Homemade host

Hedgehogs are cute, good and cute animals. In addition, they are useful, because living in the wild, they are tirelessly struggling with malicious pests of gardens and fields, thereby helping the person. Hezhi is so harmless and funny that many are happy to contain them at home. What do these creatures look like, everyone knows. One of the brightest and characteristic features of their appearance is the presence of sharp spines in adults, which covered almost all of their body, excluding only a pretty muzzle and belly. The needle thickness is small, but the length is quite decent and averages 20 mm and more. What does a newborn hedgehog look like, does he look like on his parents? About this, as well as many other things relating to these wonderful creatures, and there will be our story.

Hedgehogs are born with needles or not

Hezhi: who are they?

These creatures refer to the detachment of insectivores. The length of their body is an average of 25 cm. Weight is also insignificant, usually no more than 800 g. The hedgehogs have a head in the shape of a wedge, an elongated face and a sharp nose, wet to the touch. The front limbs of these creatures are shorter than the rear. On each of the four paws there are five fingers endowed with sharp claws. The length of the ears of such mammals depends on the variety. Usually they are small, just over 3 cm, but in Cyprus, this part of the body is somewhat larger. Behind there is a short tail. The uncooked parts of the body are usually distinguished by a variety of color hammes from dark brown to light yellow.

Such animals are very common in Europe. They set on small forest glades and in the valleys of rivers, in sandy and grassy plains. Often, hedgehogs are survived in close proximity to human housing, meet in gardens and parks, hide in the grass and bushes.

Little hedgehogs

How they breed

Naturally, for the emergence of a newborn hedgehog, it is necessary to make all the marriage rituals to make his parents. On the continuation of the kind, such animals begin to think immediately after the long-awaited awakening from the winter hibernation with spring warmth. It is difficult to imagine, but in such periods, the males of such innocuous creation behave unrestrained and aggressively: pushed with needles, bite rivals for the face and legs. And during the damp disassembly, they loudly snort and snot.

After what is happening soon, the mating of the hedgehogs is puzzled by the search for suitable asylum for the expected offspring. Such a refuge most often becomes a nora, thrown by someone from rodents or torn by the animal himself. To guide the coziness in this, the abdicate is used dry last year's leaves and grass. In this hole and cubs are born. As a rule, hedgehog is capable of only one brood, sometimes produces two.

Appearance on light

Sheets his young hedgehog 49 days. Finally, the very day comes when the offspring should make a caring mother for his appearance.

Newborn hedgehog

How many hedgehogs are born at a time? The sewar is usually from three to eight young, the size of which is approximately 7 cm. They appear to the world with bare and helpless, besides, blind. Eye eve of them are closed, but not only they are closed, but also ears. Crow weight is only about 12 g.

The newborn hedgehog is not at all like an adult representative of his tribe. The kid is impressive with nothing unprotected bright pink skin. But, despite the absence of full-fledged organs of vision and hearing, the cub is already able to squeeze and crawl. These two skills are simply necessary for him. The first in order for the sound of his voice his own mother. And the second - for independent traveling to the parental mossy gland. An interesting feature of this creature is the presence of a subcutaneous bubble filled with liquid.

Talk about needles

Spines of adult hedgehogs, capable of growing with their loss, like hair, filled with air from the inside, and the surface is smooth outside the surface. The color shade folds from the alternation of light and brown areas. And between the needles are rare, thin, but long hairs. As you know, sharp spines serve this animal to protect against enemies, because, having hurt the danger, the hedgehogs rush to curl into the ball, turning into a ball closed on all sides.

What are the hedgehogs born

But the hedgehogs are born with needles or not? If they were still inside the maternal womb, they had such protection, then females would be difficult to produce them into light. But, fortunately, the cubs of these animals come to this world without spines. However, just an hour after childbirth on the back of the kids, white grows are already visible, while still soft. At the age of one and a half days, spiny, growing, become dark at the base and white at the ends. And only for the fifteenth day of life, protection from the needle in the offspring grows real, as in adult individuals. At about this time, the hedgehogs have eyes open and ear. These features indicate that the kids have already grown and preparing for independent life.

The first days of life

Newborns at home can be pamped from three-day goat milk or artificial substitutes. But the occupation is a painstaking, requiring great attention and caution. Feeding is carried out with a pipette. A person who voluntarily adopted the role of a guardian of such creatures, it is necessary to constantly monitor that milk does not accidentally fall into the toddles in the lungs and nose. This sometimes becomes deadly. Food reception sessions are better to arrange newborn hedgehogs every three hours, but strictly during the daytime. Intervals can be longer, but in any case are not more permissible than six-hour breaks.

Newborn Hedgehog

Caring at home

If the kids for some reason remained completely without maternal heat and caress, then the caring owner has to take on all the functions and responsibilities of the hedgehog. It should be remembered that for such crumbs it turns out a very useful massage produced before each feeding and after. It is better to implement this procedure using a cream for newborns. The hedgehog that has just appeared to light, this replaces the lickies of the mother necessary for its healthy development and calm, but the main thing is to stimulate the intestinal work. For the massage, the largest cotton balls are required. They are wetted by oil. And then you should make careful stimulating movements, tickling and soft, in the area of ​​the tummy and at the base of the tail.

It is better to carry out control weighing of babies every day, to carry out accounts. It should be not forgotten that in the nature of the hedgehog, the first days of the young life does not leave them for a minute, feeds with nutritious and tasty milk, warms the maternal heat.

