, beryllas of salad and herbaceous shades is much cheaper.
Earrings with emerald
Gold earrings with emeralds and diamonds (go to Sunlight directory)
  • Yellow Beerill is called heliodor. His warm sunshine is extremely beautiful. Mineral is very strong, it is possible to cut the heliodor only with a diamond. Therefore, the best check on the authenticity of the stone is the test in which the mineral is trying to scratch the glass: if it managed and the scratch remained on the glass, it means that the heliodor is real. When heated to 400 ° C, the color of the stone changes with yellow-golden on a gentle blue.
  • Blue Beryl is known as Augustit. Despite all his beauty, he can become faded and faded, having lainted considerable time in the sun.
  • Aquamarine is called blue beryl with green splashes. At first glance, Aquamarine does not particularly impress. The depth of its colors seems blurred and water. However, it is worth looking at a more carefully to Aquamarine, and you can see a mysterious glow that comes from the very depths of the mineral.
Ring with aquamarine
Gold ring with aquamarine and fianits (transition Sunlight directory)
  • Pink mineral is called Sparrow or Morganite. You need to be very careful when processing. The fact is that the translucent pink stone is almost harmless. But the thick of his shade, the more radioactive it may be. Brightly pink morganith may contain a large percentage of radioactive cesium.
Gold earrings with morganites
Gold Earrings with Morganites - Go to Sunlight Catalog
  • Red variety of mineral - bixbit - is very expensive. At first glance, it can be taken for ruby, but it is not. Bixbit is much more valuable Rubin and even diamond.

By the way, stones can be made in laboratory conditions, such as green hydrothermal emerald. Like natural minerals, such stones can have different brightness and color depth. Modeling processes occurring in earthly depths, scientists were able to obtain many shades of artificial emerald.

The most famous mention of Berylla in the monuments of human thought is the revelation of John the Bogoslov. The 21 chapter describes the wonderful city, Heavenly Jerusalem. The foundations of 12 urban walls are decorated with various precious stones. In particular, emerald and Verill are mentioned (apparently, the name of Berylla on Aramaic).

Application in medicine and magic

Therapeutic properties of Berill stone are bound primarily with female health. It is believed that it prevents uterus, bladder and ovarian diseases. In the past, he was offered to carry with them from dental pain. Modern specialists recommend Beryl in migraines and various mental disorders.

The products from the blue beryl are suitable for those who often appear obsessive thoughts and unfortunate phobias. Even for a healthy person, a simple contemplation of the faces of Augustit is favorably affected by mental state.

The beryl stone of warm tones (yellow, red) will suit the elderly. It will help to fill the loss of energy, which with age begins to be felt more and more.

Green Beryl helps to cope with various infections and viruses. There are cases when emerald placed in necklace or suspension, literally "burned" disease. "Sugal" is not a metaphor, this is a description of the action of emerald. The stone (according to testimonies of the patients) is burning the inner heat that destroys the ailments. The stone is often carried in a persight-seal, in the form of amulet, beryl beads are also common.

Therapeutic and magical properties of Berylla are known to magicians and esoterics since deep antiquity. They consider the mineral powerful energy assistant, whose potential will help a person in everyday life. First of all, the mineral favorably affects relations inside the family, brings comfort and wealth to the house.

No matter what kind of stone you chose for yourself as a guard, whether it is green emerald or blue Aquamarine, it is safe to say that it will affect positively on your life path and well-being.

Beryl and zodiac signs

Almost all varieties of Beryl have an impact on people born under certain zodiac signs. First of all, the stone favorably affects the life of twins, scorpions and scales.

Twins wonderful mineral will help get rid of natural duality characteristic of the sign. It will concentrate on the goal and reach it, no matter what.

Weighs Beryl will correct the mood and return the joy of life, eliminates melancholy and will configure to a positive way.

Scorpions will find together with beryl ability to quickly and safely extinguish the flashes of anger inherent in this poisonous sign. Scorpions are very suitable for decorations with beryl, concluded in silver frame.

The remaining signs of the zodiac wearing a beryl will not be superfluous. After all, regardless of the horoscope, this stone favorably affects the surrounding reality.

If you think about to give a close person, but in doubt who this mineral suits, and who does not come, then just give this wonderful stone. Nothing ignorant Berill will bring with you, but may well benefit.

The collection of berylov can be collected over the years: so diverse paintings and mineral deposits. Pleasure delivers just his contemplation. Berill stone can become a magical assistant and homemade lamp.

What represents

Under the term Beryl understand the mineral and group of minerals of different colors, but of the same origin and physico-chemical parameters.