A few days later

The first days of their existence of the kids continue to be blind and deaf. But they grow rapidly and very soon become not at all as born. The hedgehogs at week's age are rapidly gaining mass and weigh around 40 g. They are climbing, games with brothers and sisters, fighting for a joke and seriously. Such a lesson strengthens their muscles, contributes to the healthy development of muscles and coordination of movements.

From the sounds of kids make clicking noises and make-up. These signals, the spectrum of which is very diverse, in vivo, serve as signs for the mother, which helps her understand the condition of the children. Having achieved 11 days of age, small hedge learned to rush into the ball. During this period, for one feeding, they should receive 3 millilita milk. In their nest, it is necessary to monitor the cleanliness and regularly change the litter. And the temperature in the abdicate of kids should not fall below 35 ° C. It is impossible to overflow such pets. Ejat do not know the feelings of measure and are able to join death. And it is not an exaggeration at all.

How many hedgehogs are born at times

When kids are growing

At two weeks aged, the amount of milk for one reception for kids increases with feeding to 5 milliliters. During this period, their skin darkens, a grayish fluff appears on the muzzle. The hedgehog in 1 month is covered with brown fur, it is completely formed spines and teeth grow up.

Kinded kids should be moved to the spacious box suitable for them, so that they can move freely in their new house. In this, the abode should be placed with milk saucer so that these pretty creatures begin to feed themselves. Soon they can already give boiled eggs and special canned food, not forgetting about drinking water. Next, gradually should teach kids to adult food.

Home Hedgehogs

These harmless creatures are still predators. In nature, adults are eating not only small prey: insects, snails, worms, but also find more major victims. They can be mice, snakes, chicks. These animals also rack eggs, corpses of small animals. From vegetable food, hedgehogs eat fruits, berries, mushrooms.

Homemade host

Features of their diet should be considered when the content of such pretty pets at home. But they can be given not only meat, but also porridge, as well as dairy products. Home hedgehog is completely able to love fish, bread, pasta. These creatures are glad to eat apples, bananas, other vegetables and fruits, with the exception of citrus. They can well be grown healthy on canned feline feeds, only quality. It is also suitable for puree in jars from the discharge of baby food.

Home hedgehogs should be kept in a spacious cell. The bottom of it is better to be polled by the corn filler, which is sold in pet stores, as well as leaves and pieces of moss. These animals are extremely clean, therefore, the dwelling should be cleaned regularly.

Shop for hedgehog

I already talked about how it happens bits . Now let's talk about pregnancy. Of course, you are interested to know how the behavior of the hedgehogs is changing, what to pay attention to, etc. I do not copy the articles from other sites, I am writing from myself, I am writing based on sore Experience, I will try to miss anything.

So, you understood that the hedgehog is pregnant. It is worth paying attention to food. During the hatching period, the hedgehog should receive more fatty food, but within the framework of reasonable, this does not mean that it is necessary to inform Zofobas and only minced meat. The fatty feed should be slightly increased. If the hedgehog is powered by dry food, then it must be a premium feed feed, in my case it is akana for kittens. And for every third day I give full-fledged natural nutrition, no chicken, only crickets, mince of daily chickens and mice, 5-6 cockroaches and 3-4 goals. Zofobas during pregnancy I do not give, only in the period of feeding the kids, because I believe that dry food and so quite greasy. Be sure to add vitamins, or phytikalzit or specialized for heroes to the food.

Almost immediately after I seed a male and female, I notice that the female begins to eat a little more than usual. It happens to eat back and day. Closer to the time of birth, the female begins to eat much more than the usual, for himself and kids, often leaving to eat in the daytime.

Behavior. Special changes in behavior during the first 2x weeks is not observed. Approximately a week before the birth, the behavior of the female changes dramatically. She already knows that she is pregnant, and no matter how tame and friendly, it was not, it can detect attacks fyrchaniya and discontent, it's a little aspect of communication, but not averse to lie down on kolenochki, although there certainly are all individually ... No one script behavior, all female individuals, each of her "cockroaches" in the head. Therefore, if you have someone who claims that the female behaves so, that only says that the experience of this man is small, because everyone behave differently!

Approximately 3-4 days before the birth of the hedgehog begins to dig !!! Diligently, every night she is trying to make a subtop in a cage and in a house, such a feeling that you have no hedgehog, but mole. Diligently and with pressure, she digs and digs a wooden house, then builds himself a cozy nest, taucked there everything that lies badly .... thoroughly preparing for the appearance of kids. By the way, do not forget that the house must be such a size to fit the hedgehog and hedgehog. If it is closely, hedgehog may not like it, which will lead to deposits. As a filler in the house, I use an expensive paper filler, and small pieces of fliosov fabric. The nest should be soft and comfortable.

I really want to talk about Running wheel . I do not know what the people who write that the wheel must be removed from the cage to childbirth and for feeding period. This is not true! Running wheel - This is the only way to remove the voltage for the hedgehog, which lives in the cage. If you do not want the female to climb on the house, climbed on the rods and fell from 40 cm, you can not remove the wheel! I have once watched the female immediately after the birth ran into a running wheel, and it's good that in the wheel, and not devoured hedgehog ... Many people write and call me with a question "AAA, my female gave birth and rushing with hardship throughout the cage , closes on the rod and throws kids. " Well, what does it have to do if you have removed her the only intense, where you can remove stress ... In general, the wheel is not removed before childbirth, nor after delivery. A good mother - Hedgehog will not refuse to feed the kids! Yes, it can run 5-10 minutes in the wheel after childbirth (although this is an exception than the rule) and then return to the kids, becoming a peaceful and caring mommy.

When hedgehog gives birth. If the bitchy dogs give birth in the morning and in the night, then the hedgehogs in my practice give birth at the interval from 6 am to 12 days, more often from the period from 9 to 11 am. Although it was several times when she was burned at lunch. But at night and in the evening - never.

Remember the main thing. Never put on the hedgehog hand. When the hedgehog gives birth, I cover a piece of the cage where the house is a flies fabric, pre-flooding the food day to three. Then I only change drinking daily and that's it. In general, I want to say that the hedgehogs are beautiful mothers. Provided that the female is bought from such a good mom, i.e. If you can put it, "she was transferred to her good motherhood gene". If they give them to relax between the mating, if they have forces to feed, the hedgehog will never refuse to feed the kids. Another thing is, if the marshmers are immensely often knit females, then of course, hedgehog did not have time to recover between childbirth, kills children, because she realizes that he does not irrigate the kids. The female also comes if a large litter is born. For example, I have a female, which gives birth to 7 holes, while always leaves only 5x, 2x always eliminates, by throwing out of the nest, and how you do not fit them, it will not feed them, because it feels that he does not cope. From myself I want to add that I never rejoice that my female gave birth to 7 -8 hedgehog, it is very much, I doubt that such a multiple litter will be the same strong as a litter with 4 hedges. Although from the point of view of finance, it is certainly profitable. But I have other interests in breeding, my goal is healthy and strong kids.

A week before childbirth and after childbirth, the female should be alone, extra unfamiliar noise, the change in the situation, temperature, light can scare the female and as a result will be or miscarriage or ejpt. Consider it before viscous! Although on the other hand, my females already accustomed to dogs of dogs, the vacuum cleaner, the work of the TV, the noise of children, are absolutely calmly relate to similar stimuli and at the birth of kids.

About pregnancy like everything;) The next step is the birth of hedge. About this with the next article.

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How does the reproduction of African heroes at home?

In the spring time, the hens begins. African hedgehogs are ready for reproduction throughout the whole warm period of the year. For reproduction, they choose only healthy and hawk individuals. File ripening in females comes in 3 months, but the first pregnancy is desirable for 5 months.

Reproduction of African Cheers at home

The males grow up too in 3 months, but for reproduction, it is recommended to choose one year old individuals. How to determine the floor of the hedgehog? How to sit animals? How much does the pregnancy continue in the female?

Paul definition

To obtain the offspring, the female and male in one cell are scented. Newbies-animalists often do not know how to determine the floor of animals. They put together two individuals, but they fight, show aggression.

Perhaps the animals of one sex were put into the cage. Boy and girl are determined by primary sexual features:

  • The hedgehog lay the stomach up;
  • push back the rear legs and inspect the belly;
  • Genital boys are located in the center of the abdomen; The testicles are hidden in the abdominal cavity;
  • In girls, the genitals are located closer to Cloaca. The ovaries are also in the abdominal cavity.

Ring in animals are determined by changing behavior. They become restless. Males whistling, calling the female. If the female individual does not appear, then the hedgehog can choose the subject of his love of one of the household, which carries out feeding. Males do not castrate, females do not sterilize.

We'll have to wait until the pet period of the Gon will not end. In the absence of the second half, the marriage passes for animals is painless. Patologists do not appear.

How to spend a scope?

For heroes, it does not matter, in which cell is to be acquainted with the second half. You can put a female to the male or vice versa. Animalists are recommended to highlight a separate cage for meetings.

It establishes all the necessary items, but only in a pair: 2 dwellings, 2 running wheels, two bowls for soft and hard food. The cage is installed in a quiet place. The room can only enter the feeding of animals. How does the reproduction of African heroes at home?

Reproduction of African Cheers at home

For adaptation, animals require no more than a day. If the female liked the male, he begins his courtship. Hedgehog brings from his feeder for female insects, straightened, runs around it with circles, tries to climb it.

The female can take or reject it. If she likes everything, then mating. After rapprochement, the hedgehogs can sleep for a while in one house.

The breeding of animals at home requires a pedigree. It is impossible to mate individuals that are in the blood relationship. For this, breeders lead pedigree, where they indicate individuals to the third generation.

Animals are left in a cell for a week. This is enough for them to get acquainted and make friends. The animals are not tied to each other. A week later they are seated by their cells.

The hedgehogs are painlessly transfer separation. The female can be used 2 times a year. The male take a break in 2 weeks.


Determine that the female is pregnant, difficult. Its body is covered with a shell with thick needles. They hide the completeness of the individual. The hedgehogs increase the sides, but this can occur from enhanced nutrition. Often, households will find out that the female will be replenished when a squeak is heard in the house.

Loading ...

Loading ...

Turning the stomach is not recommended, you can damage the cubs. The hedgehog can become more relaxed, power, stops running when it is walking.

After a week meeting with the male female, a high-calorie diet is appointed. Calcium vitamins are introduced into it. Hedgehog needs a lot of nutrients for the normal development of pregnancy and for the growth of cubs. Calories reduce when the lactation period ends:

  • female give insects;
  • Chicken replaced with hearts and liver;
  • All products boil well;
  • Insects should be safe;
  • Eggs better give chicken in the boom form;
  • Hedgehog give germinated wheat and oats, vegetables, fruits, berries;
  • from vitamins introduce "phytikalzeit" for dogs; At the tip of the knife, add to meat.

Pregnancy lasts 31 days, but the appearance of replenishment expects up to 35 days. In this period, the cell is removed from the cell and high labyrinths.

Install a larger house so that a mother with his offspring is normally accommodated in it. In order for it to equip a cozy nest, pure rags, paper napkins, soft hay are placed into the cage.