Natural crystal is the correct hexagon prism, sometimes with hatching on the edges. In nature there are dual crystals, dubs.

Crystal giant found in Madagascar. Prism hexagon 18x3.5 meters weighs 380 tons.

origin of name

The term βήρυλλος "Beryl" of ancient Greek origin and means "precious greenish-blue crystal." Goes back to the title of the Indian city of Belur.


Beryl and Emerald are referred to as a plate in "Natural History" and the Theophratcher in the "Book of Stones".

In Russia, the gem appeared as Virnlion, Verilos.

Physico-chemical characteristics

By chemical classification, the Mineral Beryl is a complex silicate, the composition of which displays an intricate formula.

Formula Al2 [BE3 (Si6O18)]
Colour Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, White
Color trash White
Shine Glass
Transparency Transparent, translucent
Hardness 7.5-8.
Cleavage Imperfect by {0001}
Density 2.6-2.9 g / cm³
Singony Hexagonal

Clean beryl Besmeteren, with glass glitter.

The color is created by impurities:

  • Turquoise, blue, yellow - iron.
  • Red and pink gamma - manganese.
  • Bright greens - chrome.

Mineral is resistant to acids, it is melted over the soldering tube along the edges, but not immediately.

Place of Birth

The deposits of beryllium ore are dispersed on the planet. The richest - in Russia, Madagascar, Brazil, Colombia.

Russian deposits:

  • Ural (Shaytanka, Murzinka).
  • Transbaikalia.
  • Kola Peninsula.

Noble beryllas supply from Industan Peninsula, from Mozambique, "Jewelry" State of Brazil Minas Gerais.

Beryl stone

The best in the world of Emeralds is the national domain of Colombia, Heliodora - Ukraine. The only place of bixbit production is the United States.

The color of the stone of one species from different deposits is different.

Method of mining

Indigenous stone deposits hide granite pegmatites, quartz veins, hydrothermal sources.

Along the way, field spasks, other gems (Topases, rhinestone, Rahathopaz) are mined with them.

Rowhatopas smoky

Rowhatopas smoky

The deposits of beryllium, other gems of this group are searched by using beryllometry.

This is a method developed by scientists in the USSR in the middle of the twentieth century. Based on the reaction of beryllium isotopes.

Mineral species

Transparent pure stones of different colors have their own names.

They are distributed in color groups:

Green Berylla:

  • Beryl noble . Saturated shade of green apple.
  • Emerald .The only representative of the group in the elite jewelry four. The value of the stone is determined by the thickness of the greenery.


  • Aquamarine. Painted moderately uniformly, there are saturated blue unicumes with a golden core.
  • Augustit . Dear ($ 150 per carat) dark blue mineral. Palen under the rays of the sun or with time. Stones from the Brazilian field of the same name are called Maxis Berylla.
  • Masseur . Inexpensive dense-blue stone from Brazil. Named by the name nearest to the city of the field. Flowers quickly, because of what is in demand only by collectors of mineralogical collections.
  • Baccit . Neury blue beryl saturated with scandium. Named in honor of the discoverer.


  • Heliodor. Rare variety. Transparent orange yellow, yellow beryl with goldenness. The most rare and valuable - crystals of honey shades. The second name is Davidesonit.
Minerals Berylla

Red , Pink :

  • Morganite. Rare dear gem. The price increases the strengthening of repost in the shade of stone. In the east, they love the crystals of the color of the morning dawn (gentle pink). Europeans and Americans prefer specimens, imitating the colors of fruits and berries (raspberries, strawberries, currant, cranberries). In Russia is called Sparrow.
  • Bixbit . Worthy red beryl extracted in the only place of the planet. Known as "red emerald".
  • POSTERITE . Stone with color from Ahroism (colorlessness) to the color of tea roses. The gamma creates a high alkalis content.


  • Goshrenit . Colorless transparent stone. It looks almost like a diamond, but not so shiny. For this, appreciate fans of solid restraint. The cheapest variety of beryl.

A special case is a pezzhaty. The first crystals of the color of ripe raspberries found Federico Pezzote in Madagascar in 2002.

This is an aluminosilicate, but triangler crystals do not correspond to the canon hexagon. Therefore, since 2009 is considered an independent mineral, and not beryl.

The second name is cesium beryl (cesium - up to 15%). He creates coloring.

The deposit gave people a total of 10 kg of stone, after which it was depleted. It stimulated the creation of artificial crystals, which was carried out by Russian and Japanese scientists.

Where used

Where the use of stones will find, determined by the functional and aesthetic content of raw materials.

Technique, industry

The opaque white, grayish material (ordinary beryl or beryllium) is considered a jewelry-decorative non-thendation.