Birth of hezhat

In the litter can be from 2 to 7 cubs, but most often the female brings 4 hedgehogs. Mother staying in a house in a house, it turns out only to hover and eat. It should not be disturbed, the litter do not change. The animal can show aggressiveness.

The cubs appear blind, small, weighing no more than 10-12 g. The skin is pink, the needles are soft. After a week, the shell is covered with rigid needle cover. It is not recommended to take them into hand.

The female can throw them or eat them. She will feel the danger for his nest, and the cause will be cubs.

Reproduction of African Cheers at home

It is possible to clean the litter and communicate with the hedgehogs when the mother comes out of the house and is out of his asylum for a long time. Baby take alternately. Keep no more than 2 minutes in your hands. Animalists are recommended to communicate with the hedgehogs so that they are manual, affectionate.

Usually, the birth has no complications. At first, the female distinguishes blood from the vagina, but the state of the mother is rapidly normalized. It is worth worrying when the hedgehog ceases to go to the trough or her blood goes over 2 days.

Failure of cubs

Mother feeds her milk for a month, but hedgehog is very curious. If crumbs remain in the nest, they will try them. For the reproduction of African hedgehogs at home, very young females do not choose.

They have poorly developed instincts. Mother can quit his offspring. In this case, the cubs will most likely die.

In specialized forums, the issue of growing is often discussed, if their mother threw them. It is proposed to use a diluted goat milk for feeding. It is diluted with water in a certain proportion. On 1 part of milk should have to 3 parts for warm boiled water.

Reproduction of African Cheers at home

For feeding, a plastic disposable syringe is used. For feeding, up to 3 ml of nutrient fluid are injected. By the end of the month, the amount of milk increases to 7-10 ml. Some animalists use a dairy mixture for kittens.

On solid food, cubs are translated gradually. They give germinated grain, mixed with flour from dried insects and worms. Add to the diet of pears, bananas, small worms. By the second month, the hedge should receive a full-fledged diet. Total food of 20 g. Adults are obtained by 30-50.

In 2 months, hedgehogs move from maternal nest to individual cells. The separation process is easy. Mother is not attached to his offspring, as well as the hedge do not miss their cormal. In 3 months of hedgehogs can be put up for sale.

For animals, it is withstanding a constant temperature in 25 C. When a decrease in the Individual Indicator can be broken down to sleep up to 2 days. This should not happen when the female lays out or feeds offspring. Pregnancy can be interrupted, cubs develop with pathologies.


For reproduction, only completely healthy individuals are suitable, which are known that during the first three generations in the family there were no individuals who had a skeleting hedgehogon syndrome. However, at the moment in Russia, it is difficult to find out enough, but over the next few years, of course, will become more real. Actually, for this purpose, pedigree, as well as contacts with breeders. No need to pair animals that are unhealthy. Only one disease is enough, so that the hedgehog is unsuitable for breeding.

The female and the male, which is planned to be paired, should not have common relatives to the third generation (grandparents). It is allowed to minimize individuals with common great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers.

The age of females at the time of the first birth should be at least 6 months, but should not exceed the mark per year. Accordingly, the female is approaching from 5 to 11 months. The first birth after a year is always too dangerous for the hedgehogs.

The age of male practically does not matter, but it must be remembered that too adult male is unlikely to pay off around the female, and can refuse the young female. Therefore, it is best to knit middle-aged male, a good complex and completely healthy.

Pairing hedgehis follows no more than two times a year.

After you have found a couple for your hedgehog, you need to make sure that a quiet place will be given for females during pregnancy. In the place where a cell with hedgehog and hedgehogs will be located, there should be no access to any foreign people, as well as other pets and children. There should be very quiet and calm.

The pairing process begins with the fact that the hedgehogs "sit down". Traditionally, the female is attached to the male, but it is not necessary. The hedgehogs are perfect on the territory of the female or in general in a new cell.

In the "romantic cell" should be all the same as in the dwelling for one hedgehog, but in two copies. When insect feeding occurs, the heroes should be fed separately so as not to provoke a fight for food. The wheel is best to pull out. Houses should also be duplicated, despite the fact that the most often hedgehogs are sleeping together.

Do not hold the hedgehogs together longer than the week, and you should not watch them during the pairing, as some hedgehogs will most likely not show any activity until there is someone else, although some individuals on witnesses are completely different .

In the period of joint residence, the hedgehogs can produce completely different sounds (squeak, knit each other), but it does not affect the number of children.

After the week (sometimes earlier), the livelihood of hedgewebs is best to sit. As a rule, no changes in their lives occur, but try not to overflow the male, since in the period of the gon they are very prone to overeating and it does not depend on the results of mating.

The female after mating must be translated into more fat food. It is necessary that the percentage of fat content is approximately 20-22%. However, you should not change the overall diet, just add more fatty products from those that it eats. In food, calcium and vitamins with its content should be present, since it goes a lot to the production of milk. In principle, any stresses are undesirable. In the first two weeks, the female in the cage should stand the wheel, but then it must be removed.

Understand, the female is pregnant or not sometimes not easy. She may have everything you give her like a pregnant woman, eat and show what it is a poor and unfortunate pregnant lady, but after the last period, do not give birth to any children. It may be the opposite, the female may not file any signs of pregnancy, do not gain any weight, but one day you just hear the characteristic sounds (squeak) from her house. In principle, the pregnant female must be somewhat rounded in the sides, but it is not necessary to suck it, otherwise children can be damaged, and childbirth, respectively, complicate. Two weeks before the expected date of delivery, you need to put a big house to the cage, where it can fit completely together with children.

After 30 days from the first day of sitting, in the place you have been given to the maternity hospital should also be quiet. Births can come from this day and up to 35 days from the last day of design. Normal is considered pregnancy from 31 to 35 days.

It is still not easy to understand that childbirth happened sometimes, despite the fact that the hedge is usually singing. If the hedgehog behaves strangely, but no one is sick, then watch it more attentively, most likely she gave birth. Do not disturb her, just try to help her, not irritating. She will need only to change the water in the drink and give food over the next 10-12 days. After seven days you can try to change the part of the dirty filler, but if it will annoy it, it is better not to do anything.

All this is done in order that the hedgehog did not eat all his hedgehogs. Whatever friendly was your hedgehog, at the time of childbirth and the first days of the upbringing of children, you are for her a predator, threatening her health and health, her hedgehog. She can kill signer children in order to predator, that is, you did not find a snack.

The problems with childbirth happened, but rare enough to worry about it. For the most difficult, the problems are due to the fact that the hedgehog is simply afraid to give birth, and during stress their generic activity slows down until the female decides that it is now safe now. If she can not calm down, then the birth can and at all will destroy it, so during childbirth it is best to go, turning off the light. To the veterinarian you need to contact only if the hedgehogs are blood, it turns around the cage and shudders. If she just lies on his side, tremble and does not respond to external stimuli, then, most likely, it's too late.

If the birth has been successful, two weeks of your no worry have passed, and the hedgehog is already calmly lies outside the house, then you can tame a hedge, and finally remove in the cage. Change half the litter until the hedgehog eats if there was time left, you can try to raise the house, recalculate the hedgehog, and even take one of them. They need to take one by one, and hold a couple of minutes. Holding time on hand needs to be gradually increased, as is the number of hard on hand. At this time you need to carefully follow the female, if you see that it is nervous, it is best to put it hard to place and leave. Soon she will already calmly sleep outside the house, while you communicate with babies.

Children need to keep in their hands every day, necessarily, then they will grow friendly and completely manual.

Herpaths are born almost barely with soft small needles, but gradually begin to figure out more hard needles, as well as adult individuals.

There are cases when the hedgehog for one or another reasons refuses the feeding of the hedgehog. You will not work yourself yourself, since there are no mixtures for feeding, suitable hedgehogs. Yes, and nothing will be able to replace the maternal milk. If the female abandoned feeding or accepted not everyone, they will die. And no matter how sorry and it was noticable, it would have to take.

The feeding of small hedge can only be successful if you have another recently born female and she is capable and wants to focus on other people's children.

Also, as at the time of pregnancy, the diet of a nursing mother should not be changed.

It happens that in the newly gave female, there is a liquefaction of the chair within 2-3 days. This is not diarrhea, it's just a softer chair, if the soft chair is observed at the hedgehogs longer, then this is an alarming signal.

At the age of three weeks, hedge is beginning to pick up the chips left by the mother.

At the age of 5-7 weeks, it starts to eat themselves, actually at this time, they become completely independent. It is at this age that hedge needs to be seeded on sexual sign and not to forget to follow their relationships.

At the age of 6-8 weeks, hedge is ready to move to a new home.


Sometimes it happens that some of the hedgehogs are born much less in the size of their brothers and sisters. In this case, their condition must be carefully monitored. Such readings are usually considered underdeveloped and even when they joined the age, it is recommended to leave them with a mother so that they can additionally eat from it. It is extremely important to monitor their weight, whether they are addicted and whether they are developing. If the weight is not added and even decreases, then most likely such hedge do not survive. In any case, if the hedgehog is born significantly less than their fellows and do not gain normal weight for a long time, then they should be labeled as PET-only, that is, not for subsequent breeding.

If the hedgehog that did not score the normal weight are males, then it is quite safe to leave them with the mother, as we are considered underdeveloped, they are unlikely to pester to the female mother in order to fertilize it.

Unprofitting is also may also be connected with the inflammatory process at the hedgehogs on the nipples. In this case, they are hedgehog if most of them have already achieved an independent age, it is necessary to squint, and female nipples wipe the disinfecting solution (find out what the veterinarian is suitable), and the remaining weak kids feed through healthy.

It happens that the born hedge has underdeveloped limbs or with difficult births Mother could damage them or to bite off. You do not need to put a cross on such kids, they can live a normal and full-fledged life, no difference from healthy fellow.

By the way, during the pairing, as a rule, males bite females for the withers. Since on the uplift in the female needle, the male can abandon food for some time, but this is normal. The female may have blood on the withers, and it is also normal.

However, any wounds in other places, for example, on the stomach, paws or face - it is already bad. Perhaps hedgehogs did not like each other and arrange fights until you see it. In this case, they need to be seeded, and waiting for some time, try again, but it is best to do it with another female or male.

Remember that breeding is a very responsible step and a risky step. You need to give a report to your actions and strictly follow the rules.

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How do hedgehogs give birth

In the spring, when the snow comes down and the danger of frosts, the hedgehogs will appear from the warm mink. During this period for small prickly predators, it is important to eat well. Almost all the night they dedicate hunting. Spring and summer for hedgehogs - the pairing period and the removal of offspring.

How do hedgehogs give birth

You will need

  • - sawdust;
  • - old newspapers;
  • - bowls for feed and water;
  • - feed;
  • - vitamins;
  • - medical gloves.


In the year, especially active female can lead up to two broods (from four to eight young). Pregnancy lasts forty-nine days. Before childbirth, hedgehog becomes restless, irritable, eats little, giving preference to water. It tries to equip in a quiet place a special brood nest for future offspring as much as possible: it takes pieces of bark, moss and leaves into it.