Beryllium is ore, a source of receiving beryllium oxide. Without this component, the production is unthinkable in the most advanced industries:

  1. For atomic technology, for example, atomic icebreakers, this is a retarder and neutron reflector.
  2. Fuel NPP, other nuclear facilities (in a mixture with uranium connections).
  3. Due to superpital conductivity, it is used as an insulator, refractory.

Ruda is supplied to the processing of tons.


For the jewelry industry, the raw materials of bonuses are taken. This is high transparency, color saturation, lack of noticeable defects, dimensions.

Decoration from Berylla

Decoration from Berylla

Gemstone is a pet of jewelers. His color palette creates limitless opportunities for creativity:

  • Depending on the color and value of the stone, the frame is selected from white, yellow, pink, black gold, silver, platinum.
  • Ornaments with beryl can be found on any budget.
  • There are options for different ages and gender.

Berylles look good in decorations with citrine, topaz, diamond.


Stones predominantly non-invalid states replenish mineralogical collections.

Particularly outstanding specimens are bought by state meetings, corporations and secured individuals.


From beryl fragments, fine plastic turns out, the baby goes to carved panels.

Therapeutic effects

Lithotherapeuts use beryl gems (better in the necklace) as a liner.

Red Beryl fits elderly and frequently ill people.

Stones show therapeutic properties and with other ailments:

  • Weed immunity.
  • Lung disease, respiratory system.
  • Anxiety, nervousness, depression (blue stones).
  • Pancreatitis, liver failure (yellow or green stones).

Domestic diseases "burns" intensively green stone.

Therapeutic properties of stone are useful and a healthy person. For example, contemplation of aquamarine increases self-esteem, dissolves mental negative, attracts creative ideas.

Beryl magic

Berill Magic was also known to the Babylonian magicians and the priests of ancient Egypt.

Modern esoterics complemented these knowledge, establishing that the magical properties of the stone are determined by color:

  • Pink Berylla will suit mystical person; People seeking to comprehend the truth, reveal personal potential
  • Blue Stones add determination, courage. These are escaped from deception.
  • Red Especially in gold, they attract passionate love. Zerind the crown of celibacy.
  • Blue Berylla have a value for a person who wants to gain a mental equilibrium.
  • Yellow , Golden Stones are positive, eliminated from depression, longing, bad dreams.
  • To attract money are suitable Green и Golden Stones in silver. Such a ring is an attribute of managers and careerists.

The products from Berylla Solar Gamma are shown during the rest. Permanent wearing can make a person with a shameful, frivolous special.

Colorless stone will come in handy lovers thinking, comprehend new. On the household level is an amulet from married betray, mutual understanding mascot between different generations of the family.

Cleans the house from the introduced negativity.

Silver decoration with beryl green helps solve financial problems, win litigation, save material values.

However, beryl magic is an ally only in honest affairs, the struggle for justice.

Beryl on the zodiac

In the kingdom of multicolor Berylla Talisman on the sign of the zodiac, everyone will be found:

  • Emerald - gem of born in May, especially Tales.
  • Silver, cancer need green beryl. Contraindicatedries, devans, weights, Capricorn, scorpions.
  • Heliodor can be worn by fiery signs, especially the lion.
  • Aquamarine fits born in March, representatives of the water element (fish, crayfish, scorpions), weights. Zero compatibility of stone with twins, Sagittarius, Tales.

Morganite, Gaenitis is suitable for the horoscope to any sign of the zodiac.

How to identify fake

Under the guise of berylov, glass is often offered. You can distinguish the fake by holding the sample in your hands. Stone not immediately. Minerals do not have inner bubbles.

How to care

All colored beryls are fragile, faded under the right sun.

Aquamarine - a peacemaker

Aquamarine - a peacemaker

This led to the rules for the care of jewelry:

  • They are not worn to the beach, a long summer walk.
  • Remove in front of their homework, visiting the pool, saunas.
  • Cleans from dirt, sweat, dust soft moistled napkin.

For storage isolated a separate, tightly closed box, upholstered from the inside with a soft cloth.


Beryl is estimated like any gem: by weight, cleanliness, wholeness, color saturation, rarity in nature.

The cost determines the type of stone:

  • The most expensive in the beryll segment - emeralds and bixbit. The price order is hundreds or thousands of dollars for carat.
  • For bikxbit-single-fold of jewelry conditioning is laid out $ 10,000.
  • The cheapest - gosphenites, a maximum of $ 30 per carat.
  • Saturated blue aquamarines larger than 10 carats go for $ 300, bedding and greened - 15 times cheaper.

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