Hedgehogs, like all mammals, are nipheyess. The kids weigh at birth about twelve-fourteen grams, and the length is seven centimeters. Immediately after birth, tiny calves defenselessly. Soft white and gray needles appear on bright pink skin after four hours. Ejat are blind, but already know how to turn into a ball. Eye opens after sixteen days. In the first days of life, the mother does not depart from brood. It warms hedge the warmth of his body and feeds with milk.

Real needles, like adults, young people appear in a month. On the second month of life, the hedgehogs are undergoing peculiar training. Mother shows how to get food, how to hunt, and who should be fear. Although the kids are already feeding on the worms, caterpillars, the hedgehog is still feeding the offspring of milk. So the summer period passes, and in the fall, young hedgehogs leave the mother and begin to live independently. Hezhi live in the wild three to four years, and in captivity up to ten years.


In captivity, a person must take care that the hedgehogs have a lot of material for the nest device. It may be scraps of newspapers, wood chips, etc. The breakdown should be in the most quiet part of the house. The male must be separated from the family, as he can eat babies, accepting them for prey.

Helpful advice

At home, the pairing of hedges should be held in the territory of the male. Otherwise, hedgehog will attack the male to protect its territory. In order for the hedgehog to eat the cubs from hunger after childbirth, the one who is engaged in the breeding of hedgehogs in captivity should provide an animal with sufficient food and vitamins. Bowls need to be put close to the nest, but try not to disturb the heroes. If you need to examine the brood, for this use medical gloves, spend the inspection at the time when the hedgehog leaves the nest to eat. Otherwise, it can at best carry hedgehogs to another place, and at worst - kill kids.

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How do hedgehogs breed?!

Sometimes it happens ;)

Instead of epigraph: Yozh - Beast Mysterious. On the one hand, its needle has, and on the other hand there is always a warm place for his beloved ...

Introduction: "How do hedgehogs breed?!" Here is a question that torments many for a long time. And many of many have its own, "special" opinion. Some generally consider the problem of reproduction of hedgehogs "sharpest in world zoology."

In any case, "and the hens is clear" :-)) that the process is not easy.

A significant part of the guest book is devoted to the discussion of this important issue. Which versions did not offer visitors to the site ... Almost all hypothesis are interesting, and many are funny.

Light literature (both specialized and fiction) does not give any intelligible response to this burning issue of modernity. The most cynical answer gives the "Big Encyclopedic Dictionary": "Hedgehogs - whipping mammals ..." (cynical is a lot).

Anecdote on the topic: Three student pass exams. They asked them the first task: the first two are sitting to suffer, smoke, they write something, and the third sits and the palms fold it so, then, then, after half an hour, something in the leaves wrote and passed.

The second challenge - the first two already and the cribs were all squeezed, the hair was torn, three hours write the answers, and the third all the time he sat so much, palms turned out and at the very end in a couple of minutes something wrote something and passed.


Finally, the last, third, question - the two first are no longer smoking, do not drink, the hair does not tear, but simply in deep fainting, and the third is still sitting in the same way, he drifts, then after a few hours he wrote something for ten minutes and passed .

After checking the work: the first two - three, the third - five plus! Well, the first two student, naturally, to him: "How did you do it, you just sat yell by hand?!"

The third turns the palm, then so, then the point and at the same time answers: "Yes, it's all nonsense! I am wondering how the hedgehogs breed!" :)

Attempts to cross the heroes with other animals:

If I have not met a hedgehog for a long time ...

Do you know what will happen if we crossed the hedgehog with a snake? .. 3 meters barbed wire!

"How deceptive nature" heded his hedgehog thoughtfully, quietly looked from the cactus.

Fuck-fuck-Tararh, a mouse on the hedgehog. - Wait, spiny Yozh, more ride internship, you are very sicking, Yozh. (You will not believe, but it is a poem for children)

A survey of friends and acquaintances led to the following:

• No one ever watched the process to face.

• Nobody also saw this on TV. I even learned from the TV viewer, 25 years we had a transmission "in the animal world" ... She also did not see!).

• No one has never read about it.

• However, everyone believe that this process is happening, because They are nobbing.

So, the most interesting - version and hypotheses:

• The brief answer gives Armenian radio: "Very careful!" Visitors to the site clarify: "The hedgehogs breed the hedgehogs of Och Thry, the very Caution ..."

• Hedgehog somehow hides (removes, tilts the needles), and his hedgehog behind it @ # $ &. And since @ # $ has it, everything is obtained in the best form;

• They all do it on the side of the tummy to the tummy. But why then the hedgehog does not fall aside?

• As a solution to this problem, the following hypothesis is proposed: the hedgehog is offered with all its strength :-)) and sticks back into the tree, but his hedgehog is here! As Sergey Puzankov rightly noticed, This hypothesis has one problem: how will the hedgehog then be sipped from the tree?

• The process passes lying, i.e. Hedgehog lies on his back. By analogy with the previous one, of course, so as not to fall, it should bounce, make a sort of mulbe :-)) and fall on the back.

• Hedgehogs temporarily dump the skin (like crayfish), and then everything happens like people. ;)

• Andrei Konovalov believes like this: The reproduction of the hedgehogs is actually a process not difficult and not risky. Everyone knows that during a gender excited blood pressure in the genitals increases, respectively, decreases in all others. So: the hedgehogs to preserve the sobility of thinking and the clarity of action, the blood pressure drops sharply, not in all organs, but only in needles, and they (needles) become murdes, like rags, - no interference for reproduction.

• Alexey Vlasov wrote me this letter: "Recently again visited your page about the hedgehogs and came across the section about how the hedgehogs are breeding: truly great problems worry the minds of many people at the same time. I explain: in Omsk there is a scientific society of students (know), which has existed for more than 10 years and conducts scientific Conferences for gifted schoolchildren, in addition, it annually organizes the LEU camp, in which there are again gifted children, who, in addition to just recovery (as in the usual Pioneer camp), are engaged in science of hours on 5 per day, and not at all "from under the stick" . In general, the camp is a whole world, about which you can talk long and a lot. So, in this camp, I went to the Cassal Boris Yuryevich Cassal Biology section, who spent a different kind of lecture and including (!) Tamed How the hedgehogs are breeding . For everyone, a man who went to the camp Know (a few years ago), the question of how the hedgehogs are breed - classic. About this question there are many stories and ladies, jokes. So it is very nice to meet the "your native" part on the distant pages on the Internet! Thank! Scientific deviation : (reproduced by memory) "... When the hedgehog finds a hedgehog, he begins to run around her. Hedgehog, not wanting to let him go to him, all the time turns his nose to him (that you mean with a face), and thus begging in one place. After some time, she knew her head and she drops, losing consciousness. Then the hedgehog suits, to the hedgehog, which now does not resist and after a while leaves. I come into the consciousness of the female, after a while, reproduces the offspring. ... "I do not take it to judge On 100% of the science of this treatise, but this hypothesis has the right to exist. "

• Boris Antonishin wrote me the following: Just yesterday (by chance!) I read how the hedgehogs multiply. And today for the first time (!) I went to this site - there are such coincidences! So here. About the hedgehogs. The female when ready to mate - begins to somehow smell it in attractive for the male hedgehog. He begins to run around her and snatching it - breaking it on it is hezhnaya. It runs so a few hours. Then the female softens (in a figurative sense), freezes, folds neatly needles and waits. Hedgehog is closer at it from behind - op! And all - the process lasts a few seconds. Hedgehog runs away, pleased - and the female (also, probably satisfied - well, at least satisfied) also leaves. Moreover, his hedgehog except the seed leaves a greasy tube in the female - and another hedgehog can no longer be destructive. How much time hedgehog is heating offspring and how many hedgehogs happen in it - I do not remember. And when it gives birth - then small hedgehogs are born with needles - but they are softer Human Hair - it does not hurt her. Then she raises young hedgehogs for several weeks - and drives them out of the house. And again ready for fertilization. And - "Everything will happen again first" (as Mark Bernes sang). Hedgehogs are so breed! (Shob you knew)

• Anton Husakov from Berlin thinks like this: If I were a hedgehog, I would multiply as follows: the hedgehog and hedgehog you need to find the lying ones of the appropriate diameter and climb on it from different sides by the rear parts up, like this: / o \ (non-commitious parts inside). Thus, the front legs rest in the ground, the rear hedgehogs can rely on the tree, and the rear parts (from the inside, i.e. there is no barbus) in contact with the tree. Just above the tree (at the point of contact) and the process occurs. P.S. Deserted hedgehogs will have to do it without the help of a tree - as an acrobatic exercise.

• Holgert Hagen offered a very romantic version: I think that the marriage season of Hedgehog begins in the fall, when foliages falls. Everything happens, like people - hedgehogs flirting with hedgehogs, ride in foliage. When the hedgehogs become color and beautiful, hedgehogs appear and begin to choose future ... Grooms. If the hedgehog will catch up with a hedgehog, then the hedgehog becomes a hedgehog fiance. But it is difficult to catch up with the hedgehog, so during the run, hedgehog so many times stumbles about the squigs and the bumps that herself becomes beautiful and unique from foliage. Well, and then walk ... and then multiply ... Probably.

• In my opinion, the most original version suggested Andrei from Kiev Perhaps the hedgehogs are multiplied by waltching: conveniently, steadily, romantic and not ourselves.

• Alexander from Moscow: In the fog, the hedgehog runs on herbal (type of moose in reeds). Hedgehog runs behind him. So they breed. Similar speed characteristics - a background of a strong family.

• Vincen Da Mantis: It seems to me ... Hedgehogs do not multiply themselves. They are breeding! Either they were just, there will be ...

• Tanya from Astrakhan writes: Maybe hedgehog becomes cancer, and his hedgehog gets behind her and, acknowledged, begins to do onanism. In case of fluid, fertilization occurs in the target. And then everything like oil ...

• Roman Belan from Estonia believes that this is the case: The organ at the hedge grows not to the other side, where everyone thinks, and in the reverse, alike tail. Therefore, he does not need to be climbing - the hedgehog comes to the hedgehog, the ass to go, and fertilizes it. That's all!

• "Nik" sent seemingly the shortest version: Orally.

• But Alex was no less concise: Persistently!

• Vlad from Odessa offers such a hypothesis: Obviously, this occurs in the spring. For what else needs a well-needed healthy hedgehog first? That's right - eat. Well, then ... So, sort of well-filter, the average hedgehog in search of love (or still food) is quietly striking in his fenats and suddenly stumbled on a serenely grazing herds of the hedgehogs (well, why not horses?). Instantly stinks young blood and our hero with a smoking snort (or grunt?) Running forward. As if to death, frightened hedgehogs with a screech domestic ones. Here, in fact, the key moment in the process of reproduction of hedgehogs. Young green grass begins to tickle the lowered abdomen of the hedgehogs, and the higher the speed, the more intense the process. In the end, the most excitable and impressionable individual, stuck up to the loss of consciousness, overturns onto the back, exhausted from the laughter. By proud of the consciousness of his irresponsibility, the male remains not in a rush to get closer and, since. Raise it on laughter.

• Another version, where the hedgehogs begin: it means that the hedgehog to the tree (Christmas tree, or some other palm tree) with a large bar. What do you mean why? And who knows him how much he will hold there. It climbs and waits for the hedgehog by running by. As soon as he sees her, shouts: "Hedgehog! Hedgehog-ah!" She stops, looks around, and does not see anyone. And his hedgehog continues: "Hedgehog! Head for me on a tree - I have 4 boxes of candy!" (And silent, the main thing is that he has already ate all the candy, some boxes remained). And hedgehogs (and hedgehogs), as you know, it is very difficult to look up. Hedgehog has to turn over to the back. This is where everything begins ...

• Someone "Cool" from Kiev: In general, how? Everyone knows what trouble for the forest are forest fires! But no one, even in a crazy dream, could not guess that the fires arrange the hedgehogs! It all starts with friction. Hedgehog (all the same, he is a man - to equip him and enjoy it) begins to get rid of all his non-religious hedgehogs about the log. Naturally, it is sooner or later it lights up. This is where the couple's in love is suitable, quickly turns his needles into molten stumps and enjoyed the most interesting. Well, the needles will grow so!

• Hedgehogs multiply on the Internet. • Hedgehogs multiply on a xerox, printer and fax. • Hedgehogs multiply at depth. • Hedgehogs multiply from despair. / P>

• When nature takes its own, heroes insurmountable entails active recreation. The female and males stumble on the needles food, bowlers, tents and crawl into the wilderness. The most squeak comes at night when the individuals tighten their spiny clothes and ... connect them to "Sparkle", climb and firmly fall asleep with swollen noses to each other ... and then wake up in the hardships, and do not remember anything.

• Kupriyanov V.Yu.: The hedgehogs multiply as the echids (by the way, too with rather long needles). The female roets the pocket, puts the caviar in it, the male then it fell fertilizes. From the caviar hatches are hatched, and then everything like mammals.

• Evgeny Stepanishchev thinks like this: & And they do not multiply. Therefore, they are on the verge of extinction. (But I do not share his opinion!)

• Ruslan: They breed screaming from pain on the whole forest. Suffering and expired blood .. :-( Such torments suffer for children !! Heroes !!

• According to Alexander Ivanova, > Hedgehogs do this: Step 1. Hedgehog wanders through the forest and is looking for six echoes of partners. Hasha 2. Next, they in seven in turn caught seven hedgehogs. PROCEDURE. Four hedgehogs stretch the ease behind the paws. Two hedgehogs are beyond the spines in the right places in both the hedgehogs and the seventh hedgehog. The seventh hedgehog is soloing. In the next hedgehog they change places.

• "Yezhezayats" left such an entry in the guestbook of the site: hedgehogs are crossped with hares. In the evening, in the bushes, the hare falls and applies his wet slit. Yozh sneaks at the back and stuffed his main needle in the tremble lane. Aaah! Screaming the hare, and they cum ... Idyll. Then there are wage and a hezier.

And now - stories of eyewitnesses:

How do hedgehogs breed?!

Light has become an eyewitness "Act of Ezhina Love". Here is the letter she sent: Randomly stumbled upon the site "People about hedgehogs" and, after reading the controversy about how the hedgehogs are breeding, I realized that my husband and I are the few lucky people who became involuntary witnesses of the sacrament of the Act of Hedgehog of Love in Natural Conditions. The case was in the country. We suggested with friends and returned to themselves deep at night, quiet and starry. Suddenly, approaching the site, we unexpectedly heard some kind of noise. The impression was that some major beast closed to us. He is loudly puffed and snort. The first thought was that it is a boar or even the boar. You can believe it was really loud, and we were really scary. Husband ran into a house behind a flashlight. Armed with, we went around the plot. And what we saw: two hedgehogs are located behind the veranda in green grass and desperately puffers. In general, we moved them down. By the way, at the expense of how they did it: they all happen, like many other animals (the male climbs on a female). One thing we understood firmly: hedgehogs are very passionate lovers. I think when they make love, all the livelihood around in the forest freezes.

How do hedgehogs breed?!

A. Georgian sent the following story (for which he thanks very much!): Once, on the hunt, which in my youth was very fond of, I had a witness to witness the adulteable scene. I hid in a scratch expecting when I will finally break and hang out the fog, hiding my lake from me and the desired game - ducks that fed on the water. It seemed that their silhouettes were visible. Masking and my immobility were so perfect that the mouse climb climbed into my boot and began to wash it out, flashes with eyes! Suddenly she was alert and instantly disappeared into the grass. I squinted my eyes and saw those who scared her so much: two hedgehogs! However, according to their behavior, it became clear that it was Yozh and Hedgehog. And what is characteristic, not he, and she walked him and "pulled out"! Surprisingly, I thought, but a little later I realized that there was nothing to surprise here, rather need to sympathize with a jet! The preamble of love courtes, which I saw, probably a small part, ended. Satisfied with hedgehog lightened to the stomach on the ground and, bent, put up his back. With caution, approaching her, behind her, carefully took her for spiny sides with his little black legs and snapped: "Oh-Yui-Yeh!" - Fuck- "Oh-Yu-Yeh!" - Fuck- "Oh-Yuh!" -The ... and laughter and sin! But these screams and moans they scared all the ducks, the hunt was not wondering, and I, unsolon bread, grew home. Only this story I and I shared me.

P.S. More often to be in nature! P.P.S. According to the old Russian tradition, the hunting story is, of course, pure truth ;-)

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